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AkiraYukihi all07:58
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AkiraYukiI have a problem, I must install "powernowd":08:42
AkiraYukiI have brought "ports-u" up to date but when08:42
AkiraYukiI do "| grep powernowd list prt-get" anything does not go out08:42
AkiraYukican you help me?08:42
biscoprt-get search powernowd08:43
biscoor, if you have installed ilenia, you can type it: ilenia -s powernow08:43
AkiraYukibisco: ?08:45
biscohave you done it?08:46
namenlosAkiraYuki: search the repositories on (i can't find it on my machine)08:46
namenlosi mean the repositories on my machine...08:47
AkiraYukithe have understood. bisco but are Italian?08:47
biscoyes AkiraYuki ... I'm the only one :)08:47
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biscohey hey j^208:56
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tilmanlet's go11:44
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blizzis it possible to tell the current running bash session not to write into the history file after terminating it via ^d?13:49
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Hankill -9 $$13:49
blizzlol, right13:50
thrice`Han: flash 9 is out, btw :)13:50
Hanthrice`, yes I know, I already got it.14:00
thrice`ah; just curious, as my ports tree still has yours with the beta source14:02
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HanYes, but I can't upload my ports right now. I already told you.14:07
thrice`oh?  I hadn't heard that :(14:07
Hanpretty soon. :-)14:10
thrice`you dont' have access to it or something ?14:11
Hanshhh, it's a secret. ;-D14:12
guaqualost ^H^14:14
thrice`Han: sounds good; and out of curiosity, is there a reason fluxbox was removed from contrib?  :(14:16
HanEh yes. I didn't obey `the rules' so I was removed from contrib.14:18
thrice`ah - just as well; i'll move han above contrib in prt-get.conf14:20
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AkiraYukigood evening14:31
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thrice`hi AkiraYuki14:36
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Romstergood afternoon19:18
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