IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-12-28

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onestephi, tri!06:12
prologichi tri, hi onestep06:17
prologicgawd I wish I could ban nukezone from all isps :)06:23
nipuLman git is a pain the the arse06:33
tilmanit's probably a bit unusual if you're a cvs/svn monkey06:52
RyoStilman: xcb_xlib.c:41: xcb_xlib_lock: Assertion `!c->xlib.lock' failed. <- you know this problem?06:54
tilmantry the mailing list archives, today06:54
RyoStilman: ok this patch Giorgio Agrelli links to works like a charm07:00
RyoSyou should include it in your repo :)07:01
tilmandid you read my response too?07:01
RyoSnot yet, to be honest :þ just glad that psi + libjingle works07:01
tilmanyou know what to do? :D07:03
RyoSburn everything down?07:04
RyoSfile bug reports to trolltech? :P07:04
RyoSmaybe its fixed in qt4.2.2.. i was to lazy today at 5am to edit my Pkgfile into newest qt4 version..07:04
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RyoSsorry to bug around.. but i configured alsa within my kernel (correctly, like i did before updating crux) and now it just sees one oss device, no alsa device.. anyone had this probleme before?07:58
onestepRyoS: correct, if I wrong, you've selected ALSA support to be built into the kernel?08:00
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teKmaybe something about udev and or alsa-utils08:00
RyoSi had it the same way before..08:00
RyoSso should i make it modules?08:00
teKI do use builtin alsa08:01
onestepplease grep your .config with CONFIG_SND08:01
onestepme too08:01
RyoSshall i paste output?08:02
onestepno, just say is there # before CONFIG_SND?08:02
RyoSno no it isnt08:03
RyoSits enabled08:03
RyoSright soundchip is also enabled like everything else needed for alsa with oss support08:03
onestepand what's about grep with CONFIG_SOUND_PRIME08:03
RyoSis not set08:03
onestepsounds strange :)08:04
onestepwhat's the soundcard?08:04
RyoSnforce2 motherboard here, onboard chip :)08:04
RyoSsound_prime is oss, why enable oss?08:05
onestepintel chin on nvidia mb? O_o08:05
onestepdisable oss, that's right08:05
RyoSit is08:05
Viper_I've the same soundcard.. build these stuff as modules and it should work08:06
onestepah, sure :)08:06
onestepbut it's really strange. on my nforce4 this option makes sence even if merged with the kernel08:07
RyoSViper_: which stuff as modules?08:07
tilmansound stuff, duh08:07
RyoStilman: as always precise answers :P08:07
tilmanall of it.....08:08
RyoSi test it out now08:09
onestepbut why? I don't even have a support for modules in my kernel, and my soundcard works fine.08:09
RyoSonestep: i have modul support but i never used my alsa stuff as modules before08:09
RyoSand its the same config08:09
onestepRyoS: do you have /dev/snd/?08:11
onestepthe stupid question, I know, but maybe it's really a problem with alsa-lib :)08:12
RyoSbut its oss08:12
RyoSi test those modules now08:12
RyoSsnd_intel8x0: Unknown parameter `mpu_port'08:12
tilmanoss doesn't use /dev/snd08:12
RyoSthis is how some progs say, and they only work with oss..08:13
tilmanyeah, whatever08:13
nipuLif you've enabled oss emulation it's perfectly normal to have oss devices08:13
RyoSnipuL: i know08:13
onestepI thought /dev/pcm is oss08:13
RyoSi cant load snd-intel8x0 modul08:14
RyoSFATAL: Error inserting snd_intel8x0 (/lib/modules/ Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)08:14
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onestepso... see dmesg? :)08:15
RyoSsnd_intel8x0: Unknown parameter `mpu_port'08:15
onestepRyoS: please take a look on /etc/modprobe.conf08:16
onestepdo you have mpu_port there?08:16
RyoSyea i forgot the options i added08:16
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RyoSalsa-init: playback open error: Invalid argument08:18
RyoSCould not open/initialize audio device -> no sound.08:18
RyoSthis is what mplayer says08:18
nipuLcheck your permissions08:18
onestepconsider upgrading alsa-lib & alsa utils :)08:18
onestepnipuL: permissions seems right08:18
RyoSnipuL: i ran it as root08:19
RyoSonestep: ok08:19
nipuLwhich ao are you using?08:19
RyoSi update alsa-lib and alsa-utils now08:19
RyoSdoesnt seem to work08:21
nipuLuse a pastebin08:22
onestepViper_: tr/=m/=y/08:22
tilmanwhy should he08:23
RyoSsnd-modules are all loaded08:23
Viper_and it's still not working?08:24
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onesteptilman: cause if you don't plan to remove your soundcard ( :) ) building alsa in-kernel will be the better choice08:24
onestepI'm wrong?08:25
RyoSguess it does now08:25
onestepit works? :))08:25
RyoSat least as root08:25
RyoSso i need to add my user to audio group08:25
Viper_think so08:26
RyoSok thanks08:26
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onestepbtw, does anybody know how to enable bass and treble adjustment while using intel-8x0?08:29
onestepi have such a feature at home with emu10k08:29
RyoSno idea08:30
onestepthe bass is really poor08:30
RyoSanyone got a good .asoundrc file maybe?08:30
guaquawhat's .asoundrc? :?08:30
onestepI don't know anything about .asoundrc too :))08:31
guaquafor which program is it?08:31
RyoSguaqua: its a alsa config file, it can manage multiple programs access your soundcard via dmix and so on08:32
guaquai just do alsactl store...though it doesn't seem to work :S08:32
onestepguaqua: you're about setting custom volume levels on boot-up?08:33
guaquaalsactl restore is in rc.local08:33
onestepyou mean rc.d?08:34
guaquain this kubuntu box, rc.local08:34
onestepArchLinux have a pretty nice initscript08:35
onestepbut I'm using my own hand-made :)08:35
guaquai like the crux init the best08:35
onestepyes, me too08:35
onestepbut ArchLinux is based on CRUX ;)08:36
RyoSone dumb question.. how to add my user to a group?08:39
onestepRyoS: /etc/group08:39
RyoSthanks :)08:39
onestepadd smth like "audio::29:root,onestep"08:40
onesteptr/onestep/ryos :D08:40
RyoS;) thanks08:40
RyoSi check it now08:40
RyoSeverything works, thanks :)08:48
jjpkonestep: I noticed the same with emu10k1 and my laptop's intel-8x0.08:48
jjpkThe intel probably does not even have it, it is not a very good chipset :p08:49
onestepjjpk: I've just googled for the phrase "bass intel-8x0" :)08:51
onestepthe output of amixer is impressive08:51
onestepplease issue "amixer | grep Bass"08:51
jjpkThat would explain something.08:52
jjpkNormally alsamixer is what I use to set the volume levels.08:52
onestepyes, me too08:52
onestepand there's no "Bass" or "Treble" :(08:53
onestepI'll try to set the levels up via amixer08:53
jjpko_o amixer does not even show Bass or Treble.08:53
onestepmaybe the author uses alsa-driver package... :/08:55
onestepI've never tried it :)08:55
jjpkSame here, I use the kernel's alsa drivers.08:56
RyoSsame here.. someones willing to try alsa-driver packages? :þ08:57
onestepI'll try that in near future ;)08:58
tilmannot every driver offers bass/treble controls08:58
RyoSonestep: let us know then :)09:01
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triwhat is the best Suspend-to-disk implementation ?09:32
trisuspend2 ?09:33
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clarehi folks,  Xorg in 2.3,   Two problems, first one may be slowing things a bit
tilmanthe "size of the directory"?14:10
tilmanmkfontdir does _not_ handle true type fonts btw14:11
tilmannot sure you should have a FontPath entry for it. i do, too, but i'm not sure whether it's needed14:11
tilmanclare: the first error doesn't mean anything to me, never saw that before14:13
claretilman; interesting, it said in the log : "(II) Loading font FreeType"14:13
tilmanclare: that's correct.14:14
tilmanclare: but instead of font.dir/font.scale etc, the x server uses fontconfig to deal with TTFs14:14
claretilman: quite, google only found one I'm not surprised. Probably just wait for a newer version14:15
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claretilman: is there something I am supposed to do to get fontconfig doing its thing?14:17
tilmanmaybe your freetype package is missing support for the type1 rasteriser14:17
tilmantry running fc-list14:17
tilmanif it lists all of your TTFs, you're set14:17
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tilmanclare: wc -l /usr/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/fonts.dir ?14:20
claretilman: fc-list lists all the names in TTF directory14:21
claretilman:  wc -l /usr/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/fonts.dir  answers 114:23
tilmanthat's bad14:23
tilmanmkfontdir failed then14:23
tilmanditto here. not sure why yet :)14:23
ningothere's an error in the sane-package. it tries to chown $PKG/var, but it's not in there.14:24
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clareBy the way.. what happened to xclock? doesn't seem to be in this new Xorg.14:33
tilmanclare: i'd have to create a port for it14:35
tilmani didn't do it yet because i didn't think it was popular enough ;)14:35
tilmanclare: please try to rebuild opt/freetype, then run 'mkfontdir' and 'mkfontscale' in your Type1 directory again14:36
claretilman: you are probably right, other WMs I suppose have time showing14:36
tilmanand check whether fonts.dir and fonts.scale actually contain the font entries14:36
tilmanin doubt, irssi does ;D14:37
claretilman this will take a while as I dont have any ports yet except evilwm (AND I am due outside soon)14:39
ningothere's an crux 2.3 trial version? :P14:45
RyoSningo: yes, sip made one14:50
RyoSi have installed it, works fine so far14:50
RyoSi needed to recompile xorg-font packages though14:50
claretilman: I have started pkgmak but meantime tried mkfontscale (which I didn't use before ) and it wrote, so I did mkfontdir again  and  it wrote too14:50
claretilman: and Xorg log now has only the other two directories listed, Type1 seems cured.14:51
tilmanoh wait14:51
ningotilman: I was about to ask, when crux decided to go commercial.14:51
tilmanningo: :D14:52
tilmanningo: give me all your money!14:52
tilmanclare: your paste above said you ran mkfontdir before, so it was magically fixed now? O_O14:52
ningoRyoS: I just read the ML, and someone (I think 'claire') rambled something about installing the crux trial version14:52
claretilman: yes, I did them all yesterday. I do really want a good HOWTO on fonts.15:14
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claretilman: have gone to do outside jobs, will leave this running15:23
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claretilman: /etc/profile  the PATH has /usr/X11R6/bin which i dont seem to have, what should I put there?17:04
tilmanxorg in crux 2.3 is installed to prefix /usr17:07
tilmanso you don't need to adjust PATH for it17:08
tilmani'll fix core/bash17:08
claretilman thanks17:10
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nipuLfinally, got gcc 4.1.1 to copile on amd64, not sure what i did right this time, but who cares17:57
nipuLtime to take on glibc :(17:57
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claretilman: I have found they have a clock called oclock which is not as elegant as the old one, but I have got it running so will be happy19:26
claretilman: maybe it was a licensing thing they had to rewrite it.19:27
claretilman: I have also grabbed xclock from freedesktop and the licensing in the main routine is the same in that as in oclock. I will use xclock.19:43
RyoSdoes someone here got a boost binary package for me?19:49
RyoSit fails at some stage for me at building (tries to delete something thats not there) and its a pain in the ass to build this fat monster...19:50
RyoSnipuL: might it be you did --disable-multilib?19:51
RyoSa mate says this fixed it for him19:52
nipuLi have gcc compiled and working with multilib19:54
RyoSmaybe you have a 32bit binary for opt/boost? :P19:55
nipuLgot glibc to compile too19:56
nipuLnow just need to do some cleaning up19:58
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RyoSgosh, this boost stuff is horrible.. took rpms now20:16
RyoS~80MB! this sucks so hard...20:16
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nipuLdoh, i broke it20:59
nipuLyay i fixed it21:11
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