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pitilloprologic, pycairo at contrib has a md5 mistmach, needs to be updated. (it´s  the old 1.2.2 md5)02:41
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pitilloproblems with mesa3d solved using libdrm instead of drm custom port (wich builds it from cvs)04:11
pitillointeresting... got problems with mach64 DRM version... expected 2.0.x but got 1.0.0 ... I need to read more04:25
pitillogoing back again with libdrm....04:27
prologicpitillo, nps will do04:45
prologicactually there's no mismatch here04:47
prologicunless the sync to contrib failed04:47
prologicahh yeah04:47
pitilloperfect :)04:50
pitilloI will update in a few minutes04:50
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pitilloa bit lost in this point...04:55
pitilloprologic, oki, pycairo updated and built sucesfully, thanks :)04:58
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pitillostrange, I need to force to disable aiglx to get dri working. (doing it with a new Server layout Option Option "AIGLX" "false")05:08
pitilloummm sorry but didn´t work05:08
pitillotilman, if you have a bit of time can you take a look to this? May be you can give me some idea. I´m not sure what can I do. (render enabled but glxinfo report problems with drm version)05:22
namenlosHan: xfce 4.4.0 is out.05:33
HanYes I know05:37
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minuxHow up-to-date is the Crux Ports?06:07
onestepminux: ports -u06:07
minuxNono, I am sitting her thinking about which dist to install =)06:07
pitillominux, take a look to the port DB at crux.nu06:07
minuxDoesn't show version information.06:08
onestepminux: ports are updating nearly every day, so CRUX is a nice choice ;)06:08
minuxAt least I can't see it.06:08
onestepsee inside of Pkgfiles ;)06:09
minuxonestep: Okay, good then =) I used Crux 2.2 a think 1.5 years ago and it's still 2.2 so I got a bit worried =)06:09
minuxI'll pick Crux 2.2 then and update that instead of installing Debian =)06:10
Hanthere are snapshots06:10
Hanjaeger maintains one.06:10
onestepHan: is crux-2.3 close to the release? :)06:11
minuxHan: Does he have it posted on the internet?06:11
minuxOh, btw, are there any pre-made PXE boot things for Crux or do I have to PXE boot my laptop using e.g. a Knoppix PXE-bootenabled live-cd from my workstation?06:12
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onestepcan anyone say how to avoid the creation of /.fonts.cache while using slim?08:57
RyoSi use slim and dont get /.fonts.cache08:58
RyoSbut dont ask me why ^^'08:59
RyoSi barely configured it08:59
onestepi use slim at work and at home, but .fonts.cache appears anyway... :(09:00
onestepis it a config issue?09:00
RyoSdont know09:00
RyoSi am sure you have done so, but: have you read through /etc/slim.conf?09:00
onestepyes, but I can't find a such option09:01
RyoSdont know then09:02
onestepcan you show me "xserver_arguments" option?09:03
RyoSits commented09:04
onestepsame as my case09:05
onestepmaybe that's some issue with fontconfig09:05
minuxGuys, what do you prefer, scons or auto*?09:06
onestepwhat's the default? :)09:06
onestepso, I prefer nothing09:07
RyoSnice one09:08
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onestepminux: autoconf/automake seems suitable for me09:11
minuxThank god! :D09:12
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tilmanmike_k: ping09:36
* AkiraYuki saluta tutto il canale09:37
tilmansaluto tutto il ENGLISH canale09:38
mike_ktilman: 64 octets from mike icmp_seq=0 ttl=128 time=12001 ms09:38
RyoSingles por favor09:38
tilmanmike_k: netbsd's /etc/{services,protocols} are bad i think09:39
tilmanmike_k: would give us LESS stuff than we have atm09:39
tilmandon't have the diffstat handy though09:39
mike_kless, but more accurate, actually09:39
mike_ksaw openbsd's one?09:39
tilmani thought you meant we missed the good stuff09:39
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tilmanno, not yet09:39
mike_kfor example protocols 50 and 51 are ah and esp, but our file calls them ipv6-crypt and ipv6-auth which is not true (anymore)09:41
mike_kI mean they are a part of IPSEC even for ipv409:41
mike_ksuch confusions looks odd09:42
tilmanlet me check out freebsd's file just for fun09:42
mike_kI didn't check taht as they are the most bloated in general among modern BSDs =)09:43
tilmani see09:43
tilmantheo sucks, so i'd rather check openbsd last09:44
pitillowell, rebuilded libdrm from source at 2.3.0 version and then xorg. Got the same... I´m missing something.09:54
mike_ktilman: heh, freebsd's /etc/services seems to have sane size/functionality value. Any of the /etc/protocols file's is ok, even iana-etc autogenerated, and cleaned (not a solid solution to have different sources, but...)09:58
mike_kwonder if can license details cause any problems10:00
tilmancan't download the damn files10:01
mike_kwith cvs? I think it's ok to pull them once a release is prepared.
tilmanoh, i tried
deus_exwhy don't we use ?10:11
RyoSthe picture of the guy is scary :'(10:12
namenlosdeus_ex: sorry, was
deus_exnamenlos: thanks, I haven't seen this before.10:27
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j^2please :(10:30
j^2hey btw :P10:30
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j^2spamassassin users?11:37
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deus_exjaeger: there are new versions of atk, glib, you want diffs, or you haven't pushed the changes yet?12:52
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onestephi, Auge^13:34
Auge^i want to build a port, but software want to use his own (new) user at make install. should i patch it to a common one or create the new user?13:35
tilmansee /usr/ports/opt/postfix/README13:37
Auge^ic. i want to add freewnn, a translation server for chinese/korean/japanese input... i don't see the need of a new user. i just would pick out daemon...13:39
Auge^would you agree?13:39
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onestepaudacious is really cool :)13:53
RyoSit is ^^13:54
RyoSunfortunately current svn is broken ;/13:54
onestep...but I prefer mpd+sonata ;)13:54
RyoSwont play mp313:54
onestepuse the latest stable ;)13:55
RyoSnah :P13:55
RyoSi refuse to13:55
RyoSmpd was a cui right?13:55
RyoSaaah ok googled it13:56
onestepmusicpd.ord + sonata.berlios.de13:56
onestepBTW, three days ago new and cool Sonata has been released ;)13:56
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jaegerdeus_ex: I'm aware there are updates, just haven't had much time to test them yet, besides glib14:37
deus_exjaeger: I've just sent you diffs for atk, glib, gtk and pango.14:38
deus_exno problems so far with any of them.14:39
deus_exanyway, users are there to test them, right? ;)14:41
treachthat's ms-talk :>14:41
deus_extreach: ms-talk?14:43
treachwelcome to "ServicePacks'R US".14:43
deus_ex'welcome to DRM World', more like it...14:45
deus_ex'your PC belongs to us'14:45
treach"all your media are belong to us"14:46
deus_exwith 'trusted computing' platform, no more tinkering so...14:47
* treach awaits the trainwreck that is bound to happen when Joe User gets bitten in the ass by the DRM crap.14:47
* deus_ex awaits PR spin on that14:48
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jjpk"We're protecting you (us)!"14:51
onestepbetter take a look on ;)14:52
deus_exHDTV pr0n :"The high-definition format is accentuating imperfections in the actors, from a little extra cellulite on a leg to wrinkles around the eyes."14:53
deus_exnot so sexy :)14:54
jjpkMore airbrushing and other editing will follow.14:54
aonit's horrible to watch dvb-t on a hd-ready flatscreen :s14:54
aonor divx vids on a tft14:54
aondvdrips, that i14:55
tilmanhd-something-dvd rips you mean?14:55
aonor just dvdrips14:56
tilmanworks for me14:56
aonhd could be ok, since the resolution is better14:56
aonbut like 512x288 on 1280x1024 fullscreen14:56
aoneww :s14:56
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jjpkThen again, it highly depends on what codec and what resolution was used on the rips.14:58
aonbut the scaling still makes it shitty :)14:59
aonluckily this tft is just a temp solution, and then i can go back to my crt :)14:59
deus_exHm. what does "full private stewardry of labor" mean?My english is bad these days.15:00
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deus_exthat's doubletalk for something, I'm sure.15:01
jjpkLooks like British legal jargon, something I can not translate :p15:02
deus_exjjpk: it seems it means 'slavery'.15:03
jjpkWTO++ :D15:06
jjpkThey always have the perfect answer to any economic strife.15:07
deus_ex'save the whales.sell them'.15:08
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jaegerdeus_ex: still haven't received your mail but I'm updating the ports15:33
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deus_exjaeger: I've sent it to
deus_exMy ISP must be playing wih new VSAT equipment  :)15:44
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AkiraYuki_jastemgood night20:03
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prologicI can add a fakeroot section to the handbook ...20:09
prologicis the port db working ?21:47
prologicWhile trying to retrieve the URL:
prologicThe following error was encountered:21:47
prologicConnection Failed21:47
prologicThe system returned:21:47
prologic    (111) Connection refused21:47
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