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onestepRomster: /ports/contrib/ladspa/ladspa.patch is incomplete05:26
onestepplease replace mkdirhier with mkdir -p05:30
Romsterhrmm it builds and i didn't do that patch origionaly05:34
RomsterBuilding '/usr/ports/packages/ladspa#1.12-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded05:35
onestepmy box doesn't have an "mkdirhier" prog ;)05:37
Romsterok thats funky.. dunno how i missed that.05:38
onestepit's smth non-usual, right?05:38
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Romsterdefently but it built fien on mine so i didn't see any problems.05:39
onestepokay :)05:39
Romsteri'll fix that now :)05:40
Romsterseems to be the dev that made that error.05:40
Romsternot the patch05:40
onestepyes, sure05:41
onestepplease add missing lines to the patch05:41
onestepI can paste diff, I've already created :)05:41
Romsterdunno why the dev hasn't touched the ladspa for a very long time.05:41
Romsterits ok i can redo that easily05:42
onestepand, btw, you can remove "make" command from Pkgfile ;)05:44
onestepor uncomment the line in patch following by the "test:"05:47
Romsteri just comited the changes05:55
onestepokay, thanx05:55
Romsterwhy would i want to remove the make?05:55
onestep'cause it doing nothing05:55
onestepor, if you uncomment the ^line^, it will be more useful :)05:56
pitilloprt-get remove quetoo05:58
pitillosorry :X05:58
onestephmm, "Quetoo is up to 140% faster than stock Quake2"?06:00
Romsterhrmm seems to make and install dosn't have 2 seperate rules.06:00
Romsteras for test: i don't quite get it.06:00
pitillosorry mouse over the wrong window.06:01
onestepRomster: the first line of "test" will make all the binaries06:01
Romsteryou mean install:targets06:01
Romsterafter the commented out test:06:02
Romster# RULES TO BUILD PLUGINS FROM C OR C++ CODE, it'll build no matter it should really have a install: class06:07
onestepjust try to jeave "test:..." line in original mafefile uncommented and untouched06:08
Romsterlooks as if it'll try to test apon pkgmk'ing which isn't good it should be a test script after installing that the user can run if they want too.06:11
onestepyes, I've already saw that, but now at least "make" works :)06:15
* onestep is trying to remove tests06:15
Romsterodd that it worked for me even with that borked command...06:16
Romsterwhich is now fixed in contrib.06:16
Romsterah think i remember bit rusty on Makefiles...06:16
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onestepRomster: replaced "test: /tmp/test.wav ../snd/noise.wav always" with "test: targets"06:24
onestepseems it works :)06:24
onesteperr, "test: targets always"06:24
Romsterhmmz i broke it messing heh..06:37
Romsterscrew it i don't knwo makefiels that well was reading it works so thats good enougth, the dev is ment to work on the Makefile...06:54
onestepthat works for me :)07:12
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Romsteronestep, yeah i did that, i tryed to take it a step furthor but failed :)07:15
Romsterthat change is in contrib now, should sync soon if it hasn't already.07:16
Romstertryed to add a make: section and then have a commented out make test, in the Pkgfile but didn't get that far :/07:16
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Romsterdistcc dosn't play nice with me, is there any alternitives about? more to the point some userspace/fuse addon for the kernel to do distrbuted computing :/ i've looked as some, and not sure what to try out.07:18
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j^2hey all09:02
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onestephi, j^209:19
j^2how you doing onestep ??09:22
onestepj^2: pretty fine :)09:25
onestepgetting rid of some bugs in my Java code09:26
* onestep is kinda lazy programmer09:26
j^2i blow at programing :P09:35
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Romsterhi j^2 RyoS09:42
Romsterj^2, so do i but i try :/09:42
j^2hehe, i've tried so many times, but alas...i just dont think that way09:43
treachDon't worry, most of them doesn't either. :>09:45
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onesteptreach: :)09:54
j^2fyi :D09:55
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treachbah, who needs a mac, when there is crux/fvwm? :>10:01
aonwho needs fvwm?10:01
treachthose who needs some userfriendlyness?10:01
henawho need crux, when there's emacs10:02
tilmanwho needs emacs when there's vim10:02
treachhena: emacs doesn't boot.10:02
aonyes it does, it just boots from inside another os10:02
treachwhich kind of was the point.. otherwise I'm with tilman :)10:03
j^2i'm shocked actually, that there isnt a live distro that boots directly into emacs :-O10:08
j^2you think the zealots would make it10:09
treachah, finally, you've found your mission in life, young padawan.10:09
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j^2(not that i'm biased or anything)10:09
j^2nice treach10:09
treachyou're welcome. :)10:09
aonj^2: because nobody wants a live-cd emacs :)10:10
aonor at least it should let you provide your own configuration on a usb stick or something :)10:11
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henahmm, that would be actually kind of cool :D10:13
aonyeah, it might :)10:14
henathat would be like, a 50 meg system and 600 megs of elisp10:14
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j^2i miss cptn :(11:06
treachj^2: while you feel like being in complaining mode, you don't think the faq should stop refering to devfs? ;)11:11
treach(or at least make clear it's only valid for obsolete releases.)11:12
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j^2touche treach11:21
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sepen$ for port in /usr/ports/contrib/*; do [ ! -f $port/Pkgfile ] && echo "missed pkgfile: `basename $port`"; done17:44
sepenthere are 4 missed pkgfiles on contrib17:45
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treachnow, if you could only make it print which ones, it'd might even be useful17:46
jaegerit looks like it would print which ones17:48
sepenmissed pkgfile: gtkglext17:48
sepenmissed pkgfile: openobex17:48
sepenmissed pkgfile: p5-datetime17:48
sepenmissed pkgfile: r17:48
treachoh, right, my mistake. sorry.17:49
sepenthat's is the result17:49
jaegernone of those are in my contrib17:49
treachorphans that didn't get deleted?17:50
treach(they're all missing here, except p5datetime, wich is - empty.)17:51
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sepen return me that openobex is not on contrib17:54
sepenbut If I clone the contrib repo with git I get openobex17:55
sepenmm I not updated, sorry17:56
treachI'm updated, if not with git. But I still get an empty dir. Bug/sloppyness?17:57
sepenyes treach it's my mistake17:57
sepenI should do: for port in /devel/crux/contrib/*17:58
sepennot /usr/ports/contrib17:58
sepenmy git working copy seems to be ok, only I need to remove previously /usr/ports/contrib and then update17:59
treachstrange. Anyone who knows why an empty portdir would be left behind?18:00
treachIf I remove it by hand it doesn't reappear though.18:01
sepenIm doing the same action18:01
sepennow I have all entire contrib repo ok18:01
sepenwell, Im going to bed, later!18:02
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thrice` bitlbee port;  i thought Han had one around here somewhere20:33
HanI have one for OpenBSD20:36
thrice`looks like a pretty neat program20:38
HanIt is a pretty neat program. And the best thing is you don't even have to install it. :-)20:39
thrice`oh ?20:39
HanYou can use a public bitlbee server.20:40
thrice`so, if I point irssi at, or similar, i'll be taken to an empty room; registering accounts and turning them on will be enough without installing ?20:40
Hansomething like that, yes.20:41
thrice`ah - i thought I needed bitlbee installed to serve as a gateway between irc and IM protocols20:41
thrice`suppose I could've just tried :)20:41
Hanhear hear20:41
* Han can't stop ranting about how great `just trying' is.20:42
thrice`heh;  well, I thought for sure I would need to install bitlbee as a first step20:42
Hanalso pretty simple. My cruxport for openbsd is very easy to adjust for linux.20:44
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thrice`does bitlbee just act as a server, then, if installed ?20:44
thrice`nevermind; i'll read :)20:45
thrice`Han: mind if I take a peak at the script ?20:46
Han`the script'?20:56
thrice`did you say you have an openbsd buildscript available ?20:57
Hana cruxport20:59
HanSure you may look, it's fully open source.20:59
HanYou don't need my permission, you already have it.20:59
thrice`oh?  I didn't see it in your ports tree21:00
Han03:43        Han| also pretty simple. My cruxport for openbsd is very easy to adjust for linux.21:02
Hanreread that sentence, it contains all information you need.21:02
thrice`:)  thanks Han21:04
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