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j^2what's the command to put a text file in order? like numerical etc?10:45
j^2yep :D10:46
pitillotilman, do not know if you remember the problem with Mach64, Xorg 7.1.1, libdrm 2.3 and mesa3d 6.5. If you have a bit of time can you take a look to this link? not sure why does not find the correct drm version10:47
tilmanyou need new drm kernel modules10:48
tilmanpretty obvious, no?10:48
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pitilloummm not for me sorry. Thinking in drm module got from freedesktop too. Thanks for your answer. I will try it with a newer kernel.10:50
tilmangrab the drm git repo10:53
tilmanit's linked from gitweb.freedesktop.org10:53
pitillotilman, I review it and made modules and libs from there. But problems start with mesa3d then.10:54
pitillowell reinstalled modules and libs and now I think I need to remake mesa... Trying to run glxinfo now, got undefined symbol drmCloseOnce10:55
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pitilloDo not know if I am making something bad or if is this chipset...11:05
pitillowell, I think I will continue tomorrow with this. Waiting the mesa3d error and thinking in update the kernel and use drm provided by it, instead of libdrm, drm-cvs11:07
pitillowell got error at mesa3d, 2 lines. Can I paste them here?11:12
pitillo../common/vblank.c: In function 'driGetCurrentVBlank':11:14
pitillo../common/vblank.c:306: error: 'DRM_VBLANK_SECONDARY' undeclared (first use in this function)11:14
pitillogot them when using drv-cvs (kernel module and libs)11:17
pitillowell, thanks for your time tilman. I will continue reading, but is quite strange this chipset support.11:17
pitillotime to go home now :)11:18
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j^2is there a pftop type of app for iptables?13:13
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sepenno style page at crux.nu13:54
sepenFirefox can't find the file at /pub/skins/crux/pmwiki.css13:55
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prologicwhat the hell you talking about :)14:08
prologicworks fine14:08
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tilmanjdolan__: does opt/jdk have the gtk plaf? o_O14:44
tilmanjdolan__: n/m, i suck14:45
tilmanbut jesus, it's fugly14:46
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treachjaeger: btw, your xchat port seems to need some tlc. :)15:53
jaegerthe md5sum mismatch?15:54
treachyeah, and the patch was missing as well irrc. (not using crux atm, can't check.)15:57
jaegerthe patch is there... they just replaced it with a different one of the same name, hence the md5sum mismatch15:58
jaegerI'll commit it in a min, have to recreate my ssh key15:58
treachno problem.15:58
treach(damn, I'm sure the patch was missing..:-/ )15:59
jaegerperhaps it was, at the time15:59
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