IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-02-02

black_13ok im missing it but where do set up loading the modules if i use insmod dhcp i can manually get the networking to work fine00:00
treachmodules? /etc/rc.modules sound *just* like the place, doesn't it?00:03
black_13would this /etc/rc.moduels00:03
black_13or modules00:03
black_13you know what i miss ... foghorn leghorn ... what happend to fog hornleghorn?00:03
black_13rc.modules has the in it "/sbin/depmod -a"00:05
black_13has in it i mean i say i say00:05
* thrice` thinks we need to make the crux install harder to fend people off00:06
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*** tek is now known as teK00:06
*** pitillo has joined #crux00:06
black_13thrice`, like me?00:06
thrice`of course not !00:06
treachblack_13: you know, your system won't kill you if you add something to it that file..00:06
black_13it wont? but im scared ...00:07
treachor if you feel like chickening out, you are completely free to add it to rc.local instead.00:07
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black_13shouldnt  be able to say insmod pcnet32 and load the module00:16
treachuse modprobe00:16
black_13networking is go!00:24
black_13now xorg00:25
black_13mouse wont move00:44
treachI bet you're trying to use the wrong device00:47
treachdoes it exist?00:50
black_13it does00:50
black_13mknod psaux c 10 100:51
treachwrong protocol then?00:51
black_13let me check the xorg.conf file00:51
treachthat's a good start00:51
black_13i mean xorg comes up looks ok but no mouse movement00:52
treachit may still come up, even if the mouse doesn't work properly.00:52
black_13what disaster now the mouse moves but no keyboardinput00:55
black_13well im boned01:06
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black_13any ideas of what i could try?01:09
treachno, I have way too little info.01:10
black_13from me on what to try ?01:10
black_13or on what to try?01:10
treach"mouse doesn't work", "keyboard input dead" and "/dev/psaux exists" just isn't enough.01:12
pitillologs does not show anything related?01:12
treachwhat kind of hardware are you using, type of mouse, did you *manually* create the /dev/psaux entry etc, etc.01:13
black_13treach fair enough01:14
pitillothe node creation seems to be done by hand.... (mknode sentence)01:14
black_13i am using the /dev/misc/psaux this came with the install01:14
treachyeah, and that could be one reason..01:14
pitillo(I dont understand why did it)01:14
treachah, ok.01:14
black_13and ill check the logs01:14
treachbtw, it didn't "come with the install", it was created when you loaded the ps/2 mousedrivers. Welcome to the world of dynamic devices.01:16
black_13funny i change the device from mouse to vmmouse and the mouse moves file but no keyboard input01:17
treachvmmouse ?  Option      "Device" "/dev/psaux"01:18
black_13Identifier "Mouse1" Driver "vmmouse" Option "protocol" "PS/2"01:19
pitilloand for KB? First time I see that option.01:21
treachthat's "Driver", not "Device". And I've never ever seen anyone having to mess with that01:21
treachfrom what I gather that shouldn't be necessary, to get it working, and only useful in vmware anyway. :/01:24
treachunearthing held back information?01:25
pitillo(trying to translate that :)01:27
treachpitillo: digging out stuff you weren't told about.01:28
black_13i am starting affresh01:28
treachformat c: ? ;D01:29
black_13tossing the whole vm01:29
black_13yes but lots easier with vmware01:29
treachthat shouldn't be needed.01:29
black_13yeah but in 15 minutes it wil be done01:29
treachblack_13: your problem is with the configuration of xorg.01:29
treachnot your crux installation.01:29
treachso, tossing it doesn't help anything.01:30
pitilloI think so. sorry. (did not know that was trying to run it from vm)01:30
treachpitillo: neither did I.01:30
black_13sorry i should have said01:30
treachalways provid all relevant information.01:30
black_13actually i had but it was before you came one01:31
treachok. I must have missed that in the log.01:31
pitillo(reading and learning bit by bit :)01:31
* treach releases his chokehold01:31
black_13but still should have said "btw i also happen to belong to the hair club for men"01:31
treachpitillo: I think it's supposed to be some kind of whit.. or something.01:33
black_13its dated01:33
black_13and its late01:33
black_13the problem is that pop culture reference get stale01:34
pitilloxD (thanks treach)01:34
black_13so when were each of you born?01:34
treachcultural jokes rarely work when communicating with people from diffrent places..01:35
black_13or that01:35
black_13or really that01:35
black_13could crux's ports system be used on something else besides crux?01:37
treachdepends on what you mean with "something else"01:37
black_13say on fedora01:38
treachanother linux distribution, sure, as long as you don't get confused about the core stuff.01:38
black_13make a chroot01:38
treachcan't see why that wouldn't work, but I've never tried it though.01:39
black_13i played around gentoo chroots01:40
black_13the chroot work great built stages and so forth01:40
black_13but getting catylist (system to buld a boot cd) was not succussfull01:41
black_13my reason for using crux is just to get a small bootcd01:41
treachwell, it's prefect for that.01:41
black_13that is what i was told01:42
black_13have you tried this?01:42
treachnot really, but I had a fairly minimal qemu image going for a router project a while back.01:42
black_13i have used qemu01:43
black_13but how do ou mean image ... image as in iso image or something else?01:44
treachdd if=/dev/zero of=/somedir/somefile bs=1024 count=3276000001:45
treachtell qemu to use the file as a hd and install stuff into it. Voilá, imagefile.01:46
pitillo(thinking in try next week virtual box with work´s laptop)01:48
treachpitillo: is it new?01:48
pitilloummm I read last week a bit about vb. Not sure if it´s new. (yes for me)01:50
treachjust thinking; if you're running linux on it you could combine it with trying out KVM. :P01:51
black_13treach ok could that image file be then converted to bootable iso?01:51
treachprovided that it's new enought01:51
pitilloummm I will try to test it with ubuntu to run xp on it too. I read a bit about qemu but find easier vb. (reading about kvm)01:53
treachfrom the "outside"? Maybe, I don't know.01:53
treach(mounting it as a loop dev should make the trick..)01:54
pitilloat least seems. Did not try it by now. But reading docs and howtos.... find it easier.01:54
treachsorry, it was meant for black_1301:55
pitilloah sorry too :)01:56
black_13god i love grub01:58
black_13im back to a virginal system02:05
black_13no "fixes" by me02:05
black_13first there is not file xorg.conf file /etc/X1102:06
black_13also if i do start via startx x11 runs but there is no mouse movement but the keyboard works02:06
treachthat's why you need to create that file.02:07
black_13and of coarse the default window manager is twm02:07
black_13treach sure sure im just being bit more thurough in what i have and where things are02:07
black_13an by creating xorg.conf you mena xorgconfig?02:08
treachor just simply X -configure02:08
black_13that hangs i just get a black screen02:08
black_13and i have to do Ctrl-Alt-Backspace02:09
treachhm. not nice. :-/02:09
black_13no excuse me ctrl  alt delete02:09
treachI guess that's related to vmware.02:10
pitilloI use xorgconfig to get a template...02:10
black_13treach you may be correct02:10
treachpitillo: generally, it's faster to just do X -configure and edit the stuff that it gets wrong.02:10
pitillonice point. Taking note. (did not know it too) The editing way seems the same. I need to modify the template too but may be it is faster with that option.02:12
treachblack_13: I'm sorry, I have no experience at all with running crux in vmware.02:12
black_13me either02:12
black_13i will soon though02:12
treachI'd say you already have more than I.02:12
black_13outside of xorg it works fine02:13
treachok, I suppose xorgconfigure allows you to chose the vmware graphic driver.02:14
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black_13ok im back where i was no mouse movement02:40
*** namenlos has joined #crux02:42
pitilloand keyboard works?02:48
pitillowich type of mouse do you have? ps2? dmesg|grep mouse shows it? wich driver and device are you using in xorg.conf?02:50
black_13mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice02:51
pitillowich device and driver for mouse and keyb?02:53
black_13in xorg.conf ?02:53
black_13i changed it /dev/input/mice ... no effect02:55
pitillocan you paste it? only device and driver for both, keyb and mouse.02:55
black_13to a pastebin02:56
pitilloor paste all your config02:56
pitillowell I need to eat something. later I will came back.03:01
pitilloI hope this can be usefull for you, but I may be you looked at it.
black_13pitillo, thats xorg.conf03:06
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black_13what a pain03:29
*** namenlos has joined #crux03:30
pitillos/Driver "kbd"/Driver "keyboard" && s/Protocol "Auto"/Protocol "ps/2"03:31
pitilloand take a look to the last link. May be can be helpfully...03:32
black_13ill try03:32
pitillothe xorg.conf section I mean03:32
black_13hey do you like zatoichi?03:32
pitilloI do not know what is that03:33
black_13eventually i would get it right03:34
pitilloummm I am not a film fan sorry :)03:35
black_13i have all the movies 2603:35
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black_13no luck03:38
morlenxusIs it possible to export one dir with nfs to all clients */24(ro) and the same dir to a special ip using (rw) ?03:44
rxi_maybe try putting it higher in the list?03:50
morlenxusAh, no, i used <ip>/24, but it should be only <ip>.03:51
black_13have any you tried using crux in vmware guest?03:54
black_13who had the qemu image?04:02
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prologicI have a qemu install04:40
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black_13has anyone here used crux as guest vm?10:50
guaquahaven't tried10:50
*** jaakkop has joined #crux10:50
guaquathere shouldn't be anything that prevents it10:50
guaquajust compile the kernel with the right modules and you should be good to go10:50
black_13i can get the mouse to move for xorg10:51
rehabdollso can i :)10:58
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black_13_i have just install crux14:15
black_13_and when i run xorg the mouse doesnt move14:15
RyoSyou maybe did select the wrong mouse protocol?14:17
black_13_how do you me14:18
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rehabdollOption         "Protocol" "IMPS/2" for example14:20
rehabdollor perhaps you've selected the wrong device14:20
rehabdollOption         "Device" "/dev/input/mice" <- thats what i use14:20
black_13_ok ill check that out14:21
jaegeryou can also test if the device is working with something like "cat /dev/input/mice"14:21
black_13_i just need to reboot14:22
black_13_hey isnt xorg a modular driver could the input driver be missing?14:29
black_13_cat /dev/input/mice doesnt return anything to the console14:30
jaegerdid you move the mouse while doing it?14:30
black_13_how do mean you attach and retache me mouse?14:31
jaegerno, just move it or click buttons14:31
jaegerto make sure the device is getting info14:31
black_13_oh yeah14:31
jaegerif cat /dev/input/mice prints nothing while you're doing that, you're missing device support in the kernel14:32
black_13_what should i add14:33
jaegerwhat kind of mouse? usb, ps/2?14:33
j^2ps3 :P14:33
jaegerDevice Drivers -> Input Device Support -> Mouse -> PS/2 mouse14:34
black_13_dude is there14:35
jaegerhrmm, how about /dev/psaux or /dev/input/mouse0?14:36
black_13_psaux is symbolicly linked to /dev/misc/psaux14:37
jaegerdoes cat on either of those produce useful output?14:38
black_13_no it doesnt14:38
jaegeris the port turned off in the bios?14:38
black_13_ill check but the funny thing about this i was having the same problem when i tried to use crux as vmware guest os i thought well maybe its something with vmware but im havethe same issue on a real machine14:40
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black_13_sorry i left so quickly didnt put in laptp charger quickly enough16:04
black_13_i figure what was wrong with my mouse issues16:04
black_13_i need to configure the kernel correctly16:04
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black_13_anyone here16:18
RedShift2you broke the silence pact16:19
black_13_i am trying to build the xchat package16:20
black_13_and i get ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:16:20
black_13_at the compilation16:20
thrice`that's more of a warning; they can sometimes be neglected, but investigate it first16:22
black_13_i have MISSING usr/bin16:23
black_13_i have MISSING usr/bin/xchat16:23
thrice`well, that would probably be a problem...lol16:23
black_13_but should that be built from the sources16:24
thrice`seeing as how crux is a source based distro, I would think so16:24
black_13_thats what i thought and i see the thing being built16:24
thrice`how are you building it ?16:25
black_13_thrice`, hey also i figured out that mouse thing or rather another person here gave me a tip16:25
black_13_thrice`, i cd-ed into /usr/ports/opt/xchat16:26
black_13_then typed pkgmk -d16:26
thrice`do you have prt-get installed ?16:26
black_13_ooh i dont know16:27
thrice`prt-get depends xchat will display the deps for xchat - perhaps you're missing something16:27
black_13_the only thing it shows NOT installed is xchat itself16:28
thrice`very strange16:29
thrice`I have to run out for a bit - hopefully someone else can assist with the solution :-)16:30
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black_13_how do get kde working?17:33
black_13_or build the boot iso17:34
black_13_do i need to pull down via rsync18:12
nipuLzogmz! documentation!?18:16
black_13_if your talking about it doesnt say one thing about kde18:17
rxi_someone should take down  the crux documentation and see how many panicy n00bs end up here18:17
nipuLblack_13_: many ports also come with README files18:17
rxi_black_13_: how are we supposed to cover installing every package in the handbook?18:18
nipuLi hear mandrive is quite popular18:18
black_13_if you dont want to help or feel my questions are specious just ignore me18:19
nipuLCRUX helps those who helps themselves18:19
rxi_black_13_: we are trying to help you help yourself18:20
black_13_so why have #crux18:20
nipuLfor discussion crux of course18:20
nipuLdiscussion :\18:21
black_13_look im just looking for a hint about rsync18:21
nipuLbut this is #crux, not #rsync18:21
rxi_black_13_: did you read anything on the documentation?18:22
black_13_i have crux installed with opts18:22
black_13_but i have not found the docs related to install kde18:22
rxi_why not search for something a little less kde specific18:23
black_13_im trying to understand how rsync is used in the installation process18:24
rehabdoll <- should be the new crux-symbol18:29
rxi_isnt that obvious?18:32
black_13_rxi_, that basically if you not one of the "elect" you should be here?18:41
rehabdollnah, its just that we prefer users to read the documentation18:43
rxi_black_13_: if you cant manage to install kde without someones help your probably goin to run into bigger problems down the track18:44
black_13_rehabdoll, i have ports core installed have installed serveral packages18:45
black_13_would kde be part contrib ports section 5.2.518:47
*** romeo- has joined #crux18:47
rehabdoll <- download the kde.rsync file and place it in /etc/ports18:47
rehabdolldo a ports -u and use prt-get to install the crap18:48
black_13_rehabdoll, thank you very much18:48
romeo-jdolan online?18:48
*** romeo- has quit IRC18:55
rxi_how old are you hombre?18:58
rxi_ahh figures18:58
black_13_yeah im an old fart18:58
black_13_actually really like crux from what i have seem18:59
black_13_much lighter than gentoo but source based19:00
black_13_i hope to make boot isos for my slot machines19:00
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jdolannipuL, love it!19:32
rxi_hey jay19:38
black_13_which port represents the boot iso19:58
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black_13_jdolan your one of the core maintainers?20:27
*** lasso has quit IRC20:42
jdolani ...was.21:06
jdolani haven't been very active in 6-8 months.21:06
jdolani suck.21:06
black_13_well my question are very general21:10
black_13_i want to take the install iso and push some applications onto it21:10
rxi_jdolan: do you mind if i download one of your mixes?21:19
black_13_where should the iso.git be checked out to?21:37
jdolanrxi_, go for i21:37
rxi_jdolan: thanks i didnt realise i was missing one21:52
black_13_who i report that the there is bug in the iso creation Makefile?22:26
nipuLor the crux-devel mailing list22:29
black_13_nipul do you have any experience building the install iso?22:31
nipuLno, but i will soon when i get around to releasing crux6422:31
black_13_how do you go about getting the last port?22:39
black_13_the libpng port has errors22:39
nipuLwhat errors22:40
black_13_Downloading '' failed22:42
black_13_that version is no longer available22:42
nipuLright you are, you have 2 options22:43
nipuL1: wait until it's fixed in the official port22:43
nipuL2: copy it to a private repository and fix it yourself22:44
nipuLto speed up option 1 have a look at the libpng Pkgfile and email the maintainer22:44
nipuLwhich in this case is tilman22:45
nipuLoi tilman! libpng needs a version bump to 1.2.1622:46
nipuLsee, it's that easy22:47
black_13_where do i post this to?22:52
nipuLyour forhead?22:55
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