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prologicIs there something in pkgutils that's removing suid bits on packages ?00:51
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nipuLX Window System Version 7.1.103:20
nipuLRelease Date: 12 May 200603:20
nipuLX Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 7.1.103:20
nipuLBuild Operating System: Linux x86_6403:20
Romsterneat 64 bit xorg O_o03:20
Romsteris it jsut me or is this shields up test broken? press shileds up link.03:56
aonseems ok otherwise, but it says that my 376 is stealth while it clearly isn't04:33
aonthat guy is like the Dr. Phil of security04:34
treachactually I think that's somewhat unfair to Dr. Phil :)04:36
RomsterThe parameter is incorrect.04:39
* Romster shrugs04:39
tilman"[...] they also use a sophisticated reversible encryption algorithm generator."04:45
tilmanw00t, a _reversible_ encryption algorithm04:45
treach"symmetric" maybe04:46
tilmanbefore, all those idiots encrypted their data by replacing it with 0xb00bf4c3 maybe04:46
RomsterO_o rofl04:47
tilman0xdeadbabe :'(04:47
nipuLi setup a wireless network for this cattle farmer once04:48
nipuLset his hex wep key as deadbeef04:48
tilmani wonder what the guy smoked04:54
Romstermost secure *cough*bullshit*cough*05:01
Romsteri wonder what this guy is on!
Romsterfound that url last week05:03
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aoninherent eh05:12
tilmani hope he doesn't05:13
treachprobably not. Inherit might be an option.05:14
guaquanice quit message though :)05:41
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prologicanyone here use ssh-agent ?05:45
tilmanno, i like to type my passphrase 100 times each day05:45
prologicgood so do i :)05:45
prologicbest part of my day!05:45
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prologicI was going to ask if anyone knew how to run ssh-agent/ssh-add once per X session but oh well05:51
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > grep agent .xinitrc05:52
tilmankillall ssh-agent05:52
tilmaneval `ssh-agent`05:52
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >05:52
prologicah ha05:52
prologicdoes openssh-askpass actually even exist ?05:53
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RyoSwhere are the intel8x0 users here?09:50
RyoSgot anyone a propper working asoundrc file for me maybe + can tell how to tell mplayer to spit out its sound in 5.109:50
RyoSwhatever i do its just 2.109:50
HannipuL, that doesn't discuss the advantage of 64 over a 32 bit OS.09:54
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RyoStilman: have you tried the patch for the ext3 issue?13:12
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rehabdollryos, im running it now14:02
rehabdollno more corrutptions with rtorrent atleast14:02
RyoSyou have a link to the patchset you used?14:03
rehabdollfound it somewhere on the lkml14:12
RyoSthis one maybe?14:12
RyoSwhick kernel do you run?14:14
rehabdollthat one applies to 20-rc214:14
rehabdolland thats the kernel im running atm. :)14:14
RyoSdamn i use 19.114:14
RyoSand it doesnt apply to this one...14:14
RyoSalready checked that one yesterday14:14
RyoSmaybe i should upgrade then14:15
RyoSdoes it run stable?14:15
guaquai'd prefer waiting for 2.6.21 with the patch already applied :)14:15
guaquaor 2.6.20 with the patch already applied for that matter14:15
RyoSguaqua: if it runs stable i'd have nothing to say against it14:16
rehabdolli've not had any issues so far atleast14:16
RyoSmh ok14:16
RyoSi consider updating it when i am done with something else14:17
RyoSthanks for the info :)14:17
guaquawell the box is on so low i/o, so i'll take the risk for the time being :)14:17
rehabdollrc1 was a bit of a turd for me, failed to detect my dvdrw as a writable drive14:17
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tilmanwhat's the recommended package to write DVD-Rs?16:11
tilmandvdrtools or dvd+rw-tools?16:11
prologicusing growisofs16:12
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nipuLman the round robin sourceforge servers are painfully slow19:37
nipuLthis will be fun :[ 32bit compatability for xorg20:02
prologicI must say downloading at 700K/s is a nice feeling :)20:31
RyoSprologic: it sure is ;)20:32
nipuLprologic: cable or adsl2?20:48
rxi_nipuL: we have adsl 8mb available :)20:50
nipuLmy isp is offering it soon too20:51
rxi_ive been on it since friday20:51
nipuLhow much extra you paying?20:52
rxi_about $1020:53
nipuLwhat about uploads?20:53
rxi_im paying 99/month for 10/15 and $5 for static ip20:53
nipuLthat's not much20:53
rxi_nah but its adsl1 sp yeah20:53
nipuLive got 512 up20:54
rxi_yeah but only 512 down20:54
nipuLany slower and i i'd doubt i could torrent and voip at the same time20:54
rxi_welll voip only needs 128k20:54
rxi_so theres still 256k20:54
nipuLsure if you want to sound like your walking through a tin can20:55
rxi_128k is fine for g71120:55
rxi_all the installations ive done are allowed 128k per voip call20:56
nipuLi've allocated 19220:56
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jdolan_cool.  i have a tiny voice/text chat program working.21:17
jdolan_it aims to be a Free alternative to teamspeak and ventrillo.21:17
Hannice. Stuff like that should be free.21:20
Hanas in free and open21:20
nipuLfree willy21:23
RyoSjdolan_: where can i get this? ^^21:24
RyoSi tried to contact ventrillo devs but they dont seem to care21:24
prologicnipuL, adsl2+21:25
prologicmy distance from the exchange limits my line speed to ~6Mbps21:26
prologicmy other dsl provider (adsl1) will be offering 8Mbps/1Mbps soon :)21:26
jdolan_RyoS, i can give you an svn snapshot in just a sec if you like.21:28
jdolan_it requires speex, which someone has ported (i forget who - but i don't think it was me)21:28
RyoSi have speex installed anyway21:28
RyoSwould be nice21:28
prologicI wouldn't mind that snapsnop too :)21:29
prologicyhafri ported speex afaik - rosmter maintains it for contrib21:30
jdolan_alright, just committed the patch that got it working.  tarring up the tree now.21:30
jaegerspeaking of commits, I put picasa in my repo if anyone cares21:31
jaegerit's pretty slick21:31
jdolan_there's absolutely no documentation yet, and the network and timing facilities still need work.21:31
jdolan_what's that?21:31
jaegergoogle's slick image organization stuff21:31
jaegergot a screenshot, I'll upload it21:32
prologicmight try it out21:33
jdolan_jaeger, looks like it uses QT?21:34
jaegerit uses wine, actually21:34
jdolan_hah :D21:34
jaegerit's a tad ghetto but the app is sweet21:34
jdolan_hehe, ghetto..21:34
RyoSgeez this sounds great21:35
RyoScan it actually connect to ventrilo/ts2 servers?21:35
jdolan_so, the snapshot is linked on the wiki page.  make will build it.21:35
RyoSpreferably ventrilo21:35
jdolan_no no, it connects to squawk servers ;)21:35
jdolan_there will be two binaries if it builds for you: squawkd and squawk21:35
RyoShope it can be compatible in the future hehe :P21:36
jdolan_start squawkd and then squawk in another terminal.  type /connect localhost21:36
jdolan_i guess it depends if their network protocol is documented :-/21:36
jdolan_once connected, type /join whatever21:36
jdolan_you should be able to type in the channel and speak - you'll hear yourself a moment later as the server decodes, mixes, encodes, and sends back your speech.21:37
RyoSbo:squawk-snapshot$ ./squawkd21:37
RyoSConnect 1 from ryo@
jaegerjdolan_: is this all your work or anyone else in it as well?21:37
jdolan_hah, i just remembered that i hardcoded jdolan as the client's name :)21:37
jdolan_it's all mine, something i started a few months ago and put on hold.21:37
jdolan_for some reason tonight i had the urge to work on it.  i'd been waiting for portaudio to mature but it has not.21:38
jdolan_so i said screw it and wrote an alsa implementation of the sound stuff.21:38
jdolan_some windows dolt can write a directsound impl so it can run there too.21:38
RyoSworks fine so far21:39
jdolan_cool!  :)  so it's not just something magic in my sound card.21:39
RyoSi guess so21:39
jaeger@seen j^221:39
clbjaeger: j^2 was last seen in #crux 1 week, 3 days, 6 hours, 33 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <j^2> what's your $TERM set at?21:39
jdolan_alsa has played tricks on me before.. i think something works and in reality it's just the magic numers worked for *my* card.21:40
jdolan_RyoS, i need to add a preferences parser so that clients can give themselves names etc..21:40
jdolan_any recommendations?21:41
jdolan_i don't know of any nice libraries like what python and java have.21:41
RyoSi dont code, sorry21:41
RyoSno idea here21:41
jdolan_oh, np :)21:41
RyoSbut feel free to take me as beta tester ;)21:41
RyoSalpa and pre alpha21:41
jdolan_cool!  i should setup a publicly visible server soon so we can chat about it, haha :)21:42
RyoShaha :P21:42
jaegerjdolan_: like my new toy? :)
jdolan_whatcha got there?21:42
jdolan_(are those LCDs good, btw?)21:43
jdolan_tempting, the price and all..21:43
RyoSjaeger: you have a wii? :O21:43
jaegerthis is the first I've owned but I love it so far21:43
jaegerprice is right21:43
* RyoS wants one too21:43
jaegerRyoS: indeed21:43
RyoShow is it?21:43
RyoSnever played one21:43
jaegerlove it :)21:43
jaegerit's a great break from the norm, gaming-wise21:44
RyoSaaah i want too <.<21:44
jdolan_wow.. that's nice.21:44
jdolan_this thing does 1680x105021:44
jaegerI played some Half-Life 2, EVE Online, World of Warcraft on it... very nice looking21:45
jdolan_kewl.  i only play quetoo and wolf-et.21:45
jdolan_hehe.  you still play q3?21:45
jaegerI haven't recently but could be persuaded21:45
jdolan_i would rip you a new one.21:46
* jdolan_ trash talks to fire jaeger up21:46
jaegerbut I could serve the beatdown in wii bowling or something21:46
jdolan_man, wii looks so fun.21:46
RyoSit sure does.. not to forget about the new zelda game..21:46
RyoSwell but i go to bed.. 5am here..21:47
RyoSnn all :)21:47
jaegertake care21:47
jaegerZelda: TP is a lot of fun21:47
jdolan_gnight :)21:49
jaegeranyone have a script handy to rename a folder of images by date based on exif data or should I start writing one?21:51
jdolan_hack away, matt.  hack away.21:56
jaegerfound this, will hack.:
jaegeralready been done, as usual22:06
jaegermy version:
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jaegerjdolan_: you could use libcfg+22:59
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cheikhwhat is the command to starr linneighborhood i installed it but cant find it to start it23:04
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jaegercheikh: never used it myself but have a look on their website or in the list of files the port installs23:07
cheikhjaeger i get i needed to type LinNeighborhood instead of linneighborhood23:20
cheikhthanks and night23:25
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