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mike_kHan: you have port openvpn 2.0.6+bdr-0.7.1 while openvpn-2.0.9 is released and you have braindead-rsa-0.7.2. Is the latter combination anyhow tested?04:20
mike_kalso, if I point a brouser directly to ...~hanb/software/crux/han - I got ports index page working, but wrong links like "...~hanb/software/crux/han/han/portname/"04:24
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mike_kprologic: can you update contrib/bind to 9.3.3?05:10
prologicI thought I did that already05:10
prologic.3 is out :)05:11
prologicta mike_k05:11
* mike_k hopes he'll test it first05:11
prologicnot before I do :)05:12
* prologic looks at his ns's05:12
* mike_k hopes he(prologic)'ll test it first05:13
prologicdone and done05:28
prologictested and working05:28
mike_kprologic: thanks05:29
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trihow is the crux build process done ?08:09
prologicby typing: "make"08:09
prologicfollowing the instructions08:09
prologicand possibly a "make iso"08:09
trii meen how is a new crux version build and is it possible to remaster crux linux ?08:10
prologicanswered, and yes08:10
prologicquestion is, what do you want to do ?08:11
prologicif you want to build your own iso cd, then I suggest you checkout a copy of the system/iso.git08:11
Romsterif your wanting to get latest current version just change to 2.3 in core and opt for /etc/ports/{core,opt}.rsync08:13
Romsterthen a ports -u and the rest08:13
trii want to do this but i'am not sure if i want to use t208:14
trior if i can do this with crux08:15
Romstercrux isn't live yet.08:17
prologicthis can be done with crux08:17
prologicbe a bit of work though08:17
prologichave a look at jaeger's livecd iso image08:18
Romsterbut it can be installed08:18
Romsterlive thought it was just a updated iso prologic ?08:18
prologicdefine "live"08:18
Romstersomeone else was talking about a live cd, forgot who.08:18
prologiceven the boot cd is "live"08:18
Romsterwell live as in boot up and run a linux system from a cd only08:19
prologicthe boot cd does this08:19
Romsterboots up but then installs.08:20
* Romster shrugs08:20
triwith live i meen that the image can not be changed08:24
triand i think this can be done if the image only runs from a iso file08:25
tridone like here
tribut i think i was searching for system/iso.git this helped me. thx08:28
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triis this howto still uptodate
prologicafaik yes09:16
prologicthat should still mostly be accurate for the current xorg ports09:16
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Romstertri, yeah and make sure you put xorg as the first entry in pkgmk.conf as it has mesa3d port thats not compatable with the one in opt09:27
Romsterthen prt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg09:28
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triHan: is it possible to use your script with grub ?09:36
prologicwhat script is that tri ?09:40
prologicyou'll unlikely get an answer from him anytime soon09:40
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triit is the install_latest_kernel script09:58
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Romstertri, best to look in the script yourself to see if it has grub support or you'll need to add it and submit a patch to han.10:02
prologictri I believe this script has nothing to do with grub or lilo10:03
prologicit just helps in downloading the latest archive and configure/compile it10:04
trii looked at the script and there is support for lilo10:04
prologiclilo/grub you should still do yourself10:04
prologicthere is also ketchup which you might find very usefull10:05
Romsterprologic, last i looke dit'll configure lilo10:05
triyes i take a look at it10:05
Romsterbut personally i like using ketchup10:05
Romsterand doing the kernal manually10:05
prologicstill not best to rely on a script10:05
prologicsince you could have a different configuration10:05
Romsterprt-get depinst ketchup10:06
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trii have a strange problem with ping10:06
Romsterit can get the config from /proc/something.gz if there is no kconfig in /boot10:06
prologic/proc/config.gz is usually installed10:07
trii ping and get "wrong data byte #0 should be 0x71 but was 0x7070 48....10:07
tribut 0% packet loss10:07
prologicwhat if you ping ?10:08
trisame problem10:08
prologicwhat kind of router do you have ?10:08
tria asus 500-g but there are a lot of boxes going online over this router without problems10:09
prologiclast time I had this problem it was bad nics and/or cables10:10
prologiccausing corrupt data10:10
prologicbut it could be anything!10:10
trithe only thing new is the computer its a thinkpad t6010:10
prologicdefinately not ping or crux though - I have 7 crux boxes10:10
prologicnot sure ;/10:11
trihm maybe its the lan device ?10:12
trithe intresting part is that it says "data byte #0 should be 0xe6 but was 0xe5e5" next one #0 should be 0xe7 but was 0xe6e6" and so on...10:14
prologicI've seen it happen once10:15
prologicbut I can't quite remmebr why or how I fixed it10:15
Romsteri had bad databyte but with packet loss on a saturated dsl connection but fixed that with lowering QoS settings for line speed.10:19
Romsternever had it without packet loss before10:19
Romstercheck ifconfig for any errors on ppp10:20
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tr1so i switched the cable now10:23
tr1but no  difference10:24
Hantri, ehm... which script?10:25
prologicwnated to know if it supported grub10:27
prologiconly lilo afawk10:27
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tr1Han: install-latest-kernel but i take a look at the script and i think only lilo is supported10:29
Hangrep for grub10:31
Hanall the files10:31
Hanand read READMEs10:31
HanThat's what they're for.10:31
prologic$ egrep grubg * -i10:32
prologic$ ls README*10:32
prologicls: cannot access README*: No such file or directory10:32
tr1Han: ;-) - ok but if i made a patch to support grub i can send it to you ?10:35
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HanI'm not really sure, but I think you can do it.10:59
prologiche's gone Han11:02
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KnockrHow rich CRUX's ports database?13:10
RedShiftwhat's your definition of 'rich'?13:10
RedShiftalot of packages or high quality packages?...13:10
KnockrA lot of high quality packages :)13:11
KnockrBut from your question I feel like there are few high quality packages :D13:11
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KnockrAm I right?13:12
jjpkCRUX is what you make of it.13:12
jjpkIf something is missing, you simply make a port of the software. done13:13
KnockrIt ain't that funny..13:13
jjpkThat was not a joke.13:13
KnockrThat way I could compile my own distro <_<13:13
KnockrBut hey.. comparing 1000 packs to 10k-20k at Debian or FreeBSD.. Yaknow..13:14
jjpkI suggest you read
jjpkNot just read, understand what is said.13:15
KnockrI feel like I gotta try it :D13:16
Hanquality lies in the eye of the beholder.13:16
jjpkBesides, quantity is not quality in most cases anyway.13:16
HanFor me absolute control is what I want.13:16
HanAnd simplicity.13:17
KnockrQuality describes quantity. If there's no quantity to describe, quality is lost. I'm talking about CRUX's quality, not of individual packages' quality.13:17
jjpkQuality is subjective, just as Han said.13:18
KnockrHmm.. simplicity, speed. These two are the most important. Can you recommend me a simple, but still sleek, easy-to-use window manager/desktop environment? I need it on a PC with 128 mb ram.13:18
KnockrSomething lighter? (not really fvwm, but something lighter than xfce)13:24
HanWell I could answer that but then it would no longer be easy to use.13:25
KnockrJust tell.13:25
KnockrPleeeease :)13:26
HanI think your better of searching
KnockrFluxbox, hellyeah.13:31
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jjpkI have a feeling someone will find an unpleasant surprise :D13:32
Hanfluxbox is not easy.13:33
HanMy main desktop for years now.13:33
jjpkTakes its time to get working as you want it, but certainly doable.13:34
Hanvery high level of control via sane configfiles13:39
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RyoSis there a way to get a "pre 2.3" iso?18:34
aondo you read crux-devel@?18:36
RyoSnot really18:36
RyoSi check it thanks18:37
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RyoSok i will test the iso then =)18:56
RyoScant wait till tomorrow18:56
RyoSfastest way would be sleep.. but i cant18:57
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csdudehello y'all20:34
csdudeI need some help here20:34
csdudewho can help me?20:34
csdudeFormerly in crux website, there was a brazilian version of crux documentation.. where the hell is it now?20:36
csdudewhat do u say me?20:39
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RomsterFormerly in crux website, there was a brazilian version of crux documentation < *shrugs*21:21
Romsterand the person has left already.21:21
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