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jdolanprologic, c01:36
prologic*nodS* - just built it here01:38
prologicquite nice01:44
prologicumm this iw weird01:50
prologicit works really well - locally anyway - but it only seems obt either recording in mono01:50
prologicor playing01:50
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prologicok my headset is just fucked :)01:55
prologicthe right side :/01:55
prologic <-- that sucks :/02:04
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RyoShappy new year all10:32
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pitillohi good afternoon. Happy new year to all! Best wishes for you.12:24
mike_kHan:  adding "--mandir=/usr/man \" to current inkscape/Pkgfile snapshot is required12:31
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sepennew year!12:41
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RyoSjdolan_: hey ;) any updates so far?12:45
jdolan_nope :-/12:56
treachconsidering customary activity last night that might be just as well, right? ;)12:58
jdolan_hehe, yes13:00
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Hanmike_k, oh ok. lemme fix that13:37
mike_kHan: have you get that remark... if I point a brouser directly to ...~hanb/software/crux/han - I get ports index page working, but wrong links like "...~hanb/software/crux/han/han/portname/"13:40
mike_kI just (lamely) wanted to jump ../ from one of the pages.13:43
HanYou're right, that's from the old setup.13:44
Hanplease reload and see if it's fixed.13:44
mike_knot yet13:45
thrice`same: The requested URL /~hanb/software/crux/han/han/4stattack/ was not found on this server13:47
thrice`ooh, I see it - if I remove one of the  "han" from the URL, it works fine :)13:56
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Hanright, now it's fixed. :-)14:05
HanI shouldn't fix stuff when I'm too sleepy. o<{:-)14:05
mike_kyou shouldn't even try to14:06
HanIndeed, because I forget half of the required steps so I have to do everything at least 4x before I fix it.14:07
HanAnyway, see you in the morning.14:09
prologiccdrkit, cdrtools, libburn14:30
prologicdo we want any other burning software :)14:30
guaquak3b :>14:32
treachk3b doesn't burn anything.14:32
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clareprologic: you dont mention dvd e.g.the  pkg with growisofs14:44
clarejdolan: thanks for the chance to try squawk, I cant get the sound right yet; are you majung changes there?14:46
clarejdolan: or is it all my iff microphone?14:47
jdolanhi clare, i made a few changes yesterday (should be in subversion) but it's not quite there yet, still.14:47
jdolanthere may be some major refactoring to go before it's very usable.14:48
jdolani was just excited that i had some of the big parts working :)14:48
jdolani'll gladly take patches, too.14:48
clarejdolan: I would if I could; I have never learned C; I gave up when it was still in verison 1 because of poiners which bent my brain :-(14:50
jdolanheh :)14:50
clarejdolan do you know an easy way to test just the speex part?14:51
jdolanif your mic and capture devices are setup correctly, you should have perfect working sound for a localhost server.14:52
jdolanmh, kindof. the server is currently built with debug enabled, and so it's dumping pcm to /tmp/squawk.raw.14:52
jdolanyou should be able to play that back with `aplay -f S16_LE /tmp/squawk.raw`14:53
clarejdolan: tha's a big "if" I have a setup which is sort of working for skype to my daughter; but if she uses skype also there is a problem.14:53
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clarejdolan: yes I can play that saved file, it sounds like it did in the client. loud and noisy. at one stage I got a change in it by shouting into the mic, but later was unable to do it again :-(15:03
jdolan_hm, i dunno.  the audio works okay for Ryos, jaeger and i.  altho we could just be the lucky owners of the same sound card.15:06
clarejdolan  this is a centrino laptop. I have no idea how alsa should be set up. what I did was get it right as best I could with alsamixer15:09
clarejdolan the reocrd the setup with amixer contents, then makw a script from that to run at startup.15:09
clarejdolan: could you send me a script like that from yours to  please?15:10
clarejdloan sorry not a script, just the output of amixer contents/15:10
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clarejdolan bye for now I have to work in the horseyards; thanks15:18
jdolan_clare, check out alsactl.  you should get your levels right with alsamixer, then issue `sudo alsactl store`, and add `alsactl restore` to /etc/rc.local15:20
guaqua(and then notice it doesn't work when you try to restore ;))15:20
jdolan_also, to setup capture (recording) correctly, some cards require that you run `alsamixer -V c` explicitly, as some mixer controls do not appear on the playback (default) or all (-V a) views.15:21
jdolan_guaqua, it doesnt?15:21
guaquai've recently had no luck with it. but this box is running ubuntu so maybe it doesn't apply :)15:23
tilmanubuntu probably ships proprietary alsa drivers15:23
tilman:>15:23 idea why it isn't working. every time i boot the left channel on master is at 39 and right at 7015:24
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clarejdolan: thanks. If ever I get them right I will do that, .18:40
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clarejaeger: if you would be so kind.. would you send me a copy of the file you get by "amixer contents" to or paste it. I still get reverberation? in squawk19:44
jaegerpasted it in a query19:48
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treachgood morning.23:50
Unorthodoxso I am currently a FreeBSD user looking to get back on Linux at least for my laptop here...23:51
kitcheman wish the Operating system design and implenmentationw asn't so much but hten again it is a textbook23:51
Romsterkitche, after a quick setup guide?23:56
kitcheI run Linux already lol23:57
kitchejust want to learn more seems interesting to play around with minix23:57
treachquick setup guide, indeed.. :P23:59
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