IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-01-17

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Romsterhi everyone pitillo02:24
pitillogood morning Romster02:29
Romsteractually woke up at 7pm hehe02:31
Romsteri know i've been quiet on irc but i'm very active still been doing networks and fixing computers alot recently02:32
pitillonice, here a bit of work too :)02:35
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nipuLjdolan: what's new in pymp 1.0?04:18
nipuLdont worry, found the changelog04:19
rxi_lol pymp is still in development04:20
nipuLlast commit was 3 days ago04:21
nipuLand found a bug already04:26
nipuLi bet he put it in there just for me :]04:27
rxi_just wanted to see if your still using it :P04:29
nipuLtime.sleep(0.05)  #allow time for output04:29
nipuLcome on jay you can do better than that04:29
nipuLrxi_: why, what do you use?04:34
rxi_winamp + vlc atm since i havent gotten around to intalling crux on my new lappy04:34
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jdolan_nipuL, indeed, select/poll would be better.06:14
jdolan_but alas, i like boys.06:14
jdolan_(no, really, please remember i wrote that 2 years ago, and it was the first python i wrote ;))06:14
jdolan_nipuL, what's the bug, tho?06:18
nipuLwell 2 now06:18
onestepdoes anybody know how to stop slim of writing log? :)06:18
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jdolan_cool.  email 'em?06:18
onestep(without patching it ;) )06:18
nipuLthe display will switch from % to time randomly, or just blank out06:18
nipuLcontinous play is broken06:18
jdolan_what speed proc are you using?  the time/progress may have to do with whatever filetype youre playing, as well.06:20
jdolan_basically, that's on mplayer, if it's broken.06:21
nipuLamd64 3000+06:21
jdolan_the only time i ever see % is when i seek via the progress bar.06:22
jdolan_which is intentional/acceptable.06:22
jdolan_it immediately jumps back to time as soon as mplayer catches up.06:22
jdolan_MPlayer 2:0.99+1.0pre8-0ubuntu8 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team06:23
jdolan_CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU         T7200  @ 2.00GHz (Family: 6, Model: 15, Stepping: 6)06:23
nipuLMPlayer 1.0rc1-4.1.1 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team06:26
nipuLCPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+ (Family: 15, Model: 31, Stepping: 0)06:26
nipuLa better solution to time.sleep might be using 2 gobject timers06:30
nipuLone to get the data, the other to display the current value06:30
nipuLperhaps not, then there'd need to be some sort of syncronisation06:31
jdolan_yea.  select would work, tho.06:31
jdolan_you won't patch it 8)06:32
jdolan_you're in the about dialog.06:32
jdolan_does that give you wood?06:32
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nipuLmaybe just a half mongrel06:32
jdolan_chubs 4 life06:33
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jdolan_i have about half of the stuff done for sorting the playlist by various criteria.06:34
jdolan_sort by title, full path, ctime, and atime.06:34
nipuLi'll have a play with the code next week, going to the big day out this weekend06:35
nipuLone day, 8 stages06:36
jdolan_i'm quickly becoming late for work06:36
rxi_nipuL: goldie or syd?06:36
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nipuLi have ticket #4462706:37
nipuLthey sell about 50000 on gold coast06:37
Romstergit repo contrib has quite alot of world wriatable files.06:37
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nipuLthat's why it's contrib06:38
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onestepone more question about a SLiM - how to disable a creation of /.fonts.cache?07:04
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* treach goes bonkers.. if "bindkey '^[[3~' delete-char" is typed in a terminal, it works..08:09
treachbut if it's put in .zshrc it doesn't. :-/08:09
treachbah. Note to self. Don't set your keybindings and *then* set "bindkey -e" ...08:18
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trii had a problem to install imlbase from the contrib collection. i simply rename the folder from imlbase to ilmbase (which i think is the real name). anyone can solve this ?10:50
tilmano___O @ name mixup10:51
tilmantri: file a bug, kthxbye10:51
tilmana misnamed directory shouldn't cause package build failure10:52
tilmanbut who knows, given your crappy error "description"10:52
triok i put into the bugtracker10:54
tilmanmake sure it goes into the right "project"10:54
aonbuilds here10:55
Romstertri, already fixed the folder name10:55
aontilman: he said install failure :)10:55
aon$ sudo prt-get install ilmbase10:56
aon-- Packages not found10:56
triproblems with contrib collection ports are reported to the bug tracker ?10:56
aon$ ls /usr/ports/packages/ilmbase#0.9.0-1.pkg.tar.gz10:56
Romsterports -u10:56
Romsterbut that shouldn't stop it from building..10:56
tilmantri: yes, but for project "crux-contrib" ...10:56
tritilman: ah - ok thx.10:56
tilmanpeople who put rcs tags into contrib/* should be slapped for days10:57
tilmansepen: are you jose beneyto?10:57
Romsteraon *shrugs* is renamed the direcetory now anyways but thats just odd11:00
aonRomster: nope, apparently prt-geet checks if the port exists before installing11:00
Romsteryes the name was correct but not the directory name.11:01
triyes the problem was the folder name11:01
Romstermaybe it broke depinst but not installing each package like i did when i ported them.11:01
Romsteri checked earlier and spotted that so no need to file a bug.11:02
Romstergenearly a quick "romster problem with <port> problem found is..." will get me to see it and fix it fairly quickly, if not email or the bug tracker.11:03
trithat was real fast thank you romster11:06
Romsteri checked over the ports earlier actually 4 or so hours ago11:08
Romstertri, your welcome :) just make sure you do a ports -u b4 you report a problem :) or look in git web first.11:10
sepen|workwhy clb doesn't display git commit changes? clb rocks! (clb Update from contrib ...)11:23
sepen|worktilman, Im Jose11:27
tilmansepen|work: please consider your use of rcs tags in contrib.git11:28
sepen|workI need to read about this, Im only using this guide
tilmanyeah well11:31
sepen|workIm using subversion at work, but not rcS, it's difficult?11:31
tilmanhead -n 1 contrib/true-combat-elite/Pkgfile11:32
tilmandoesn't serve any purpose at all in git11:33
tilmanso why do you put it in?11:33
sepen|workIm going to remove this11:34
sepen|workthat's all?11:34
sepen|workI put this by taking an example from another user, surely!11:35
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sepen|workenemy-territory commited11:39
sepen|worktilman, I need some minutes to change all my ports11:39
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sepen|worktilman, all commited, and thanks to advice me11:49
schniggiehi all11:53
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surelywheee. flash 9 final. finally.12:02
surelyunlimited access to youtube crap. :p12:03
tilmanwhat happened to the treach?12:03
surelyon vacation. ;)12:03
tilmani see :p12:03
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RedShiftsurely: flash 9 final for linux?12:15
RedShiftabout time :-)12:16
surelyyeah. surely they want to get a move on before something like gnash catches on.12:17
RedShifttell me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy12:24
RedShiftthe guy that sings that surely has some longuecontents :-D12:24
surelyall non smokers I trust?12:25
RedShiftno idea :-D12:25
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Auge^hi! friends of japanese... which tools do i need for writing japanese (kana, kanji)? viewing with FF2 or OOo2 is fine.14:29
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RyoSAuge^: modify xmodmap i would say14:29
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Auge^RyoS: mh, i want to switch between the input modes... romanji/kana/kanji14:31
RyoSyou can do that14:31
Auge^do you have a link for a howto?14:31
RyoSsorry i dont :/ just have read about it sometime ago, thought it would be funny to make one but nah..14:32
treachAuge^: scim sounds like it could be of some use. I know you can accomplish what you're trying in (k)ubuntu with that.14:33
Auge^ :)14:33
treachno personal experience though.14:33
Auge^learning japanese without typing on keyboard... mh... sucks =)14:34
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Auge^ah! xvkbd is the simplest method :) and installed already15:20
Auge^mh, but doesn't work correctly :/15:21
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morukuAnyone feel like helping me out comparing FreeBSD ports with crux ports?16:19
treachisn't that what "diff" is for?16:20
Hanman cmp16:20
morukuI meant in the ways they work.16:20
treachthis -> isn't adequate?16:22
rehabdolldamn, its way too easy to make you do all the work treach :)16:25
morukuBut it doesn't really go into HOW it works more like what the hell you are supposed to type here and there.16:26
rehabdolltreach - the official #crux url-fetcher16:26
treachI don't know. I don't really define hitting someone over the head witht the handbook as "work" :)16:26
morukuWell, it still doesn't go into much on HOW it works.16:29
rehabdollits quite simple.. the Pkgfile controls the build process and then creates a tar.gz package16:30
morukuWhy couldn't they just do those cool BSD makefiles instead? :(16:31
rehabdollthe package gets decompressed and untarred in the filesystem and the package content is recorded in a db-file16:31
morukuIt was pretty rad.16:31
treachbecause they suck!16:31
morukuYou'd type "make; make install" and it'd be done in a bit.16:32
morukutreach: Elaborate on that one.16:32
treachand pkgmk -d -i is sooo much harder..16:32
morukuWhy they suck.16:32
treachmoruku: those makefiles are waaaaay too complicated.16:32
treachjust compare the makefile for sylpheed and the pkgfile for it side by side and you'll se.16:33
treachthe makefile looks positively absurd that way.16:33
treachlook. the Pkgfile for sylpheed is sligthy *more* complicated than the average I guess.16:35
treachit's 22 lines, including the header..16:35
morukuRight, so the making of your own packages might be easier.16:36
morukuBut the hell's up with all these repos dirs? :/16:36
morukuYou can't say that makes stuff easy to find...16:36
treachthere is no need. use prt-get. or scratch the searching, and make a port yourself.16:37
jjpksimple, crux is a small project, they are user ports.16:37
treachthat way you cut out the retarded packagers that think a small gtk-ui filemanager needs the entire gnome DE...16:38
morukuThe hell's that?16:38
treachsomething I'd kill for if I could get it on fbsd..16:39
morukuThat was helpful.16:39
treachgoogle for it. the manual is the first hit.16:39
morukuBloody front-ends...16:40
treachbloody ignorance16:41
morukuWhat do I ignore?16:42
treachseems your ignorant of the meaning of ignorance. -> lack of knowledge16:42
rehabdollahh, the friendly #crux spirit :)16:43
morukuGotta love it eh?16:43
treachhey, don't look at me. I'm not the arrogant prick that dissmisses stuff out of hand without any knowledge about it.16:44
morukuNeither am I.16:44
morukuObviously I dislike front-ends to front-ends.16:44
morukuIt's like wrapping twice.16:45
treachdismissing prt-get as a "bloody frontend" is definitely both arrogant and ignorant.16:45
morukuObviously I'm not even looking for a goddam fronted.16:45
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treachI'm not telling you to use it, I'm just telling you it alliviates a lot of your percived difficulties.16:46
morukuBut why not keep everything in a single repos? I don't get that idea.16:47
treachbecause they have different status.16:47
morukuAnd for user-submitted ports you could send them to the dev-team and they'd check them?16:47
morukuAnd why did they split core and opt?16:48
morukuThat's just ridiculous to me.16:48
treachbecause the opt is optional, you might not want/need them. core is presumed to always be needed.16:48
morukuSo you are telling me to install everything in core if I use crux?16:48
morukuI don't think you NEED every single goddam packet in core.16:49
treachDid I say that?16:49
nipuL"presumed" was the keyword16:49
morukuSo why not just put them in the same repos?16:49
bd2moruku, isn't merging /usr/ to / ridiculous to you? ;-) the same with core/opt16:50
morukuIt would make things easier to find and you'd not have to check both repos to find the port you are looking for.16:50
nipuLthat's right, the core ports are required for system operation. not userland activities16:50
morukuI still don16:51
nipuLi hear ubuntu is quite popular16:51
morukuhate when I accidentally hit enter.16:51
morukunipuL: Ubuntu must die.16:51
morukuThey can't even include a damned buildenvironment...16:51
treachmoruku: if you want to find some port and you don't know where it is, you use prt-get to search. what's so damned hard about that?16:52
treachI might even add it's a damned sight better than the situation you get in fbsd..16:52
morukutreach: Can you BROWSE ports with prt-get?16:52
morukuI don't think you can.16:53
treachthing:~% prt-get info rdate16:53
treachName:         rdate16:53
bd2moruku, I'd suggest you to use CRUX at least for a couple of days, and then and only then making your POV on what is ridiculous in CRUX16:53
treachPath:         /usr/ports/core16:53
morukuRight, I still don't understand why to split up ports. With user-submitted stuff I do understand that you would want either a sanity-check or another repos but that could be solved by approving user-submitted ports.16:55
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nipuLthink of opt as the 'official' contrib16:56
treachget this. ONLY core and opt are official repos. Contrib is semi-official, and some cooperation supposed to happen there.16:56
morukuI could seriously see an improvement by sticking core + opt as one and keeping contrib.16:57
treachwhatever other repos you might find are *not* offical, and wether you trust them or not is a deal between you and they guy who's repo you're using.16:57
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morukuThat'd totally make sense to me.16:57
nipuLpersonally i like the core/opt setup, what would be nice if there were core only isos16:57
nipuLmake the download even smaller16:57
onestepi dont think the merging is a good idea16:57
onestepin previous version of crux there were no contrib AFAIR16:58
morukuonestep: What gives by splitting it up? What makes that setup better?16:58
treachin what way does it make it worse?16:58
nipuLhow does a mega repo make things easier?16:59
morukutreach: Manual browsing, as I stated before.16:59
onestepnipuL is right16:59
treachmoruku: find?16:59
morukuEver seen the FreeBSD ports?16:59
nipuLoh god16:59
treachI whish I hadn't16:59
nipuLthat 800 pund gorilla16:59
morukuThere you got distinct categories?16:59
treachthere is a small difference..16:59
morukuYea, it's a huge-ass sob. Just that you actually get where the hell stuff is.17:00
treachfreebsd has infintely more resouces than crux, and about 10 times as many ports.17:00
nipuLand 100 times more contributers17:00
nipuLprobably 100 times more17:00
nipuLthey have the time and resources to maintain the beast17:00
treachmoruku: for what it's worth there was some work in progress about categorizing the ports, but I think it kind of died when cptn quit.17:01
morukuSeriously, there should really be a FreeBSD with a linux kernel and driver support.17:01
treach(cptn was the author of prt-get)17:01
morukuAlternatively, there should be working wacom drivers for FreeBSD.17:01
nipuLname an open driver that works on linux that doesnt on freebsd17:02
morukuThe wacom driver.17:02
morukuOr well, it's maintained by contributors.17:03
morukuNot by the wacom team.17:03
HanHmmm I have cruxports working on OpenBSD. :-)17:03
morukuHan: O.o17:03
HanPretty easy to port it to FreeBSD.17:03
morukuWhy? :S17:03
treachhe's a lost cause.17:03
HanWhat a silly question.17:03
morukuWell, I dunno if the licence supports that.17:03
morukuThe GPL/BSD licence.17:04
morukuI don't think they make a good couple.17:04
nipuLwhat does that have to do with anything17:04
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morukuWhy you can't port the linuxwacom project to FreeBSD.17:04
onestepwhy should we?17:05
nipuLyou mean like the ext2fs module?17:05
nipuLthere are plenty of freebsd drivers that are gpl'd17:05
nipuLwell maybe not plenty, but a few17:05
nipuLfreebsd even comes with gcc, which is gpl'd17:05
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treach"Watch out! The mighty GPL monster is going to eat you!"17:06
* jjpk runs17:06
nipuLaye, comrade17:06
jjpkbow to the almighty gpl monster. it'll eat your soul17:06
* moruku lashes the gpl monster with an Ubuntu Live-CD.17:07
treachWell done. If all FUD-monsters could be defeated as easily.17:07
jjpkubuntu is loaded but everything is not standard.17:08
onestepUbuntu is the best Linux distro around the world :)17:08
morukuDude, everything can be defeated by a Ubuntu Live-CD, those are some scary bastards.17:08
onestep(for the lamers_17:08
jjpkAgain, it does not imply you can not install the proper environment.17:08
morukuNo fucking build environment or anything >.<17:08
treachonestep: have you been talking to anselm?17:09
onestepI'm opening moruku's eyes :)17:09
onestepmoruku: please do not read (...)17:09
morukuonestep: The hell are you on about.17:09
morukuUbuntu is the worst piece of fucking junk, EVER.17:10
jjpkubuntu is a general distribution AND a binary distro, many people wouldn't even need gcc or other development related stuff.17:10
morukuArrgh, why can't someone just port FreeBSD ports to linux allready?17:11
jjpkwho is stopping you? :D17:11
morukuHrm, I got a brilliant idea.17:11
jjpkgo for it.17:11
onestep'cause there's no need?17:11
morukuI'm going to get the damned ports tarball.17:11
treachthat would certainly be like putting the cart infront of the horse17:11
morukuAnd try using it, haha.17:11
morukubummer, this live-cd doesn't have a build env. fucking ubuntu...17:12
morukuThe only shit I could find around my room that wasn't broken and included OpenOffice so I could finnish my work.17:12
*** onestep has quit IRC17:20
morukuonestep must die.17:20
Hanopinions suck17:21
jjpkThen you wonder why there is so much hostility ;)17:21
treachwell, generally this place isn't hostile.17:22
treachbut when people just barge in being all negative, things tend to get out of hand.17:22
jjpkThis is not the place to hand out death warrants on people/ideas ;)17:23
morukutreach: Just when "bothersome" people like me comes around?17:23
treachwell, people here are expected to use google, for starters.17:23
morukutreach: You don't think I do?17:23
treachnot judging stuff you know nothing about comes close second I guess.17:24
treachyou didn't for prt-get for instance.17:24
morukuI tend to judge stuff from what I DO know and then let others prove me wrong, _if_ I'm wrong.17:24
treachoh really. is that so? I'd call that trolling.17:27
morukuYou do?17:27
treachAnd btw. It's another nail in that *arrogant* coffin I spoke of earlier..17:27
treach"I'm right, prove me wrong..." ;>17:28
morukuYou got me all wrong there.17:28
moruku"I believe this according to what I know so far, prove me wrong and give me opinions/ideas."17:29
HanWhy bother?17:29
treachwhy should I?17:29
treachIt's entirely your loss if you walk around with the wrong ideas..17:30
morukuHaha, this is going to be fun.17:33
morukuI've always dreamt of doing this.17:33
morukuBut it's prolly not going to work since Ubuntu doesn't include a build env.17:34
morukuI'm fetching the ports tarball :P17:34
moruku35M O.o17:35
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bd2just chanced upon:
treachoh, Mr "5 min-review"17:56
treachgreat, a firm grasp on reality figuring there..17:57
jjpkyou can tell this "reviewer" took the time for a wholesome review :]17:57
treach"why on earth would KISS mean a small number of packages" -> I *think* this is called a "non-sequitur" ...17:58
jjpkThat is what happens when you don't bother investigating further.17:59
jjpkor the other alternative, just make it yourself.17:59
treachNo, it's what happens when you're blabbering instead of thinking.18:00
bd2anyone tried to port slapt-get into crux? That "review" is only useful stuff I've found by googling "slapt-get crux" :-)18:00
treachyou call this "usefull"? =|18:00
bd2treach, yup. at least that's funny to read ;-)18:01
treachsad, really. sad.18:02
jjpkI think this sums it up nicely ->
morukubd2: Why would you want slapt-get on crux? Crux pkg system is better.18:02
treachZIOMG? I thought it was useless?18:03
bd2moruku, actually crux pkg system ("ports") is source based. Compiling sources on a slow ARM platform is a bit difficult ;-) thus I'm searching good binary pkg management system18:04
morukutreach: Better than slapt-get :S18:04
morukubd2: crux on an ARM platform? :S18:04
bd2moruku, yup18:04
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC18:06
bd2heh.. will ask maro then. He is maintaining apt, dpkg and slapt-get in his repo.. I was always wondering why ;-)18:19
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nipuLjust build a cross compiler18:42
nipuLheh 'just'18:42
treachqemu could be handy for that iirc.18:43
bd2nipuL, I've already built cross compiler, and binary packages building on host (PC) for the target. Now I want simple tool to download+install/upgrade binary packages on target side18:53
* treach waits for jdolan to pop up and plug pkg-get.. :D18:54
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux18:54
bd2already looked at pkg-get and pkgsync too. not acceptable for my needs18:54
treachIf you say so. It wouldn't stop him though. ;)18:54
bd2as for pkg-get, it's nice tool, but I don't have perl on target (and not planning to setup)18:56
treachwtf? I think I just saw a lightning out side..18:59
treachfirst time ever I've seen a thunderstorm in january..18:59
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nipuLwe got snow in november here19:16
treachwhat a coincidence. we didn't.19:16
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:16
treachneither in december.19:16
treachI guess someone turned the map upside down at the delivery service.19:17
*** thrice` has quit IRC19:17
*** thrice` has joined #crux19:17
nipuLthats like getting snow at the end of april up there19:17
nipuLin merlbourne they had a white christmas19:18
treachyeah, I know. You crazy bastards run around in santa costumes in the middle of the summer. :P19:18
treachwell, almost, I guess. Presumeably your sheep-tending neighbours is closer to it.19:20
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nipuLaccording to a survey, CRUX has a 0.001% market share of linux users20:02
treachNow, where is anselm? :P20:04
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thrice`lol, which survey is that?20:04
treachactually, I'm frequently surprised by running into cruxers. Seems there are a lot more than you'd (or at least I )think.20:06
thrice`i never have20:07
thrice`but I live in the states20:07
thrice`I've run into a slackware user, though20:07
treachI meant on irc, in linux oriented channels. :)20:09
nipuLthis town is full of FC/Ubuntu weiners20:17
nipuLmainly because the computer science server is running FC20:17
nipuLor atleast was last time i was enrolled20:18
thrice`as are ours20:18
thrice`with some of the labs having RHEL20:18
nipuLyep, FC420:18
treachFC is clearly overrated.20:18
nipuLooh, it's been upgraded to an x86_6420:18
nipuL8x Opteron 85020:19
treachmoney to burn?20:20
nipuLthe server gets upgraded every few years20:20
nipuLthe old ones go to the labs, or resold20:20
nipuLit needs more memory, only 16gb20:22
treachpoor thing.20:22
nipuLduring uni it peaks at about 250 users20:22
nipuLand the default desktop is gnome20:22
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Romstermoruku, prt-get info or search name prt-get help, or look on the ports database if its not listed create your own package/port, its that simple21:55
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thrice`Han, still can't browse your ports from a web browser :(    /~hanb/software/crux/getmail/ was not found on this server.23:47

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