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Romsteri'm getting adjtime failed: Invalid argument, from openntpd00:03
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trii follow this guide but it if i do prt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg it says "the package xorg could not be found" ?06:07
trii put the xorg.rsync in /etc/ports and run ports -u xorg and put /usr/ports/xorg at the top of prt-get.conf succesfully06:08
tilmanls -ld /usr/ports/xorg/xorg06:09
tridrwxr-xr-x 228 root root 8192 Dec 27 09:51 /usr/ports/xorg/xorg/06:10
prologicdid you run prt-get cache ?06:11
prologicafter the ports -u06:11
tilmanprt-get info xorg06:12
tilmandoes that work?06:12
triyes i run prt-get cache now but if i do prt-get info xorg now it says Package xorg not found06:14
tilmansure you have "prtdir ... " in prt-get.conf?06:14
prologicprtdir /usr/ports/xorg/06:14
tricat /etc/prt-get.conf | grep xorg06:15
triprtdir /usr/ports/xorg06:15
tilmandunno, maybe delete the prt-get cache?06:16
trihowto to that ?06:17
tilmanrm -f /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.cache06:18
trii removed it but it maks not differenc "package xorg could not be found06:19
tilmanstrace prt-get info xorg and figure out what's wrong06:20
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tristrace output
tilmangood, now figure out what's wrong06:26
RyoSany ideas why i dont get linux recognize my new sata harddrive though i put everything needed into kernel?06:27
RyoSit doesnt even show up in dmesg..06:27
tritilman: i think i found it06:34
tritilman: prt-get can not find the Pkgfile06:34
tilmandoes it exist? ;)06:35
tritilman: if i copy the Pkgfile from /usr/ports/xorg/xorg/xorg/Pkgfile into /usr/ports/xorg/xorg/Pkgfile it works06:35
triyes it exists in ..../xorg/Pkgfile06:35
tilmandid you mess with /etc/ports/xorg.rsync?06:35
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trii made the xorg.rsync myself and i forgot to add the ending "/" at the collection path06:38
tilmanwhy the fuck would you do that?06:38
tribecause i can not checkout the rsync file with wget06:39
tristupid ;-)06:39
tilmanpretty damn stupid, yes06:39
triyes and collection=ports/crux-2.2/xorg/06:39
tilmanthe point is, you fucked up the destination06:40
tilmanthat's why it didn't work06:40
prologicfyi you can checkout the rsync file with wget06:41
prologicor curl06:41
prologicI used curl just now, curl "url" > xorg.rsync06:41
trihm i think i forgot to add the ending  "/" by the collection path - i had collection=ports/crux-2.2/xorg06:41
triprologic: thanks for the hit - now i will use curl and never do a *.rsync file myself...06:43
prologicI have done so, but yeah easy to mess up06:43
prologicI use rsyncd to download all ports on a single machine and share them with other local machines06:43
trimaybe to much rum cookies_06:43
tritilman: thank you for helping me06:44
prologicyeah get off the juice man :)06:44
prologicbtw tri, elinks is a usefull tool in this situation :) try it sometime06:45
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trii tried using links2 but couldn't found it so i think i simply made the rsync file myself...06:46
prologicelinks is better :)06:46
triprimarily i doesn't made spelling mistakes..06:48
prologicget a better keyboard :)06:48
prologictilman, do you know if that xorg bug that prevented you from changing video modes has been fixed since ?06:49
prologicI'm only upgrading xorg ports now06:50
tilmani fixed it 2006-07-0806:50
prologicyou fixed it ? wow cool!06:50
tilmantoo lazy to find out when 1.1.1 was released06:51
tilmanbut it prolly didn't get in06:51
prologicwell glad it's been fixed06:51
prologicI haven't upgraded my xorg ports in months :/06:51
prologicwas still using the x11r7 repo06:51
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RyoSone question about partioning my new harddrive - i have 500gb available, how should my partition table look like?07:01
guaquasuited for your use07:03
guaquai normally put 4 partitions07:03
guaqua / partition with enough for all the software and whatnot, /var (about a gig), swap and rest for home07:04
RyoSguaqua: right now i just have ~20gb / and rest is /home ... which sucks (obviously) (dont forget the swap)07:04
tilmani think the most common setup is07:04
tilman/, /var, /usr, /home07:05
tilman(+ swap, obviously)07:05
tilman/tmp makes sense for servers only imo07:05
prologicI often do / /boot /usr /var /home07:05
tilman/boot isn't needed these days07:05
RyoSprologic: thought about the same, but how big should be what..07:05
teKand /home for me :)07:05
teK + / ..07:05
prologic/tmp is usually a tmpfs here07:06
tilmanRyoS: depends on your needs o_O07:06
tilmanRyoS: 100 mb is enough for / anyway07:06
tilmanRyoS: < 500 mb for /var probably (unless you host websites and put them in /var)07:06
RyoS100mb for / when i seperate /usr /var /and home07:06
tilmanRyoS: size of /usr really depends on how many games you install to /usr/local :)07:07
tilmancause anything else is tiny07:07
tilmanRyoS: yes of course07:07
RyoSlets see what /usr counts right now..07:08
teKbut then you will have to watch out for the prog-n-n.tar.gzs and there binary compagnons after building (or set alternate dirs in your port setup)07:08
RyoSteK: yes, sure :) i use alternative dirs anyway07:08
tilmanif you don't install games to /usr/local, i'd just go with 5gb ;)07:08
guaquai don't see a reason for having a partition for usr07:09
RyoStilman: its already 12gb here :þ07:09
tilmanthat way you can install xorg with debugging symbols, several ooo installations without going out of space :D07:09
RyoSvar contains only 31 mb07:10
tilmanthat might change should you ever decide to switch distros07:11
RyoSi will not :P07:11
teKright answer ;)07:11
RyoSany other distro sucks! *swings the flag*07:11
teKcorrect I mean. >_<07:11
RyoSwell then i go install sips' 2.3 test iso07:12
RyoSlaters :)07:12
tilmanhave fun07:12
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guaquathe thing is, i see no reason to put separate usr. i just separate the user files and var, because of logging (think something going berzerk and filling the the sys partition)07:12
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RyoSok still one little problem07:22
RyoSi can only make 4 partition tables07:22
RyoSnot 5 as wanted07:22
tilmanthere's exactly ONE partition table per hard drive07:22
RyoSweird, it has nothing to do with how big the partition is07:23
RyoSi mean07:23
tilmanyou can have up to FOUR primary partitions07:23
tilmanput the others in a extended partition07:23
RyoSeverything else than / is extended?07:23
tilmanyou could put / and swap in two separate primary partitions07:23
tilmanthen create a extended partition07:23
tilmanand create partitins for the rest in there07:23
RyoSok thanks ;)07:23
RyoSwill check at once07:23
RyoSso in cfdisk i just select logical instead of primary? (just confused because it never says extended anywhere)07:25
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guaquanever use anything but fdisk ;)07:33
tilmanRyoS: mmh07:33
RyoScfdisk because /me <3 ncurses07:33
tilmanRyoS: it's been a loooong while since i partitioned stuff :D07:33
tilmaniirc the logical partitions reside in a extended partition07:34
tilmanbut i may be wrong07:34
tilmanask teh intarwebb07:34
RyoStilman: i make it this way: / and /home primary, /usr /var and swap logical07:34
tilmanthat's a bit funny, but should work07:34
RyoSthe difference is as i have been told that windows can only access primary partitions07:34
tilmani doubt that07:35
treachRyoS: that's wrong.07:35
RyoSwrong :P07:35
RyoSanyway should work i will do07:35
RyoSor any other suggestions07:35
tilmani made my suggestions 20 minutes ago ;)07:35
tilmanbut you choose not to listen to me :'(07:35
RyoSi know :P07:35
treachRyoS: however, windows has to have it's "root-partitition" on the first primary partition.07:36
treachor at least belive it. :)07:36
guaquawindows can read any partition07:38
guaquaevery fs no07:38
guaquaand lvm no :=07:38
teKwindows can write any fs07:38
tilmanwindows can fuck up any fs07:38
teKand it does love especially alien MBRs07:38
teKfuck up is such an offensive word :>07:39
RyoSdidnt learn that in school07:39
RyoSor did they teach you that, tilman?07:39
tilmanschool tought me basic english, and i picked up the rest on IRC07:40
RyoSis it ok to make swap logical and everything else primary..?07:41
guaquai think so07:42
treachswap would make sense to put as early as possible on the disk.07:43
RyoSi know07:43
RyoSi will make it that way / swap /usr /var /home07:43
RyoSguess thats ok is it?07:43
guaqua"Newer disks use ZBR (zone bit recording). They have more sectors on the outer tracks. With a constant number of rpms, this yields a far greater performance on the outer tracks than on the inner ones. Put your swap on the fast tracks."07:44
tilmanhohoho, 2.6.19 corrupts ext3?07:44
RyoShu? :O07:45
RyoSwell i make it that way i said before..07:46
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RyoSeverything primary but swap is logical07:46
RyoSstill unusable though i make swap logical -.-07:48
treachtilman: heh, don't you know it's just reiser that eats your data? ;)08:19
jjpkRight, any criminal's code must be evil!!111 :D :D08:21
treachmeh, those "reiserfs can't be trusted" types has been around since forever. Besides, "habeas corpus?"08:22
tilmani'll have another coffee instead :)08:22
guaquanever had problems with reiserfs08:23
guaquahave had problems with ext308:23
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tilmanteK: funny. not.08:24
* treach waits for the first pundit to pop up and contradict guaqua 08:24
teKoh somewhat watched Borat08:24
teKit's not really funny, no..08:25
treachah, nice. That type of crap makes me whish the idiots that come up with it gets accused of some hineous crime themselves.08:26
tilmantreach: i only pop up and contradict people when they claim that xfs is solid :D08:26
treachit is.08:26
treachon irix. :P08:26
guaquawell what is solid, really08:27
treachif you pull the powercord, nothing I reckon.08:27
guaquai mean, fat is probably the best fs around if you look at the extensive usage of it08:27
treachfat sucks donkeyballs.08:27
guaquabut still - most used08:28
teKsequentially searching for files is just hardcore..08:28
treachthat has nothing to do with quality.08:28
guaquabut still one might claim it's solid08:28
guaquaand there's no question about it's solidity08:28
treachit isn't. it's incredibly fragile..08:28
treachthe only thing fat has going for it is that *everyone* can use it.08:29
treachIt *should* have died decades ago.08:29
teKSaying (Java|FAT|...) rules because it works on 'any' OS is the same as saying anal sex is cool because it works on all genders08:30
guaquai love my creative muvo with it's juiced up fat fs08:30
guaquateK: right08:30
guaquathe muvo memory is so cool. time after time, no matter what i do there are shadow files and dirs08:31 about java then? ;)08:34
guaquawhat is it like to code? fast? are there good libs and modules around to expand the app?08:34
guaquaor is it just a pain in the back everyone uses?08:35
teKI did just very few things with it ('did' is an exaggeration) and I disliked it's syntax08:37
teKAnd I'm still trying to find  out if OOP *really* is that useful08:37
guaquai've done some python programming and i like the language. now that i actually do have to find myself a job - i have noticed java is the thing08:39
guaquabut i'm not very enthusiastic about the idea08:40
RyoSbios dont get me to lilo when booting from sata drive :(08:42
teKguaqua: I think especially in this nichee of the Software Industrie many suckers and bla blaers exist08:54
* treach questions the coding capabilities of the majority of programmers working in "the Industry".08:57
tilmanjava is decent09:03
teKrock solid and just about the basics..09:13
RyoSto boot from sata do i need a raid set..?09:14
RyoSwhen i try booting using scsi as first boot device lilo doesnt show up09:14
jjpkIt won't show up unless you tell lilo to use a scsi device.09:16
RyoSi told him09:17
RyoSi test other boot options brb09:18
* tilman does NOT mention grub09:18
treachgood. It would probably be a red herring anyway09:19
treachRyoS: did you tell your bios that you wanted to boot from some scsi/sata drive?09:21
treachnew emoticon, meaning "tilman goes bonkers". ;)09:22
RyoStreach: yes09:23
RyoSof course :/09:23
tilmantreach: yes09:23
RyoSlilo doesnt even pop up09:23
tilmanenjoying some pretty fine music that i didn't listen to in a long time :D09:23
treachwell. If your bios were set to using the ide interfaces, I guess lilo wouldn't show up either.09:24
RyoSit does because of my previous install in my ide, but this doesnt help since this install will be deleted pretty soon09:25
RyoSok i get a kernel panic when i boot now09:30
treachprogess. :P09:31
RyoSyea :P09:31
treachprogress, even. :)09:31
RyoSnot syncing. VFS: unable to mount rootfs on unknown block09:31
RyoSany suggestions maybe?09:32
treachseems you're still missing some driver.09:32
RyoSmaybe i need to put it in the kernel, not as a modul?09:33
tilmangood idea09:33
RyoShaha ok09:33
RyoSthats it09:33
treachcaught by catch 22. To mount the filesystem you need to be able to read the filesystem. ;)09:34
treach(unless the kernel already knows how to do it since the driver is compiled in.)09:35
RyoSworks :P thanks09:42
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_eclipsehello there11:48
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brointhemixhi eclipse11:55
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sepenanyone has the same error trying to build mesa3d?
sepenIm using prt-get depinst gnome, also I have configured this line in prt-get.conf -> runscripts, Im doing nothing special, mesa3d port seems inestable, any idea?13:35
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > grep mach64 /usr/ports/xorg/mesa3d/Pkgfile  # mach64 is broken w/ libdrm 2.2.0 sed -i -e 's/^\(DRI_DIRS = .*\) mach64 \(.*\)/\1 \2/' \13:35
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >13:35
tilmanit seems opt/mesa3d needs the same patch13:35
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sepenIm using only core->opt->contrib->gnome repos to building gnome13:37
tilmanread again13:37
sepenin that order13:37
tilman(20:35) <@   tilman> it seems opt/mesa3d needs the same patch13:37
sepenwhat is the difference of running xorg instead x11?13:38
sepengnome dep on x11 no?13:38
tilmanxorg/mesa3d has a patch to deal with the mach64 problem13:38
tilmanopt/mesa3d does not have a patch to deal with the mach64 problem13:38
tilmanmaybe add the xorg/mesa3d patch to deal with the mach64 problem to opt/mesa3d13:39
tilmanso that opt/mesa3d has a patch to deal with the mach64 problem13:39
sepentilman, $ prt-get deptree gnome | grep xorg13:42
sepenthat is my question xD13:42
sepen$ prt-get deptree gnome | grep x11 | wc -l13:43
tilmannext try :D13:43
tilmansepen: you use opt/x11, correct?13:43
tilmanyou do _not_ use the xorg repository, correct?13:44
sepenthat is incorrect13:44
tilmanso you DO use the xorg repository? :)13:45
sepennot for me, for people which reads the manual (oficial?)13:46
sepenI think we need to fix gnomeports manual (imo)13:46
tilmani don't get how this is related to gnome13:46
tilmanare we talking about two different problems here?13:47
tilman1 being opt/mesa3d13:47
tilmanand 2 being gnome/whatever?13:47
sepenyes, thanks for resolve my problem  with that port and ..13:48
tilmanjesus motherfucker13:48
sepengnome it's a comment13:48
tilmanwould be good if you made that clear13:48
sepentilman, sorry, my english is too bad13:48
tilmanindeed it is13:48
tilmangnome can work with opt/x1113:49
sepenbut too many thanks for response to me13:49
tilmanbut it can also work with xorg/xorg-*13:49
tilmanprt-get provides an "x11" alias to "xorg"13:49
tilmanso if you do _not_ install opt/x11, prt-get will still recognize xorg/xorg-* as "x11"13:49
sepenmmmm I never read this13:50
tilmansee what prt-get says:13:50
tilman[i]           x11 (provided by xorg)13:50
tilman"provided by" -> there's an alias13:50
sepenprt-get deptree gnome | grep xorg | wc -l       ===> 013:50
sepenin my box13:51
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep x1113:51
sepen# pkginfo -i | grep x1113:51
sepenx11 6.9.0-513:51
sepenI think I need xorg in my local dirs for get that message non?13:52
tilmani think so13:52
tilman"prtdir /usr/ports/xorg" in prt-get.conf13:53
sepenwell, thx for your time tilman13:53
sepenand your patience13:54
sepenIll fix the Pkgfile on my working copy but Im going to write a mail to the mantainer13:55
tilmanokay, thanks13:55
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RyoSseems like 2.3 has a little problem somewhere..14:07
RyoSi fail compiling python for example with no error message at all14:08
jjpkNo surprise, 2.3 is not even out ;)14:08
RyoSjjpk: sip made a test iso14:08
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tilman$ file blah.doc14:29
tilmanblah.doc: Microsoft Installer14:29
RyoSthis script will do rm -fr / && Setup.exe14:30
_eclipsetilman it would be a real microsoft installer doc renamed with a .exe14:30
_eclipsei mean14:30
_eclipsecould instead of would14:31
_eclipsenot with a .exe exactly14:31
tilmani'm pretty sure it's a doc actually14:31
_eclipsethen file is nuts14:31
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RyoSmirc?! :O14:33
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marotilman: I think you can disable the mach64 hack now :)15:14
maro(mesa 6.5.2 builds it fine)15:14
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csdudeis there some brazilian here?21:09
csdudeparece q nesse canal do crux só tem bicha, tirando eu é claro21:14
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nipuLcrap! accidentally pulled a pin out of the ide connector on my hard drive22:12
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treach"first thou shalt pull the holy pin, ..." ;P23:27
Hanpull the nade and then throw away the pin.23:30
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