IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-01-30

treachyes, some deps are mad. *Tadash*. Sharing libs between multiple applications is a good thing (tm)00:01
cyrus_but for example of glib00:01
treachand glib is such a lib..00:01
treachatk depends on it for example.00:01
cyrus_developers use it because they need linked list00:01
treachand I strongly suspect your xfce will be unhappy without atk..00:02
cyrus_probably the same functionality gave them glibc00:02
treachif glibc held the functionality in glib, I bet glib wouldn't be used.00:02
treachand why re-implement linked lists if they are already correctly implemented by someone else?00:03
cyrus_;) Crux is very inteligent animal, opossite too me he tought that i might need glib and when i didn't watch he installed it00:03
treachlinked lists aren't *that* much fun..00:03
treachyour sysup is still running in the background?00:04
cyrus_yes, it is very tough to write good implementation of linked list00:04
cyrus_no ;) it was done :) before restart00:04
treachheh, good.00:05
treachwell. you did something, because packages don't just get installed.00:05
cyrus_not quite :D00:08
cyrus_i forget to type ldconfig00:08
cyrus_old fashion, but still sometimes help :)00:08
cyrus_btw. xorg is running smooth too :D00:09
cyrus_but i must check if aiglx works ;D00:09
cyrus_I need some rest ...00:14
cyrus_I will chaeck it morning :D00:15
cyrus_thanks for help ;)00:15
treachyou know, that's about... now.00:15
cyrus_and see You soon (-:00:15
cyrus_yes, I know :) but 2 hours sleep is enought ;)00:16
cyrus_it will be still morning :D00:16
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namenloshi, is there a package containing mkinitrd? or does anyone know where to get it from?02:45
namenlossomehow i can't find it...02:45
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namenlospostgresql 8.2.1 is out03:11
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namenlosibm is great:
namenlosthe first source i found to create an inital ramdisc....04:31
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jshi. is there any reason why there's no ethereal port?05:16
jsIIRC, there was one in the past05:17
destruct_ethereal has changed his name to wireshark and wireshark is in opt05:20
jsah, thanks a lot05:20
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uffolois there a way to boot the cd from sr0 or scd0? thanks05:23
jsyou have to specify root05:23
jsroot=/dev/scd0 for example05:23
uffoloi get a kernel panic05:24
jsmaybe there's no scsi driver included05:24
jswhich means you have to build your own install cd05:25
jsI had to do so as well because neither my JMicron S-ATA for my CD-ROM was working, nor my Intel Matrix RAID.05:25
uffolook thanks05:27
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rehabdollyou can use the 2.3-beta cd06:40
rehabdollthat works.. i had similar problems with the 2.2 cd with my asus p5b06:41
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onestepis there built 2.3-beta iso? :)06:44
cyrus_Hello everybody :)06:45
cyrus_I have been installing fresh gtk and recive strange error06:46
cyrus_it is not connected with compilation, because it goes slightly..06:46
cyrus_it was something wrong with .footprint file06:47
cyrus_after compilation there was missing some files ?!06:47
onestepcyrus_: that's ususally not critical06:47
cyrus_this is only a suggestion for package mantainer ... if he is here :D06:48
cyrus_onestep : yes, I know that ;-), I've built it using pkgmk -i after removing old md5sum file and .footprint06:49
onestepcyrus_: you can just add -uf or -if to the call of pkgmk ;)06:51
cyrus_onestep: good point :D i should take more care and read manpages :D06:54
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rehabdollthats what happens when you fail to read the man07:13
rehabdollthe rtfm-monsters come and get you07:13
jsrehabdoll: that time, there was no 2.3 beta CD. Btw, I also have the P5B-e :)07:14
jsrehabdoll: anyway, dmraid is still missing on 2.307:16
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rehabdollbah, raid is for wussies :)07:39
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jjpkFlying cows!08:45
jsrehabdoll: nope, RAID-0 is for perforamce ;)08:51
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j^2has anyone ever seen: 332 Enter Password (use the 'account <text>' or 'quote acct <text>' command to respond) trying to connect to an ftp server?08:57
j^2i'm baffled on what it means08:57
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namenloshm, apr seems to be updateable, too (versions 0.9.12 and 1.2.8 are out)09:00
namenlosneon, too -> 0.26.309:01
namenlosthe actual subversion version is 1.4.309:10
tilmanfyi, "actual" does NOT mean "aktuell"09:13
jsITYM current09:13
namenloshm, thats true ;), my english is not so good...09:13
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cyrus_bd2: hello :)09:26
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AV1611greeting to all!15:39
alanciohello AV161115:39
AV1611can anybody help me out with the first booting?15:40
AV1611the very first booting...15:40
AV1611"VFS integrity check fails"15:41
AV1611that is the last message i get every time before it stops completely15:42
AV1611the booting stops compeitey15:42
guaquais the install media okay?15:43
AV1611that is a nforce3,athlon64,matrox450,3hdd (sata+2ide),2kbds(usb&Ps-2),2mouses(usb-ps2)15:44
AV1611yes, it look like there wasn't any problems with it before and afterwards15:44
AV1611the thing of it: it boots flawlessly at the other old cel600 machine15:45
AV1611so I'm wondering15:45
AV1611yet, that's the first distro that freexes up right at the booting stage15:46
AV1611the first boting stage15:46
AV1611oops, booting15:46
AV1611the hardware isn't the newest, so...15:46
guaquai'd say...15:47
guaquatry adding noapic to the kernel boot options15:47
guaquaor acpi=no etc15:47
guaquaor disable them in bios15:47
guaquaor do both15:48
AV1611I forgot to say: I tried acpi=off15:48
AV1611no result15:48
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alancioAV1611: you are trying to make a multiseat machine?16:01
AV1611no, by no means ;)16:02
alancioI am working on the same thing myself :)16:03
AV1611the only thing, I stick to a new-bought little logitech laptope-like kbd, which I found to be very useful16:03
AV1611but, there's still old ps-2 kbd plugged in16:03
alancioAV1611: what is your other video card besides the matrox450?16:04
AV1611and ps-2 mouse is (sometimes)16:04
AV1611you're teasing me...16:04
AV1611there is none16:04
alancioAV1611: how are you doing this? are you using two outputs from one video card?16:05
AV1611I don't want any other (what other video can give me such a simple way of installing its  driver at *nix)16:05
AV1611no, there's only one monitorhere16:06
AV1611yet, you can set two of them16:06
alanciooh ok! I thought you were ironic when you said "by no means"16:06
alanciobut you actually meant that16:06
AV1611yes, I did mean that16:07
alancioso, why do you want two keyboards and two mouses?16:07
AV1611until I got absolutely sure usb periferals work perfectly ok at *nix16:08
AV1611a lifesaviour16:08
alanciothey work, trust me16:09
AV1611yes, they do work very well at all the distros I have been in16:10
AV1611I faced this issue at crux only16:10
alanciowell, think of crux as a skeleton for making your own distro16:11
alancioyou can make it suck, or you can make it rock!16:11
alancioif you don't include appropiate drivers, it sucks16:11
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AV1611yes, and you'll have another great guy that made something of his own and is boasting of that16:12
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AV1611no, I don't have the appropriate skills16:13
alanciowell, messing up with something like crux will make you earn the skills16:13
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AV1611a time-consuming task, pretty is16:14
AV1611pretty time-consuming16:15
alanciothats correct master Yoda16:15
AV1611what is YOda?16:15
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AV1611(I'm not an English native speaker)16:16
alanciome neither ;)16:16
alancioyou just talked like that character16:18
alancioyou are ukranian?16:19
AV1611yeah. i am16:19
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AV1611well, nice to meet, but i have got to go to sleep. Good night!16:21
alanciook take care16:22
alancioBTW, I am romanian, so we would be neighbors16:22
alanciothat is if only I didn't live in south america16:22
AV1611and you're dreaming to go to the northern part of a., aren't you?16:26
alancioyou bet16:26
alancioor canada16:27
alancioUSA or Canada16:27
alancioright now I am going to a conference about immigration in Canada16:27
alancioso take care, gotta run16:27
AV1611be blessed!16:29
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