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pitillogood morning, can anyone give some reason about the deptree of hal? we are thinking that, if there isn´t reasons to do a cycle, why can not be fixed? Talked to jaeger but said that isn´t important the redundant deps, but don´t understand why to keep them.04:37
pitillo(sorry to bore again with this, but we don´t understand it)04:38
sepen|workI have this from hal port
sepen|workI think this kind of ports need to add a ticket on flyspray (imo)04:46
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nipuLautomatically resolved dependencies in configure scripts are annoying04:55
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pitilloI dont understand it well, nipuL. Do you mean that isn´t necesary to resolve that? (deps are solved automatically) But, is that the only reason? I dont see the way to keep it, sorry.05:12
nipuLsorry, it was an unrelated rant05:19
sepen|workI think is less work modify the Pkgfile05:19
nipuLyou're right it is a redundant dependency, it's not really a serious issue05:20
nipuLbut generally they should be cleaned up05:20
nipuLemail the maintainer05:20
sepen|workAlso opt devels should use their own tools for verify ports (imo)=05:20
sepen|worknipuL, ins't the first time I commented out this05:20
sepen|work3ops here (muted?) any opinion about this=?05:21
nipuLi believe crux 2.3 should include an overhaul of the dependency lists, if it hasn't already began05:21
sepen|workwell, when will released?05:21
nipuLwhen it's ready05:21
nipuLagain, there's no poing discussing redundant dependencies in the channel, email the maintainer05:22
nipuLkeep in mind many of the developers maintain a large number of ports, sometimes little mistakes like this sneak through because they are not critical05:23
pitillowell, then there isn´t way to fix it. Jaeger said the same like you. It isn´t a serius issue and it will not fixed.05:23
nipuLyou could copy the port into your private repo05:24
nipuLand fix it yourself05:24
guaquaor create a personal public repo with better (tm) ports ;)05:25
sepen|workyou can't see the forest for the 'opt devels' ...05:28
sepen|workopt devels should use their own rules no?05:29
nipuLpitillo: well in this instance jaeger is the maintainer of hal05:30
pitillonipuL, like I said, this isn´t the first time we talk and came to the same point. Well, using your tip and changing manually Pkgfiles... Thanks for your time.05:32
pitilloguaqua, nice point... the personal public repo can be done... but better (tm)?  I doubt it with my little experience. Thanks for your point too.05:32
namenlospitillo: what for example, if dbus-glib drops the dependency for dbus, but hal still calls some functions from dbus directly?05:40
namenlossepen|work: i saw this already.05:42
sepen|workah! well, sorry I not understand05:43
namenloshal and dbus-glib both call some functions from dbus.05:44
sepen|workand ...05:44
namenlosin a future release dbus-glib drops the dependency for dbus, because the functions were refactored.05:44
sepen|workgood! now!05:45
pitillonice, that´s a reasonable reason. namenlos thanks05:45
sepen|worktoo thanks05:45
namenlosnp ;)05:45
tilmando they rename to "dbus-foo", too?05:45
tilmanbecause now clearly "dbus-glib" doesn't apply because it doesn't even USE glib05:45
sepen|workbut jaeger opinion I think isn't the same05:45
namenlostilman: that was only an example :)05:46
sepen|worknow we have a serious response about hal and redundant deps, thanks!!05:47
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nipuL #crux         << ACTIVE >> created 5 years 50 weeks 206:25
nipuL          days (13h 27m 53s) ago06:25
nipuL12 days until #crux turns 606:25
rxisounds like a good excuse for a online pissup06:42
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nipuLfinally, we can all breath a sigh of relief, kernel is out07:05
nipuLext3 corruption is fixed....or is it....07:05
tilmanyes it is07:06
tilmanand it still isn't/wasn't ext3 specific07:06
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deus_exHm, I forgot how cool irssi is :)08:24
deus_exI haven't used it for a while08:25
deus_exxchat mostly.08:26
namenlosi use it mainly because the autojoins and completion08:26
deus_exq:if I start it from console, using screen, can I detach/reattach to it when08:27
deus_exI start xorg?08:27
RyoSof course08:28
RyoSwhy not?08:28
nipuLi have my irc session on a remote server08:28
nipuLi use this command08:28
tilmanthat's the point08:28
RyoSnipuL: me too :)08:28
deus_exI must read man page for screen, then.08:28
tilmanme too, but i use irssi-proxy ;p08:28
nipuLssh -Ct $HOST screen -OUdr || ssh -Ct $HOST screen -OU irssi08:28
deus_excool :)08:30
aontreach: yeah, done, just haven't committed yet :)08:34
aonleft building when i went to bed last night08:35
aontreach: varsågod :)08:35
deus_ex'screen irssi' to start it, 'C-a d ' to detach, 'screen -D -R ' to reattach.Close enough?08:43
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deus_exthat was easy :)08:48
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j^2hey all09:05
jjpkhi j^209:05
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treachaon: Oh, ok. I though you just might have missed it.09:45
aoni usually run ck4up at least once per day :)09:45
treachok. I'll remeber that.09:46
nipuLugh, trying to play sound remotely, esd doesnt seem to work with mplayer anymore and nas is bogged down in X11R6 code, any ideas?09:47
nipuLas in alternatives09:47
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treach"We need an energy bill that encourages consumption". :D09:52
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Romeo-hou big are the basic install?10:42
onestepall installed core packages will take about 300 MB10:44
Romeo-also the base install like a server10:48
Romeo-lighttpd mysql php...10:48
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j^2Romeo-: i've gotten those three installed and hit i think ~600mbs, but i didnt strip everything i could10:56
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Romeo-the main page are down11:37
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* rehabdoll slaps prologic 13:46
rehabdollcontrib/ntp url is broken13:47
rehabdollalso, "ntpd" is not included and there's no source13:47
* ningo faints13:48
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Romeo- don't support e100?14:10
RyoSyou know is out?14:12
Romeo-i'm talking whit the iso cd14:18
jaeger2.6.15.6 should, the e100 cards are everywhere14:19
Romeo-i can't use it:)14:25
jaegerthe official CD or the updated one?14:27
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RyoSRomeo-: the cd can't answer questions because it lacks having a mouth14:31
acrux|ppcj^2: please, can you add some op in #crux-ppc ?14:44
j^2oh sorry14:44
j^2i completely forgot :(14:44
j^2i will in a bit14:44
acrux|ppcno problem14:44
acrux|ppcj^2: 'acrux' 'bisco' are registered nicks on freenode14:48
acrux|ppcso you can set those ones14:48
acrux|ppci must go away14:48
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jaegernew updated cd uploaded today15:56
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Romeo-sh: uncompress: command not found16:36
Romeo-for cs server:)16:36
Romeo-auf BSD läuft counterstrike nicht sauber16:43
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nullpointerwhat's up?20:06
treachthe celing.20:07
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