IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-12-20

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namenlosnew firefox, thunderbird and seamonkey are out01:49
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onestepeveryone: hi!08:12
mike_kwarning: fake activity on the channel detected08:21
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j^2hey all08:32
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aonhey j^208:46
j^2how you doing aon ?08:46
aonon christmas vacation :)08:47
Romsterlol mike_k09:04
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mike_kRomster: lol me?! lol you!09:20
mike_kok, made headers-tarball for Simply extract to /usr/include?09:29
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j^2i'm playing with a dual proc machine, how can i tell the usage? just top?10:33
onestepabout extracting kernel headers to /usr/include - it's not recommended10:40
tilmanit's recommended to extract them to /dev/null instead?10:41
tilmanor /usr/include/ninja-fu/haha-nobody-will-find-them-here?10:41
onestep/dev/null will be better choice - you'll not waste your disk space ;)10:41
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tilmanare you saying that kernel headers are useless?10:42
onestepyou must hold in /usr/include the kernel headers, with which the glibc was built10:42
onestepso, another variant - place the headers, and rebuild glibc ;)10:43
tilmani probably don't see your point10:45
tilmancause that's what core/glibc does10:45
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onestephmm... what does glibc do? rebuild itself? :)10:46
onestepabout core/glibc - it uses kernel-headers-2.6.14-110:51
tilman--with-headers=$PKG/usr/include \10:53
tilmanit uses the headers that it will install10:53
tilmanso there's no need to do another rebuild10:54
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onestepso, that's why it is not recommended to unpack new kernel headers to /usr/include ;)11:02
onestepglibc uses that, with which it was built11:03
tilmanwell, of course you don't do that manually11:03
tilman"never fuck with package management"11:03
ningo"in sovjet russia package management fucks you!"11:04
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ningohmm, glibmm can't be compiled right now11:21
ningoit returns11:21 error: 'g_date_set_time' was not declared in this scope11:21 In member function 'void Glib::Date::set_time(GTime)':11:21
ningothose lines are in the wrong order btw.11:21
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_mavrick61Please check the /contrip/ntp   the pkg is incomplete.. No "/etc/rc.d/xxxx" start script included.. there is a lot of other settings and folders missing..12:05
tilmantelling "the channel" to check it doesn't help12:07
tilmaneither contact the maintainer directly12:07
tilmanor file a bug (and assign it to the maintainer)12:07
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ningosomeone here knows about any _decent_ math program (i.e. wich is able to multiplicate 10^-8 and less)14:00
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shiverwhat fps can you get with crux in WOW14:14
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blizzwhy could it be that i can not use the pos1/end keys in a screen? getting tilde signs all along15:05
blizzit works in the console itself but not inside a screen15:05
j^2what's your $TERM set at?15:06
blizzohh surprise - "screen" ;-)15:07
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_mavrick61I was hurry because my mother just went to hospital.. Sorry16:17
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