IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-01-02

Romsterlamo @ treach00:01
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kitcheanyways I have minix installed in a vmware00:04
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treachwhat is this? "Morning of unrelated statements"?00:09
Romsterafternoon here and quite warm too 28C00:19
treachwell. I'd like to swap :P00:20
treach(07.20, dark and 4.5 C which is quite warm as well, all things considered)00:21
Romster4.5C warm lol, i can't stand anything less than about 15-18C00:23
treachRomster: it's january.. it's supposed to be like -10 or less outside here.00:24
Romster5:25pm you can have some of your heat here though :)00:24
Romstererr our00:24
Romsterwe need alot of rain its getting quite dry and level 4 water restrictions in areas, but that dosn't affect me as this town has bore water.00:24
Romsterstay indoors with a nice heater00:25
treachas you can see, it seems like we got some of your rain..
Romsteri heard about a earthquake too that broke a fibre optic cable00:51
Romstertreach, thats a nasty colapse.00:51
treachyeah. Took 10 cars and a lorry with it, thankfully the worst injury was a broken leg.00:52
rxi_*giggles* lorry00:52
treachwhat would you call it then?00:53
rxi_dw im only teasing00:53
treachsorry, I got an education you know. They even tried to teach us to speak with the RP. :P00:53
rxi_hehe lorry always make me laugh00:54
rxi_dunno just sounds funny when people call them lorrys00:55
treachif you've got the bandwidth here's a moderatly exciting clip
treachfeeding mplayer directly with "rtsp://" works just as well, btw.01:02
treachrxi_: btw, if "lorry" makes you smile, "truck" is about as funny for me, since that's what we commonly call a forklift. (gaffeltruck, if your pedantic about it.)01:16
rxi_i normally call them forkies01:20
rxi_but thats pretty bogan01:20
nipuLpkgadd gets the package name from the filename?01:33
nipuLi'm adding a multiarch hack to pkgmk, so if packages are renamed $name-$arch#... it should work?01:33
rxi_i think it could .. i put that idea to cptn ages ago and he ok'd it01:35
nipuLseems to work ok01:39
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rxi_i started doing it for some sparc packages i made01:41
HanI would rather change the package destinationdir to packages-$arch01:49
nipuLhaving the same name would break the package database01:52
Romstertreach, we call a lorry a logging truck here :/01:56
Romsterex to carry logs to a saw mill.01:56
treachYeah, I gathered that.01:57
treachit's rather confusing though. happily I don't speak much about trucks/lorrys. :D01:57
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nipuLis there any commit delay between the contrib in git and rsync?04:53
Han10 minutes I've heard.04:54
HanThat is, every 10 minutes contrib-rsync gets updated via a cronjob.04:54
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guaquaif i were to buy myself and opteron box, i gather i09:38
guaquai'd need 64-bit crux, right?09:38
tilmanyou can run 32 bit software on opteron afaik09:38
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guaquai'm just thinking of updating to a dual core system09:45
guaquaopteron is at 170 euros09:45
guaquaathlon at 230 euros09:47
RyoSnever ever think about buying athlon :P09:47 140 euros that is09:47
guaquaRyoS: and why's that? :)09:48
RyoSamd no longer makes the best cpus, and they lack in good support as far as i came to it09:48
RyoSintel is much better in both, support and perfomance09:49
RyoSits the same like comparing ati and nvidia09:49
RyoSbtw ati is now a part of amd :P http://ati.amd.com09:49
jjpkNever had problems with amd. besides, they are cheaper and work as well.09:50
guaquaxeon at 160 euros...09:50
RyoSjjpk: i still use amd myself, athlon xp, no money for a new cpu :) but i know that my next will be intel + nvidia gfx card09:51
tilmangood for you09:51
RyoSi guess09:51
guaquacore 2 duo at 170 euros09:51
guaquaso that makes athlon the cheapest at 140 euros, after that is xeon at 160 euros and very close to that core 2 duo and opteron at 170 euros09:53
guaquabasically this is about the mobo and the os support, not the architecture09:53
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guaquai'm not so sure aboute RyoS's arguments. offer really nothing to back it up. granted, intel has performed better in the recent benchmarks for the very high end models, but that doesn't really apply to practice.10:07
guaquain practice amd just happens to be a whole lot cheaper at the same "speed" cpu10:08
guaquaand has had 64-bit support for longer (and that makes me believe there's better support for it too)10:08
jaegerI have a dual-core amd64 x2 at home and a dual-core intel em64t here at work, I like both :)10:09
RyoSguaqua: do as you like P10:11
guaquahowever, if i were just to get two cores getting two sempron cpu's and a dual processor mobo would be sufficient (and a whole lot cheaper to replace the cpu's later), but i have no idea if they'll work right10:13
guaquaand then again, i'll might just wait for dual core semprons and put two of those...equal 4 cheap cores :D10:14
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Auge^what happens if i type "mv path/*" without destination?11:29
pitillomv: missing destination file operand after ....11:30
Auge^seems like one file is moved to another path contains 2 files... aber "mv" just one...11:31
Auge^bleh. bad english. bad bad bad. =)11:34
pitilloto wich path? if there isn't the target argument... it will not work. (sorry if I'm not understanding it)11:39
tilmanif the last arg happens to be a directory, the command will succeed11:40
Auge^two files in one dir... with path/* you has the first on as source and the second one as destination... shit happens11:41
tilmanyeah, or that ;)11:41
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j^2tar can split tar.gz files into chunks right?13:40
tilmansplit(1) can13:43
j^2i thought tar could13:43
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aonit can make multi-volume archives on tapes :)13:46
jaegeralive is good... usually13:48
j^2i prefer sleep myself ;)13:52
ningobut, but...sleep is a part of life! or not?!13:58
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prologicanyone here done bridging before ?15:55
jaegerprologic: ethernet bridging?15:58
prologictrying to create a bridge to use for qemu machines15:59
prologicwithout disabling my computer's network :)15:59
prologicwhich seems really easy to do15:59
prologicunless the idea is to create a bridge, add eth0 as a slave16:01
prologicthen use the bridge, for the real computer and the vm's16:01
jaegeris there something the userspace networking won't do that you need a bridge for?>16:04
jaegerbecause the userspace stuff is really simple16:05
prologicyeah well I'm not sure16:05
prologicI want my vm's to be part of the physical network16:05
prologicrather than nat'd behind my host16:05
jaegerI haven't done it, myself, but I can't see why it wouldn't be doable with TUN16:07
prologicnot sure about TUN :)16:07
jaegerthe userspace qemu networking doesn't use tun but in order to bridge to your physical network you need it =/16:08
jaegeras I see it, you would do something like this:16:09
jaeger1) create a bridge with eth0 in it (or whatever your LAN IF is)16:09
jaegerwith a LAN IP16:09
jaeger2) when qemu is started, add its TUN IF to the bridge16:10
jaegeryou use a qemu-ifup script to add the TUN IF to the bridge16:11
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jaegermight have to put the qemu one in promiscuous mode, too16:13
prologicI got it working :)16:13
prologicthe bridge I mean16:13
prologicnow to fiddle with qemu :)16:14
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prologicwhat's this about a qemu-ifup ?16:14
jaegershould be simple, put something in qemu-ifup like so:16:14
prologicwouldn't I just need to tell qemu to use br0 via -net switch ?16:14
jaegersudo /sbin/ifconfig $1 promisc up16:14
jaegersudo brctl addif br0 $116:15
prologichmm ic16:15
jaegeryou could try, I don't think it'd be smart enough to handle that16:15
prologicthere is no qemu-ifup by default, do I create it, where ?16:15
jaegerit goes in /etc by default16:15
jaegerbut yes, you create it16:15
prologicI'll try it16:15
prologicmaybe I'll go hunt some docs too :)16:15
prologicneways half-way there16:16
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prologicall working and online :)16:45
prologicthough I wonder if there's a qemu-ifdown16:46
prologica search in their wiki turned up nothing16:46
jaegernot that I know of16:46
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prologicwell it works anyway16:48
prologicthe bridging that is16:48
prologicand man is qemu fast :)16:48
prologicmuch faster than vmware16:48
prologicvmware crashes when I try to use pppoe in the gutes over a bridge16:49
jaegerqemu's definitely my favorite in linux16:53
jaegerparallels in windows16:53
prologicdoes it run windows ok ?16:53
jaegernot sure, I just run bsd/linux hosts16:53
jaegerer... VMs16:53
prologicahh k16:53
prologicon what host ?16:53
jaegerboth linux and windows16:53
prologicI"m running crux VMs on a crux host :)16:54
aonat least xp is quite crappy in qemu16:54
jaegerI do that as well, it's handy for testing new versions and updating the -latest CD16:54
prologiccrappy as in, slow or buggy ?16:54
jaegeranyway, gotta go to the bank, see you later16:54
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prologicknow any way of improving the full-screen mode ?16:54
prologicI have rather large black spaces around the VM's screen16:54
prologiclike a big black border :)16:55
aon idon't think i've ever used it16:55
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Romsteri've ran ReactOS on qemu manyof times16:59
Romsteri've only used it in window mode so far.16:59
Romsterwhat the i type /away and i'm still marked as away and i'm not laged...16:59
Romsterah stupued netsplit...16:59
Romsterstupid freenode...16:59
Romstercan anyone even see what i'm typing?16:59
Romsteri can't unset away mode..16:59
Romsternow my away mode goes..17:00
Romsterircd servers being a bit slow17:01
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Romsterprologic, qemu answer i found with google.17:34
Romsterscroll to the very bottom.17:34
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nipuLany ideas?19:25
prologicnot sure19:29
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jdolan_i dunno nipuL21:27
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HanYou don't have to use xhost since it's really a local connection.23:15
HanAnd I can repeat what you did. It works from any machine accept from localhost =)23:16
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