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onestepdoes anybody here ever tried to build unixODBC? :)03:19
Handid try or has tried03:20
onestepdid try, maybe :)03:21
* onestep is not pretty familiar with English03:21
onestepI've grabbed Pkgfile from yhafri's repo, but with my xorg7 it refuses to build03:22
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onestepdarn configure can't discover X11 includes :(03:27
pitilloonestep, can you force them? ./configure LIBS=-lX1103:40
onestepnot libs, includes03:45
onestepI've tried it your way now - it's not suitable03:45
onestepI'm going to play with "config.cache" to set X includes' path there03:46
pitilloonestep, sorry, missunderstand it.03:47
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jaegerjdolan: are you running 2.6.19.x anywhere with madwifi?08:46
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j^2hey all09:00
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guaquaanyone done any music stuff with linux, experience from ardour?09:03
onestepdoes anyone here have a Pkgfile for it? ;)09:11
tilmantry the mighty port db on crux.nu09:11
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deus_extilman: wireshark depends on libcap, but there is no libcap in opt? there is one in gnome repo.09:16
tilmanit's in opt09:18
deus_exI must be blind....09:18
deus_exSorry :)09:18
jaegerlibcap and libpcap aren't the same thing, as far as I know09:18
thrice`tilman: awesome job on xorg ports, btw; they are working great :)09:19
aonno, they are not09:19
aonlibcap is for POSIX.1e capabilities09:20
aonpcap for packet capture09:20
deus_exbut when you omit 'p' from libpcap, like I did, they are the same ;)09:22
deus_exsilly me09:22
onestepiPhone will be an Apple stuff? :)09:30
thrice`yeah, it runs os x09:30
onestepvery nice09:31
onestepbut I prefer Motorola A120009:31
onestepbtw, motorola opened acces to the A1200 source code + packages (:09:32
tilmantr substitutes single characters09:33
onestepdarn regex :)09:34
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j^2sweeeeettt! i just got a spam from 1/28/203809:51
RedShiftwoo what does it say?09:52
RedShiftdid the 32 bit unix epoch really cause problems?09:52
RedShiftdid america ever resolve the iraq crisis?09:52
j^2it's from .cn09:53
RedShiftdid the chineze attain welfare?09:53
j^2and i dont have the encoding :(09:53
RedShiftdid the human race survive?09:53
RyoSj^2: forward it to all known adresses you have :P09:53
RedShiftall that, and more, in STORIES FROM THE YEAR 203809:53
RyoSsomeone will be able to read it :P09:53
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deus_ex"Linux will never be as easy to use as Windows and rightly so. I'm not saying it won't get a lot easier for the average user but the requirement to think will never be removed completely.11:26 will be, it will be on some distros11:27
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treachas if you didn't have to think when you use windows..12:02
thrice`i'm struggling with windows right now ;)12:04
treachlinux will never be ready for some people. for instance those who use windows and are unable/cannot learn something new.12:07
treachthere will always be a dozen more excuses why it "doesn't work, never has and never will".12:08
thrice`too true12:15
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thrice`i had a nice explorer.exe crash today during a big CAD assembly (of course an unsaved assembly:)  )12:16
treachah, explorer.exe. MS-engineering at it's finest. :/12:26
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RedShifthow can you loose data when explorer crashes12:58
RedShiftyou use it to explore files12:59
RedShiftlike nautilus or konqueror12:59
RedShiftjust because konqueror crashed doesn't mean you'll lose your open openoffice document??12:59
deus_exWhen explorer crashes, Windows hangs/crashes, iirc.13:00
deus_exOr all icons, taskbar etc. dissapear...13:01
RedShiftdeus_ex: but it won't stop other programs...13:25
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prologic$ xterm13:34
prologicxterm: Error 32, errno 2: No such file or directory13:34
prologicReason: get_pty: not enough ptys13:34
prologicanyone come across this ?13:36
pitilloprologic, /dev/pts mounted?13:36
prologicthink so :)13:37
prologicdevpts                  516852    133784    383068  26% /dev/pts13:38
prologicnothing in /dev/pts/ though13:38
prologic# umount /dev/pts13:39
prologicumount: devpts: not found13:39
prologicumount: /dev/pts: not mounted13:39
prologiceven weirdner :)13:39
pitilloummm thinking about... do you have kernel support? (not sure about this)13:42
prologicme neither13:43
prologicas I found nothing in the kernel's config about it13:43
prologicit boots fine13:43
prologicbut eventually stuffs up13:43
prologicI shall reboot13:44
pitilloummm isn't PTY related?13:44
prologicnot sure13:44
prologicmy PTY's are fine13:44
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blizzi have a problem with a sata-hdd / pata-cdrom setup. it does boot from the cd, but it cant find /dev/hd* then which would be the cdrom13:48
blizzany ideas?13:48
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prologicit's fine now13:49
prologic$ ls /dev/pts/13:50
prologic0  1  2  313:50
prologicbefore though there was no files there13:50
prologicsomehow they get deleted13:50
prologicthen I have problems opening terminals13:51
deus_exRedShift: No, it won't stop other programs, but sometimes reboot is the only option, which is bad if some other app is13:53
deus_exin the middle of something...13:53
deus_exThis is from memory, though, I haven't used Windows for a while, so I might be wrong...13:54
prologiccan't reproduce it at all13:55
treachRedShift: explorer.exe is not only the filebrowser, but also the shell.14:09
teKwasn't this cmd.exe or what do you mean14:11
treachcmd.exe is only the "commandline shell". Everything else you see is explorer.14:13
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treachwhich is why you generally are royally screwed when it decides to commit suicide.14:14
treach(yeah, I know, it's supposed to just restart itself and carry on.. ha ha. :( )14:15
tilmanif it dies, you can usually just spawn another instance14:18
treachsure.. if your system still feels like talking to you.14:19
treachusually it suddenly gets terribly introvert, and just stops giving a shit about that unimportant person at the keyboard. :-/14:19
prologicthat's when you hid the small button14:29
j^2how do i get lighttpd to run .cgi(s) ?14:32
tilmanj^2: jesus, read the faq14:42
j^2heh, yeah i am14:42
j^2it's not working :(14:43
j^2it keeps tagging the file .cgi.pl14:43
j^2oh well14:43
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* treach tags j^2 "beta" ;)14:43
j^2nevermind, too much....going through head14:44
* j^2 gets gun to go postal14:44
tilmani'm glad you're not where i am14:44
j^2yay i got mailgraph working15:07
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* treach pokes aon, points to ;)15:35
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treachoops.. marketing gone wrong :P
prologicwhy ?17:40
prologicI didn't see anything unusual17:41
treachwine and productivity rarely match.17:41
prologicas in the "work" sense ? :)17:41
jaegerthe laptop is also running world of warcraft, which doesn't scream productivity :)17:41
prologiclooks nice though17:42
prologicthe wine that is :)17:42
prologicdoes crossover really work that much better than wine ?17:42
treach"buy our software, install a couple of games and get tipsy."17:42
jaegernever used crossover, myself17:42
treachit's pretty cool.17:42
treachespecially when you install msoffice, and it "emulates" a reboot. :P17:43
prologicreally ?17:44
prologicguess I could trial it and see17:44
prologicthing is I don't care much hey - I don't use a single windows app anyway17:44
treachplain wine is good enough for me. crossover is *mostly* for people who dies without a pretty installer.17:47
prologicahh k17:48
prologicmore polished over version of wine I guess17:48
prologicit's probably still based on wine though17:49
treachthat's correct. but it's considerably more polished.17:49
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jdolanjaeger, you asked me some time ago about kernel and madwifi.. i've not upgraded my kernel in some time, still at 2.6.15.x19:34
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jdolanjaeger, are you encountering problems?  i did rebuild a recent madwifi from source the other day.19:35
jaegerit has some problems with 2.6.19.x but then again, 2.6.19.x has some other issues anyway, so I went back to for the updated CD19:35
jaegerso no worries19:35
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