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nipuLbuilding the 2.3 toolchain on amd64, gcc failed a test because gmp.h could not be found. perhaps libgmp should move to core, or does this not happen on x86?00:12
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acruxyou don't need libgmp to compile gcc, you only need fot gcc-fortran03:59
acruxthat was the situation witg gcc-4.0103:59
acruxacrux@vesuvio:~$ ilenia -D gcc-fortran04:00
acruxgcc [installed]04:00
acruxlibgmp [installed]04:00
acruxlibmpfr [installed]04:00
acruxgcc-fortran [installed]04:00
nipuLyeah, turned out it was actually a problem with the linker04:07
nipuLi noticed something was wrong when 32bit binaries stopped working04:07
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nipuLit's official, crux64 running with 2.3 toolchain :)05:08
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triif i run startx i get "Fatal server error: could not open default font fixed" ?07:20
RyoStri: did you install all fonts properly?07:20
RyoSyou ran the install-scripts and stuff..?07:20
triyes i followed
nipuLdid you remove x11 first?07:24
trino just after xorg was installed i removed x1107:25
nipuLremove xorg completely, remove x11, start again07:25
triok ;-)07:26
* tilman adjusted InstallingX11R707:28
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nipuLudev is turning into a dependency nightmare09:22
nipuLi suppose that's what happens when gentoo and redhat devs get involved09:23
guaquarathead :S :S :S09:23
guaquathey do know how to make dependecies a hell09:23
guaquaanyone looked into upstart?09:24
guaquaor is it unrelated?09:24
nipuLupstart is an init replacement09:24
guaquaalso a cron and whatnot replacement that handles hotplugging09:24
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nipuLsweet, got everything in core to compile..except pkgutils :\09:40
nipuLwill 2.3 release with the new version (with libarchive, install hooks, etc)?09:40
tilmanhooks haven't even been implemented09:41
nipuLdanm had some amd64 patches, but they dont work with 5.2109:41
nipuLhere's the error09:42 In function 'int unistd_gzopen(char*, int, mode_t)':09:42 error: cast from 'void*' to 'int' loses precision09:42
tilmanlet's see09:44
nipuLdanm's patches changes the type from int to long09:44
nipuLmakes sense09:45
nipuLall those extra registers09:45
tilmanit's still a nasty hack09:45
tilmanthat depends on zlib internals09:45
nipuLrelease with libarchive ;)09:45
tilmanthe same function is still in git master09:45
tilmanfor some reason ;)09:45
tilmans/the same/that/09:46
nipuLi'll see if that compiles09:46
nipuLit's not called though09:52
tilmani know09:52
tilmani just removed09:52
tilmannipuL: so was that the only error?10:00
nipuLin master i get some warnings and pkginfo doesnt build10:00
tilmancan you be any more vague?10:01
nipuLlet me try10:01
nipuL"some stuff happens i think"10:01
tilmanfixing in a second10:02
nipuLoh right , pkginfo is linked10:02
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nipuLmaster version works ok10:06
nipuLwarning: Using 'getgrgid' in statically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the glibc version used for linking10:06
tilmanknown for ages10:06
tilmanprolly not an issue ;)10:06
nipuLother than that10:06
tilmanjust checking right now whether there's a nice and easy way to fix that10:07
nipuLcool, well core for amd64 is up to date with the 2.3 branch now10:08
tilmanstupid g++10:08
nipuLsymlink support would make my life a hell of a lot easier10:08
nipuLmight use bd210:09
nipuL's C version10:09
nipuLwell off to bed10:17
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DaViruzhmm, is nforce570 supported by the crux 2.2 official cdrom?11:47
DaViruzit refuses to find the root11:47
rehabdollprobably not11:48
rehabdollits not the most flexible boot-medium :)11:48
rehabdolljust build a new boot-kernel and use a floppy or something11:48
DaViruzyeah. thanks11:49
DaViruzwell.. if only i had a floppy drive. :-)11:54
RedShiftyou can always boot a knoppix and install crux from there11:57
DaViruzi'm making a bootable usbstick now, guess that should work?12:00
RedShiftyes ofcourse12:01
DaViruzi'm a bit unfamiliar with this new stuff like sata and bootable usb.. :-)12:02
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rehabdolla bootable usb-stick might be a good thing to have laying around12:06
guaquai've found crux boot cd to be extremely handy. every time windows fucks up its partitioning and i have to go poking around with fdisk :)12:07
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tilman" corruption has been reported as far back as the 2.6.5 kernel."13:31
tilmani'll switch to openbsd now13:33
tilmanor maybe netbsd, cause theo is an asshole13:33
RyoStheo is cool :P13:35
guaquaor maybe to dragonfly cos netbsd development is basically stalled ;)13:35
guaquahell, freebsd ftw :D13:36
tilmanright, netbsd is _really_ dying13:36
laodthat must be a subtle bug because we've been running 2.6 kernels on a LOT of boxes with few problems. It'll take me a while to get through this post... perhaps we're just not triggering it... although that's hard to imagine13:36
RyoSguaqua: dragonfly bsd was a freebsd port13:36
tilmanlaod: you might have heard about it as "the rtorrent bug" ;)13:36
RyoSits a shame nvidia drivers dont run on it though13:36
tilmanit seems rtorrent was triggering it easily13:36
rehabdollmight be easier just to change filesystem than replacing the entire os :)13:38
tilmanit's not a filesystem bug13:38
rehabdollhas it been spotted on other filesystems?13:38
rehabdollive only heard about ext313:38
rehabdollits quite easily triggered with rtorrent too13:39
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rehabdolltilman, the bash/profile need an md5sum update :)13:52
tilmanI SUCK13:55
tilmanthere you go13:59
tilmanrehabdoll++ for finding it ;D13:59
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RedShiftyeah I haven't hit this bug either14:06
RedShiftit's really obscure though, I read the thing14:07
* RyoS is scared of rtorrent now and saddles the mule14:08
RyoSyou reckon?14:08
tilmanno shit14:08
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rehabdolli have14:16
guaqualinus is pretty brilliant14:16
rehabdolljust download a couple of files at the same time with rtorrent14:16
guaquait was he who discovered the bug...14:17
guaquaout of all peopl14:17
RyoSrehabdoll: when you download multiple files at the same time it does not corrupt anything?14:19
tilmanjust apply the patch linus posted14:20
tilmanyou should manage that.14:20
RyoSi can manage that! hell yea!14:20
rehabdolli get corrupted files then, yes14:20
RyoSargh <.<14:21
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laodinteresting bug... a cautionary tale about implicit contracts. Make sure your vm's expectations are in line with those of your fs. I'm glad smart people work on the kernel. I see a lot of patching in my future :/15:12
DaViruzare there any howto/guides out there for linux usb boot? the only ones i seem to find are to distro-specific to be of any use :-/15:22
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RedShiftnew phpnetmond version is out!15:57
RedShiftcome and get it while it's hot15:57
guaquawhy not use snmp?16:03
RedShiftit's explained in the readme16:04
RedShiftnet-snmp wasn't flexible enough16:04
RedShiftI wanted to add support for some other stuff and I had to start recompiling and pull in perl cpan modules and what else16:05
RedShiftso I said fsck and wrote something of my own16:05
RedShiftjust for fun16:05
RedShiftif you're using SNMP and you're happy don't switch ;-)16:05
guaquathat does sound reasonable16:06
RedShiftit's written in php so it's really simple for someone to add his own statistics16:07
guaquanot in the case where someone doesn't know php well :)16:07
RedShiftthat's true16:08
RedShiftbut then again, he could use net-snmp if he knows perl ;-)16:08
guaquahow does it interact with the modules? by importing?16:08
RedShiftit's explained in the README16:08
guaquawell, given perl and php, even i take php :)16:08
RedShiftit's really dead simple16:09
RedShiftafter you read the readme just take a look at the modules-dist directory16:09
guaquadoes seem simple16:10
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RedShiftguaqua: there's a client included too16:13
RedShiftbut ofcourse you can just use telnet too16:14
guaquai was thinking of using python, but then again - i have no use for that kind of software16:14
RedShiftas long as you know how to work with sockets you can write a client16:15
guaquayeah, that doesn't seem complicated at all16:15
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Husio`_Hi all :)16:49
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maroanyone using qt4 on modular X?16:49
maroevery qt4 app I try to use give me that annoying "xcb_xlib_lock: Assertion `!c->xlib.lock' failed." error16:50
tilmanvery good16:52
tilmanmaro: you're the third guy reporting/mentioning this problem16:52
tilmanand the first who probably knows how to handle it16:53
tilmanmaro: in case you need help, show me a meaningful backtrace16:55
maroduh, already read that post on the list16:55
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DaViruzwhat boot=-name should be given for a SATA dvdrom?18:51
DaViruzthis is driving me insane18:51
DaViruzerr, root=18:51
treachsr0 ?18:53
DaViruznope :/18:55
DaViruzcannot open root device yadayada18:55
treachdid you try feeding lilo with "libata.atapi_enable=1" and/or "atapi_enable=1"18:57
Hanhmmm new feature.18:57
DaViruzwill try. but the kernel seems to find the drive just fine18:58
DaViruzit spews out the name of it etc18:58
treachthat's promising at least18:58
rehabdollmy sata dvd is sr018:58
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treach where do you want to go/crash today..?19:13
nipuLlet's just hope they don't have internet connectivity19:22
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Plazmaive used  both crux and arch linux and see a lot of similarities, anyone else who has used crux and arch list reasons why they prefer crux?21:19
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nipuL> crux21:59
nipuLCRUX64 2.321:59
nipuLx86_64 version of arch is pure64, no multilib22:00
Hancool. Do you notice anything else?22:00
treach2.3-testsomething, unless he's got a time-machine.22:00
jaegernipuL: nice22:00
treach(beyond already being 24h into it. :P )22:00
HanI mean a speeddifference. And not a perceived one please :P22:01
nipuLive striped the 2.1.1-rc2 back to only use features in the official release, no pam for example22:03
nipuLshould make it easier to maintain alongside official22:04
rxinipuL: good luck maintaining the ports :)22:04
nipuLi'm not going to bother tracking opt22:06
jaegerI would like to have an amd64-compatible crux again, I could help with some... but still, lot of work22:06
nipuLopt will be non core stuff that i use22:06
HanIs there pam on crux? :-)22:06
nipuLHan: there is in crux64 2.1.122:06
* Han makes a crucifix with his fingers at the sight of pam!22:06
nipuLbut i removed it all22:06
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Plazmaso i take it a lot of you have used arch as well as crux?22:27
* Han flames Plazma 22:29
Plazmahaha, now the reason i asked is what makes yall that have used arch, like crux more than arch?22:29
Plazmaor see it better for your needs22:30
jaegerhaven't used arch, myself22:31
Plazmai have used crux in the past and love the fact that to me, its like the perfectr cross between bsd and linux22:32
nipuLi wouldn't go so far as to say perfect22:33
Plazmawell true.. but closer than any other distro has done22:33
Plazmaits gotta good ports type system22:34
rxi_you cant install linux on a logical partition can you?22:56
nipuLwhy not?22:58
rxi_wasnt sure if lilo could boot it22:59
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nipuL:( time to take on the beast that is xorg23:19
* rxi_ hands nipuL the sword of hax0ring +523:21

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