IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-01-13

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nipuL* refs/heads/origin: not updating to non-fast forward branch 'master' of git://
nipuL 0673cd8...907d9c702:01
nipuLany idea what that's supposed to mean?02:02
nipuLand how to fix it?02:02
nipuLtrying to pull opt into my local repo02:02
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nipuLpull -f fixed it03:34
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Romeo-Han,  i can't use your ports :)04:54
Romeo-i try to install e17, but it's not work04:54
HanI don't understand you.05:00
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tilmanprologic: close bug 10006:28
tilmanprologic: and i'd like to see some reaction of yours to bug 126, too ;D06:29
tilmanprologic: and possibly even 161 :D06:30
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RyoSsomeone already built wine 0.9.29?08:40
tilmanaon probably!08:45
RyoSi dont know what exactly is happening but i tried several times, when it wants to compile vartest.c it stops working, eats up ram and swap and makes the pc unusable :)08:47
tilmanhow much ram? :)08:54
RyoSi have 768 mb ram and it uses up to 60008:56
tilmanRyoS: i was asking cause i've seen g++ fuck up when i had only 256 mb ram (iirc)09:02
tilmanRyoS: it's unlikely it's the same problem here though09:02
RyoSi read about the error in winehq, but its from an much older version09:02
tilmanlet me try to reproduce it09:02
RyoStilman: i guess it could be -0309:08
tilmani think the common idea these days is that O3 is a bad idea anyway09:09
RyoSwell.. i guess so too.. its the first time i have troubles with it actually.. i will change back to -02 and try again now09:10
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RyoStilman: ok, builts fine, at least it passed vartest.c09:38
RyoSbuilt finished09:47
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deus_ex__if anyone needs a reason to drink tonight, rejoice, for it's New Year's Eve tonight :)09:56
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RyoSi dont need a reason to drink, but i will cheer with you for the new years eve09:57
tilmanSat Jan 13 16:58:16 CET 200709:58
* tilman scratches chin09:58
deus_extilman: ?09:59
tilmannew years eve was ~2 years ago09:59
tilmanweeks ;)09:59
deus_exthat depends on a calendar you're using, right?10:00
guaquache@xob:~$ ddate10:00
guaquaToday is Pungenday, the 13rd day of Chaos in the YOLD 317310:00
RyoSi use the one that comes with the playboy magazin .-.10:01
deus_exwell, ortodox church uses old calendar, which is 13 days behind, hence today is New Year's Eve ;)10:01
guaquathat's handy10:01
guaquayou can celebrate twice if you feel like it ;)10:01
deus_exRyoS: lol10:02
deus_exguaqua: it's more celebrated then the 'standard' New Year ;)10:04
deus_exand with around 12 C outside, it's more like a spring.10:06
guaquanot bad10:09
guaquait's above zero here again. snow melting :<10:09
tilmandeus_ex: yeah, it's a shame10:10
deus_exthis time last year it was -16C for a month or so, so this is kinda balance to last year :)10:15
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* Han is glad he lives on a hill.11:20
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prologictilman, all taken care of11:40
treach"CLOSED; WONTFIX" :P11:40
prologicfortunately, "Closed: Fixed" :)11:41
prologicnight all11:41
tilmanthanks, night11:41
prologicI hope I do get email notifications11:41
prologicI wasn't aware of those bugs till you mentioned them11:41
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tilmani don't think reporters can assign bugs to you11:45
tilmanso you should check for new bugs anyway11:45
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prologictilman, I do get them via an RSS feed18:06
prologicbut yeah shame bugs can't be automatically assigned to the right person given the port in question18:07
prologictaht'd be kinda cool18:07
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prologicJay morn'n18:39
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prologicwhat's the name of the alternative libc ?20:01
prologicthe smaller one20:01
prologicahh ulibc20:02
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