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nipuLhmm integrating xorg deps for 2.3 will be fun...01:58
Romsterxorg builds on 2.3 just fine.02:02
nipuLyes i know02:02
Romsterthe core of it anyways.02:02
nipuLi mean in terms of removing the x11 dependency02:03
Romsteri've done my ports and double checking them as i type.02:04
Romsterall the stuff i have is using xorg jsut had to change to xorg on the dependencys and the included ports had the x11 so it be upto the maintaienrs to change them ones.02:05
Romsterso its quite painless for me except for a few.02:05
Romsterguess i got a dodge extension i'll have to investegate..02:07
Romsterin firefox.02:07
Romsterits still ok now but after a few days it'll lokup the cpu to max but still work..02:07
Romsterbut make my pc use more power and make the cpu fan run harder than needed.02:07
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nipuLsimply replacing x11 with xorg is a naive approach02:27
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treachanything particulary annoying? Most things I've packaged needs tops 2-3 modules that isn't already needed for xorg..02:30
RomsternipuL, true but i didnt' have many that relied on x11 directly only there dependents did and they are maintained by others so its not my problem there02:32
Romsterif ya gonna use xorg you may aswell state xorg? why would one only use 1-3 modules of xorg and not xorg-server?02:33
treachRomster: not all applications are happy with *just* xorg. I guess that's what nipuL is pointing at.02:34
Romsterah those i'll be testing02:37
Romsterand add extra xorg modules if needed02:38
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nipuLhehe tilman went all out on the xorg package description03:16
nipuLxorg-libxt...# Description: xorg lib libXt03:17
RyoSRomster: alright ;)03:25
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nipuLsweetness and light, finally got mesa3d for 32bit compatability compiled04:10
rxi_lol sounds like someone has been busy04:19
Romsteris it that hard todo04:25
Romsterand why use 32 bit when you have a 64 bit cpu?04:25
rxi_lots of things dont work in 64bit userland04:25
nipuLflash for example04:26
nipuLgames, win32 codecs, etc etc04:26
* ningo is still happy with this 32bit system04:29
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Romsterdamn, when i get a 64 bit cpu i expect all programs that i use the most to be in 64 bit.. :/05:09
rxi_Romster: dont hold your breath05:11
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deus_exchristmas eve and no snow...09:11
rehabdolli think youre a few weeks behind the rest of the world09:18
rehabdolland snow is over-rated09:18
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deus_exrehabdoll: Nope, tomorrow is xmas, for ortodox christians, anyway ;)09:21
rehabdollreally? i never thought ortodox christians would celebrate pagan traditions disguised as the birth of christ :)09:22
tilman:D :D09:23
deus_exrehabdoll: you have no idea how festive ortodox christians are ;)09:48
deus_exseason starts in november, and ends on jan 13th, New Year.09:50
deus_exs/ends/peaks at09:51
deus_exwhole lot of excuses to drink/eat like there is no tomorrow  ;)09:52
aonorthodox christmas eve eh?09:55
aonokay, more reason to go out drinking09:55
deus_exaon: tradition is to spend christmas eve at home, and go drinking on xmas ;)09:58
aonI shall fight the traditions!09:58
blizzi coded on the 24th evening after we had food *lol*10:02
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deus_ex"Linux accounts for 82% of the operating systems used on the supercomputer list."10:07
RedShiftthe rest being?10:07
deus_exwhatever happened to msft windows supercomputer edition?10:07
tilmanthey had one?10:08
RedShiftthey had a datacenter edition of win2k10:08
tilmanthey had xenix too or something iirc10:08
RedShiftand I've heard about a windows version just for clustering10:08
RedShiftshould look it up10:08
RedShiftanyway, windows is a no-go for clustering10:08
deus_extilman: waporware10:09
aonthere was a xenix for clusters?10:09
tilmani just remember the name10:09
aonthink xenix was "hot" in the 80's or sth:)10:09
RedShiftlots of stuff was hot in the 80's10:10
tilmanweird hairdo eg10:10
RedShiftand we had decent chicks in the 80's :-(10:10
RedShifthmm hp has a fair share10:11
RedShiftI wonder when we'll start to see arch in that list 8-)10:11
RedShiftI mean crux10:11
* RedShift hides10:12
RedShift"windows compute cluster server 2003"10:12
deus_exHm, BSD/MacOS have 3 each...10:13
deus_exI had no idea MacOS can be used for this.10:13
RedShiftstrange there isn't a cluster with BSD10:13
RedShiftyeah but something like openbsd or freebsd10:14
RedShiftoh well linux is a bit more flexible in that regard10:14
deus_exthat would be 'BSD based' part10:15
deus_ex3 BSD clusters, 3 BSD flavors10:16
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RedShiftholy crap10:21
RedShiftI just got the most racist joke10:21
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treachconsidering the focus of obsd, it's absence is hardly surprising.10:28
treachiirc it's not even particulary good for an smp system10:28
tilmandidn't it gain smp support pretty late, too?10:29
treachNo idea, but it's that bgl everywhere etc.10:29
treachbig gigant lock :)10:30
treachapparently they've had smp since 2004, but since performance never was their focus I guess they don't waste a lot of effort there.10:31
RedShiftyeah openbsd scales really bad10:32
RedShiftin contrast to freebsd which should scale very good10:33
RedShiftbsd was never my thing though10:34
deus_excan linpack benchmark run on non-cluster/desktop machine?10:34
RedShiftthe idea of kernelland and userland being melted together just doesn't float my boat10:34
treachdeus_ex: I bet you have all the parts needed for a small cluster in your wardrobe, so that shouldn't be any problem ;)10:35
deus_extreach: ad-hoc cluster would be fun to build :)10:36
deus_exlinpack run on desktop would give me some perspective on just how powerful these clusters from top500 are.10:38
treachMy guess would be that if you got it running you'd have to wait for the results.. for some time. :)10:40
deus_extreach: i'm not going anywhere tonight, so I do have time to waste ;)10:44
treachhm, well. Linpack apparently was designed for "supercomputers" in use during the 70s and 80s. Maybe it won't kill your system. ;)10:47
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tilmanwhy doesn't the big wall of china stop outgoing spam?11:15
aonuseless overhead11:16
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Romeo-anyone can help me?:)14:27
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deus_exFinally.Food :)17:16
tilmanmerry christmas!17:16
deus_extilman: thank you :)17:21
rehabdollmy pagan ass is already well fed17:47
tilmanyou're feeding your ass?17:48
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