IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-01-28

prologicmaking fun of the blind man :/00:00
* prologic goes off to his gf and cries :/00:00
treachprologic: At least I wasn't..00:00
prologic*meh* :)00:01
* prologic reads up on distributed computing00:01
* rxi watches 22 gay frenchmen kicking a ball around00:02
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treachrxi: as long as you play cricket over there, with tea drinking and pinkies sticking out and what not, I'd keep any such thoughts for my self, where I you. :P00:03
rxitreach: lol im a big supporter of european football .. just not a fan of france of the french ligue 100:04
treachoh, ok. :)00:04
rxiand we dont really drink tea in au .. thats the mother country your thinking of :)00:06
rxiim just annoyed that the football show i watched decided to play a replay of 2 middle ranked french teams than a chelsea game or something :00:07
treachheh, I was refering to the cricket circus apparently taking itself extremely serious. I'm afraid they're all tea-drinkers.00:07
rxicricket circus?00:07
treachdidn't they wrinkle their collective noses and throw out some .au guy lately? Or was that some pakistani maybe...?00:08
rxilol no that was an australian umpire00:08
treachhm. I don't follow cricket really, just see the headlines at the beeb sometimes.  :P00:08
treachah, I see. A tea drinker, no doubt. :P00:08
rxilol probably he's like 6000:09
rxiyou should watch some twenty20 cricket00:11
rxiits a 3hr slog-fest :)00:12
treachno thanks. I prefer football or ice-hockey. At least you understand the rules there.00:12
rxinothing hard about criket rules :)00:13
rxiyou follow wrc?00:14
treachas I said, no. I just see the headlines sometimes at the beeb.00:15
rxiwrc == world rally championship :)00:15
treachah. right. See? I said I don't follow the cricket circus. :p00:16
rxii thought you europeans were all mad rally suppoters00:16
treachNo, not that either.00:16
treachActually, I can't speak for europe, but the big sports here up north is football and icehocky.00:19
rxithought as much00:20
treachthen there is a enormous gap, and then comes the rest, like handball, bandy etc.00:20
rxiwe have a pretty broad selection here in au with rugby and cricket the 2 biggest00:21
treachrxi: don't know if you've ever heard about his.
treachquite popular sport here.00:22
rxinever heard of it00:22
rxiwe have a saying about someone being bandy legged if thats close :P00:23
treachheh, no..00:23
rxisince our first winter olympics gold medal was from the other 3 competitors falling over we dont have much of a bandy pedigree here00:25
treachyeah, I know. :)00:26
rxihehe its called "doing the bradbury"00:26
treachlots of "odd" sports out there that are pretty big deals in their region, but totally unheard of otherwise.00:26
rxilol theres an australian bandy federation00:29
treachwhee, signs of civillisation. :D00:29
rximust be a typo .. should be austrian :P00:29
treachRussia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, and Mongolia are known to play it. Not Austria, or Australia.00:30
treachLOL, you can mail their president at  :D00:33
treachdammit, even india is a member apparently :D00:34
rxihaha not so elite now are you :P00:35
treachwell, as I said, it's a pretty big sport regionally. outside that it's a different story.00:36
treachin reality it's all about russia, sweden and finland.00:37
treachthose three play even, and then they beat the rest with lik 13-000:37
treachs lik/like00:37
treachor more. :)00:37
rxihehe almost like the australian cricket team atm00:38
rxii dont think we've lost a game this summer00:38
treachI didn't like about the numbers. :)00:40
treachls like/lie00:40
* treach goes to get some breakfast00:41
rxicook me some enchiladas while your going :P00:43
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guaquabandy is a marginal sport in finland nowadays. it used to be a big spectator sport too, but nowadays ice hockey has taken its place01:34
guaquait's more popular in sweden and russia, i guess01:34
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prologicgawd I hate dead channels :)02:33
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tilmanwhy as many necessary things deleted? :(03:25
Romsterwhere the do i find ionice its ment to be in the util-linux in core but i don't see it...03:31
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prologicwhat the hell03:54
prologicI just got some back-dated items from the rss contrib feed03:54
prologicweirdness :)03:54
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treachtilman: too bad he's not necessary then.. ;)05:06
Part`Hi. ;]05:22
tilmanhis email skills/attitude annoy the hell out of me05:25
tilmanconstantly copy&pasting from his goddamn terminal05:25
tilmanbecause he's too fucking lazy (or not able to) form a sane english sentence05:25
tilman> why as many things deleted (opt) / and potentially broken source downloads?05:26
treachah, the concept of links. So difficult.05:27
ningoyeah, indeed.05:28
treach...almost as hard as google.05:28
ningoAfter you fought your way through the jungle of how to open a browser, you are confronted with links05:29
ningono wonder no one uses the internet!05:29
treachbrowser? Surely you mean "the internet"?05:29
ningono, I mean it's common sense that on the other side of the internet explorer there is the internet05:30
ningoyou just have to learn how to doubleklick on the right icon, that's the tricky part05:31
treachcommon sense has nothing to do with internet explorer.05:31
tilman"common sense isn't."05:31
treacheveryone knowns that the blue e IS the internet.05:31
ningotreach: yeah, but me as a computer-expert know of course that the blue E stands for internet explorer05:32
treachof course. but you're not a part of "common sense". :)05:32
ningothat's true as well05:32
tilmani think ronny won't appreciate my reply05:33
ningoTHE BASICS!05:33
tilmanthe horror05:33
treachtilman: you sent him here -> ?05:33
ningosomeday I have to write a "THE\ BASICS" package, that assembles the cd-contents + lynx :)05:34
treach(Or, "How to get yourself even more clueless users")05:34
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treachtilman: Most helpful. Do I sense a hint of sarcasm? :)05:38
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jjpkzomg teh Ronny is back :o06:38
jjpkThe same problems all the damn time. \o/06:41
jjpkThere's some BASICS for ya.06:41
tilmanarrrgh, can't he just shut up06:46
tilmanWhich write?06:46
tilmanhe's a goddamn retard06:47
tilmanwhy does he bring up the fucking broken url crap again?06:47
jjpkI heart that response to "removing ports has nothing to do with broken urls" BUT TEH B0RK3D URLS!!111twelve06:53
jjpkReading and understanding are not his strong points by any measure :D06:54
* tilman ponders06:55
jjpkA good cup of STFU should be passed to him :D07:00
RedShiftmmm, stfu07:03
RedShift"no you shut the fuck up!"07:03
tilmantreach: he's infinitely more sarcastic than i was!07:03
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* deus_ex went to the concert last night 07:23
deus_exit was fun, but I drank way too much beer...07:25
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treachtilman: he's back. :P  Honestly, I don't think he's sarcastic. Look in a dictionary under "dense". I bet there's a picture of him there.08:05
aon :D08:12
tilmanshould i reply ALL IN CAPS?08:18
treachI don't think it'll help.08:19
jjpkGo for it.08:19
jjpkNot like it matters at all :D08:19
treachseriously, how can anyone be that dense and yet apparently be able to install crux? Is he some kind of joke?08:20
* treach looks at ningo 08:20
ningowhat? yeah right.08:24
tilmanthat fucking moron constantly confuses "what" with "which"08:24
tilmanjesus fucking christ08:24
ningowhile my windows is here anyway, does anyone of you know how to tell gnuplot that some descrete values of a function are infite (in other words asymptotic)?08:25
treachI bet google does. Asypmptotic values and gnuplot only gives about 10000 hits. :)08:28
ningotreach: I have already whacked that tree08:29
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jjpkMy recommendation: take a course in English 101, use some other distribution :D08:53
treachhe's completely unintelligeble afaic. :-/08:54
jjpkSo of course it has to be crux's fault \o/09:00
guaquawho are you talking aboot?09:02
treachRonny "I'm gonna drive tilman nuts" Kornexl.09:03
guaquaand where is this?09:03
guaquathe horror09:10
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onestepwhy xfce ports are still outdated? :(09:28
tilmanare they?;a=summary09:29
tilmani don't think so!09:29
onestepI was searching in opt :)09:31
aons/outdated/nonexistent/, then?09:33
aonah, nvm :(09:35
* aon doesn't know what tree he is running from09:35
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onestepaon: I don't use git, just a good old rsyncing opt repo :)09:39
guaquatheoretically...if i just switch to using 2.3 repos, what happens?09:40
guaquaproblems with glibc?09:40
tilmanat least put gcc and glibc on hold09:43
rehabdollI had no issues09:45
tilmanokay, but i wouldn't recommend it anyway09:50
aonno reason to put them on hold, i think, if you're going to start messing with that, but proper bootstrapping is required09:52
guaquai'm thinking off messing with a remote box09:52
guaquathat i can't get to easily09:52
tilmanaon: did that sentence make sense? ;)09:53
aoni dunno09:53
aonbut what it was supposed to mean was that it's probably best to update the toolchain as well if you're going to go to 2.309:54
aonbut to do it properly :)09:55
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treachdenser than a brick.10:59
bd2prologic, privmsg11:00
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jjpkSome people never cease to amaze me :D11:06
jjpkRonny is a damned cron job. Every 6 months the same outcry :]11:07
guaquahe comes back?11:08
jjpkThese mails have continued for at least a year and a few months.11:08
jjpkUsually followed by a long break.11:08
guaquai wonder how he can keep it up :D11:09
* treach ponders writing a really mean mail..11:09
jjpkEasy, as treach mentioned, this person is a dense brick :D11:09
guaquarofl :D11:10
jjpkMaybe this explains why we have lost a few devs in the last year. ;)11:10
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct11:10
treachjjpk: I'm considering mailing a couple of links to him. :)11:10
jjpkDocumention or what? :D11:11
tilmanthought of that before11:11
jjpkProbably would be similar to sending data to /dev/null...11:11
guaquawhat a domain! :D11:12
bd2hey! crux's ml is hot today :-)11:12
tilmancan i say 'fuck' on the ml?11:12
treachtilman: I was thinking something along the line of this -> and
bd2tilman, yup. :-) but, better point to latest depots patch, and show him this url:
treachbut I think that would be a bit too mean even for me. :)11:13
tilmani don't dare to click these11:14
treachdon't worry.11:14
guaquawhoa treach :D11:14
treachIt's perfectly sfw.11:14
tilmantreach: could also give him a 5th grad english book :D11:15
mike_kbd2: better wait for the yet another patch. that would be fun.11:16
treachWell, I get the feeling that even if he knew the language, he'd still not get the point.11:16
bd2mike_k, lol :-)11:16
mike_kbd2: 'lol' is such americanish... lets stick to the famous russian slang11:18
bd2"preved medved"? :-)11:20
mike_komfg, that's neoalbanian slang. I hate that.11:21
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treachLOL. *DING* rehabdoll you've got mail.11:25
guaquait'd totally ruin my day if my computer said "you've got mail"11:28
jjpksip ftw!11:30
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thrice`man, I can hardly understand him11:35
* deus_ex thinks ronny writes spam for living, hence particular writing...'style'... 11:37
jjpkTrue, his e-mails make as much sense as spam does at best :D11:38
jjpkRandom copy / paste junk.11:38
deus_exit's 'postmodern, freeflow writing' ;)11:41
treach"post grammar" more like it.11:42
tilmanHannes fits with him :D11:42
tilman"Its not very cool, simple kick them out."11:42
tilmanpretty easily misunderstood :D11:42
deus_ex"No improvements desired?"11:43
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treachtilman: that's another young man with a firm grip on realities.11:44
deus_exronny's answer to Fredrik's mail11:44
tilmandeus_ex: yes, but what are you trying to say?11:44
guaquai'd like to find that "you've got mail"11:44
guaquathis is going to get out of hand11:45
*** onestep has joined #crux11:45
treachI'm just staying out of it. Someone might get hurt.11:46
tilmanthat isn't a bad thing per se in this situation11:46
* jjpk is fueling the fire :D11:46
jjpkNothing like another case of Ronny, they really bring life to the mailing list :D :D11:48
treach"WARNING: Contains intelligent people. \ DO NOT PUSH"11:53
tilmankillall is dumb :/11:53
tilmanif i run a ruby script via /usr/bin/env, "killall app_name" doesn't kill it11:54
tilmanif i run it via /usr/bin/ruby directly, it does11:54
treachsudo killall bash :)11:54
tilmanbut that's not quite what i want11:55
tilman> Hands on ALSO refers to being proactive in discovering bugs and reporting them11:56
tilmani heard bd2 found security holes in pkgutils11:56
tilmani wonder where he reported those11:56
treachI heard they were within qoutemarks.11:57
treachso I guess it's all right then. :>11:57
treach>at least two "security" flaws <11:58
bd2tilman, not holes but flaws. first one you already knew: pkgadd could mess up permissions easily. second one, that you can lock /var/lib/pkg by unpriviliged user, which will stop atomatic updates (if any, like prt-get sysup in cron). pkgadd will not work11:59
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tilman1) because it doesn't check current perms vs the perms given in the package?11:59
tilmanit just blindly chmod's?11:59
thrice`i've had /dev/null get bad perms from it12:00
thrice`building fluxbox comes to mind12:00
bd2tilman, right.12:00
bd2because it's not checks current perms12:00
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RedShiftis there some way to derive from this notation the network? in php?12:10
RedShift(in this example that would be
tilmanof course12:10
tilmanjust set the last 16 bits to zero12:10
tilmanso you could convert it to an 32 bit int first12:11
tilmando the math12:11
tilmanconvert it back to dotted quad12:11
guaquathese math people12:11
guaquajust get a library to do it for you :)12:11
RedShiftyeah but doesn't php already have a function for that12:13
RedShifti'm lazy, I want to reuse as much stuff as possible12:13
guaquawell should know that12:14
pacaYou can do it all by converting it to a decimal, bitwise and out the first two bytes, then convert back to dotted quad.12:15
tilmanthat's what i said :(12:15
pacaI actually helped develop a little ruby library to do just that.  It's very readable if you want to look at the code12:15
pacawell, it does more than that, but there are a couple very small code snippets that will do that part of it.12:16
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mike_kRomster, you suspected I wanted to feed you with !12:29
mike_kanybody having same trouble running latest frozen-bubble?12:30
bd2mike_k, try recompile perl with installed gettext12:31
treachlol, sip will love that. :D12:32
mike_kbd2: I've rebuilt it after last gettext update:
mike_k*I had to rebuild it12:41
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tilmannipuL: i think he wanted to say that upstream hasn't released anything new in 3/4 years, so it's zero effort to maintain crux ports14:48
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black_13does crux have the ability to makes its own install cd?20:25
prologicjust clone the iso git repo and build your own20:25
black_13i didnt see how in the docs20:25
prologiccheck the development page on crux.nu20:25
prologicand you'll see a link to the git repos for various crux related projects and system parts20:25
prologicit's not something to be included in the hand book :)20:26
black_13do you have the link offhand?20:26
black_13 ?20:27
prologicthat's the one20:27
prologicon the gitweb page you should see reference to the git urls20:28
prologicinstall git and clone the iso repo20:28
prologicsays clearly how to do so20:28
prologicwhy do you want to build a custom cd btw ?20:28
black_13sure ... i work for a company that makes slot machines we put our software on bootable linux iso20:34
prologicahh right20:34
prologicand you're going to use crux as a base ?20:34
black_13our software is using a boot cd based on redhat 7.320:34
prologicthe switch to crux be wise choice :)20:35
black_13i had in the past tried linux from scratche but it was a no go20:35
black_13i came up with a debian hybrid20:35
black_13but late in my experiements i discovered crux20:35
prologicwell if your company goes this way, put something in our wiki about your company using crux :)20:36
black_13isnt crux makefile based?20:37
prologicthe iso is20:38
black_13finest kind20:38
prologicsoftware is otherwise installed by use of packages20:38
prologicusing pkgutils20:38
prologicwhich are built using pkgmk and downloaded and maintained by a "ports system"20:38
prologicthis is in the handbook :)20:38
black_13i read a bit into that20:38
black_13the think is i need things trimmed way down ... no man pages20:39
black_13no docs20:39
prologicjust install what you want20:39
prologicout of pure boredom I got a crux install down to 120M the other day20:39
prologicthere's nothing that says you have to install all of the core ports20:39
black_13im think about something that has the kernel bash ls and xwindows20:41
black_13and of course the slot software20:42
prologicjust be certain you still leave in the essential stuff required to boot and run software :)20:43
black_13what would i need to do to install a minial system?20:46
prologicI guess you could build your own cd20:46
prologicor just install crux noramlly and removed unwated software20:46
black_13i guess what i remeber is that crux ports are makefile based?20:48
prologicsort of yes20:48
prologicbut shell based really20:48
prologicmy bind port for instance20:49
black_13i see something called pkgage file looks like bash ... and it seems to exec make20:51
prologicit execute whatever is needed to compile the package20:52
black_13i see20:52
black_13so what crux offers is infrasctructure to make something20:52
prologiccrux is just damn simple is all20:53
prologicnothing to it :)20:53
black_13are they are ports/pkgs for build a boot flash?20:55
prologicinstalling to flash be the same as installing to hard disk20:56
black_13syslinux + kernel + busybox20:57
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* treach rubs his eyes. "Checking dependencies, wait"...21:34
treachI never thought I'd see *that* in crux..21:35
prologiceh ?21:53
thrice`2.3 install ?21:57
treachconsidering the amount of packages in xorg it makes sense.22:09
rehabdollsover du aldrig btw? :)22:20
treachsuck. Nej, men jag försöker..22:21
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