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onestephi! who knows, what's better choice for jabber messaging? :)06:47
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RyoSonestep: better than what? what are your needs?07:02
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RyoSonestep_: got my last message?07:15
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onestep_RyoS: my inet is a bit unstable today... :)07:56
onestep_I want a simple client07:56
RyoSremove no problem07:56
RyoStry psi07:56
onestep_is there something more simple? :)07:56
RyoSbitlbee maybe07:56
onestep_psi is an overkill IMHO07:57
RyoSoverkill? ^^07:57
RyoSwell take a look at bitlbee then07:57
onestep_okay, tnx07:57
namenlosonestep_: irssi?07:59
onestep_namenlos: yes, irssi + bitlbee seems suitable for me07:59
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onestep__hi, j^2!08:39
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treachhm.. anyone successfully using jue's xfce repo?09:23
treachxfce4-systray complains about not finding "xfce4-panel-1.0.pc".. though an prt-get fsearch finds no such file. :/09:25
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treachscratch that. my mistake09:44
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jaeger@seen systemx10:45
clbjaeger: I have not seen systemx.10:45
jaeger@seen pyavitz10:45
clbjaeger: I have not seen pyavitz.10:45
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jaegerxfce 4.4.0 looks pretty nice10:59
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treachyeah, composite goodness etc. Still deliberating wether I want to restart X to try it out properly. :P11:06
treachorage is pretty attractive as well for non-kde/gnomers. :)11:09
treachcalendaring app.11:09
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jaegerman, I hate docbook12:52
jaegerthe fact that the gnome build can break because the docbook site is hosed pisses me off12:52
tilmanjaeger: yeah, that's incredibly stupid12:54
jaegerI get more disillusioned with gnome as time goes by... it's almost like the gnome devs are blinded to usability by their own concept of usability12:55
tilmaneugenia loves it, so it must be good12:56
tilmani guess12:56
tilmaneugenia also loves arch...12:56
jaegerit also annoys me that there may be a point at which gnome/utopia won't work without PAM in the future12:57
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jaegerj^2: nifty12:58
j^2(speaking of gnome :))12:58
thrice`jaeger: what are you trying to build ?13:15
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jaegergnome-applets is the one that broke it that time13:20
predatorfreakAnyone here use ivman?13:21
predatorfreakI'm trying to setup the buggers and it's starting to annoy me.13:21
thrice`on 2.16.0, or a new version?13:21
predatorfreakIt mounts but never unmounts.13:21
jaegerpredatorfreak: haven't used it, myself13:22
predatorfreakjaeger: Normally I'm gung-ho for mounting myself.13:22
predatorfreakBut I'm getting lazier.13:22
predatorfreakand I'd rather it just do it for me.13:22
predatorfreakAfter all, it saves me a few bits of text.13:22
thrice`ah - strange13:23
predatorfreak/dev/sr0 on /l type iso9660 (ro,noexec,nosuid,nodev,unhide) <-- That tells me it's untrust-worthy ;)13:24
predatorfreakIf it doesn't remove it from mtab, it has serious issues.13:24
predatorfreakOh well, 'spose I'll just get less lazy.13:26
treachspeaking of "nifty". ->
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ningotreach: did you try it?13:33
treachnope, not yet. I'll have to investigate wether the intended target supports pxe-booting.13:34
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jaegerdoes anyone truly understand the docbook/docbook-xml-* stuff?14:26
jaegerI'd love to know if our packages do something wrong14:26
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treach time ./test \ ./test  0.00s user 0.00s system 115% cpu 0.003 total o_O14:50
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thrice`looks like that avant depends on gnome... ?17:22
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thrice`unfortunate :)17:32
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black_13when i attempt to install crux from the boot iso i am unable to "mkdir /mnt/home"18:17
black_13what gives this install guide but doesnt work in practice18:17
rehabdollhave you actually mounted your harddrive on /mnt ?18:18
rehabdolli guess making dirs on a ro cd-rom wont work very well18:18
black_13no i havent dur18:19
black_13nice name btw18:19
rehabdollmake a filesystem and mount it /mnt18:19
black_13i have fdisked three partions one for /boot /usr swap and /home18:20
rehabdollnothing for / ?18:20
black_13but i havent mounted anything as yet18:20
black_13sure i men /18:20
black_13sorry i mean / no /usr18:20
rehabdollmount the / disk over /mnt18:20
rehabdollthen make dirs and continiue mount the rest18:21
rehabdollthen install18:21
black_13on side note that has nothing to do with anything ever would should get the album "tender buttons by broadcast"18:22
thrice`mount your / first to /mnt, then mkdir the respective other mount points, mount them, and continue to the setup18:23
black_13mount /dev/hda2 /mnt ?18:23
black_13im asking18:24
thrice`is that your root ?18:24
thrice`looks good to me :)18:24
black_13very similar to gentoo18:25
rehabdollbut less crappy18:26
black_13if had said LFS and you said crappy ... i would have said "word"18:27
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rehabdollFYI: If terrorists attack, throw small animals into interdimensional portals.18:27
black_13after chroot /mnt /bin/bash i get "chroot: cannot run command '/bin/bash'18:30
black_13but /bin/bash is there18:31
black_13no wait /bin/bash has to be on the at /mnt/bin/bash doesnt it18:31
rehabdoll/mnt/bin/bash ?18:31
black_13no its not here18:31
rehabdollhave you run the installer?18:32
black_13is there one?18:32
black_13i thought everyting manual18:32
rehabdolljust helps installing all packages18:32
rehabdollsetup, install or something18:32
rehabdollits in the manual18:32
black_13correct me if im wrong but this is the manual ""18:33
rehabdoll"Type setup to start the package installation script. The script will ask where you mounted your new root partition and which packages you want to install. Just select the packages you want and nothing else will be installed. However, I recommend at least installing all the packages marked core."18:34
thrice`black_13: are you installing 2.3 or 2.2 ?18:34
rehabdollshould be fairly similar though18:35
black_13well i will try setup18:35
thrice`i'm not sure if the 2.3 docs are done, though18:35
thrice`the 2.2 outlines this *perfectly*18:35
black_13an i am now on the 2-2 manual18:35
rehabdollthe only thing you need to do when installing is basically creating and mounting the disks, install packages with "setup", create a kernel and install it and setup boot.. dont forget fstab though18:36
rehabdollthe rest can be done later18:36
thrice`yeah; the setup is just an ncurses menu for selecting packages18:36
thrice`as opposed to gentoo, where you just grab one big tarball18:37
rehabdollbroadcast sounds nice btw, thanks for the tip18:37
black_13do you like adultswim18:38
black_13crud the installer failed18:38
black_13should i use basic disk layout18:39
thrice`what was the error ?18:39
black_13/dev/hda1 for /  then /dev/hda2 for swap and /dev/hda3 for /home ?18:39
thrice`no - that is completely irrelevant18:39
thrice`ok; you have swapon'd your swap, mounted / to /mnt ?18:40
black_13INSTALL FAILED! ... Installing autoconf32.59-1 ... ERROR pkgadd could not read directory /mnt/var/lib/pkg: no such file18:40
thrice`did you install a filesystem on your root ?18:41
black_13but i think i know what to do18:41
thrice`yes, me too - read the instructions18:41
black_13yeah that would help18:41
thrice`follow them in order, and it will work just fine18:41
black_13im reading im reading18:41
black_13seems to be installing18:47
black_13has anyone used crux to make there own iso's18:47
rehabdollnice, my homedir is 370gb D;18:53
thrice`black_13: what do you mean ?18:55
black_13my reason for playin with crux is to make a small boot cd18:56
thrice`the crux CD isn't small enough for you?  :)18:56
black_13i was told that crux had decent build system for this18:56
black_13i need to place things on the cd that are not there currently18:56
thrice`ah - I gotcha18:56
black_13if you want i can tell you more why i want to do this if you interested18:57
black_13if not thats ok too18:57
thrice`so you're not really interested in using it as a desktop ?18:58
black_13on as far as using thet desktop to make iso18:58
black_13i work for a company that makes slot machines19:00
thrice`oh, really?  that's cool19:00
black_13and the slot software run on bootable cdrom19:00
black_13but its OLD redhat 7.319:00
black_13i have played around with lfs gentoo and some others and even rolling my own19:01
black_13then someone told me about crux and red the docs and it looked like tis package management and build system would lend itself to customization19:02
black_13gentoos portage is tooo big19:02
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black_13thrice`, and yes i really work for company that makes slots19:06
black_13thrice`, i could really use or the company i work for could really use linux device driver guy19:08
thrice`ah - sounds neat19:10
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black_13thrice`, will the default kernel config boot the system ? or do i need to add anything?19:54
thrice`black_13: not sure - I think it's just raw source.  there may be a .config in there.  I always use my own - best to check it out yourself19:56
black_13i did check it it seems to have everyting to for the file system ext2,ext3,reiserfs19:56
black_13what is git?20:00
thrice`google ?20:00
black_13bless you20:01
thrice`heh.  crux is a more advanced distro - most of the stuff you do yourself.20:01
black_13i get that20:02
black_13sorry i didnt me to sound wishy washy20:02
black_13are the gits like portage?20:02
black_13i know that here is packaging system that has  a file that lauches a build20:02
black_13nope do boot again20:12
black_13no boot20:12
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black_13Fujiwara_Takumi, hello20:37
black_13i am trying to install crux and im bombing out20:38
Fujiwara_Takumiblack_13 : i`m also new to crux, but just tell ur prob , maybe someone else can help :D20:41
black_13the channel is kinda dead20:41
black_13but here is the problem i have followed the install instruction but nothing boots20:42
black_13i just get blinking cursor20:42
prologicdid you run lilo ?20:50
prologicedit /etc/lilo.conf20:50
prologicI have a feeling you didn't follow the instructions :)20:50
prologicbecause they are _flawless_ :)20:50
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Fujiwara_Takumimaybe u can try see the log perhaps20:53
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black_13i canned lilo and picked grub21:01
black_13now it seems to work21:01
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black_13has anyone attempted to install crux in vmware21:08
black_13crux uses xfree not xorg?21:26
nipuLthere is an xorg repo21:38
prologicthe cd comes with xfree8621:41
prologicwe have xorg too 2.3 will have xorg21:41
prologiccrux can be installed on both vmware and qemu - I have done and run both21:41
black_13i have it working in the vm but having gotten the ethernet working21:43
black_13prologic, can you offer any advice on how install eth on vmware guest?21:48
prologicjust compile/install the appropiate module21:49
prologicuse lspci and/or grep /proc/pci21:50
prologicI'm not sure what ethernet adapter vmware emulates21:50
black_13amd lance21:50
prologicqemu emulates a ne200021:50
thrice`no, 2.2 comes with xorg 6.9.021:52
black_13what kernel module is amd lance21:59
prologicoh it does ?22:07
prologicblack_13, not sure :)22:07
prologicoh wait22:07
prologicvmware virtualizes your hardware - so no idea22:07
prologicyou'll have to figure that one out22:07
prologicI wasn't aware 2.2 came with xorg - thought it was x11/xfree86 ?22:08
black_13well the log file on /var/log says its Xorg.0.log22:09
black_13what buts me i cant find xorg.conf22:09
prologicyou have to generate it still afaik22:10
prologicXorg --configure ( I think )22:11
prologicisn't this in the wiki ?22:11
prologicand the handbook ?22:11
black_13prologic, are you talking about section 4 of the handbook?22:17
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black_13well on my fedora vm i get pcnet32 as the device alias to eth022:38
black_13ok what kills me is my kernel config has pcnet32 selected to build but im not pcnet32.ko22:41
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prologicblack_13, everything is documented :)23:08
prologicyou must have forgotten, "make", "make modules_install"23:08
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black_13yea your corect i though i had done soe23:52
black_13dealing with kids distracted23:53

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