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clarehello folks, how is it that ports can get compile errors? crux 2.2 ?07:10
tilmanwhat port?07:10
tilmancontrib stuff?07:10
onestepmaybe you've not met all the dependencies07:12
onestephi, tilman07:12
claregnome/pwlib and opt/qt307:13
onestepqt3 highly depends on libmng07:13
onestepand libmng on lcms :)07:14
prologicclare, you are using prt-get ?07:14
clareactually I use yapo, which I believe gets its dependencies via prt-get07:14
clarei have libmng installed07:15
prologicI'm not sure about yapo07:15
onestepclare: what's the error?07:15
clare/usr/ports2/work/src/qt-x11-free-3.3.7/lib/ undefined reference to `mysql_close@libmysqlclient_15'07:15
clareand many others like it07:16
prologicseems like qt3 is trying to comile with mysql support07:16
prologicI thought by default it didn't07:16
prologictry installing mysql ?07:16
prologicor remove the --use-mysql or mysql stuff in the port07:16
onestepno, if there are headers for mysql - probably it's installed...07:16
onestepbetter disable sql support07:16
clarei have just checked and I dont have the latest version, installing that now07:17
clarethanks, I will try with and then without as you have suggested.07:20
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clareincidentally the error says mysqlclient_15 but in /usr/lib/mysql there are various and  but not _1507:26
tilmanthat doesn't mean anything i think07:27
tilmandon't worry about that07:27
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morlenxusIf i have two commands ( `cmd1 | cmd2` ) how can i get the exit code of the first app?14:21
claremy problem with opt/qt3 went away by uninstalling mysql.  Does this mean some loss of function in qt3?14:23
jaegerjust lack of mysql support, I would guess14:26
clareit is a pity, as it looks as though somehow the port didn't get quite right the library location14:29
clareas ports go it is quite complicated.14:31
clarei dont need the mysql function as far as I know, so it waits till I do. I have lots of other failures, will try to get help on future evenings. thanks.14:37
jaegergood luck14:38
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teKthe download-link/version for dhcp in contrib is broken, should i contact mark rosenstand directly?15:44
deus_exteK: Yes, with working link, if you find one :)15:45
tilmangrep Maintainer /usr/ports/contrib/dhcp/Pkgfile15:45
tilmanjames is kinda not mark15:46
teKi bumped the version from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5 and it seems to work..15:46
teKmark's the packager :)15:46
bd2tilman, hi! gdb-6.6 out.15:46
treachscore another one for removing the mail adress of the packager.15:47
treach(Hopefully more people would get the right idea that way.)15:47
teKprologic: dhcp is somewhat outdated, maybe you want to upgrade the port to 3.0.5 :)15:48
tilmanbd2: cool, thanks15:49
tilmanteK: no shit he is15:49
tilmannobody cares though15:49
tilmanmark packaged it 4 frigging years ago15:49
bd2yeah. it should support .gnu.hash, glibc-2.5 specific. that's why I've found it15:49
tilmangood idea to annoy him about it today!15:49
teKI do not understand a single word :o15:49
tilmanbd2: that's the elf symbol table speedup stuff?15:49
tilmanvergiss es15:50
bd2tilman, yup. H.J. Lu binutils + glibc-2.5 = gnu.hash.15:50
treachteK: what is it you don't understand? The difference between the packager and the maintainer??15:50
teKi suppose there's about 2 minutes of reading to fix this15:51
bd2but actually my aim was not gnu.hash when I upgraded to glibc-2.5. ;-) I just found that old gdb not working saying that it not understads .gnu.hash15:51
teKmhm, okay.15:55
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tilmanbd2: i'll upgrade gdb tomorrow16:17
RedShiftHi RedShift16:30
RedShiftoh hi RedShift, sup?16:30
RedShiftnothing much, you?16:30
RedShiftoh just minding my own business16:30
HanNP: Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost - 04 - Redshift.flac16:45
tilmanbd2: done16:45
prologicteK, nps shall be done16:47
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prologicI would have come across it sooner or later :)16:49
bd2tilman, great! thanks16:49
prologicI only do a sweep of my ports a couple of times a month!16:49
prologicteK, done16:50
deus_exI wish there is a phone number for kicking *all* from BigBrother house.16:54
prologicme too!16:54
deus_exOr better yet:'for napalm,press 1.for nuke press 2'.16:54
deus_ex'for gay-canibals-with-scissors, press 9'.16:56
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deus_exSorry for the noise, but people's fascination with reality shows drives me nuts...16:57
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claw_what's the line for pkg-get.conf for a binary http repository?17:07
claw_pkg-get: could not open http://blablaa/pkg/PKGREPO17:08
claw_bu it exists there17:08
treachno idea, not using pkg-get.17:09
claw_nevermind, i just forgot to sync *stupid*17:23
prologiclast time I tried, pkg-get didn't work too well :)17:25
claw_works fine here - now :P17:27
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clarehi folks, I have managed to get skype going now, but would like to try ekiga.23:12
clareekiga port doesnt seem to mention pwlib, but23:13
clareconfigure: error: You need the PWLib headers to compile Ekiga23:13
clareso trying the port gnome/pwlib i get an error  ../../ptclib/pxml.cxx:1028: error: invalid use of undefined type 'const struct PConfig23:15
* treach puts the searchlight on jaeger 23:15
clareand what is worse there is a comment in the code: class PConfig;      // stupid gcc 4 does not recognize PConfig as a class23:17
clarehi treach; I am on holiday now, haven't been on IRC for a long time23:18
treachhi clare. I think jaeger is your man in this case. :)23:19
clarei suspect I ma lucky if anyone is awake it being mid afternoon here.23:19
treachpresumeably he managed to build it somehow, since it's his port.23:19
claretreach: I am hoping you are right.23:20
treachmh, I've no idea what time it's over there. It's quite early here, I should have gone to sleep a long time ago..23:20
jaegerclare: actually, I don't use pwlib for anything, it's a pain to build these days23:25
jaegeras you've noticed23:25
jaegerit's still in the repo because I'd like to fix it, but I honestly haven't had the time23:25
jaegerit's not required by the current gnome build23:26
jaegeryou're right that ekiga requires pwlib, that's why ekiga is currently not part of the gnome build deptree23:26
clareOh! well I can give up :)23:27
clareThanks for the info.23:27
jaegerYou're welcome :)23:30
jaegerI do intend to get it working, when possible, but it'll have to be after christmas, hehe23:30
clareAha! that sounds promising. I will try again later - watch the commits....23:31
clareEnoy your christmas Jaeger23:32
jaegeryou too, thank you23:33
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