IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-01-05

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Romsterwhy does firefox keep hogginf my cpu...04:20
RedShiftit likes that04:20
RedShiftit's like a little child04:21
RedShiftgive them a finger and they take your hand ;-)04:21
Romsterit works ok after i restart it but if left on for any period of time then it hogs the cpu.04:21
RedShiftnot running any weird extensions or plugins?04:21
RedShiftfirefox 2 or an older version?04:22
Romsterwonder if i got a crap extension or something04:22
Romsteror does that do that to everyone?04:22
HanTry disabling all extension, and then only half of them, and then the other half, etc.04:26
mike_kff 1 and 2 both (port from opt) gave me pain enabling some extensions and any themes. Installing a binary (unfortunately) solved that in both cases.04:27
mike_kthanks, Han, now I am running it from an isolated account. (after some reading realized that browsers are very frequent and good victims)04:29
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mike_kanyone here with a linux bridge by hand?06:11
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j^2moring all08:39
mike_kj^2: morning08:42
mike_kyou are probably the most polite person here (or having a smart auto-hello in client set)08:42
tilmanmoring j^208:42
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j^2hehe thanks mike_k08:43
j^2tilman: :D08:43
mike_kbut imagine everyone was that verbose...08:45
guaquasup ya'll08:45
j^2wondering why i decided to take over the email at my company....08:50
j^2but the postfix/mysql/courier works great08:50
HanI'm very happy with openbsd's spamd08:51
HanA very nice spamtrapper.08:51
j^2oh yeah, can you link to it?08:55
j^2i was thinking of going spamassassin on a different box08:56
j^2so email would get routed there after recieve time but before spooling08:57
guaquaspamassasin is okay08:57
tilmani'm using spamprobe these days, it's serving me very well08:57
tilmantraining it with incoming spam only, took about 3 days (or so) to make it catch everything08:58
j^2how many accounts?08:59
Romstertilman, 100% no positives?09:05
tilmanj^2: just me09:06
j^2i'm looking at 70+09:06
tilmannot sure it makes that much sense to share a spamprobe database09:07
tilmanamong users i mean09:07
tilmanRomster: false positives you mean?09:07
Romsterah yes sorry false positives.09:09
Romstersounds good then.09:11
Romsterguaqua, cool bookmarked for later reading09:13
guaquathat's a good article. crashed my opera on the first try though :S09:14
tilmanjoel sucks09:22
tilmanstuff like09:22
tilmanPlease do not write another line of code until you finish reading this article.09:22
tilmanmakes me want to stab his eye out09:22
guaquawell i think he has good enough point for a large number of dumbasses who think they know they can code09:24
nipuLpeople who think they can code == php has no unicode support...09:31
tilmannipuL: note that the article is from 2003 ;)09:31
* nipuL ducks09:31
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RedShiftanother clueless noob09:39
RedShiftHello all.   I'm running php-5.0.4-10.5 on FC4 and I'm having problems with php.  I'm getting PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php/modules/  Any ideas?09:39
* RedShift smacks hand against head09:39
guaqua"i have no idea. seems cryptic. i think you need to compile your kernel with php support."09:40
deus_exQ: If I update to 2.3test1 now, could I sysup to 2.3 when it is released, or should I d/l 2.3 final iso, and update from that?09:40
tilmancan't make any guarantees yet09:40
mike_kHan: any simple way for running restricted ff with an URL argument? (as url handler from other applications for example)09:41
guaquaare you running ff with another account or in a chroot jail or what? :D09:42
deus_extilman: apart from xorg-7.2, are any other major changes planned for 2.3?09:42
tilmandeus_ex: don't think so09:42
RedShiftI just told him to replace his power supply and all will be good09:43
tilmandeus_ex: but we might find out that glibc or gcc is serously b0rked09:43
deus_exthat would be fun ;)09:43
guaqua"CRUX, a distro for seriously paranoid people"09:43
deus_extilman: thanks :)09:43
treachwe're not evein implementing SElinux..09:44
deus_experfect paranoia == perfect awareness09:47
guaquaperfect awareness of what doesn't exist :D09:47
deus_exAccording to X-files, anyway ;)09:47
Hanmike_k, I always middle paste urls09:48
Hanin the main browserwindow. That works fine.09:48
guaquamight be kinda tricky to get dcop stuff working with that setup ;)09:50
guaquathough it's firefox09:50
mike_kyeah... I can imagine a dirty way with temp files or such(since environment is replaced), but maybe it isn't worth that09:50
HanI don't really miss it.09:53
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morlenxusShort question: Is there a release date for 2.3?10:05
treachShorter answear; No10:05
tilmanas if there have EVER been release dates10:06
tilman(known in advance)10:06
treachthat would be the *long* answear. ;)10:06
morlenxusWell i just wanted to know if it will take a month or more for a release. Because then i would install the 2.2 here.10:07
treachtilman: seen anything about xorg?10:07
tilmanbut no release ;)10:07
treachmorlenxus: If I got things right think "xorg 7.2 release plus testing time"10:08
morlenxustreach: Hm k, so i join #xorg now and ask there for a release date. ;)10:08
morlenxusWill install 2.2 . ;)10:08
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* treach goes to the storage and fetches a bodybag. 10:09
treachjoin #xorg and ask for a release date doesn't sound healty. :)10:09
guaquaor #kde ;)10:10
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tilmantreach: oh, right10:11
tilmanat least it's stupid and annoying10:12
treachmaybe we should as morlenxus about when e17 is supposed to be released?10:13
treachs as/ask10:14
morlenxusWell i just asked because i wanted to know if i should wait with my reinstall or not.10:14
treachj/k :)10:15
morlenxusI didn't asked because i want the new xorg stuff, it's more a 'if it's released tomorrow it wouldn't make sense to install 2.2'.10:15
morlenxusAnd i remembered that someone told me a few month ago that the new release would be in the first month of the new year released.10:16
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Romstertreach, answear? answer!10:37
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treachRomster: indeed. A bit absent minded I guess, anyway, you're not the right guy to speak up.. or how's your shit-key working? ;)12:08
Romsterhehe :)12:13
guaquashit-key :S12:16
treachyeah, and then there is the damned CRAPS-key as well. :)12:38
ningonot to forget the bum-cock key12:40
Romstercraps-lock :P that was a classic wasn't it12:41
Romsterningo, never did that one :/12:42
treachgermans have a special keyboard apparently. I knew they had a key that was older than the rest, but the bum-key was a new one.12:42
ningoyeah, we germans have a lot of nifty extra keys, like the cumlauts12:45
RedShiftcumlauts? :p13:12
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clareHi folks, heaps of problems - but first, being stupid, I decided to upgrade xchat
tilmandid you install iconv from contrib?13:42
RyoSiconv is in contrib? O_O13:43
RyoSno its not13:43
tilmanclare: did you install libiconv from romster or yhafri?13:43
RyoSnever install it it fucks your system up... its included in glibc anyway why you need to install it?13:43
tilmanclare: if you did, uninstall it13:44
clarepossibly not, I will change it to contrib13:44
clarehmm. not so easy. I did ports -u before starting, the message said iconv.h is in libiconv. I have that in romster and yhafri, used yhafri13:50
tilmanclare: don't _change_ the port13:50
tilmanget rid of it13:50
tilmanpkgrm libiconv13:50
RyoSthats the reason because i will never install a port from yhafari again13:54
RyoSRomster: dont go the same way please :P13:54
jjpkHarsh, just because one is fucked, it does not automagically mean the rest are as well.13:58
RyoSjjpk: it was for me a while back14:00
clareAs I no longer have iconv.h, will this break the system? pkgadd -u -f /cdrom/crux/core/glibc#2.3.6-2.pkg.tar.gz14:00
RyoSmost ports didnt built because of that and i had always to patch the makefile14:00
tilmanclare: should work. if you want to, you can extract iconv.h manually though14:01
clareInteresting, I said #  tar -zxf /cdrom/crux/core/glibc#2.3.6-2.pkg.tar.gz14:04
claretar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object14:04
tilmanclare: boot from the crux cd. run "pkgadd -u -r /where/i/mounted/my/crux/root/partition glibc#...pkg.tar.gz14:05
clarewell, this box doing other things, so not wanting to reboot it, I replaced libiconv and then put in iconv.h-glibc and linked to that one. glib now installed ok.14:23
clarenext - I emailed a note to Simone but <>: connect to[]: Operation timed out14:27
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trithe cups package in the opt port has a wrong download url14:30
trimaybe somebody can fix this ?14:31
clareI am curious as t why tar wanted libiconv, which I couldn't find in glibc14:31
triand i hit about installing all fonts with "--install-scripts" in the X11R7 Howto would be nice ;-)14:34
tilmanlet me fix the wiki :-)14:36
tilmandoes our wiki support blinking text?14:38
trimy ?14:39
trii was just thinking you mean your wiki ?14:44
tilmanthat's what i said ;)14:45
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trisorry ;)14:46
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RyoSwhere do i usually place xchat plugins?15:02
tilman grep plugin /usr/ports/opt/xchat/.footprint15:03
RyoSyou are the man tilman ;)15:03
tilmanno, you're just lazy15:04
RyoSor i am not a xchat user and didnt thought it creates a plugin dir15:05
tilmanneither am i15:05
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guaquai prefer pkginfo -l xchat |grep plugin15:41
tilmanonly works if you have it installed though15:42
guaquawho doesn't? :)15:44
* treach raises hand15:44
guaquacouldn't survive without pkginfo -i either15:44
tilmani mean xchat15:44
tilmannot pkgutils :))15:44
guaquawell now i'm getting there15:44
guaquaxchat is crap, don't have it either15:44
treachunstable POS in my experience. :-/15:45
tilmanbut it has a nice UI ;D15:45
aonirssi has a nicer ui :)15:46
guaquanice ui my ass15:46
treachI guess that's what people tell themselvs about vista as well..15:46
treachI guess it makes it official then. Windows users are indeed *Windows* users.15:47
treach90% of the system resources are used to keep the system running. :-/15:48
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Romsteri have libiconv i should remove that but then i would have todo what clare needs todo20:00
Romsterclare, remove libiconv, if your lucky you can use the ports system to rebuild all affectes packages that linked with libiconv to relink to glibc, if not install all the core ports off the 2.2 cd then do the useall sysup then rebuild any affected remaining ports.20:02
RomsterRyoS, agreed, removed libiconv, i know its nasty if mistreated, i shouldn't need it anymore but its on my system and hasn't given me any problems, (untill i go and remove it)20:03
Romsteri'll kill it when i move to 2.3 later.20:03
Romsteri should of added a README on that one when i had it :/20:04
Romsterxchat 2.8.0 is nice20:05
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clareRomster: hi, I am curious as to what really wants libiconv. Once I changed to the other version of iconv.h, tar stopped wanting it.21:31
clareas it seems to be about multi-language stuff not many things would want it in crux? and they get their message about it from iconv.h?21:32
Romsterit'll use glivc's if there is no libiconv21:40
Romsterbut if the program has linked to libiconv you'll have to recompile it, after removing libiconv, so the program links to glibc's21:41
Romstersorry i should of had a README on that port :(21:41
Romsterdepeinding how many programs youve recompiled since installing libiconv, thats how much work you got to recompile21:42
Romsterrevdep may be helpful to see what needs to be recompiled.21:42
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clareRomster: Hi, revdep no manpage. THe only thing common to glibc and libiconv is iconv.h which I have dealt with. I will wait and see before going mad recompiling22:10
Romsteryeah just run revdep it'll make a list of ports that need recompiling22:14
jaegerI usually run it like so: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/firefox:/usr/lib/thunderbird RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep | tee revdeplist.txt22:14
Romsterprt-get update -fr $(revdep|xargs)22:15
Romsterfirefox and thunderbird ?22:15
Romsteracrorad always errors out..22:19
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clarehmm. it looks as though I never installed prt-utils; hehe  Also it looks as though Romster installed firefox from source and I installed seamonkey binary :)22:46
Romsterah yes i use source..22:47
Romsteri don't like binary ports22:47
Romsterhow is seamonkey anyways never looked at that22:47
clarenohing special, it follows on from Mozilla, Firefoxi is a bit fancy for me but as it is in 2.3 I may use it later.22:48
rxi_opera ftw22:49
nipuLon a completely unrelated issue, 32bit compatability is a you were22:50
clareyes I try opera occasionally becasue my daughter loves it. (because it is easy to get rid of popups, pictures and horrid color  or fancy fonts22:50
Romsterjust add adblock plus23:01
Romsteradblock g filter set23:02
Romsterfirefox is starting to get bloated, be nice if prts can be compiled as modules23:02
Romsterfirefox uses 100% cpu if its left on for a long time..23:05
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Romsterthat bugs me.23:05
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nipuLdoesn't for me23:26
nipuLmaybe you have a buggy plugin/extension23:27
jaegernor me23:27
jaegerI leave it open all day most days23:28
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