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sepen|workmorning all!02:13
aonmorning sepen|work02:14
pitillohey Romster, good morning. Are you using amsn from my repo? Or you changed it?02:18
tilmanmorning :D02:20
rxi_god what is with you people and being so excited about mornings02:21
tilmanbad ass storm yesterday -> no lectures today02:22
pitillofriday morning :?02:22
tilmanso it's weekend for me now02:22
rxi_its morning tho02:22
tilmanhow awesome is that!?02:22
guaquaa storm and no lectures? :F02:24
rxi_its friday night here so dont talk to me about awesome :)02:24
Romsterhrmm havent touched amsn in ages pitillo02:25
Romsterrxi_, lol02:25
tilmanguaqua: well, a hurricane02:25
Romster7:27pm :)02:25
pitilloRomster, oki, donĀ“t know if you had it installed. :)02:25
Romsterseen that londo got hit bad02:25
rxi_Romster: you move?02:25
Romsterpitillo, got it installed jsut not used it much02:26
Romsterpitillo, one in contrib02:26
pitilloRomster, oki :)02:27
Romsterrxi_, no i'm in australia is 7:30pm now02:27
rxi_Romster: but qld isnt on daylight saving time02:27
Romsterbeen using kopete mainly02:27
Romsterno but victoria is02:28
rxi_you in vic?02:28
Romsteryes always have been02:28
rxi_lol i thought you lived on the gold coast02:28
Romsterno i live by the ocean down in the western district of victoria02:29
rxi_Romster: in melb?02:29
Romsterwho gave you the idea i was in quensland :02:29
rxi_ahh ok02:29
rxi_dunno where i got that from02:29
Romsterbut i goto melbourne ocasionally02:29
Romstermaybe prologic hes in brissy iirc02:30
rxi_yeah he is02:30
rxi_lol whats with the crux map .. russia, spain and turkey are spelt with the native spelling02:33
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nipuLgoogle maps api03:16
nipuLjave a look at japan03:16
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rxi_nipuL: you watching the game?03:23
nipuLnope, the kid's watching Cars03:27
nipuLwhat's the score?03:28
rxi_had a shocking start03:30
rxi_chasing 15503:31
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rxi_24 overs remaining03:31
nipuLthe poms couldn't bat their way out of a nursing home03:32
rxi_we are chasing03:33
rxi_but yeah especially the odi side03:33
namenlosdoes anyone know what are the minimal needed fonts in the xorg repository, to be able to start x?03:34
tilmanprt-get depends xorg|grep xorg-font-03:36
namenloshm, i have them already installed...03:36
namenlosbut it still says could not open default font 'fixed' ...03:38
namenlosis installed, too03:39
tilmanguess you just have to figure it out then :-)03:39
nipuLjust install all of them, it can't hurt03:42
ningobut...but that is so NOT kiss03:42
rxi_its fonts03:43
nipuLsounds simple to me03:43
namenlosok, here it works, and i got xorg-fonstcacheproto and xorg-fonstproto installed...03:44
tilmandoesn't matter03:44
tilmanthe protocol stuff is for clients/client libs only03:45
tilmanlibraries are client libs -> for clients03:45
namenlosnope, my previois statement waswrong..03:45
pitillohere fighting with mesa3d...03:48
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ningohere fighting with trees03:52
ningotrains still down04:01
ningoI wish i could run 'kill -HUP db'04:01
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rxi_nipuL: win by 4 wickets04:41
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pitillonice news from ml, cptn continues helping there :)07:03
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j^2hey all08:42
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cjganyone using gnome?09:39
cjghave you ever had problem with mime type handling?09:39
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j^2hehe, gotta love the random "hey i use x, does anyone have trouble with (x|y)?09:58
j^2i love IRC :P09:59
j^2(yes i'm victim to it too :D)09:59
jjpkj^2: the mailing list has the same issue from time to time :D09:59
j^2jjpk: amen09:59
jjpkit worries me when these so-called experts (reading the sig) send stuff like that.10:01
j^2yeah, i give the benifit of the doubt thinking they have a "brain fart" but, people like me...just ask dumb ass questions, (just ask tilman :D)10:04
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j^2is there a good tracker of preformance for mail servers?10:06
j^2load, cpu time, etc?10:06
j^2any suggestions?10:06
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ningo_hey I use j^2, does anyone have trouble wih him?10:12
thrice`doesn't everyone?  :)10:13
j^2i feel so used :P10:13
j^2...ningo_ are you actually Ineza? :P, (Ineza is my girlfriend ;))10:13
ningo_not that I am aware of10:14
* j^2 taps chin...10:14
ningo_I hope she's not squared though10:14
ningo_(continues to ramble about totally sensless things for 5 minutes)10:15
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thrice`jaeger, do you think this is the udev that 2.3 will ship with ?13:17
jaegerhaven't really needed an upgrade yet, having problems with 096?13:21
thrice`not at all; just was playing around with their new syntax in the 100 series, and was curious if it was worthwhile or not13:31
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jaegerthrice`: I haven't really seen much difference, using 104 on my test machine14:11
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AkiraYukihi all16:32
treachgood evening.16:33
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guaquadoes someone here have experience on open source directory server software? different ldap implementations etc16:43
Romsterbad ranny morning :/16:44
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blizzis there a firefox# binary package around?17:09
HanIn my repo there is17:11
Romsterthats no fun not compiling ya own :)17:37
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prologicwhere's treach ?18:19
prologicI have a bone to pick wit him18:19
AkiraYukigood evening, I do not speak Italian in because I am English well. I have just stopped installing CRUX. I am not able to understand how to be able to see the list of port. can someone help me? My intent is to install fluxbox18:23
prologicinstall prt-get18:24
prologicprt-get list18:24
AkiraYuki I do not speak English in because I am Italian :-Dl18:25
AkiraYukiprologic, ok, thanks18:25
prologicbe sure to enable contrib repo as well if you want extra ports18:26
prologicdo this in /etc/ports/ and add the appropiate prtdir line in /etc/prt-get.conf18:26
AkiraYukibut who pkgadd is useful to?18:26
prologicprt-get depends on pkgutils (pkgadd, pkgrm, pkgmk)18:26
AkiraYukiah, ok18:27
prologicthey are the base package management tools18:27
prologicyou can use them, but prt-get is a nicer frontend :)18:27
AkiraYukimmm fluxbox there is not18:31
AkiraYukiprt-get list | grep flux*18:32
thrice`AkiraYuki, you must first move contrib.rsync.inactive to contrib.rsync (in /etc/ports) and perform a "ports -u"18:32
prologichmm you're right18:32
prologiconly blackbox18:32
thrice`it's in contrib; 1.0rc218:32
prologicit is ?18:32
prologicyou mean the old-contrib ?18:33
thrice`er...perhaps :)  Han provided it in contrib, perhaps grab his repo18:35
AkiraYukicontrib.rsync.inactive what it contains ",collection=ports/crux-2.2/contib/, destination=/urs/ports/contrib" I must rename it in contrib.rsync18:38
prologicmv contrib.rsync.inactiv contrib.rsync18:38
prologicports -u contrib18:38
AkiraYukiy :-D18:38
prologiclike thrice` said though you might want to get Han's repo as (we) think he may have fluxbox in his ports18:39
AkiraYukiwhy must this operation be done?18:40
prologicbecause the standard repos don't have fluxbox :) sorry18:48
prologicno contrib or opt maintainer maintains it18:48
AkiraYukinow he is either there18:48
AkiraYukiah...I understand :-D18:49
AkiraYukiI will be satisfied with blackbox :-D18:50
prologicgood man :)18:51
AkiraYukihave learned about crux thanks to some friends ... is simple, I like it ... do I have a curiosity: "because crux is not there on distrowatch?"18:55
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bd2there is Arch on distrowatch. It's CRUX successor :-))19:01
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prologiccrux is on distrowatch19:10
prologicjust not ranked very high :)19:10
prologicnot that popular with the n00bs :)19:10
* bd2 shudders at 642 lines long pacman_add function19:12
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prologictreach, I'd appreciate it if you didn't slag me while I'm away, and be more constructive rather than sarcastic20:03
prologictreach, I have used prtverfiy over my ports - if you're not happy, I'll do it yet again20:03
prologictreach, and what's with #129 ?20:03
prologicafaik I fixed all issues in the bugs assigned to me and closed them all20:04
treachwhat? Dude, you need a chill-pill. Seriously.20:04
prologicno I don't20:04
prologicI just don't appreciate sarcasm20:04
treachOh, yes you do.20:04
prologicsorry if that offends you20:04
treachI'm not offende one bit, but you seem to have gone into over-sensitivity mode in a big way.20:05
treachfirst of all that wasn't "slagging" or "sarcasm" really. It was just a joke. And if you can't understand where it came from, I suggest you run prt-verify on contrib.20:06
treachand I know, most of it is very minor stuff, or not even your fault, no need to bring that up.20:06
treachIt was just such an amazing amount of stuff that came up, almost all of it related to you so I couldn't help mentioning it.20:07
treachprologic: besides all that #129 isn't even related to you, I think..20:09
prologicwell I will check myself then :)20:11
treachthe point about it is that it complains about ports that are in CONTRIB, but claims they belong in OPT. Submitter appears to be out bicycling, as we say here. :)20:11
prologicbut look, I don't understand so-called "jokes" very well20:11
prologicproperty of my upbringing, nor do I handle/understand sarcasm at all20:11
prologicso sorry :)20:11
prologicnow, to check contrib20:11
treachprologic: As I said, it wasn't intended as sarcasm, sorry if it came across that way.20:12
prologic*eh* nps20:12
prologicglad we got it off our minds20:13
treachIt was just me running prt-verify on contrib just for the heck of it, and "OMG.. and look, it's almost all prologic's"..20:13
prologicI _did_ run prtverify on all my ports from the beginning of the new contrib20:14
prologicI removed all errors and warnings I thought20:14
prologic*sigh* :)20:14
treachseems they made a great comeback.20:14
prologicoh fuck20:14
prologicWARN   contrib/abe .............. invalid Maintainer-header: James Mills prologi20:14
prologicc at shortcircuit dot net dot au20:14
prologiclet me guess, I missed the < > in my .vimrc ?20:14
prologicargg :/20:14
treachit might be the ","  as well, I guess.20:15
prologichmm there's no ,20:15
prologicwhat should the format be ?20:15
treachSurename Familyname, nick at place dot org20:16
treachI guess. Most other ports adhere to that.20:16
prologicahh I'm missing the comma20:16
treachorg being optional, obviously.20:16
prologicmust it be in that order "Surname Familyname" ?20:17
treachNo idea, I don't think prt-verify can tell the differnce.. :>20:17
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prologicgood :020:18
prologichere comes a rather large push20:22
treachisn't that called a "shove"?20:22
prologichaha prolly20:22
prologicERROR: too many files to push, please use 'shove'. See: git-shove --help20:23
bd2isn't surname == familyname?20:25
treachwhatever, it's 03:29 here, don't expect me to keep track of the finer details of english names on names.. :)20:29
treachI'm sure he got the point though.20:29
bd2ugh.. I'm not about to correct you, but mostly to understand myself :-)20:31
treachit's ok, you're completely correct. I should have written "GivenName FamiliyName".20:32
rxieither is correct20:32
prologiceither way I got it :)20:32
bd2found wikipedia article.. first name - forename, second name - surname (familyname)20:33
bd2btw, it's 05:35 here.20:36
treachtime to get breakfast then, right?20:36
prologichmm 12:57 here :)20:38
bd2haha.. yeah, right.. but I'll barter away it for the good dream ;-) zZzz20:38
prologic5hrs and I get to seem my gf! yay :)20:38
rxiprologic: hehe 2 weeks for me20:42
prologicdamn that sucks20:43
rxiyep .. espcially since she lives in melbourne20:44
prologiclong distance one huh ?20:45
* treach temporarily declares victory over fvwm. :)20:49
prologicoh man that's nice :)20:52
rxiyou can pick them up pretty cheap20:53
prologicprobably not anywhere in oz :/20:56
rxiyeah of course20:56
rxicouple hundred dollars depending on quality20:56
rxidont think there are any good quality ones out yet20:57
rxibut check ebay or local computer store20:57
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AkiraYukixorg does not leave when I am a user but leaves when I am root21:54
AkiraYukido you know what it can be?21:55
AkiraYukigo to sleep night to everybody. they are over here almost the 5 of the morning21:57
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prologicanyone know how to get an RSS feed of the recentchanges of the entire wiki ?22:46
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