IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-01-18

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namenloshi, is there in the ports somewhere a console program to burn CDs?02:37
namenlosah, i found cdrkit...02:37
namenlosanyone ever tried to install crux on a lenovo thinkpad t43p?03:37
pitillothere ara some docs about ccrux and laptops at Did you take a loook to them?03:43
namenlosisn't there03:45
pitilloyeah, I mean that other docs may be can help you. I made one helped by the others, and then added it.03:46
namenlosthe problem is that when i ..... ahh, finally it worked03:49
namenlosthe start parameter was CRUX root=/dev/hdc, not /dev/hda...03:50
namenlosfound it as you said in one of those documents03:50
namenlosbtw: the link for the "CRUX PPC iBook HowTo" seems not to point at the right location.03:51
pitillogood point, may be we need to tell viper about the broken link03:53
pitilloif you finally install CRUX on it, you can add it to docs too. Can be interesting for other users.03:55
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namenlosyes, i will try, but at the moment i got problems with that...03:56
namenlosi'm able to boot with root=/dev/hbd03:57
namenlosbut that doesn't seem the right disk.03:57
namenlosso then i tried cfdisk /dev/sda, and there where all windows partitions -> the right one.03:57
namenlosif i then boot with root=/dev/sda i get a kernel panic...03:58
pitillonamenlos, did you try with sd* ?03:58
namenlospitillo: you mean sd{b,c,d} ?03:59
namenlosno, only sda, because that seemed to be the right one...03:59
namenlosman, i'm so stupid....04:00
namenlosi got so specify the cdrom, not the target hdd... *hit-me*04:01
pitillobrbrbrbr donĀ“t worry man....04:02
namenlosis a long time ago since i installed crux the last time...04:03
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namenlosone question who big are you /usr and /var ?04:13
pitillonice point tilman. Thanks to add that readme at x11r7 repo...04:22
pitillo /var depends directly of the computer usage.... (server usage bigger /var)  (/usr direct related to number of apps installed I think)04:23
namenloshm, i'm missing rcs on the install disk04:36
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nipuLHan: i am in need of your sed guruness05:48
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nipuLsed -e '/^\+/ s|/lib$|/lib64|g' -e '/^\+/ s|/lib/|/lib64/|g'06:08
nipuLanyone know how to combine the 2 expressions, if possible?06:08
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jdolanadds playlist sorting via various criteria, also fixes a bug in continuous playback (maybe the one you mentioned yesterday?)06:34
jdolanguaqua, you may be interested in that patch, too.06:35
jdolan(it was you who requested sorting, right?)06:36
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RyoSjdolan: did you work on squawk? :)06:47
* rxi_ shows jay some affection :P06:50
onestepcan I be the contributor of the sonata port? :)06:56
onestepit is present in contrib-old but it's pretty outdated06:57
onesteperr, contributor = maintainer07:00
HannipuL, why? mkdir /lib64/ is also valid07:17
namenlosha, finally installed crux on my new laptop...07:18
nipuLjdolan: seeing as a sort menu is being added, how about shuffle?07:20
nipuLlike random but...different07:20
HannipuL, To know the proper solution I first want to know the problem.07:22
nipuLHan: it's ok ive got it sorted07:23
nipuLtoo much needed to be changed to warrant using sed07:24
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HanIf you say so. :-)07:25
Hansed -i 's|foo|bar|;/blah/d'07:25
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* treach loves people who releases "pure" tarballs as tar.gz files.. :-/08:16
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j^2hey all08:26
ningohi jaysquared08:26
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treachok. could anyone explain why pkgmk would balk at a directory that looks like "drwxr-xr-x  4 root root" ?08:32
treachclaims it doesn't exist. :/08:33
jjpkWeird. :|08:41
treachbut otoh, that entire tarball is screwey.08:42
jjpkI would not be surprised if that causes it.08:46
jjpkA bit of carelesness here and there and you get a problem on your hands.08:46
treachI have to admit I'm stumped. I've never encountered anything like this before.08:46
treachYou'd think creating a proper tarball wasn't rocket sience..08:47
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* deus_ex is trying to find paladin/datashark tools dealer in Europe. 08:52
jdolannipuL, why a shuffle?08:53
jdolanRyoS, no, i've not worked on squawk in a few weeks.08:53
jdolanRyoS, i fear that i may need to rewrite major portions of it so that text and other "critical" things go over tcp, and therefore each client will have two sockets open to the server at all times.08:54
jdolanit depends what kind of reliability users will desire from the text chat.08:54
jdolanimo, the text chat is only there because it was easy to implement, and it can provide some fallback communication if you're in several channels and missed a voice conversation in one of them.08:55
jdolan(hopefully someone will have typed "okay we're all connecting to this server NOW" while you were listening elsewhere)08:55
jdolanit really depends on how reliable message delivery is after i sort out whatever is wrong with the existing net code, because it goes to shit as soon as > 1 clients connect08:56
jdolanfor 1 client, latency and reliability are great.08:56
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namenloshi, i got an error installing the libdrm package:09:07
treach"permission denied"? :p09:08
namenlosprt-get: error changing to PKGDEST directory /package09:08
namenlosi got no idea, i'm not a prt-get guru...09:08
treachI was just kidding. but it works fine here fwiw09:09
jjpkMaybe you have edited pkgmk.conf and something is wrong. :p09:11
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namenlosjjpk: was my thought too. so i switched back the changes.09:13
namenlosyes, it was the pkgmk.conf...09:15
jjpkIf you define separate source/package dirs, make sure they exist :)09:15
jjpkThat could also be the current problem.09:15
namenlosthey existed, but i thought i could work with enwironment variables *shame*09:17
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treachgrep build /etc/pkgmk.conf > PKGMK_WORK_DIR="/var/build/${PWD##*/}"09:25
treach grep build /etc/fstab > tmpfs   /var/build tmpfs   size=1024M    0   009:25
treach :)09:25
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brointhemixhello :)09:57
brointhemixHan: are you there?09:57
Hanbrointhemix, ?09:57
brointhemixpremonition? ;)09:58
brointhemixHan, you use -Os as your standard cflag, rigt?09:58
brointhemixi had my net dropped :/10:01
brointhemixdid you sau anything?10:01
treachif in doubt, there is a log.10:02
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brointhemixok ok, i figured it out, sorry10:08
brointhemixi think that libtorrent breaks down because of -O2 flag10:08
treachdefine "breaks down"10:09
brointhemix"caught segmentation fault blah blah blah"10:11
treachhm. if O2 is to blame that's pretty odd. especially since it seems top be the default.10:13
treachs top/to10:14
* treach tries to stay awake10:14
brointhemixi remember that the r/libtorrent website says that there are problems with -O2 on GCC 410:15
brointhemixthey say to use -Os or -O310:15
treachinteresting read10:15
Hanbrointhemix, no I use -O2 -pipe10:16
treachinterestingly, this seems to be a case where Os is safer than O2 :)10:16
brointhemixyea :)10:16
brointhemixHna: ok, thanks10:16
jizzbotbrointhemix: Error: "!!" is not a valid command.10:16
brointhemixdamn, i misspelled your nick again, sorry10:17
treachjizzbot: you got it wrong, it was a COMMENT, not a command. :P10:17
jizzbottreach: Error: "you" is not a valid command.10:17
treachI know, I knwo. :P10:17
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brointhemixyup, compiling lib- and rtorrent with -Os helped10:45
brointhemixHan: you might want to adjust your lib/rtorrent ports with ' export CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS="-0s -march=i686 -pipe" '10:46
HanThat would break stuff.10:47
tilmanthose ports are the "unstable" versions anyway10:47
HanAnd I can't fix my ports right now. Sorry.10:47
treach-0s won't work you know.10:48
brointhemixHan, why would that break stuff?10:49
brointhemixi just downloaded your repo, edited the lib/rtorrent ports the way i suggested and built them :)10:49
brointhemixwhy nor?10:49
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Hanhmmm I just added this option to my CFLAGS -fwrapv11:15
brointhemixwhat does it do?11:17
brointhemixbreaks builds? ;)11:17
brointhemixah, no11:17
brointhemixits sonethigna bout wrapping things11:17
brointhemixgreat! you get your software nicely wrapped just after buildint - great idea for making software presents to your friends! :D11:18
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treachbrointhemix: man gcc would be the intelligent option.11:22
treachmy maths are too rusty to tell me what's gained by it though.11:23
Hangcc ignores a > a - 1 by default.11:25
Hanwhich kills tests against overflows.11:25
HanIt should only generate a warning.11:26
treachmmh, ignoring doesn't sound lik a sane thing to do.11:27
treachs lik/like11:27
brointhemixtreach: nah, that would not be fun ;)11:27
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RyoSjdolan: i see11:33
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treachisn't running prtverify on your ports a requirement for contrib?12:37
jjpkThat is what the rules say indeed.12:37
treachyou should try it. :)12:38
treachlooks like prologic has some catching up to do. :P12:39
* treach looks at "bug" 129 and laughs.12:45
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thrice`Han, thanks, web-viewing works for your ports now :)14:30
thrice`jaeger, do you think this version of udev will be the final for 2.3 ?14:52
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Hanthrice`, I didn't do anything15:21
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j^2n00b question.....15:52
j^2how do i use usenet?15:52
j^2i'nd like to join some groups15:52
tilmandumb questions make my head hurt15:53
j^2love you too tilman :D15:53
onestepj^2: google usenet, ah? :)15:54
j^2is that the same thing?15:54
j^2i honestly dont know15:54
tilmanhe meant "stfw"15:54
onesteptilman: you got it :)15:54
tilmanyou can use to access the usenet15:54
tilmanbut it's not the same thing of course15:54
tilmancause google isn't the www either ;)15:55
onesteptilman: can I ask one more dumb question? ;)15:55
tilmani'm going to bed real soon15:55
onesteptilman: wait a sec, plz :)15:55
onestepI wanna be a sonata maintainer15:55
onestepwhat do I need to do?15:55
tilmansee the wiki :D15:56
tilmanapply for contrib15:56
onestepit has been said there, that I must have my own ports collection for at least 3 months15:56
onestepbut I have no such opportunity15:57
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treachwith time you will.16:31
onestepbut I can be the maintainer today ;)16:32
treachthat's what private repos are for.16:33
treach(among other things)16:34
onestepI just have no permanent inet connection :(16:35
treachno need for that. all you need is some webspace16:35
onestepcan you give some examples?16:36
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treachisn't your isp providing you with a home-page or something?16:36
onestepof free webspaces?.. ;)16:36
treachswitch. ;) otherwise I guess google could be more helpful than I.16:36
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