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Romsterhrmm might try out ekiga out since i like a challenge, probbly use a older gcc verson on that one..00:48
Romsterand supply a binary port maybe..00:49
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Romsterwhats that command to strip them ^M out of files? i know i can use sed but there was a app for this already01:49
mike_kRomster: that one, I think01:52
Romsterah thats it, i was thinking of cr2lf :/01:53
Romsterwell crlf2lf01:53
mike_kthere was a recode utility with huge amount of options01:54
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_mavrick61Is there any info about which changes will be made for the next Crux ISO release.02:52
mike_k_mavrick61:;a=shortlog;h=2.3 and;a=shortlog;h=2.302:54
mike_ksee 2.3 head of opt and core git tree02:55
_mavrick61I'm most concerned about "iproute2" and the "new" way to init IP (v4 and v6),  which replase ifconfig.02:57
mike_kdid you follow the flyspray at ?02:58
_mavrick61I just try to keep my self on tack now.. I have been so busy with several system installations..03:01
mike_ktalking about current 2.2: there is a little problem updating to latest iproute2. you need to update kernel-headers from 2.6.19 (.18 might work)03:03
_mavrick61Yes.. I and my colleague realized that.03:06
mike_kif you need /sbin/tc utility. If not - just cowardly ignore that =)03:06
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_mavrick61How can I participate in the new Curx 2.3 release..06:39
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bd2hi all. is there any particular reason why pure gnu binutils used in crux, instead of linux-specific from
mike_kany problems on arm? as cptn has retired - flyspray is the best way to get attention.08:18
bd2no problems at all. I'm using binutils from privately, just curious why gnu binutils used by default08:19
bd2..probably it's because H.J. Lu calling them "beta", but in fact they are more like bugfix releases, as noticed from changelog08:21
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DBAlexhello... what package management system does crux use??10:26
DBAlexand how will it perform on an AMD 64 300010:26
DBAlexis there even a 64 bit port?10:26
guaquapkgtools, or something like that. don't know the name. mostly the software is compiled10:31
guaquaso with that kind of a processor it should be a breeze10:31
DBAlexwhat about PPC... I have a mac mini laying about... Can I install Crux on that?10:31
guaquathere used to be a ppc port10:32 knows10:32
guaquabrowsing it for that info myself too10:32
DBAlexwhat hardware do you run Crux on?10:32
guaquai'm running it on grand ol10:33
guaqua' duron 1600 :)10:33
guaquaand also on my httpd, p2 45010:33
guaquai love the package management10:33
DBAlexmy main interest is amiga computers...10:33
DBAlexdont think Crux would like an install on that though ;)10:33
DBAlexDo you know/remember the amiga????????10:34
DBAlexawesome computer from the 80's/90's10:34
guaquawell...unless you are thinking of making a port by yourself i figure crux is a dead end :)10:34
DBAlexspecially as they have 68k processors10:34
guaquafor servers crux is handy. especially if you need to tinker with the compile options of the software10:35
guaquabut there's no 64-bit version so that might be a slight disadvantage10:35
guaquanow this is a bit old already, 2.0:
guaquaeta for 2.3 is somewhere on the 2007Q1 i guess10:36
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deus_exhidden settings in office2007 :)13:22
tilmanthat shot must be at least 5 years old ;)13:22
guaquacomic sans, baby13:22
deus_extilman: So, these settings must've survived thru several office versions, then ;)13:27
deus_exNice to see that they are consistent...13:28
aontilman: more like 10 :)13:37
tilmancomic sans must have been lame in 2000 already!13:38
tilmani just remember it was the shit at least from 95-98 or so13:38
aonsadly, some people think it still is13:38
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DBAlexComic Sans rules13:39
DBAlexI love it13:39
DBAlexI use it in all my documents13:39
DBAlexnot ;)13:39
aonyeah, ban comic sans seems to be from 200213:39
DBAlexbancomicsans rules13:39
DBAlex: ]13:39
tilmanWe are summoning forth the proletariat around the globe to aid us in this revolution.13:41
aoni doubt that the proletariat has turned focus to typographical issues :)13:42
guaquaa friend of mine has sworn to once be able to design a website with comic sans in it. a website you don't puke after seeing it13:43
treachthe proletariat doesn't seem to be able to focus beyond the next episode of "big brother".13:43
aonluckily that has ended here for now13:44
guaquahe's really good too. hasn't been able to do it yet, in many years13:44
aonnow we're back to planning revolution, until the next reality tv show starts :)13:44
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deus_ex_when will some tv station air xmas pr0n at xmas?why it always have to be 'how rudolph saved christmas' or 'wonderful life'?17:24
deus_ex_why not 'santa and his little slutty teen helpers'17:25
jizzbot`aon: Error: "yoka" is not a valid command.17:29
aonoh stfu17:29
deus_ex_tilman: why aren't you at christmas dinner, getting wasted?17:33
tilman"christmas" is 25th & 26th in germany17:34
KalleKaleviit's 24th in finnish17:34
aondinner is seldom after midnight17:34
aonand 25th too, sort of17:34
tilmandeus_ex_: on the evening of the 24th, they usually have "basic" food for dinner17:35
deus_ex_define 'basic'17:35
tilmanthe insane stuffing is on the 25th & 26th only :)17:35
aonhere on 24.17:35
tilmandeus_ex_: i think a recent survey said the most-had food is potato salad w/ sausages17:36
deus_ex_here, xmas is january 7th.17:36
aonthat's common here on new years17:36
aonor at least that's what we usually have :)17:36
tilmandeus_ex_: are you feasting, too?17:39
tilmanwp says orthodoxians(?) are feasting before christmas17:41
deus_ex_tilman: I had to look up what that meant,, I don't, I should but I don't.17:42
deus_ex_7 weeks before christmas, btw17:42
deus_ex_altough, amount of fish eaten during it can hardly pass as 'feasting' ;)17:44
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deus_ex_and drinking is favourite passtime this time of year, too17:45
deus_ex_"Drink also plays a major role in the festivities."17:46
deus_ex_No kidding ;)17:46
tilmanHet pint is an old Scottish drink of hot beer mixed with nutmeg, sugar, eggs and whisky.17:48
deus_ex_what is 'nutmeg'?17:49
tilmancan't explain, ask a dictionary17:50
deus_ex_tilman: if you are interested
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tilmannp: Dark Tranquillity - The Wonders at Your Feet17:58
deus_ex_'khalash' is pet name for ak-47.18:04
aonthat's a great ep18:04
deus_ex_s/feasting/fasting in that previous conversation, mistake.18:05
deus_ex_for the love of $deity...
deus_ex_dominant type of...'music' :(18:08
aoni have some of that18:10
treachI bet it's no worse than "the Vikings" or the latest "star" from Idol contest.. :P18:12
deus_ex_why would anyone sane listen to trash like that?18:12
deus_ex_treach: you  would lose that bet, me.18:12
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treachheh, I doubt it. Since I wouldn't understand a word of it, at least I'd be spared squirming like a worm..18:13
aoni think i have some bane bojanic and halid beslic in my mp3 player :D18:13
deus_ex_aon: those are the 'classics'18:15
tilmandeus_ex_: d'oh, sorry18:15
aontreach: wtf are you talking about, sweden is a great music country, with artists such as dr. bombay18:17
treachwe've got a few ones who are considerably better.18:17
tilmancalcutta ftw!18:17
tilmantaxi taxi taxi18:17
aonyeah, like yngwie :)18:18
tilmanwe wanted to use that as a snippet in an xmms2 release18:18
tilmanbut nobody could be assed to try to contact the record company ;)18:18
treachbut Dr Bombay, Dr Alban, Vikingarna, Sven-Ingvars, Lasse-Stefanz etc should all be shot..18:18
tilmanthey can live if they don't make music18:19
treachah, agreed, whith some hesitation. :-)18:19
* deus_ex_ wouldn't hesitate to nuke the lot(turbo folk crowd)18:22
deus_ex_you clean up in your countries ;)18:22
tilmanplease, can't anyone think of the children?18:24
deus_ex_if their parents aren't, why bother ?18:25
treachbecuse you don't get to chose your parents.18:26
deus_ex_that's true18:26
tilmanjaeger: yay for imlib 1.3.0 in contrib18:27
deus_ex_nice xmas present
treach"Also useable for terrorist interrogations. Recommended by the CIA, FBI and Secret Service".18:38
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treachsmall reminder to our australian friends not to get too excited during the holidays. ;)19:01
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aonwonder if the guys at kalmargc quiting now was purely a coincidence ;)19:03
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treachno idea, I can't understand why they would get offended..19:03
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aonthat site is hard to navigate19:06
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treach something for jay maybe. :P19:16
aonthis isn't too bad either:
aondunno if i'd wear that, though, as i seem to get into enough problem with clothes that don't have anything written on them :)19:23
treachwhat kind of cloths? Your Adam-suit? ;)19:23
aonwhat's that?19:23
aonah, yes19:24
aonno :)19:24
deus_ex_goodnight, all19:33
aongn deus_ex_19:33
treach :D19:34
deus_ex_you've heard about this? 'the squirrels are nice here'
rehabdollhave a nice xmas ppl19:42
Hantreach, nice19:59
treach"redmond, fire up your photocopiers". :) (Disclaimer, I've used neither, but sufficently unimpressed with MS "innovation" to think the video isn't too doctored.)20:04
aondeus_ex_: cool :)20:06
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treachgrr. I really hate when people sell out.20:43
treachCue the articles where Vista save the Internet, exterminate spam, phishing attacks and good old Billy-The-Wonder-Boy give the baddies a beating on their way to gaol. >:/20:44
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