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mike_k!seen sip05:40
jizzbotmike_k: sip was last seen in #crux 7 weeks, 4 days, 18 hours, 18 minutes, and 1 second ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?05:40
-MelOne- mike_k, hmmm... sip, this name is not unknown to me, but I don't know, sorry.05:40
mike_kso, maybe, you tilman can handle that... Simone have closed, but at least you (core team) can update /etc/{services,protocols} to a more recent (but still tiny) ones from openbsd or netbsd projects.05:45
mike_khere you can grab the latest revision
mike_kand crux's current protocols file seems to based on that anyway05:46
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Romeo-can anyone tell me witch port should i install for lighttpd+fcgi?06:09
prologicedit the Pkgfile yourself to enable fastcgi06:19
Romeo-prologic wich port:)06:21
jjpkYou don't read messages do you? prologic already said it.06:22
prologicin opt06:22
tilmansurprisingly, the port for lighttpd is *tada* lighttpd06:23
tilmanRomeo-: to search for a port for the program "foo", use: ports -l |grep foo06:23
jjpkKiller guess :D :D06:23
tilmanRomeo-: or use the ports database that's linked in the topic here :-)06:23
prologicor "prt-get searc;h foo"06:23
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AkiraYukihi all :-D06:30
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mike_ktilman: beep-beep, highlight. Have you read the messages above?08:30
tilmanmike_k: i did, but then i forgot about it08:30
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RedShiftyeah let's go to the beach14:30
RedShiftfirst one to guess the right artist/title gets something for free!14:31
tilmanvamos a la playa! o/14:33
RedShiftI'm going to watch a movie14:33
RedShiftyou can still answer but you'll get your free prize later14:33
acruxaMule search says "norman"14:34
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Romeo- what i do wrong here? i build php whit --enable-fastcgi15:24
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RedShiftThe answer was: Nalin and Kane - Beachball16:21
HanNP: John Zorn - Spy vs. Spy - 01 - WRU.mp316:25
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bd2IS CRUX DEAD? WITHOUT LYNX, WITHOUT BASICS.... Sorry, makes no fun.17:43
bd2hehe.. I mean, where's 2.3 release? I've tried and still using test1 iso, and it works great. just curious why there's no 2.3...17:45
treachwaiting for xorg 7.2 afaik17:53
bd2oh.. I see.17:55
treachNot sure what the hangup is though.17:56
bd2this week I'm going to install crux to yet another box.. seems I should not wait for release/test2 and stick with test1 then...17:59
treachhm, it was *originally scheduled for 16th of November :-/17:59
treachbd2: found this, ; not sure how up to date that is, I guess tilman is better breifed. :)18:04
thrice`that's all that's pending for 2.3 ?18:05
treachNo idea, but I got the feeling it's the showstopper, yes.18:06
thrice`ah; perhaps I should try test1 then too :)  I have a box that I was about to stick 2.2 on18:07
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thrice`has anyone successfully installed the test1.iso ?19:38
treachyes. sip etc, at least.. bd2 also if he's to be belived. ;)19:39
treach00:45  <bd2> hehe.. I mean, where's 2.3 release? I've tried and still using  test1 iso, and it works great. just curious why there's no 2.3...19:39
treach00:53  <treach> waiting for xorg 7.2 afaik19:39
treachops, sry.. :/19:39
rxiso you should be :P19:40
treachI'm brushing my teeth simultaneusly. :p19:40
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thrice`ah, there it goes19:42
thrice`nevermind :)19:42
rxitreach: lol19:42
Romeo-how can i enable php on boa webserver?:)19:46
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treach./configure --enable-google quite likely.19:49
rxihehe thats a good one19:52
treachwrong channel, wrong time. see ya.19:58
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thrice`anyone seen this?  I'm getting it with lilo in 2.3 test1:  Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed20:02
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