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pitilloOT interesting... today discover that nsa is involved in windows develop... Interesting point to think about.03:50
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namenloshi, does anyone have a devtodo package compiled on his machine?04:34
prologicnot here04:36
prologicwhy ?04:36
namenlosa new version of lftp is available: 3.5.9 (in opt: 3.5.6)04:37
namenlosprologic: it doesn't compile on my machine, because i got gcc 4.1.1 ...04:37
prologicI have gcc 4.0.3 here04:38
prologicit might compile here04:38
namenlosthanks, but lets wait, whether someone got it already compiled04:39
prologicyou should consider using hnb :)04:39
prologicnice little editor04:40
prologichas todo support04:40
namenlosah, i see04:41
namenlosbut i try to learn vi already ;)04:41
namenlosprologic: do you have the tilman, or vico repository already on your machine?04:49
mike_kprologic: have you recieved a mail regarding bug #161? (I mean, is it supposed that you recieve it if you are the person assigned?)04:51
prologicno I don't I'm sorry04:53
prologicmike_k, I have04:53
prologicI just haven't done anything about it yet04:53
mike_kgot an automated mail?04:54
nipuLi'm guess from the portsdb no one's using pulseaudio?04:55
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nipuLsweet, you can plug it into alsa, transperant network audio :)06:37
nipuLsome fucker just broke in while we were in the lounge room06:57
nipuLwe thought it was the screen door banging06:57
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HanYou just can't trust the wind these days.08:58
thrice`sure you can, just don't rely on it09:05
HanHow can you trust something if you can't rely on it? :P09:13
HanYou're speaking in Bushisms. :P09:14
thrice`i'm american, i've been beaten down to it...haha09:15
thrice`well, I trust it to exist, but don't rely on it for...transportation?  suppose it's not exactly applicable09:15
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j^2hey everybody09:20
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treachHan: I trust jaeger not to booby-trap his Pkgfiles, but I don't rely on him to provide them, or fix them if they don't work.09:33
treach(on the difference between trust and reliance.)09:33
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HanBoth words mean the same.10:06
treachno. otherwise there wouldn't be two different words.10:07
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treachI'll make it clearer. I trust his ports, and I trust him to fix them if they don't work.10:19
treachI don't have to *rely* on him to do it, because I can do it myself.10:20
RyoSreading the newspapers could provide better stuff to discuss about.. lets see10:20
thrice`better example10:20
treachthrice`: same example, just put a bit clearer.10:21
RyoSyesterday it said an old woman (100 y/o) moved out from that old peoples residence saying all those old farts make her sick10:21
ningoRyoS: murder, kill, death, war, torment, hunger, pain10:21
tilmanyay, murder10:22
ningotilman: you have a highlight on this word, don't you?10:22
tilmani have a hilight on torment10:23
tilmanbut i like murder too10:23
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ningoprologic: *nudge*12:06
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_mavrick61Hi.. Any one who know how to make a USB mem stick bootable with crux ISO17:58
Romeo-like any other linux18:01
_mavrick61Yes... But I have not found any good info when i search on google...18:02
RyoS_mavrick61: dont listen to Romeo-, he claims to be the super bsd user from outta space18:10
RyoSshould be about the same, but i dont know, i am not much intrested about booting linux from my stick so :p18:11
_mavrick61Thank's i'll check that out18:11
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