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Romsteri can't download :/03:40
Romsterwanna see if its just me or its the servers problem.03:41
biscotry to use switch.dl.sourceforge.net03:41
Romsterah ok that worked03:42
Romsterodd everything else from sourceforge will try another mirror on its own now, but not that03:43
biscoI use only switch.dl03:44
Romsteri had optus on mine but its not always got all the files...03:44
Romstergreat that version dosn't compile with gcc 4.1.1 hmm looking in git 2.303:58
biscoI've to go... have a nice day... and merry christmas... :)04:01
Romsterlater bisco04:03
Romsterok where is mesa3d?04:05
Romsteri can't find it in 2.3 is it droped?04:05
Romsteryes but try and find it in git 2.304:13
tilmancan you read? it's in xorg04:13
Romsterall i can find is;a=commit;h=2c203deda1773a5ec9f64440b0f5db35ab875b7704:13
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Romstertheres no xorg 2.3 yet04:14
Romsterah f'ing hell, how could i forget that04:15
Romsterx11 is being droped in 2.304:15
Romsteri'm jsut using x11r6 to test ports as some people use x11r6 still.... i'd love to drop that in favour for xorg right now in contrib but no i can not but i haven't tesed all my ports for problems with x11r6 only xorg04:16
Romsterso i'm testing in a chroot..04:16
Romstergstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg compiled for me too with libs=-IX11 as i used xorg...04:18
Romstersupporting x11r6 is a royal pain..04:18
Romsterglad it won't be for much longer.04:18
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medthehattaanybody an alsa wizard?13:46
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guaquaalsamixer && alsactl store, yeah? :)13:46
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jshm, I'm getting the following error when I try to compile xorg :/14:18
jsmach64_ioctl.c: In function 'mach64FireBlitLocked':14:18
jsmach64_ioctl.c:190: error: 'drm_mach64_blit_t' has no member named 'idx'14:18
jsand google has no results :/14:19
jsthe only thing google found is that it seems that jaeger had the same problem and pasted it on pastebin ;)14:20
jsah, ok, guess i found it :)14:29
jsxorg must be before opt in /etc/prt-get.conf14:29
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bd2$ crux -> CRUX version 2.314:59
bd2though, I've updated it through pkgadd, not from scratch14:59
koefzI wonder if it wouldn't be better for CRUX to switch to some snapshot versioning scheme.15:15
koefzAnd keep these 2.*-versions for "bigger" changes like the udev switch and whatever.15:16
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teKno versioning and adhoc upgrading from *any* version would be cool :)15:16
koefzBut then again, we are elitists and don't care about morons asking for "when's the next CRUX version coming out?"15:17
koefzteK, heheh.15:17
koefzBut then again, it can always be argued that distros like Fedora also are more about new versions of components, rather than larger changes of the system as a whole.15:19
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teKit's just marketing, none of crux' business? :)15:20
koefzThat's why snapshot versioning would make more sense.15:20
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koefz2006.12 would say more than 2.3.15:21
Hansnapshots are the way to go.15:27
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blueCommandwhat package is ping6 and such in?15:27
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koefzTry grepping .footprints in the ports tree?15:28
blueCommandcool idea15:28
blueCommandold 2.1 had it in "iputils" which doesn't exist in 2.2 :(15:29
bd2personally, I'd like not snapshots, but actually binary packages feed ;-)15:29
blueCommandIt's kind of vital for me so I keep scping them which I don't like :(15:29
aongood q, they're actually quite necessary15:31
Hanbd2, that's a solution to a whole different level.15:32
RedShifthi all15:33
RedShiftanyone up to date with snmpd?15:33
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bd2great. finally I'm using udev ;-) no problems so far..16:00
blueCommandA bit behind? :)16:01
blueCommandwhen was it the support was dropped from mainline kernel? 2.6.16 or something?16:02
bd2heh.. I was using static dev since the beginning of time. ;-) As for devfs, yeah.. it's removed already16:03
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bd2 /etc/udev/rules.d/25-lfs.rules says that /dev/snd/* should be owned by audio group. But filesystem's group does not have it. is it intentional?16:30
tilmanprobably not :)16:32
tilmanbd2: can you file a bug, so we don't forget about it?16:32
bd2sure, but tomorrow16:33
tilmannp :)16:33
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