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nipuLI rule00:02
nipuLyou suck :)00:02
nipuLon the server side: echo "XAuthLocation /usr/bin/xauth" >> /etc/sshd_config00:02
nipuLX11R7 strikes again00:03
* Han bows in awe to nipuL 00:04
nipuLwow, praise from caesar00:05
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RyoSHan: your gtk Pkgfile is not accessable03:56
HanIt's not even there.03:57
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RyoShere in the list it says its there ._.03:57
HanThat's what the indexfile says,.03:58
Hancorrection: said.03:59
HanI removed the port from my repo, the current maintainer keeps it up to date.03:59
RyoSwhich is?04:00
RyoSrepo: hnc?04:00
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RyoSthe repo where the current gtk version is in04:02
RyoSits hnc ._.04:02
HanWhat is hnc?04:02
RyoSthe name of the repo04:02
RyoSyea sure :P04:02
* RyoS is still sleepy :/04:03
* Han poors RyoS a cup of coffee04:04
treach"pours", I bet. ;)04:04
RyoSthanks :)04:04
RyoSbut i need to go now, bbl04:04
HanI am getting sleepy. ^^04:05
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rehabdollits 11 am han! :)04:23
HanSo? :-)04:27
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aonit's too early to even be awake x(04:28
treachtoo early?04:29
aonyes :)04:29
aongot used to waking up around 14 on the vacation :)04:29
treachI seem to have picked up the habit of waking up around 04.00-5.30 lately.04:30
treachAnd it's IMPOSSIBLE to stay awake in the evening. :/04:31
rehabdollyeah, i get that too sometimes treach04:32
treachall things considered, I think it's better than the otherway around though.04:32
treach(insomnia followed by sleeping all day.)04:32
rehabdollgod damn cold. ive been caughing so hard ive lost my voice04:34
treachthank god irc is text then. :D04:34
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j^2hey all08:37
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j^2my X is bigger then my monitor, how do i change that?09:07
j^2that scroll thing...i hate it09:08
jaegeredit your xorg.conf and match the resolutions09:08
treachdon't set the viritual resolution to more than your monitor manages, iirc09:08
j^2ah nice, thanks, i thought so09:09
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mike_kRomster: excuse me, but are those merges really neccessary?09:51
Romsterthe option i'm using  with git clone was --use-seperate-remote and its going to be default in git 1.5 just that i'm the only one thats doing it currently...09:58
Romsterif i do it the other way i can and have in the past lost local changes.09:58
Romsterfrom a forced fast fowared.09:59
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Romsterthe way i do it i don't loose changes.09:59
Romsterso yes its necessary unless you can prove to me a better option.09:59
tilmanif only people would PULL before doing their crap...10:00
tilmanwhere "people" is Romster10:00
Romsterso far...10:00
Romsteri did pull b4 doing my crap but then sometimes during editing someone pushes b4 i do then thats where the problem lies10:00
tilmanthen you git fetch and rebase10:01
Romsterthink its a noying talk to the git dudes, they are making it the default behavour..10:01
Romsteri've done that and lost my changes..10:01
Romsterthey say in #git they don't beleavein usign git-rebase10:02
Romstertlak to them i've spent hours chatting to come to this solution.10:02
mike_kwhy the world is so goddamn complex10:03
Romsterother than do my work in another wc then migrate changes across the moment before commiting but that kind of defeats the pourpose.10:03
Romsteri have spent countless hours even left text in crux-devel about it..10:03
* Romster shrugs10:03
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Romsterquite frankly i'm suprised no one else has lost there changes one time or another from that rebase10:05
Romsterno one that i've read about saying they did it and had to redo or fetch there commit that got detached.10:06
Romstertell me a better way and i'll change.10:06
Romsteri' in #git and i follow the progress and advice in there.10:06
jaegerI've lost changes but then again I have more trouble with git than anyone else so that doesn't surprise me10:07
guaquato me git looks like a gem, which for most people is like a large pile of doodoo because it's not suited for the task at hand10:11
Romsterjaeger, i used to have trouble but i got it under control so far, i should publish what i've altered.10:13
jaegermight as well10:13
jaegerguaqua: I don't really think we need it, personally, but it seems to be the majority pick10:13
Romstermy way you can git pull and then git push and it'll merge both changes together and you don't loose any of your local changes, thats the whole idea of --use-seperate-remote in the first place, so i got told in #git10:14
Romstergit takes some getting used to, but so far i'm starting to like it.10:15
guaquai've used svn in many places and it has been sufficient. git just sounds and looks a bit too complicated...10:15
guaquai mean10:15
Romsterbesides one problem i've got a work around too.10:15
Romsteryeah i used svn and bzr b4 git.10:16
Romsteralot of projects use git now.10:16
Romsterso i guess thats why the crux dev's chose it too.10:16
Romsterits stuited to the task10:16
Romsterjust takes some time to master its powers10:16
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treachthose git stories reminds me of that saying about unix. Quite user friendly, just picky about its friends.10:34
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Romster git method i use10:41
Romsterfeel free to pick it apart and abuse me over it but it works for me.10:42
Romsterjaeger, heh10:42
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Romsterso far no one has said anything about how i use git yet ;/
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mike_kprologic: any plans to have vmw-workstation 5.x port?12:27
Romeotake vmw-server12:28
Romeoit's free12:28
Romeohow can i fix that?
mike_kRomeo: I've tried to make that -server port. No luck - too tricky sripts inside12:30
treachuse irssi instead. ;)12:30
Romeoi think i use another distri:))12:31
RyoSsounds like a thread to me12:31
mike_kRomeo: I had that error, afi remember - just follow the man page12:32
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Romeoi see12:34
Romeoanyone use gaim-beta?12:34
Romeoi try t install whit prt-get12:35
Romeobut i get some errors12:35
jaegerI take it you don't run gnome12:36
treachmh.. just skip the gnome specifics.12:36
Romeono, i don't i use fluxbox12:36
jaegerthe package did get created, just not with the same footprint I have12:36
treachthe gaim-beta port seems to be particulary gnome-infested.12:36
jaegerso just pkgadd /usr/ports/contrib/gaim-beta/gaim-beta#2.0.0beta5-1.pkg.tar.gz and you'll be fine12:37
jaegertreach: yes, because I *do* use it :)12:37
treachI know. But it's a bit excessive for us who don't :-) That's why I nicked it and stripped it down a bit.12:37
jaegerwhen it's a release instead of a beta I plan to remove that12:38
Romeomaby you shoul change the kernel from the install cd:)12:38
jaegerprobably dbus and avahi as well12:38
treachNp, I'll be fine with the stripped port until then. Switched to gnutls as well.12:38
jaegerdo you find that gnutls works better?12:39
treach # Depends on: gtk, p5-xml-parser, cyrus-sasl, gnutls :)12:39
jaegerthe port has used it in the past12:39
treachwell, I haven't noticed any difference, really, but the nss stuff is ancient, and ONLY used by gaim anyway.12:40
Romeoi can't enable my sound card wit alsaconf12:40
treachso I figured I could just as well switch it to something that other applications I have use.12:41
Romeoit's correct compiled as module12:41
jaegertreach: I don't remember why I switched away from gnutls, there was a reason at the time :) may no longer be valid12:41
treachwell, it works either way. Just a way to reduce redundant functionality at my end.12:42
jaegerfair enough12:42
treachhowever, I don't think you can use the nss stuff in the ports for firefox anymore, even.12:42
jaegerprobably not, they haven't changed in quite some time12:43
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jaegerRomeo: using snd-hda-intel?12:44
Romeojaeger: yes12:44
jaegerdoes it work if you load the modules manually?12:44
Romeobut alsaconf do not load the modules12:44
jaegerI'm not an alsaconf user, don't have much experience there. that's why I ask if it works manually12:45
jaegerwhen the module is loaded do you see useful output in the system logs or dmesg?12:46
treachjaeger: It might be a coincidence, but it definitely feels like I'm having less issues with jabber since I swapped out nss.12:47
jaegergood to know12:47
treachhmm. 1.6.1 out.. does one dare taking the 1.6.x plunge..?12:48
Romeoi think i have to install gnome to run a audioplayer:))12:49
jaegergotta go for lunch, I'll take another look when I get back if you don't have it solved then12:50
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tilmani think i use another distri:))12:53
treachsolves all problems. all the time.12:53
treachand so much less work. :)12:54
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treachbtw, anyone tried wodim & co on a "scsi" cdrw that actually is an ide-drive using the new drivers yet?12:55
marotreach: yes13:02
marono problems13:02
marowodim dev=/dev/sr013:03
marousing pata_via13:03
treachcool. I was almost afraid I'd have to use "good" old /dev/sgX again. :P13:03
marowhy sg when there's a scsi cd driver? :)13:04
treachsr only implies *R*eader, to me atleast.13:04
maroscsi burners aren't really that new ;)13:05
treachSurely not, it's just that I've never used one in linux.13:05
treacheven though my first burner was a scsi, actually. :)13:06
maroanyway, works flawlessly :)13:06
treachok, nice. Thanks a bunch.13:07
marofirst time I tried was 2.6 git around 2.6.20-rc2, I'm not sure about older versions13:07
treachwell, I've got 2.6.20-rc3 here, so I guess that's kind of moot. :)13:08
Romeo nice errors:)13:10
treachRomeo: you aren't trying to use the alsadriver port are you?13:11
Romeoi try to install the ort13:12
treachjust use the drivers in the kernel, alsa-lib and alsa-utils.13:12
Romeoi do that13:13
treachthings get really confused if you try to bring the alsa driver port into the mess.13:13
Romeoit's not eork13:13
Romeognome build it's broken too...13:15
treachisn't there a readme somewhere on the topic "How to install gnome"?13:16
tilmani don't think he looked at any docs13:17
treachI'm prepaired to agree, but however.. Romeo I guess you didn't enable the post-install scripts.13:17
Romeomaby you'r right..13:20
Romeocups build are broken13:31
treachare you *sure* it's _broken_?13:32
Romeoerror on build13:32
tilmanread the fscking faq goddamnit13:33
treachtilman: could you please put the FAQ a bit more visible on the web? Someplace really close to the handbook maybe.13:35
jaegeralsa-driver doesn't build with 2.6.19+ yet13:36
tilmantreach: it's linked from the appendix of the handbook. i think it's pretty visible (?)13:37
Hanpackagemanagers should be intuitive. post-install scripts should be enabled by default.13:37
treachif you consider the number of people who apparently completely miss it, I'd say it isn't displayed prominently enough though.13:38
HanWhy turn of a setting which everyone wants to have enabled?13:38
jaegeroops, I see a correction needed in the FAQ13:39
Romeotreach: some error13:39
treachtilman: It's just a suggestion, based on the hope that more people will find it.13:39
HanRomeo, begin from the start.13:39
Romeoi try to install gnome13:39
HanYou already said so,.13:40
Romeo I'm here now13:40
Romeoat cups, it's broking up13:40
jaegerthe package built, just without dbus support13:40
jaegerer... with13:41
treachRomeo: did you read the link I sent you?13:41
Romeotreach: yep13:41
HanRomeo, that's not an error, it's a message.13:41
Romeoand what i have to do?13:41
guaquaman pkgmk13:41
Hanpkgmk -uf13:41
Hanpkgmk -i13:42
treachquoting the ffaq.. -> "If there are lots of new files, it's probably just because you have some software installed the packager didn't, which is no problem at all."13:42
Romeoi understand now13:43
Romeohow can i fix the problem whit asla?13:44
treachuse the drivers in the kernel, alsa-lib and alsa-utils. FORGET about that alsa-drivers port.13:45
treachif possible compile the drivers INTO the kernel.13:45
Romeotreach: i try to use FIRST the kernel driver13:45
Romeoi can load them, but i get no sound13:46
treachdid you try as root?13:46
jaegeras well as unmuting the pcm and master channels?13:46
treachyeah, I was just coming to that..13:46
Romeojaeger: alsamixer are not work13:46
guaquawhat does alsamixer say when you try to use it?13:46
Romeoalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device13:47
guaquawhat does dmesg say when you load the kernel modules?13:47
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RomeoJan  3 20:53:13 shiva kernel: ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:00:1b.0 disabled13:48
jaegercan you pastebin the whole dmesg output?13:49
RomeoJan  3 20:54:01 shiva kernel: ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:00:1b.0[A] -> GSI 19 (level, low) -> IRQ 1813:49
RomeoJan  3 20:54:01 shiva kernel: hda_codec: Unknown model for ALC882, trying auto-probe from BIOS...13:49
Romeofirst one was rmmmod bla13:49
Romeothen modprobe bla13:50
jaegernone of those are indicative, unfortunately13:50
Romeoi have to go13:51
Romeothky for help13:51
jaegertake care13:51
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jaegerwhy does glibc own alsa-driver files in 2.3?19:56
jaegerusr/include/sound/asound.h, for example19:56
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