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Romsterwell i fixed libusb i'll throw the bug report on flyspray along with the Pkgfile contents?00:12
Romsterjaeger, you got access to the ML stuff? i seem to get undeleavered emails to the ML is my isp blacklisted or i'll have to ring my isp up and complain about it...00:15
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jaegerto which are you trying to post? I'll check the mod list00:45
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tilmannew spamprobe has issues o_o06:00
Romsterhrmmm someone confirm that the and are inded broken on 0.1.1206:02
Romsterjue closed the flyspray bug saying its fine :/ so whatever... i'll make my own port of it then..06:06
Romsterhrmm ok now this si weird its broken on my desktop (was) but not on my firewall pc.... wtf...06:09
Romstermain point i don't get is why all that for loop when a simple --libdir=/lib to configure does the same result.06:10
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tilmanyeah, seems weird06:17
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tilmanRomster: what's the bug id?06:22
Romsterlooked on my other pc (firewall) which i should of checked b4 reporting a bug, and it seems to look fine, just my desktop didn't have a valid symlink06:23
Romsterbut leads me to why all that funky code in the Pkgfile when a simple --libdir=/lib does the same thing?06:24
tilmanwhy exactly do you feel the need to add --disable-static?06:24
tilmanwithout mentioning it in the bug?06:25
Romsterok strange went back to the one in core and its broken..06:25
Romstershared library..06:25
tilmansame to the stupid and useless make && ... chaining06:25
tilmanthe bug description is also kinda o_O06:25
tilman"wrong location" o_O?06:25
Romsterwhy have it static then have to recompile everything when you upgrade libusb in the future?06:25
Romsterwell that can be removed if desired06:25
Romster$ ls -la /lib/libusb.so06:25
Romsterls: cannot access /lib/ No such file or directory06:25
Romster$ pkginfo -i|grep libusb06:26
Romsterlibusb 0.1.12-106:26
Romsterthats with the origional core libusb unaltered.06:26
tilmani'm just saying your bug sucks06:26
Romsterso does broken symlinks..06:27
tilmanyour bug is useless, because it doesn't explain the real problem06:27
Romsteryou hate all them && between my make and make install? make install won't get clalled if make errors out... besides the point, the point being broken symlinks.06:27
tilmanif make fails, pkgmk will abort anyway06:28
tilmanso why the BLEEP did you change that in the pkgfile?06:28
tilmanyou really should have attached a diff, so the changes are more visible, but ok.06:28
Romsterout of habbit of all my other Packages i guess...06:28
Romsterand damn i should of said broken symlinks...06:29
Romsteri'll stop chaining make and make install from now on then... since it seems to anoy..06:30
Romsteranything else you'd like me to change while i'm here...06:30
Romsteri stoped using chown on all ports unless it was absolultly needed..06:30
Romsterok i oviously need to make my point alot clearer on bug reports and report the exact bug...06:31
tilmanseems it's not so obvious06:31
Romsterah now i got it... the symlinks is in /usr/lib/ but there is also a symlink in /lib/ that _is_ broken06:32
tilmanno there is  not06:33
tilmanthat's the point06:33
tilmansomething that doesn't exist can't be broken06:33
Romsterand that stoped kdebase from compiling, as i was fixing ports that reported bad library paths from altered ports.06:33
Romsteri'll admend the report...06:33
tilmani already did06:34
Romsteroh ok..06:34
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brointhemixhave anyone of you ever got errors trying to compile gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg from the gnome repository?07:03
Romsterbrointhemix, one in contrib works..07:14
brointhemixlooks the same as in the gnome package07:17
brointhemixlet me double-check though07:18
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brointhemixyup, the same07:19
brointhemixi winder what;s wrong with my box then...07:19
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brointhemixee, the other way round ;)07:19
brointhemixRomster: what GCC do you use? 4.0.3?07:22
Romster4.0.3 yes07:23
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Romsteri'll rebuild it now to confirm that it still works..07:24
brointhemixthanks :)07:25
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namenloshi, it seems, that the homepage of the git port seems not to be correct. might be
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tilmanwhy does it seem so to you? :P08:04
tilman(that the former url is wrong)08:04
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tilmanah, it's just a dir listing ;D08:05
Romsterbrointhemix, Building '/usr/ports/packages/gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg#0.10.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.08:06
Romsterthats the one from contrib that i maintain built on standared crux 2.2 tool chain.08:06
tilmannamenlos: changed08:08
brointhemixRomster: hmm...08:08
jaegerRomster: the libusb problem you reported doesn't exist on my systems08:08
namenlostilman: thx08:09
deus_exnot here, either.08:09
Romsterstrange i'll retry again but kdebase borked on libusb08:09
jaegerbrointhemix: no problems with the gnome gstreamer packages here08:10
* deus_ex still uses kde{lib, base}-3.5.308:11
brointhemixmaybe the gnome repo's "--disable-..." in gstreamer base08:11
Romsterupdating /usr/ports/sten/kdebase witout them 2 patches as they appear to be already included in 3.5.508:11
brointhemixI'll try to build the gstreamer set using the contrib collection08:12
jaegerbrointhemix: what error(s) are you getting?08:12
brointhemixjaeger: i'll tell you in a while as i have to get to my other box08:13
Romsterah i think i know the missing LIBS="-IX11"  ?08:13
Romsterbut int he version i have thats not needed anymore.08:13
Romsternor the LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib/X11R6" or however it was put.08:14
Romsteri tested current gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg agenst xorg and x11 both worked fine.08:15
deus_ex'revdep jre' produces a lot of linking I'm supposed to do?rebuild jre ? ;)08:15
Romsteri get that with adobe reader and openoffice too :/08:16
thrice`jaeger: I needed the extra line for mod. xorg that contrib has08:16
brointhemixjaeger: here's the line where errors start - dsputil_mmx.c:2485: error: can't find a register in class 'GENERAL_REGS' while reloading 'asm'08:16
Romsteroh and google-earth too08:17
brointhemixmake[8]: *** [libmmxsse_la-dsputil_mmx.lo] Error 1   <-- that's another08:17
brointhemixand so on08:17
deus_exI have google-earth installed in /home.08:17
brointhemixso, if it builds correctly on both yours and Romster's boxes, i believe there's a problem with mine...08:18
jaegernever had that problem on mine, sorry :/08:18
treachdeus_ex: java is supposedly gpl now, so what are you waiting for? :P08:18
tilmansend patches (bitch)?08:18
brointhemixjaeger: which set of gstreamer stuff you use? the one from 'gnome' repo or the one from 'contrib'?08:19
deus_extreach: life is too short for that :) I don't even know why I installed it in the first place...08:19
deus_exIt hangs FF (big surprise there).08:20
treachYeah. I thought flash had patented that.08:20
deus_extreach: flash beta?08:22
treachno, just bad memories from the time before noscript. :)08:22
deus_exflashblock rulz!08:23
treachnoscript works just as well.08:23
treachand also stops random people from running code in my browser..08:24
deus_exiirc, it had some issuses with adblock?08:24
jaegerbrointhemix: I use the gnome ones08:24
Romsteri got isck of usign flachblock, noscript + adblock plus with filter set works well.08:24
treachdeus_ex: not that I've noticed.08:24
deus_exit's been a while since I used it, though.08:24
treachRomster: I'm sure that was very insigthful, if it had been parseable, that is.08:25
Romsterheh sorry :)08:25
deus_exadblock+filtersetG.updater work very well.08:25
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brointhemixjaeger: ok, i'll try to solve it by myself. i even have an idea now... :)08:26
brointhemixRomster and jaeger, thanks for help08:26
treachactually I don't use adblock anymore.. privoxy works just as well.08:26
Romsterbrointhemix, np08:28
Romsterbrointhemix, you are actually doing depinst ? silyl question but maybe worth asking :)08:29
Romstersince i use squid i should filter at squid but i haven't bothered todo that yet.08:29
* deus_ex is looking for reliable proxy to use08:30
brointhemixRomsterL yup, i'm doing depinst + --install-scripts :)08:32
deus_exISP proxy sucks for rapidshare, which has per ip adress d/l limit.08:32
brointhemixRomster: sorry for the typo in your nickname08:32
Romsterdidn't notice :)08:32
Romsterno need todo --install-scripts on gstreamer--plugins-ffmpeg in contrib nor any other gstreamer there, afaik there is no pre-post scripts.08:33
Romsterit should just work :)08:34
brointhemixRomster: agree, but it's neccesary while doing 'prt-get depinst --install-scripts gnome' ;)08:34
Romsteryes on gnome and xorg, kde dosn't need it afaik08:35
brointhemixi'm afraid of KDE :)08:36
Romsterlast time i tryed to build gnome (ages ago) it wouldn't :/08:36
brointhemixpeople say gnome is more stable08:36
mike_ktilman: Sorry, I don't know who is in charge these days, but whom can I speek with to get some fluspray reports resolved before 2.3 release?08:36
Romsteryet kde built effetlessly08:36
treachpeople are full of shit.08:36
Romstershrugs not many problems on 3.5.508:36
brointhemixtreach: :)08:36
mike_kjue seems to monitor flyspray, but never appears on this channel08:37
Romstermain faults have been me upgrading and not starting xorg causing it to hang a few times :/08:37
treachsome websites like to crash konqueror as well, but I wouldn't want to say that's a *kde* stability thing either.08:39
brointhemixtreach: but if firefox, opera nad IE can handle those sites then maybe it it kde's fault after all? ;)08:42
brointhemixbesides, today, when Ubuntu is storming desktops i think it's good to familiarise with the gnome invironment08:42
treachIf the site is badly coded I'd say *that's* the problem.08:43
treachand besides, using something just because everyone else is is a really rotten reason - you'd might just as well stick to windows if that's the way you like it..08:44
brointhemixok, but e.g. if they are testing four different bulletproof vests from different manufacturers and one of them gets punctured, you wouldn't actually say it's the bullet's fault, would you? ;)08:44
treachBut that's a completely different thing.08:45
treachIt's possible that it is konqis fault, but it isn't neccessarily so. And that would *still* not be a kde problem.. It'd be a konqi problem.08:46
treachit's not like you can't use a different browser.08:46
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j^2morning all08:47
brointhemixhi j^208:47
brointhemixtreach: i'm just being bitchy, that's all :P08:48
brointhemixi'll try kde eventually, that's for sure08:48
treachI'd say your using double standards, but hey who cares.08:48
treachIt's not like gnome-users aren't known for that already. ;)08:49
brointhemixhehe :)08:49
brointhemixi'm not a gnome user yet :)08:49
brointhemixi still have a few dependencies to build before i install gnome :)08:50
* treach stops his reply just in time.08:50
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brointhemixdamn, still errors :/08:50
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brointhemixmy friend had been using gnome for some time but now he's on kde and says he wouldn't switch desktops anymore08:51
* treach hugs his fvwm. 08:52
* deus_ex likes xfce08:53
brointhemixdamn, still errors :/08:55
brointhemixgoddamn gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg :/08:56
Romsterbrointhemix, i bet you'd get kde up and running alot easier :)08:56
Romstertry the one out of contrib it builds for me...08:56
Romsteryou must have something seriously wrong on your system.08:56
Romstertryed revdep?08:56
Romsternothing broken?08:57
brointhemixi just tried the one from contrib :/08:57
brointhemixthere's someting with my system08:57
treachRomster: something seriously wrong? You mean like gnome? ;)08:57
* treach takes cover08:57
Romsterit built for me :/08:57
Romstertreach, lol08:57
brointhemixhehe :)08:57
brointhemixrevdep? what's that?08:58
brointhemixi mean, how to run that :)08:58
Romsteri'd move to another wm but i haven't got the hang of others yet, but i do think KDE is less pain to setup than gnome, sorry jaeger :/ if you can make it painless i'll try out gnome.08:58
Romsterjaeger, likes to run it as LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/firefox:/usr/lib/thunderbird RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep | tee revdeplist.txt08:59
deus_exthere is a man on ck ml that wants to switch to xfree, because tleds won't work with xorg-7.1.Hmm08:59
treachjaeger is doing a fine job with it. but it's a damned complicated thing.08:59
Romsterbut just running revdep would print out any ports that need to be recompiled to relink broken library paths.08:59
treachsoo many packages, things are almost guaranteed to go wrong somewhere.08:59
Romsterits all the services hal etc. that seem to be a pain is there even a howto guide for gnome?09:00
treach I guess.09:01
brointhemixok, so how to run this revdep thing? :)09:01
treachthere is a manpage *cough*09:01
brointhemixwhere? :)09:02
treachinstall prt-utils09:02
brointhemixdone :)09:03
brointhemixrevdep says nothing09:04
brointhemixand kde seems soooo small compared to gnome...09:05
jaegerRomster: make it painless :) haha, that's a good one :)09:05
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treachbrointhemix: depends on how you're looking at it. if you add all the applications you'll need to add to gnome, I bet there isn't much difference...09:06
treachthe comparsion might even be favourable to kde that way. :D09:07
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brointhemixdo you still have that gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg package that you built? ;)09:12
brointhemixis it big? ;)09:12
Romsteron a amd k709:12
brointhemixwill it work with a Celeron?09:13
brointhemixP4 based Celeron09:13
Romsterhrmm if i change the CFLAGS and CXFLAGS :/09:14
Romsterand compile09:14
brointhemixok, nevermind then :)09:14
onestepin general it must be able to run on a such celeron09:14
treachand there is no autodetection "goodness" going on somewhere..09:14
Romsterit'll be static to what i have on this pc..09:15
brointhemixno no, don't do it09:15
onestepI've tried to launch athlon64-optimized LFS on p4-based celeron. succeeded.09:15
Romsterunless i build it in a chroot minimal setup of whats in the deptree listing.09:15
Romsteronestep, odd09:15
brointhemixi found in google that i might be able to build that package with mmx disabled09:16
Romsterbrointhemix, the fact it dosn't compile means something is borked..09:16
treachonestep: It probably will, until you hit an instruction your system doesn't recognize.09:16
Romstermaybe you have bad mmx?09:16
brointhemixcan't be09:16
brointhemixcan it?09:16
* Romster face palms09:17
* Romster shrugs09:17
Romstertry it and see what happens :/09:17
brointhemixi don't know how to do it yet :)09:19
brointhemixi'll try to find out09:19
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tilmanhi bye09:21
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Romsterwhy do they do that so much :/09:23
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Romsterbrointhemix, do a pkgmk -kw then ^C it jsut after its unpacked then do a ./work/src/<name>/configure --help09:24
Romsterread options edit Pkgfile then retry :)09:24
brointhemixdone that already :)09:25
brointhemixthere's nothing like --disable-mmx or something09:26
Romstertry it.09:26
pitillobrointhemix, can you give a try to this? ./configure --prefix=/usr LIBS=-lX1109:26
Romstershouldn't need that on the newer version pitillo09:26
Romsteri've tested with X11 and xorg both work fine.09:27
Romster0.10.1 yes but 0.10.2 addresses that problem along with LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib/X11R6"09:28
pitilloRomster, oki sorry then. I had problems with it, and solved compiling in this way. Sorry, dont want to give more problems or take him to the wrong solution.09:28
Romsteronly needed on X11 not xorg.09:28
Romsterbut thats for the older 0.10.109:28
Romsterpitillo, is ok09:29
treachpitillo: if it's a solution, it's not wrong. :)09:29
Romsteri tested the newer 0.10.2 to make sure it was indeed ok.09:29
brointhemixthe same09:29
brointhemixseems like some MMX problem09:30
brointhemixdamn Intel processors :)09:30
treachIntel P4 "Space Heater"09:30
brointhemixhheheh :)09:31
brointhemixdo you think that using -Os instead of -O2 makes difference?09:31
tilmanwhat's the problem?09:32
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Romsterworks fine.09:32
treachtilman: SISO. ;)09:32
tilmanshit in, shit out?09:33
treachyeah. :D09:33
brointhemixthere's the same bug on freeBSD site09:33
brointhemixsame as mine "can't fing GENERAL_REGS"09:34
brointhemixon a P3 3Ghz09:34
brointhemixi mean P4 3GHz09:35
brointhemixi changed to -O2 and is seems to work now09:38
treachlesson: Don't screw around with your CFLAGS.09:39
brointhemixtreach: what's the SISO about? :)09:39
Romsterbrointhemix, did you use -O3 ?09:39
brointhemixtreach: it's the first time that the CFLAGS use made difference09:40
treachI'm afraid you'll have to figure that one out yourself. :>09:40
brointhemixRomster: no, -Os09:40
Romsteror to the point mess with CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS with caution09:40
Romster-Os O_o whats the s do.09:40
treachthere is always a first time. Do NOT mess with them unless you know what you're doing.09:40
brointhemixoptimise for size09:40
Romsterdoh i should of rembered that one..09:41
Romsterand yeah i've never liked that option09:41
brointhemixtreach: people say that -Os is good for you ;)09:41
brointhemixyea yea, people are full of shit, i know :P :P :P09:41
Romsteri use export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=$(uname -m) -mtune=$(uname -p) -pipe"09:42
treachI always use Os, and it's never given me any problem. but otoh, the first thing I suspect if things break is my CFLAGS :)09:42
Romsteri set some ports to -O3 but only after testing and ones that don't bork.09:42
treachO3 is ricing.09:42
* Han always uses -O2 -pipe, since it produces the most reliable code.09:42
treachOs is basically same as O2.09:43
Romsterpersonally i think -Os is not gonna perform well as size is gonna compromise speed.09:43
Romsterbut i haven't tested the theory.09:44
treachyou load smaller binaries from the disk, if nothing else.09:44
Romsterby how much done any comparasions?09:44
treachthe only thing you lose by using Os instead of O2 is time, when you're compiling it.09:45
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct09:45
Romsterah longer time for a bit smaller code.09:45
Romsterbut as brointhemix found out :P09:45
Romstersome don't like it...09:45
treachthere is always the possiblity things break.09:45
onestepwhy use march and mtune together?09:46
treachall programs isn't even ok with O2.09:46
tilmantreach: well, Os omits optimizations that bloat the binary... so if that's true, then you'll get a not-as-optimizied binary ;)09:46
Romsteris it wise to README it or even change the -Os to a -O2 in the Pkgfile for the flags?09:46
Romsteror leave it to the person to figure out there CFLAGS are borking it.09:46
treachtilman: well, I guess it's depending on what you're optimizing for, right? :)09:46
tilmani meant speed09:47
Romsterso -O2 != -Os09:47
tilmanOH NOES09:47
treach-Os enables all -O2 optimizations that do not typically increase code size. It also performs further optimizations designed to reduce code size"09:48
tilmansay it ain't so!09:48
Romsterah so some09:48
treachRomster: please show me where I said that it was the same thing.09:48
tilmantreach: yes. so why does that mean that it's "bullshit" that Os compromises speed compared to O2?09:48
Romsterlol my assumption, i always do that09:48
RyoStest -d /usr/ports/acrux/adesklets/work/pkg/usr/share/info || /bin/sh /bin/sh /usr/ports/acrux/adesklets/work/src/adesklets-0.6.1/install-sh -d  /usr/ports/acrux/adesklets/work/pkg/usr/share/info09:49
RyoS/bin/sh: /bin/sh: cannot execute binary file09:49
RyoSwhy does it want to do /bin/sh /bin/sh Oo'09:49
RyoSanyone else got that?09:49
treachtilman: Tersly put it's "bullshit", since I seriously question it's causing noticeable slowdowns09:49
treachbut of course I could be wrong.09:49
tilmantreach: agreed :D09:50
tilmanmost of the cflags talk is just wasted time anyway09:50
tilmanwho cares whether stuff runs 1% faster o_O09:50
treachalso, one has to account for the fact that there are *less* code to move around.09:50
henahardware related, i don't think Os will do much on any x86 box09:51
treachif you manage to shrink some stuff just enough to fit in the cache..09:51
guaquain very specific places that Os -stuff might just do the trick and keep it from thrashing or otherwise overloading09:51
brointhemixRomster: why do you use both -march and -mtune?09:51
onestepbrointhemix: as far as I understand - for compatibility09:52
onestepbtw, it's pretty nice, if you are distibutor of built packages :)09:53
Romsteronestep, yep09:53
brointhemixheheh :)09:53
Romstersome programs don't use -mtune09:53
brointhemixyea, that's a point onestem :P09:53
onestepRomster: but I simply use -march=athlon64. it suits me well :)09:53
brointhemixtreach: the gnome effort continues... ;)09:53
onestepforget it... :)09:54
treachtilman: besides, if you never break anything, you'll never learn anything either, right? :)09:54
Romster-mtune is ment to be optiomise code for that spefic cpu09:54
onestepI've built gnome once just for fun and removed it next day... :)09:54
brointhemixthe gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg problem solved, i can continue on the "wrong desktop environment" path ;P09:54
onestepKDE is enough, but if you prefer GTK - xfce is a replacement :)09:55
onestepRomster: -march too09:55
brointhemixhmm, is CRUX community a gnome-free community? :)09:55
treachwell, there is jaeger.09:55
tilmanjaeger and a few more users perhaps09:56
Romsteronestep, so march dosn't have to be i686 but the althon in my case :/ of what i got on -mtune?09:56
treachhe seems to be the brave holdout09:56
brointhemixhmm, on the other hand, treach is alwas on the Dark Side of The Force.. ;)09:56
onestepit's annoying to build all of this gnome stuff... :)09:56
treachbrointhemix: what do you mean with that?09:56
treachI'm not even using KDE..09:56
Romsterbrointhemix, didn't have good expectations when kde built and gnome didn't way back  when i got into crux.09:56
Romsteri might move away fom KDE evently.09:57
brointhemixtreach: nothing negative, really.09:57
brointhemixi just remember you saying something about you being menacig :)09:58
onestepRomster: afaik, -mtune will include some cpu-specific instructions, but the built package will be able to run on any cpu, that you've specified in -march09:58
treachdammit. Here I am, fighting for justice and fairness, and what do I get called.. The knight of darkness. :-/09:58
onestepfor example -march=i386 -mtune=athlon64 will still run on i386 :)09:58
brointhemixtreach: oh come on, we all love you09:58
* brointhemix hugs treach09:58
Romsteronestep, oh, i thought it then ties it to that CPU family09:59
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Romsterbrointhemix, but alot slower :)09:59
treachbrointhemix: I was mostly kidding, even if it's a bit contradictory.09:59
Romstererr onestep i ment09:59
*** acrux|ppc has quit IRC09:59
onestepRomster: you got it ;)10:00
*** acrux|pippicci is now known as acrux|ppc10:00
brointhemixtreach: great :) good you didn't take it personally10:00
Romsteronestep, but i build for the said pc i run it on so all is good.10:00
brointhemixRomster: a lot slower? what does it refer to?10:01
Romstertry to squease alittle mroe out of the pc :)10:01
brointhemixtreach: i never meant to insult you in any way10:01
Romsteralot slower running code thats tuned to a diferent cpu10:01
treachjust a few more cards per second in solitare.10:01
Romsterlol treach10:01
treachbrointhemix: I didn't feel insulted, it was just that you're charactarization felt quite off the mark, even as a joke.10:02
onestepI'm using windows' solitaire through wine :)10:02
onestepit's a habit, maybe :)10:03
Romsteronestep,  so just using -march=althon would be the same as -march=i686 -mtune=althon as althon = i686 anyways ?10:03
brointhemixtreach: sorry for that, i'll behave myself from now on10:03
onestepRomster: sure!10:03
Romsteronestep, lol10:03
tilmanonestep: if what you said a minute ago is true, it's not the same10:04
Romsteronestep, never tryed that but its been a hunch for awhile to oneday when bored try it.10:04
tilmansince that would make the binary run on any i686 machine10:04
tilmanwhereas using -march=athlon would make the binary only run on athlons10:04
onesteptilman: hmm, not sure, you're right10:05
treachbrointhemix: no worry, it's just comical, considering how many people I've helped/tried to help here in the past.10:05
brointhemix"* Han always uses -O2 -pipe, since it produces the most reliable code." <-- where's fun in that? ;)10:05
onestepI've meant, that Romster will run the package built -march-way without experiencing any problems10:05
treach"Prince of evil to the rescue!" isn't such a common battlecry after all.. :D10:05
brointhemixhehehe :)10:06
brointhemixwhy not? maybe we do should adopt it as the common CRUX community's battlecy :P10:06
Romsterthink it'll be a read and a testing session to actually prove if it is true or not on -mtune and -march10:06
Romsterone may override the other *shrugs*10:07
treachbrointhemix: no, it sucks, the motto here seems to be "esse non videri"10:07
Romstermaybe -mtune=althon would set it to i686 anyways.10:07
treachsuits me fine too.10:07
brointhemixtreach: i had "C" from latin :/10:07
Romsterand being i686 would run on any i686 32 bit system ? but optomised for althon.10:08
brointhemixit was 3 years ago :)10:08
treachtilman: did I misspell..?10:08
tilmani had an A, but we cheated10:08
tilmantreach: no idea, what does it mean?10:08
Romsterwhich could also means oem functions are resized to fit in a cache of cpu register flag?10:08
brointhemixi was too lazy to learn it properly, and i didn't cheat :)10:08
Romsterand argh typing is bad :/10:08
treachcan't translate it to english.. "to affect without beeing seen to affect" or something like that10:09
brointhemixok, i get it10:09
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tilmangoogle to the rescue10:10
tilmanTo be and not to seem.10:10
tilmanVara, inte synas.10:10
treachyeah, but there is more to it than that iirc.10:10
*** mrks_ has quit IRC10:12
treach"vara, inte synas vara" feels more adequate, but that has a some non-obvious meanings.10:12
onestepRomster: simple answer - if u don't plan to run your built packages on other cpu's - use -march=athlon instead of -mcpu=athlon10:13
onestepit will just perform faster10:14
Romsteronestep, thanks for the clarafication10:15
Romsterand thats -mtune not -mcpu :)10:17
mike_komg, try smoking man page10:42
treachHe'll have to print it first. Could take a while.10:43
*** namenlos has quit IRC10:44
mike_kI wasn't suppose to watch the process, but it's known to bring some good results in our country10:45
*** jdolan has joined #crux10:49
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Romsteranyway to force configure to pass sanity check...10:49
Romsterconfigure: error: C preprocessor "distcc" fails sanity check10:49
Romsterdistcc isn't playing nice..10:49
Romsterabout half of the ports compile ok with dsitcc the other half fail at the sanity check10:50
Romsterall hosts use the same toolchain :/10:50
Romsteri've googled but not alot of help found on distcc.10:50
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onestepfound a nice quote... :)11:33
onestep"Unix is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are."11:33
guaquaoldies but goldies11:34
*** jdolan has quit IRC11:37
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trionestep: woh -  thats a good one ;-)11:48
*** brointhemix has quit IRC11:50
Romstergive a man a fish? feed him for a day. teach a man to fish? feed him for life!11:55
* Romster hands guaqua a fishing pole11:55
RyoShaha :P11:55
Romstera classic that one.11:56
* treach hands Romster a dictionary in the same spirit.11:56
RyoSit sure is but i know it a bit different, comes out to be the same at the end anyway :P11:57
Romsteruntil the lake is empty since he turned the fishing into a million-dollar industry11:57
Romsterthere's one in every crowd11:57
Romsteryeah i'm sure there are others.11:58
treachIf the lake is empty, I guess it's not a multi-million dollar industry.11:58
Romstergood point.11:59
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tilmanwheee, mail from ronny again \o/13:04
tilmanHello (sorry for my bad en)13:04
tilmanlast time i told him i was german :)13:04
*** vico has joined #crux13:05
ningoronny? isn't that the "NO BASICS NO FUN" dude?13:10
treachI guess that overloaded his cognitive processes.13:10
* ningo checks out immediately13:11
tilmanprivate mail13:11
treachlol. loon in the bin? :)13:11
ningoslander behind backs isn't fair anyway!13:11
ningo*cough cough*13:11
treachit's only slander if it's not true. :)13:12
* treach goes back to trying to figure out flyspray..13:13
tilmantreach: in the top right corner13:19
treachyeah, I found that now.13:19
treachbtw, I got a reply from sip.13:19
treachI'm stuck on a openbsd system until this friday, please13:19
treachforward this to some other maintainer at your option ;-)13:19
tilmanimagemagick revision bump?13:20
treachconsider yourself forwarded ;D13:20
tilmancan you send me the diff?13:20
tilmanor paste it13:20
treachwell. it's just changing the version number.. from -5 to -6.13:20
*** lasso has joined #crux13:21
treach(and the md5 obviously.)13:21
treachsip suggested it might be better to "mirror it and sync13:22
treachfrom time to time"13:22
tilmani'll leave that to him ;D13:28
treachyay. cookies...13:28
thrice`heh; just write a cron job to run nightly and bump it by 113:46
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