IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-12-31

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nipuLgot a 6 pack of bourbon and a bottle of jose cuervo, time to party03:06
guaqualoaded is the keyword04:25
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mike_khmm, any reason to use (old) 2.6.18 userspace headers for the next release?08:44
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jdolan_does anyone feel like testing a voice chat program with me?09:16
mike_kno microphone nearby (09:21
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RyoSjaeger: if you want i can test it :P09:54
RyoSoh sorry09:54
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RyoSjdolan_: ?11:29
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jdolan_hi RyoS12:25
jdolan_was running errands12:25
jdolan_RyoS, the server should be running at jdolan.dyndns.org12:26
jdolan_if you want to try connecting to it12:26
jdolan_we could /join crux ;)12:26
RyoSjdolan_: i am in12:30
RyoSjdolan_: woa thats laggy :D dont understand a bit12:31
jaegerI'll connect in a sec, grabbing the app12:33
jaegerdon't have a mic here, though12:33
jaegerjdolan_: needs readline support :)12:35
jdolan_i know, readline and curses dont play well together.12:35
jdolan_wow it's horrible.12:36
jdolan_heh.  not sure if that's the background noise in my apt tho.12:36
RyoSlaaaaag ^^12:37
jaegerbut neat :)12:38
RyoSyea i look forward for it to become useable =)12:38
tilmanwhat is it?12:38
jdolan_text/voice chat program, like a teamspeak kinda thing12:39
jaegeralmost heard a sentence there :)12:39
RyoSjaeger: i heard something too ^^12:39
RyoSwell it lags to much12:39
jdolan_what i'll have to do is dump the pcm on the server, see what it looks like.12:39
jaegerI wonder if that's the app or the connection12:39
jdolan_if it's fine on the server, then it's just buffering issues.12:39
jdolan_it sounds like crap here too :)12:40
jdolan_(which is odd, cause it sounds great on loopback)12:40
RyoSjaeger: i thought about the same - location everyone?12:40
RyoStilman: since you are in germany as well, you want to try it out? i make the server and you connect12:40
jdolan_i think i need to rewrite the network stuff to use tcp for text and commands, and udp just for voice.12:40
jdolan_i noticed that i dropped some text to you guys.12:40
tilmanRyoS: sorry, my b/w is saturated12:40
RyoStilman: alright12:41
jaegerjdolan: yeah, mine dropped some text too12:41
jdolan_i'm going to rejoin the server.12:41
RyoSjdolan_: yea sometimes text gets dropped12:41
jdolan_wierd.  hm.12:42
jdolan_i bet it's mostly timing/buffering related.12:42
jdolan_i'll bump up the buffering facilities.12:42
jaegercan hear someone but not understand it12:42
jdolan_yea, looping cracking/fuzz, with intermittent jumbled voice ;)12:43
jdolan_jaeger, did you try it to localhost?12:43
jaegernot yet12:43
jaegerdon't have a mic handy at the moment12:43
jdolan_oh.  with a mic, running a server locally and connecting to it works quite well.12:43
jaegerI'll give that a try when I can12:43
jdolan_but i think the server's mixing/timing is shot with multiple connections.12:44
RyoSi get myself ready for the party, shower and stuff12:45
jdolan_i disconnected for now :)12:45
jdolan_jaeger, i saw you tried /who, that's a good idea, i'll add that and look at the server's mixing code.12:45
jaegerok :)12:46
tilmanso it's a teamspeak/irc bastard? ;)12:46
jaegersorta :)12:46
jdolan_the pcm on the server is fantastic.12:48
jdolan_so it must be network trouble or buffering on the client.12:48
jdolan_sounds wicked clear.12:48
thrice`jaeger: you got a wii eh ?12:49
thrice`they're pretty slick12:49
jaegeryep, happy with mine :)12:49
thrice`played zelda yet?12:49
jaegeraye. about 22 hours in12:50
thrice`ah - way more than I12:50
jdolan_ah.  the pcm goes to shit as soon as > 1 client connects12:55
RyoSif you can fix it in > 30 min i will be able to test it out with you :P13:10
RyoSjdolan_: did you work on it?13:39
jdolan_i'm workin on it now :)13:41
jdolan_dunno if i'll have anything soon, don't worry abou tit.13:41
RyoSi am off in 10 minutes anyway13:41
ningoSun Dec 31 20:42:10 CET 200613:42
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marohappy new year :)17:21
maroI'm such a leech... sitting inside and watching17:22
* treach can't see shit, too much clouds. :/17:22
treachhappy new year everyone, btw.17:23
ningoit's cold, windy and raining outside17:23
ningoI think this pretty much summarizes evereything here17:23
maroat least I wasn't online christmas this year17:25
* maro feels less geeky than last year17:26
ningono worries17:26
ningoyou're still a geek :)17:26
aoni was on air more than on line :)17:27
aonbut now the last cber in the ring got too drunk and went to bed17:28
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prologicjdolan, what you coding squawk in ?18:03
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treachprologic: google to the rescue..
tilmanyo 2007!18:55
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prologictreach, already downlaoded snapshot and built :)19:11
prologicbacklogs to the resure :)19:11
prologichappy new year all!19:11
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