IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-12-21

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namenlosfinally a new version of glib is out. (my eclipse crashes all the time since the last glib update...)05:04
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Romsterthis is puzeling...06:21
Romster$ sudo mount /dev/hdd1 -n -o remount,rw06:21
Romstermount: block device /dev/hdd1 is write-protected, mounting read-only06:21
Romsteris set to defaults in fstab...06:21
thrice`what FS is it ?06:21
Romstermaybe i should unmount and fsck it?06:22
Romsterall i did was change hdc1 to hdd106:22
Romsterafter put ing it in to another computer both hdd's in a newer pc..06:23
Romstersame setup and arch06:23
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dreamwhen i startup gnome which is compiled from source by Pkgfile,  and i click "Application", there is nothing poped up, i use "gnome-menu-spec-test" command to test, it reports "Menu tree is empty", whats the problem ?  thanks :)06:25
rxi_did you run the post/pre install scripts with the gnome port06:26
thrice`or, all of them, for that matter06:27
dreamrxi: yes , i compile the gnome source , pkgmk them , and pkgadd them ,06:29
rxi_install prt-get06:30
thrice`dream, if you notice, almost all of them contain a post-install06:30
dreamthrice`: when i pkmk them , the "pkgmk" command run the post-install if there is ?06:31
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Romsterdream, there is a prt-get06:33
Romsterprt-get depinst --install-scripts gnome06:33
Romsterthink its just gnome, i use kdebase06:33
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dreamRomster: but my system is not CRUX, I only compile the gnome use pkgutils tools and , write Pkgfile comply to CRUX's Pkgfile :)06:34
Romsterwhat is your distro?06:35
dreamRomster:  compiled from source :)06:35
Romsterdoing it manually with all them dependencys isn't gonna be fun06:35
Romsterdream, you started from scratch06:35
dreamRomster: that's right06:35
Romsteru used pkgutils todo this or you compiled manually too?06:36
Romsterother than the kernel06:36
Romsterkeeping upto date would be a pain..06:36
dreamRomster: i use pkgutils to compile everything , gnome is included,06:37
dreamRomster: i use pkgutils to compile everything and pack them to *.pkg.tar.gz, and pkgadd them , so my system is installed by *pkg.tar.gz06:37
Romsterwhat do u use for dependency tracking?06:37
dreamRomster: maybe ./configure ,06:38
dreamRomster: if it report the dependency, so i write it down :)06:38
Romsteryour doing things the hard way, why not just install crux the useal way?06:39
Romstersome ports will compile without some dependencys, but will miss some features.06:39
dreamRomster: you are right, so there are some problems i encoutered now :)06:40
Romsterhrmm i have a feeling that hdd is buggered..06:40
Romsterdream, i'm messed in a chroot doing that stuff..06:41
Romsterbut doing depinst and finding if a port is missing a port that it needs to compile.06:41
dreamRomster: yes , me too06:42
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Romsteror to prune, which sounds liek you want a minimal install06:42
dreamRomster: yes06:42
Romsterfsck.ext3: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/hdd106:42
Romsterhrmm thats not looking good..06:42
rxi_Romster: download the diag tool for the drive06:43
Romsternothing important on that 3.2 gig hdd06:43
rxi_ahh .. probably fucked then being a 3.2gb06:43
Romsterwell it was working b4 i moved it to the newer pc..06:44
Romsteronly used it for the ports building etc..06:44
rxi_ide cable06:44
Romsterthinking that too06:44
Romsterbut its over the other side and the lid is done up and shit on top of it again....06:45
Romsteras always06:45
Romsterthought it be fine after upgrading bah06:45
Romster266MHz P2 to a 666MHz p306:45
Romsterguess i'll get a big hdd for it soon06:46
Romstera 2.5 and a now dead 3.2gb isn't quite enougth for a firewall06:46
rxi_lol noah called .. he said he wants his pc back :P06:46
Romsternow when i run dns and squid and plan to run some other services that cache too.06:47
guaquahow big cache is good for squid?06:47
* Romster shrugs06:47
rxi_depends how many porn sites you hit i guess06:47
Romsterusing 256MB atm06:47
Romsteryeah thats another thing i wanna setup, a blocking app to kill them adds...06:48
Romsteri kill adds on firefox but killing them b4 they hit the squid server be a good idea06:48
Romsterrxi_, hmm maybe i'll have to look into that one more06:51
Romsterwonder if i can format that hdd06:52
RomsterUnable to read /dev/hdd06:54
Romstereven fdisk barks at it yet i was able to read it earlier06:54
rxi_try an ata33 cable06:55
rxi_if its not already06:55
Romsterthats a point its in udma33 now06:55
Romsterdidn't need a specal cable till ya went past dma66?06:55
Romsterhich they now call ata6606:56
rxi_yeah ata133 uses an 80pin cable06:56
rxi_ata33 usually doesnt have a pin block iirc06:56
Romsterits a 40 pin cable but its running slow, wonder if sharing that cd-rom drive is messing it up06:56
guaquawhat's the real difference between those cables?06:57
rxi_probably not since it goes to the lowest speed06:57
guaquai've never noticed anything except colors06:57
rxi_guaqua: which ones?06:57
Romster80 wire cable has a earth/shield wire between each data wire to reduce crosstalk06:57
guaquaide cables in general06:57
guaquawhat the 80 wire cable look like if put next to a normal ide cable?06:58
guaqua80 pin wire...06:58
rxi_thiner wires06:58
Romster80 wires still 40 pin plugs06:58
guaquai better then check out what kinda cables im using :)06:58
rxi_usually a different color too like yellow or blue or somethin like that06:59
Romster80 wire is fine ridges and not as thick as 40 wire cable06:59
Romsteryeah msot 80 wire cable has blue plugs06:59
Romsterif ya running over dma66 you need that 80 wire cable.07:00
Romsterthink i'll try unpluging that cd-rom drive thats on with that hdd dirve07:00
rxi_Romster: worth a try07:00
rxi_might want to try another channel .. tho its pretty rare to see a stuffed ide controller07:02
Romsteryeah hoping not this is a newer pc...07:03
Romsterhoping ot remove that damn firewall problem i had07:03
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rxi_Romster: slightly off topic, might want to download hirens boot cd .. has all sorts of goodies07:04
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Romsterok that was funky07:37
Romsterdrive is only happy if its secondary slave not master, and it gives dma errors if i leave the cd-rom as slave...07:38
Romsterdespite the cd-rom saing its udma33 as the same speed as both hdd's are07:38
* Romster shrugs07:38
Romsterold hardware has some werid quirks07:38
Romsteri'll throw in a big new hdd in it later when i can afford to.07:39
Romsterargh what was that command to remove old distfiles, been so long i forget..07:40
treachmixing different kinds of devices on the same ide-channel is rarely a good idea.07:41
Romsteryeah cd-rom and hdd at both the same speeds.07:41
treachespecially setting the hd as slave isn't a good idea.07:41
Romsteri have done it in the past, but this combo dosn't like it07:41
treachit's still not a good idea.07:41
Romsterdosn't wanna run as master07:41
treachyou should read the sw-raid howto, iirc it has some info on why it's bad.07:42
Romsterits accent anyways, i'll get a 80gig or something later for it07:42
Romsterhmm k07:42
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Romsternot finding a suitable source for that07:45
treachDo you think I'm lying or what?07:46
Romsterah found it
Romsterno just hard to find the how-to07:46
Romsterperformance issue i already knew, as for tha failing hdd hadn't given that much thought07:50
Romsterorigional setup was hda and hdd as both hard disks07:50
Romsteri tryed to add a cd-rom as hdc didn't work, tryed to make hdd as hdc and add cd-rom as hdd, still didn't work07:51
Romsterso i'm back to hda and hdd without the cd-rom drive.07:52
Romsternever everhave 2 hard disks ont he same ide cable...07:52
treachbetter than having 1 hd and 1 cdrom..07:52
Romsterbut i had have hdd and a cd/dvd drive sharing a ide controler07:52
Romsteryeah i can live without the cd-rom07:53
Romsterlike i said funky hdd :/07:53
treachmost probably. It doesn't use some odd strapping?07:53
Romsterin my main pc i had to have my dvd-ram drive on its own ide cable to work well07:54
Romsterthat hdd seems to have dma timming issues with anything else thats put with it, as for trying to make it primary, who knows...07:54
treachI remember some old discs (i.e 3.2 GB era) that used some special strapping depending on wether they were single masters or if they were coupled with some other device.07:55
treachs /discs/disks07:55
Romsterleast i got it working for now..07:55
Romsteri might even get 2 hdd's and do a software raid later maybe..07:55
Romsterah not familer with that07:56
Romster/dev/hda2             2.3G  1.5G  658M  70% /07:56
Romster/dev/hdc1             3.0G  254M  2.6G   9% /cache07:56
Romsterpreaty old hdd's07:56
Romsterboth have udma33 so there not that old to be running pio407:57
treachI've got a spare system that isn't quite so old, but approximately the same situation.07:57
treachI decided to use LVM07:57
Romsterwas a 233MHz or was it 266MHz p2 now its a 666MHz p307:58
Romsterso you ran into a problem simaler to what i had with old hdd's07:59
treachhehe, there never was a 666Mhz p3. :P07:59
treachyep :D07:59
Romsterwhats the command to see speed?07:59
treachcat /proc/cpuinfo07:59
treachmodel name      : AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2500+ \ cpu MHz         : 700.000 \ bogomips        : 3083.13 :-)08:02
rxicore 2 duo 1.66 here :)08:02
treachcpu MHz         : 2004.000 \ bogomips        : 8826.57 :P08:02
treachsame system, 1 second later. :o)08:03
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treach(nforce2 mainboard.)08:03
treachnasty? It's all my doing. :D08:04
rxilol ohhh right ... :P08:05
rxijust got me an ibm z61t notebook today08:05
treachooh, shiny. ;)08:07
rxihehe no matte black :P08:07
treach LOL.. Look at the amount of ram. :D :D08:07
treach"An Intel Core Duo T2500 2 GHz Processor and 100 GB of RAM"  GIMME GIMME ;D08:08
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Romsterwell thats that, that disk went to read only mode in the middle of a ports -u08:12
Romsteri'm offically calling that 3gig hdd dead08:12
treachwell. It's still moving, so you'll have to settle for "dying", I think.08:13
treachmaybe you could put som BSD on it until then. :P08:13
Romsteri was gonna say something about the other hdd but i don't wanna jink myself08:17
namenloshm, anyone got problems with tag files in vim? mine seems to forget the tags file after i used :tag <some string>08:25
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tilman./configure LIBS=-lX11 --prefix=/usr10:10
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onesteptilman: what was it? :)11:12
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tilmanonestep: what was what?11:45
onestepwhat uses such a configure command?11:49
guaquai hate madwifi11:50
guaquaor the chip11:50
guaquawhatever it is, i hate it from the bottom of my heart11:50
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guaquathe thing is...there's really no way to tell what's wrong with it. it might just connect when the commands are in the right order - if not, there's just no throughput11:50
guaquait just seems like it's working when it really isnt11:51
treachwhy do you think they called it *mad*wifi? ;)11:51
tilmanmaybe it's a pun11:52
tilmanor it means something different in the maintainer's native language11:52
guaquawell it's making me mad anyway11:53
deus_exjahshaka build system makes me mad...damn qmake11:54
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deus_exHm...after editing qmake.conf(I've set qt include dir to $qtdir/include/qt), jahshaka actually builds.atm, anyway ;)12:12
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jdolan_your mom's so fat, when she sits on IRC, it splits.18:46
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Romsteris there any set order you need to recompile core ports, theres no deptree or anything for core...20:08
Romsteror do i have to look at the Makefile for the iso that i have to find on ths site..20:09
nipuLjdolan_: you know how the water rises when you get in the bathtub?20:09
nipuLthat happens to your mum.....20:09
nipuLat the beach!20:09
jdolan_:-[  WAAAAAAAAAAAAA20:09
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Romstergogle has alot of old crud on crux.nu20:34
Romsterwhere in git is that Makefile for the iso?20:34
Romsterthat i can view on the website20:34
Romsterbah nevermind i found it...20:35
Romsterno thianks to google or the wiki pages20:35
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