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namenloshi, utidylib is in contrib and depends on tidy, which is not in core/opt/contirb...01:50
mike_knamenlos: hi, find the Maintainer (Romster in this case). Contact him on irc/email or just submit a bugreport:
namenlosmike_k: ok, i've an email to him02:26
mike_kactually, bug in flyspray would generate mail itself if assigned correctly02:27
namenlosyes, but i think making a bug for this is a little bit overkill...02:27
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nipuL$ python tidy | grep "Port: tidy" | wc -l03:49
namenlosnipuL: and what does that tell us?03:55
nipuLthere are 5 repositories listed in the portdb that have the tidy port03:58
namenlosyes, but it got to be in contrib, since utidylib is there to, and it depends on it.03:59
nipuLperhaps that's something the prtverify daily script should be checking04:00
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j^2hey all08:53
onesteph1, j^208:53
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onestepmike_k: can you add "chown -R root:root $PKG" to your apache port? I have a footprint mismatch :(09:53
mike_konestep: paste that please
onestepmike_k: 5 sec09:53
mike_kin general I try to avoid that chown09:53
brointhemixmike_k, why?09:54
mike_kjust test ports with fakeroot before actual commiting09:54
onestepmike_k: me too, but I have 500/500 set on files :(09:54
onestepfootprint check gone from Konsole, wait for awhile, I'll rebuild the pkg09:55
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mike_konestep: /var/log/pkgbuild/apache.log09:58
onestepmike_k: pkgbuild is for Arch, AFAIR10:00
onestepI don't have this one10:00
mike_konestep: prt-get.conf,  logfile  /var/log/pkgbuild/%n.log10:01
onestepand I don't use prt-get, sorry :)10:02
mike_konestep: seems you've built that by ordinary user, without using fakeroot10:03
mike_kthat is expected10:03
onestepI've built it from su10:03
mike_kalso as original url is missing10:04
onestepok, but better add the ^^ :)10:06
onestepfor users like me ;)10:06
mike_konestep: I have no idea... files created are owned by your user, (0:0 in case of using fakeroot)10:07
mike_ksorry, have to go. Poke me if there is my fault anyway10:08
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jdolan__anyone know shorthand to dump a bash array to a file, one element per line?13:38
jdolan__something like echo "${array[*]\n}" but that's not it.13:40
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prologichmm anyone around ?15:10
prologicwhen I run rwhod, it just exists silently - it doesn't leave a detached process ebhind15:11
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AkiraYukigood evening15:49
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nipuLjdolan: hehe, for e in ${array[@]}; do echo $e >> $FILE; done16:51
HanI prefer to avoid bashisms when I don't have to.16:55
AkiraYukigood night17:15
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jdolannipuL, for i in ${array[*]}; do echo $i; done > file19:45
jdolanless writes :)19:45
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