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treachhm. anyone who knows why configure would complain about "invalid host type" if you try building from a port, but not otherwise?05:51
rehabdolli had some similar issues a few months ago, solved it by rewriting the Pkgfile06:06
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rehabdollno idea what was actually wrong in the first one though06:06
treachah. Found it. gxine *really* wants it's own playlistparsers.06:13
treachor at least disabling them triggers something broken.06:14
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jdolan_if anyone here runs Pymp, i'd appreciate a rating from you here:
guaquajdolan_: i've been thinking of including pymp into my own mplayer thingie14:12
tilmani don't, but i voted anyway14:12
guaquaor at least use it in it14:12
thrice`jdolan_, pardon me for not trying, but can it sort playlists?  Say I have 2000 songs, and I want them alphabetically by artist?14:13
jdolan_thanks tilman ;)14:13
tilmanno, i gave it 1/1014:13
jdolan_thrice`, it can not, but that's a nice idea for a feature!14:13
tilman8.88 seemed pretty high14:14
* jdolan_ kicks tilman in the euronuts14:14
jdolan_yea i was actually surprised by the ranking, i hadn't checked on it in a year.14:14
jdolan_i updated the project details just now to reflect the 1.0 release.14:14
aoni looked at gnomefiles and thought "wait, looks like osnews"14:15
aonthen i looked at the comments :D14:15
guaquajdolan_: i'd like my software to be able to sort through some tv series dirs which have files from different sources. so for example episode one has it marked as s01e01, the second one is 1x0214:15
guaquabut maybe i could create a library for that and include it?14:15
jdolan_i've accepted patches from cruxers for pymp before.14:15
jdolan_nipul has contributed several times.14:15
guaquain general it seems terrific, something i've been fantasizing about many a times when not being able to read the file names from my far away sofa :D14:16
jdolan_a generic file sorting "library" would be nice.  Sort could be a sub-menu of the playlist menu, with several sorting criteria.  for example, i've been building my mp3 collection for 10 years.  sometimes i feel like listening to whatever i purchased in 2001.14:17
thrice`jdolan_, your repo still says version 0.9 :)14:17
jdolan_thrice`, my ports ...suck.14:17
jdolan_i'm a bad crux maintainer.14:17
tilmanjdolan_: only 10 votes though14:17
tilmani guess only people who like the app actually vote anyway14:17
guaquajdolan_: another nice thing would also be autosort in the beginning depending on the command line instructions14:18
tilmanif you're pissed off at that piece of junk, you don't go and waste another minute on voting on it14:18
tilman(in general)14:18
jdolan_sure, there should be a preference to auto-reorder any time files are enqueued.14:18
aonunless it _really_ pisses you off14:18
jdolan_tilman, you'd think so.  but there are some strange, bored, idle people out there ;)14:19
tilman... from finland14:19
jdolan_does vektori still show up sometimes?14:19
guaquajdolan_: does pymp also accept adding files to the playlist with command line commands?14:20
tilman@seen vektori14:20
clbtilman: vektori was last seen in #crux 16 weeks, 6 days, 6 hours, 45 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: <vektori> Hrmmh. :\14:20
jizzbottilman: I have not seen vektori.14:20
jdolan_yea, just call `pymp whatever.mp3` and it will enqueue if an instance is already running.14:20
tilmanjizzbot: you suck14:20
jizzbottilman: Error: "you" is not a valid command.14:20
jdolan_(or start a new instance if not)14:20
guaquathen off course, let's get complicated...and add audioscrobbler support ;)14:21
jdolan_you're on your own!14:21
jdolan_i like pymp at < 2KLOC14:21
guaquait'd just need some threading, really ;)14:21
guaquaand then dcop support :D14:22
jdolan_i have a confession to make.. i was just about to try to update my ports.14:22
jdolan_i'm not even running CRUX on my primary workstation anymore.14:22
guaquamaybe i could live without dcop though :/14:23
jdolan_it was given to me by my new employer, and i put edgy on it because i needed something quickly.14:23
guaquaand i prefer using amarok for music anyway so14:23
tilmanjdolan_: didn't you promise (with lots of tears and stuff) to be more active in the near year (this one)? ;))14:23
jdolan_yes :'(14:23
guaquaonly bad thing about edgy is that i don't know how debian packaging works :>14:23
jdolan_guaqua, the best thing about edgy is that you don't have to.14:24
guaquatrue that14:24
jdolan_i've never run debian before and i was off and running in no time.14:24
guaquabut i also maintain a few debian systems so i'd like to learn a little14:24
jdolan_Synaptic takes care of everything, and if your machine is fast enough to swallow GNOME, there's really nothing to complain about.14:25
jdolan_everything works great out of the box.14:25
guaquayuck, gnome :S14:25
guaquai'm on the kubuntu side on this desktop14:25
guaquaand yes, installing and setting everything up is a breeze14:25
jdolan_yea, it setup a dual boot to winxp automagically.14:26
jdolan_i was worried that it was going to eat winxp, but instead it added it to grub (?) perfectly.14:26
guaquabut whenever i need to do something specific and need to know exactly how it works...that's where crux comes in14:26
jdolan_i feel like a total cheater, but at the same time i'm able to just get work done and not worry about configuration and dependencies etc.14:26
jdolan_guaqua, that's true.  perhaps i'm only so comfortable on ubuntu because CRUX taught me what's really going on.14:27
guaquai feel like im cheating too14:27
guaquabut then again, i have a crux server14:27
guaquaand i wuv it :)14:27
jdolan_me too, is a CRUX box, and my old notebook which now lives powered on and under my couch is running CRUX as well.14:32
jdolan_and there are 12 or so CRUX boxes i setup at my old officce.14:33
* treach is back to were he came from, but with crux beneath fvwm rather than slackware. :)14:33
jdolan_hi treach14:36
treachhi jay.14:36
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sepenjdolan, why are you testing the bot here?19:28
jdolani'm not testing.  he's just here.19:28
sepenyes, but for why?19:29
jdolani had him join once upon a time.  apparently it was written to his config.19:29
jdolandoes he bother you?19:29
sepenIm interesting on irc bots, only is that!19:30
sepenI written also an irc shell script with netcat and bash19:31
sepenpitillo tells me about supybot this week19:32
sepennow Im going to bed, later!19:33
* sepen zZz.z.z.zz19:33
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