IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-01-24

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AkiraYukihi all06:19
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rehabdollfyi: sqlite3 md5sum error (2.3)08:02
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j^2hey all09:06
onestephi, j^209:07
rehabdollhi j*j09:08
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trithe claws-mail version in contrib isn't the newest there is a new version 2.7.110:16
jjpkFile a bug report.10:18
trijep on the way ;-)10:19
j^2bah! bugs! if billy doesnt use the i dont!10:19
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jjpkj^2: you picked the wrong OS + license based on that comment :D10:25
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mike_ktri: thanks. I forgot to update ck4up.conf when project has changed the name to claws-mail.10:38
jjpkirc. :p10:39
mike_kI should consider using RFC1149 method instead10:41
treachlatency sucks, probably quite high packet loss.10:45
mike_kbut what a cooperation of nature and technology10:46
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onestepbye, cu12:17
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thrice`appears xorg 7.2 is close... ?13:26
RedShiftthrice`: url13:30
thrice`I just saw xorg-server 1.20 hit portage, so I was just guessing ;)13:31
treach"show me the money" :)13:31
thrice`or is 1.3.0 going to be the next ?13:33
tilmanxorg-server 1.2.0 is the one from xorg 7.213:34
tilmanso yeah, it's pretty damn close :P13:36
treachoffical 2.3 rc/beta too then?13:39
tilmanchances are good i think13:39
RedShiftwhere's the changelog for xorg?13:43
tilmanfor xorg-server?13:43
RedShifteuh well13:44
RedShiftthe general changes13:44
RedShiftwill they improve performance or something?13:45
tilmanexa performance has increased13:46
RedShiftwhat about regular stuff13:49
RedShiftdrawing of widgets13:49
RedShiftor whatever13:49
tilmanthey all use xrender basically13:50
tilmanexa accelerates xrender13:50
* treach gets sligtly more hopeful about composition actually getting useable on his old RV250 13:53
treachif it can run ET, I can't see any reason it should be so dog slow with some desktop effects. :/13:54
tilmantried the AccelDFS driver option? (xorg.conf)13:54
treachbetter, still not really enjoyable.13:54
tilmannot sure what the state of r200 exa is, really13:56
tilmanthere have been some software fallback changes recently i think. which would degrade performance13:57
tilmanbut i'm not sure13:57
treachoh well, fvwm doesn't do fancy 3d stuff anyway. :)13:57
tilmanmaybe some apps you use can do real transparency!13:59
treachlike... vim? :P13:59
tilmanwell, maybe not14:01
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treachjdolan: here's a break for ya. :p15:51
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nipuLhas anyone else written a cli utility for querying the portdb? I was bored at work today to knocked one up, just wondering if I'm reintenting wheels again23:28
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