IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-01-26

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AkiraYukihi all04:20
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j^2hey guys09:12
_mavrick61GENERAL INFO: For communication to the server. We will make switch change during this afternoon/evening, this will cause some temporary stop.09:26
jaegerthanks for the warning09:29
_mavrick61It is good to know.. So no one call FAI or CIA...09:35
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_mavrick61CORE members FYI: I will change the namserver settings in resolv.conf. We have now 2 new public DNS servers.09:40
tilman_mavrick61: atm, every email that gets send from is scanned for viruses, and the virus scanner appends a swedish status message to the email -- is it possible to get rid of that message for emails?09:41
_mavrick61Yes..  But is it from Crux.server not to the the server. ?09:45
tilmanyes, i think one of the kalmar MTAs is doing it09:45
_mavrick61I'll check taht..09:46
tilmanthank you :)09:46
_mavrick61Is there any Crux CON in schedule? My offer to host it is still valid/open if you are interested.09:51
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tilmanwe don't have a crux con scheduled atm10:03
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_mavrick61Now we have change to a new switch.12:13
RedShiftwhich one?12:24
RedShifthow much ports?12:24
RedShiftwhat brand?12:24
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rehabdollheh, computer pornography12:32
RedShift_mavrick61: pics12:33
rehabdollcrux con in Kalmar would be sweet, 2hrs from my home :)12:34
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mike_!seen maro13:13
jizzbotmike_: maro was last seen in #crux 4 weeks, 1 day, 21 hours, 59 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <maro> (mesa 6.5.2 builds it fine)13:13
-MelOne- mike_, you must introduce me to maro one day, must be a great person!13:13
treach@seen maro13:15
clbtreach: maro was last seen in #crux 3 weeks, 2 days, 0 hours, 6 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <maro> :)13:15
jizzbottreach: maro was last seen in #crux 4 weeks, 1 day, 22 hours, and 46 seconds ago: <maro> (mesa 6.5.2 builds it fine)13:15
treachI've seen him more recent than that iirc.13:15
mike_whom can I trust!13:15
tilmanjan 1913:16
tilmanaccording to my logs, maybe more recent13:16
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treachhmm, btw, am I the only one who experiences slim misbehaving if you try to stop it?13:20
treachlike, refusing to die and consuming 99.99 % cpu.13:21
tilmanpfff, you should appreciate that it leaves 0.01% to you ;)13:23
treachsure, it's more than Vista would, I guess. :-/13:24
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tilmandoes anyone else see a weird cursor in gtk text/edit widgets?14:36
tilmansince the gtk update14:36
jaegernot so far. what does it look like?14:38
tilmanit has a 2x1 pixels line attached to the right side, near the top14:38
tilmani'm also running new x stuff, so it's not necessarily gtk14:39
jaegernothing like that so far14:39
treachCan't see it here either.14:39
tilmanit's only in firefox14:40
tilmanin the url bar14:40
treachstill not visible here. :)14:40
jaegeraye, same14:40
jaegermaybe a gtk + new X problem14:40
mike_tilman: seems I saw that (even with x11r6), but can't remember where14:44
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nipuLi had that at one stage but it disappeared, not sure what i did15:32
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nipuLhehe, seems programs don't fully support the --libdir option in the configure script17:21
nipuL$ find /usr/lib64 -type f -exec sudo grep -l "usr/lib/" {} \; | wc -l17:21
nipuLoh thats on a system where i used unmodified contrib ports17:22
nipuL$ find /usr/lib64 -type f -exec sudo grep -l "usr/lib/" {} \; | wc -l17:22
nipuLthat's on the box i'm doing all the testing on17:23
nipuL$10 says those 172 hits are python libraries17:24
HannipuL, that command created 2014 calls to sudo ;-017:28
Hanfind /usr/lib64 -type f -print0 |xargs -0 grep -l usr/lib/ |wc -l17:29
Handoes the same but with much fewer calls17:29
nipuLyet they both get the job done :)17:31
nipuLi'm doing a system wide scan now, so much less sudo calls17:31
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prologicanyone used dash ? You can't seem to redirect stdout/stderr to /dev/null21:16
prologicthe man page says one thing, but when you try it it doesn't hehave like it says21:16
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