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trihas anybody here succesfully compiled g-wrap from source under crux ?06:25
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Romeo-i try to start the e17 wm,:)06:31
RyoSeveryone get cover!06:32
tilmangood for you06:32
RyoSthis is an emergency06:32
ningo_ohshitohshitoshitohshit I'm gonna die!!!06:37
RyoSi am sorry to say, sir, but you already are06:37
guaquaRomeo-: /join #enlightenment or /join #e or /join #e1706:38
ningo_or /join #randomtopicsnobodyreallycaresabout06:38
tilmanit's #e06:39
RyoSi will join #beer06:39
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tilmankein bier vor vier06:39
RyoSfrühshoppen ;)06:39
guaquai need a wine bottle opener06:41
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RyoSguaqua: google should have soem06:41
tilmanhello Romeo-06:41
aonguaqua: buy bottles with twist caps :)06:45
guaqua"why did  you choose that wine"06:46
guaqua"it's got a twist cap, i mean after's the main criteria"06:46
guaqualos alcoholistas06:47
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tilmanlol :)07:01
tilmanfor the love of god07:02
tilmancontact the maintainer of that port already07:02
ningo_ you love me?07:05
ningo_thx, but no.07:05
tilmananother quality joke brought to you by ningo07:05
ningo_yeah, I'm working very hard07:06
RyoSi cant stop laughing07:06
guaquaand the crowd can't help laughing07:06
ningo_I hope you appreciate it07:06
aoni think i broke some bones while laughing07:06
aonbbl, hospital ->07:06
guaquai think i might break some ningo's bones if i start laughing07:06
RyoSgl hf07:06
tilmanget well soon :/07:06
ningo_Romeo-: here's a tip: use irssi with screen, so that you don't have to reconnect every time you kill your X07:09
tilmani have a feeling his english vocabulary consists of only "hello"07:19
RyoSmight be true07:20
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onestepguaqua, about an openers: "drink <bottle; opener" is not working? ;)07:34
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onestepI'm about the same problem...07:35
onestep$ cat "can of food"07:35
onestepcat: cannot open can of food07:35
tilmanscrewdriver? knife? ...07:36
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aoncat: can of food: No such file or directory07:43
tilmanditto on linux/crux 2.207:44
tilmanheh, didn't notice that "linux/obsd" doesn't make sense as i understood it07:45
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jdolan_nipuL, i think i'll have a pymp 1.0 today.11:09
jdolan_i haven't touched this code in over a year.  for some reason it seemed like the right thing to do today :)11:09
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ningo_anyone here knows a mp3 player with at least 1gb, ogg and radio and of course unix support? ;)11:31
guaquai'm interested too11:32
onestepwith at least 1gb of what? of compiled code? :)11:36
jaegerstorage, presumably11:36
onestepah, it's about a portable mp3 player... nevermind :)11:37
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treachonestep: Presumeably it depends on how strong you are, and for how long/short time on batteries you'd accept. :)11:58
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tilmani could be blind and/or stupid, but...15:42
tilmanis prt-get missing a 'depupdate' command?15:42
tilmanlike, update, but install dependencies first?15:42
jdolantilman, prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep myport`15:51
jdolan(but sure, a command would be nice)15:51
tilmanyeah, consistency, intuitivity, yadda yadda15:52
jaegerit's been discussed in the past, ask cptn15:54
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treachwatch it, or we'll end up with some "portupgrade" abnomination, written in ruby.. ;)16:36
* tilman rewrites /usr/bin/crux in ruby16:39
* treach runs "portupgrade -airRA tilman"16:40
guaquai'm ending up doing the computers for dummies class excercises in an english group :D16:40
guaquawith only one attendee at the moment: me16:40
guaqualearning excel :D16:41
tilmansounds exciting!16:41
treachat least it it's not word.16:41
aonexcel isn't that much nicer16:42
tilmanthey'll probably do word next months16:42
treachactually you can have some fun with excel16:42
treachword is just so damed boring.16:42
guaquapowerpoint :D16:42
guaquaand above all HTML!16:42
treachI think it even might defined boredom. (word that is)16:42
tilmanone of these apps had an easter egg16:42
tilmanwith balloons16:42
tilmanand stuff16:42
aonmany of them have16:43
guaquawell, lots of irc time then16:43
aonsome excel had a flight simulator, iirc :)16:43
treachpowerpoint is a bit limted imo. but excel has lots of stuff in it.16:43
treachactually, of all ms-apps.. I think excel might be the one I hate the least.16:44
guaquasame here16:44
guaquaand access is like excel on drugs16:45
guaquacos it's mostly not used any better :D16:45
guaquabut there's always the potential :D16:45
treachaccess is probably one of the most misused apps out there, right after word..16:45
aoni thought <insert ms app> 101 was what you do in the first classes in vocational school :)16:46
guaquaaon: no. it's everywhere16:46
guaquaat my school we actually do more advanced unix stuff on mandatory courses. this one i'm taking is optional16:46
aonso why are you taking it? :)16:46
guaquaeasy points16:47
guaquaor credit in universal terms16:47
guaqualess hassle with the student grants16:47
* treach mutters something about idiots who use access a public database, and even worse idiots who use word to make bugets etc..16:48
guaquawhere do you study btw, aon ?16:48
guaquaword is like the swiss knife...16:49
aonin a vocational school :)16:49
guaqua...a swiss knife you can barely fit into your suv16:49
aonhigh school (or whatever lukio actually is in english), too16:49
aonhalf a year to go16:50
treachguaqua: yeah. with a folding blade that is especially desigend to amputate your fingers..16:50
guaquaaon: this is mandatory as a first course:
guaquatreach: something like that16:50
aonah yes, a friend of mine told me about that course too16:51
guaquathey actually teach us how to use irc with irssi in a mandatory class :D16:51
aonalso studying @ hut16:51
aonand emacs too :D16:52
guaquai'm switching to the university side to study computer science16:52
guaquai'm not your general engineer type when it comes to some subjects ;)16:52
aoni've thought of studying that after i'm done with the killing school :)16:52
tilmanmandatory irssi class, mmmmh16:53
guaquawell, no classes at 8 in the morning :>16:53
aonbut probably @ uta or jyu16:53
guaquawhere are you from, aon?16:53
guaquahelsinki area or?16:53
aonnear Pori16:53
guaquaturku university has some interesting stuff too16:53
guaquaso uta has comp science too, not just tty?16:54
aonwe're going for a "field trip" to utu on Tuesday16:54
guaquathe technical universities are okay if you are good at math16:54
guaquaif you're not...then it's not the right choice16:55
aoni have a B16:55
guaquain regular universities you can get away with less math in computer science16:55
guaquai graduated cum laude with the wide math curriculum16:55
treachcomp sci is so wide it's redicolous.16:55
guaquabut it was more to do with luck than :D16:55
guaquacomp sci is fascinating in many ways16:56
guaquaa lot more fascinating than mechanical engineering, which i'm supposed to be studying now16:56
aonyeah, mine was wide too16:56
treachsome places it's just as much math as the guys who get a master in electrical engineering, some places it's barely more than you get *before* getting to the uni.16:57
guaquafinnish technical universities require the same amount of math classes regardless of what you study - electrical engineering, computer science, geomatics16:58
guaquathe curriculum is a bit different in each of course, but in general16:59
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blizzis it possible to install xfce with x11r7? seems like it lacks iceauth or something17:39
jaegerjust find the package it's in and install that17:40
blizzx11 :-/17:44
blizzi think theres no x11r7 replacement package yet17:44
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rehabdollyeah there are18:47
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