IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-12-19

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treach,,8122-2502695,00.html :P00:10
treachyeah. "Oops." That's a potentially (no pun intended) fatal error.00:16
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blizzis it possible to build and update a list of ports without installing them?01:05
blizzvia prt-get01:05
Romsterblizz, use the --margs=<string>    pass 'string' to pkgmk01:06
Romstercan send --margs=-do01:06
brointhemix--margs=-d I'd say01:07
Romsterto tell pkgmk to download only, as for pkgmk01:07
Romster--aargs=<string>    pass 'string' to pkgadd01:07
brointhemix-do will only download the source01:07
brointhemixaargs, right01:07
blizzso if i pass over -d it drops the -i because i overwrite it?01:07
brointhemixand -d will supress the standard -d -i/u01:08
Romsteri did say -do will only download the source.01:08
Romsterwhy do you want to build but not install?01:08
blizzthose are distributed binary packages01:08
Romsterbrointhemix, ah01:08
blizzbrointhemix, cool. thanks. been thinking about that yesterday too but i was too fscking tired :-)01:08
Romsterso its pkgmk that calls pkgadd, ah thats right -i/-u on pkgmk calls pkgadd pkfrm01:08
Romsteryou might also find cd /usr/ports/core; pkgmk -r -d01:09
Romsterhandy too01:09
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chumsthis is my first time on irc07:54
onestepchums: hi07:54
namenlosi tried out pkgfoster, and in the man page there stands, that packages from base are never considered for deletion, but it tried to delete packages from core... ;)07:55
chumsis this all crux people07:55
onestepI'm about deleting core packages :)07:55
namenlosshould i make a bug report?07:55
onestepdunno. I've not tried it. maybe it's very usual feature :)07:56
namenlosthen windows is full of features, eh? ;)07:56
onestepdoes anybody here messed with acpid?07:56
onestepnamenlos: it's a big feature itself :))07:57
chumsis CRUX still being developed?07:58
prologiccrux is always in active development07:59
onestepit's developed by community07:59
chumsi haven't seen much change at the website08:00
prologicmuch work does happen behind the scenes08:00
prologicbe w new release sometime (2.3)08:00
chumsi think i started at .708:01
chumslove the speed and simplicity08:02
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chumsthank you,will be waiting for new release:)08:06
prologicdownload current release 2.2 now08:07
prologicand just upgrade later08:07
namenlosonestep: should the "bug report" be a feature request, improvement, or a real bug report?08:07
onestepI think it's a bug08:10
chumssigning off,thanx08:10
onestepchums: bye08:10
namenloshm, that was a little bit too late, now its a improvement ;)08:10
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deus_ex_Anybody else having problems with mirror works fine, so I'll use that, but I'm curious.08:26
onestepdeus_ex_: I can't access too08:29
onestepnamenlos: pkgfoster does not contain all the base package names in variable BASE08:30
onestepfor example, there's no "bc"08:31
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deus_ex_onestep: Thanks.08:32
namenlosonestep: ahh... i thought it would fetch the dir names in the core-ports directory...08:32
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namenloshi, afaik there is a script which verifies a port, but i don't know the name any more... could anyone tell me?08:43
onestepnamenlos: it's not hard to do :)08:43
namenlosonestep: i never said that, but at the moment i don't have the time :( (thank god, it#s chrismas (sarkasm))08:44
pitillonamenlos, prtverify can help you .08:45
namenlospitillo: thanks08:45
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namenloshi, where should i put read-only archrchitecture independent data of a package?09:40
namenlose.g. would /usr/fvwm/ fit?09:44
jjpkTry /usr/etc/fvwm/09:46
namenlosreally? i've never seen something like that...09:47
jaegerI'd think /usr/share would be better09:48
namenlosyes, it's in /usr/share, but pkgverify complains about that...09:48
* deus_ex hates when 'make install' doesn't use DESTDIR09:49
jaegerwhat are the files?09:50
namenlosjaeger: i'm building it again, but its the /usr/share/locale dir, afaik09:50
deus_exshared lib09:50
onestepusually locale files are removed in the packages09:51
onestepso, if u dont use it - delete em'09:51
onestepand the place for shared libs is /usr/lib09:53
namenlosonestep: shared lib are the *.so files? (sorry, i09:54
onestepor, if the library is shared only for fvwm-related stuff for example - you can use /usr/lib/fvwm09:54
namenlos'm still new to linux)09:54
onestepyes. so is "shared object"09:54
treachthat's what I use, and prtverify doesn't appear to have any complaints about it10:00
namenlos--disable-nls would prevent the locale files?10:02
namenlosprtverify doesn't compline about mine, too...10:04
namenlosbut i remove the locale dir by hand...10:04
namenlostreach: do you share your ports on
namenlosi couldn't find your fvwm port there.10:04
namenlosi got to read more about bidi and --disable-gtk (and where it's used), and then disable them, too.10:05
treachor you could try my port. It's not going anywhere.10:06
namenlosbut how can i retrieve it automatically?10:07
onestepnamenlos: I'm 90% sure, that you dont need bidi, if you don't know what's it :)10:07
treachbi-directional language stuff10:07
treachfor hebrew and such odd stuf10:08
onesteptreach: why --disable-gtk?10:08
treachbecause it's gtk *1*10:08
* onestep likes gtk10:08
treachand it doesn't add ANYTHING of ANY value AFAIK10:08
onestepgot it10:08
treachafk it adds a bunch of gui configuration tools that are utterly, utterly useless.10:09
namenlosi think i'll ask the people in #fvwm about that.10:09
namenlosok, i got to get some food. cu.10:09
treachnamenlos: if you want them all.10:10
treachotherwise read the man page for httpup, it can tell you how to sync a single port.10:10
treachbeware that there are no guarantees whatsoever made wrt my repo, that's why it's not listed in the portdb.10:11
treach<- afk10:14
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pitilloportdb repos guarantees that are good? Thought only in core/opt/contrib10:15
onestepI thought contrib in not officially tested too :)10:26
pitilloadded by contributors... but need to be tested before put them in contrib. They are officially tested, they need to be tested by contrib members. if I´m not in wrong10:29
treachpitillo: you're missunderstanding.10:30
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pitillotreach, can you explaint it please?  dont understand it then.10:30
treachIt's just a personal thing. I don't feel like publishing stuff that might not work.10:30
pitillobut can be tested and can be done a "stable" port (to put it in future in contrib) with people contributions/sugestions/problems I think10:32
treachtrue. If I had had the time/energy to do that. Also, wrt contrib we've already been through that. It's even less of an option. My repo is for *me*. Sometimes I point people to it because someone is trying to create a port of something I already have a decent port of, but that's it.10:36
pitilloyeah, I find that very usefull but can be more usefull if people that look to portdb can find your repo there, and have the choice to look for your port and test it, without your pointing I mean.10:37
treachNope. If I publish them, I'm at least implicitly taking responsibility for them. Which I don't really feel comfortable with.10:38
pitilloIn this way may be you have more job with people problems, but that can do a bit better ports. (Sorry my english level, I hope I can explain it correctly and my words doesn´t seem bad )10:39
pitilloah, understand it. That explains it perfect. :) Understand it. Thanks :)10:39
treachNo problem.10:40
pitilloI keep my repo there then. (Thinking that may be I must delete it from portdb because my ports are ugly/bad, but I hope people can send me corrections/errors)10:41
onesteptreach: but, if I think right, there is port contibutor and port maintainer. so you can only contribute your port, and someone maybe will maintain it.10:41
treachpitillo: No, as I said, it's my *personal* view.10:42
treachNot some set policy.10:42
onestepI'm about publishing your ports in contrib repo.10:42
pitilloHe is doing it, You can pick the Pkgfile and respect the Packager I think10:42
treachonestep: I've tried that, but usually people isn't very interested in adopting other peoples stuff.10:43
treachonestep: Please do not do that.10:43
onesteptreach: you're mistaking :)10:43
pitillotreach, yeah, I understand it. Thanks for that explanation :)10:43
treachonestep: do not publish other peoples repos, unless you're adopting them! Anything else would be extremely rude.10:43
onestepno, I'm not going to do that...10:44
onestepif I found some pretty outdated port in contrib - i can take maintenance on it10:44
pitillobut respect the Packager field I think is a good idea. Only changing maintainer one to receive reports from people.10:44
onesteppitillo: yes, sure10:45
treachonestep: the correct procedure in that case is to contact the maintainer.10:45
pitilloonestep, to maintain a port you need to be contributor I think.10:45
tilmanif you just change other people's stuff, they'll rip your head off10:45
onestepthat's right too. I'm not going to change somebody's ports without permission too :)10:46
onesteppitillo: I think not10:47
pitillohey, you can do that, but dont publish it10:47
onestepI know, I know... :)10:47
treachor if you feel it's something that really should be published; put it in your own repo, change the maintainer line and publish your own repo.10:48
onesteppitillo: take a look on abiword port in contrib for example10:48
onestepPackager != Maintainer in this case :)10:48
pitilloyes, an orphan port adopted by han... He didn´t a lot of changes to the port and respect the Packager. If he needs to change a lot the Pkgfile, he can be the new packager.10:50
pitilloBut take a look to maintainers... they are contributors or devs, if you want to maintain in contrib one port, you need to be contributor. At your own repo... you can do what you want, but always with respect to other´s work.10:51
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namenlosabout the --disable-gtk in the fvwm port:11:18
namenlos<+taviso> namenlos: FvwmGTK, it can generate nice gtk menus for you, very few  people use it11:18
treachiirc it also creates some gui tools for setting some fairly pointless stuff also, but it's been ages since I used that.11:22
treachas I said, the whole gtk part is useless, and should probably be nuked. That way maybe debian and friends could stop making gtk1 a hard dependency for fvwm..11:23
namenloshm... prt-utils are now updated.11:28
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treachhm.. Is it a good idea to delete "(char *)" from "function_name((char *)variable->part_of.struct);" if it makes the application compile rather than fail..? >:/11:47
tilmanwhat's the original error message?11:47
treachmoment mal.11:48
treachtilman: main.c: In function 'toxine_release': \ main.c:130: error: invalid lvalue in assignment \ main.c:131: error: invalid lvalue in assignment11:49
tilmanthat doesn't fit to what you quoted before11:50
treachok, maybe I got it wrong then.11:50
tilmanthat error message belongs to sth like this:11:50
tilman(some_type *) my_lvalue = something;11:51
tilmanyou're casting the lvalue here, which has been disallowed in gcc 4 iirc11:51
treachthis is line 130/131 -> toxine_free((char *)tox->; toxine_free((char *)tox->;11:51
treachand it's not my code, btw. :)11:52
treachI just found out that if you remove the casting part it compiles, rather than dies.11:52
tilmanjust remove the cast11:52
tilman"toxine_free" sounds innocent enough ;)11:52
treachOk, I guess I did the right thing then. :)11:53
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tilmanheh, toxine seems pretty dead11:54
* treach celebrates his first successful fixing of a broken application not written by himself, ever.11:54
tilmanlast edits 2 years ago ;D11:54
treachmaybe, I just figured I'd have a look at it.11:54
treachand the error seemed simple enough.11:54
tilmanfound something:11:55
tilmansee the last commit :)11:55
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tilmanyou can still remove the cast if you want11:56
treachit wasn't quite dead after all. :P11:56
tilmanyeah, main.c is one of a handfull of files that have been edited more recently ;D11:57
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treachok, aon, I think I found someone who has you beat..
RyoSis there raid support with an ICH8R for linux?13:48
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aon...i never said that >400k was much :)14:15
aonand it's still going somewhere in Helsinki :)14:16
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dagnachewhi all22:19
dagnachewanyone here22:19
dagnachewplease help22:19
jaegeryou'll need to be more specific22:19
dagnachewI upgraded to kenel 2.6.19 and nvidia 1.0.9 and I get a black screen and freze22:20
jaegerhrmm, no idea without more to go on... checked the nvnews forums yet?22:20
dagnachewnvnews ??22:21
jaegerthere's a forum there that would be a good place to look22:21
jaegerperhaps someone else has had the same problem22:21
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CShrpSqlDWill the default kernel.conf in 2.2 work with Microsoft Virtual PC 2004? The only change I made was creating an ext2 partition for /boot22:34
jaegerI imagine it will22:34
CShrpSqlDperfect, thanks22:35
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CShrpSqlDhow do I find the name of the module to load for my specific hardware?22:58
jaegersearch through the kernel source, google it, etc... which hardware?22:59
CShrpSqlDJust in particular23:00
CShrpSqlDif I were to do a lspci, is there a database that lists modules with output23:00
jaegernot that I'm aware of, but that doesn't mean much23:01
CShrpSqlDok, just coming from a win32 world, it seems odd. I did find the module, but it was 4 pages deep in google :)23:01
CShrpSqlDone last question, in arch, you could add modules to the rc.conf to load automatically, whats the associative file in CRUX?23:04
jaeger /etc/rc.modules23:04
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CShrpSqlD ./sbin/modprobe tulip (is this all that's needed?)23:06
CShrpSqlDignore the "."23:06
jaegerthat should be sufficient23:06
CShrpSqlDwow... this is really simple.23:07
CShrpSqlDI'm digging it.23:07
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