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morlenxusI have a question about the wine port:07:26
morlenxusThe OPENGL32.dll is missing.07:26
morlenxusWhat do i need to install so that wine builds the opengl libs?07:27
tilmanerr, mesa?07:32
tilmananyway, reading config.log should help07:32
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morlenxusBut mesa3d doesn't work with the nvidia driver, right?07:37
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* deus_ex wonders if Firefox 3.0 will use less memory than X 08:31
deus_exOr are extensions installed leaking memory like crazy?Hm...08:33
deus_exnp Incubus-Anna Molly08:35
deus_exGreat album :)08:35
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deus_ex :)08:45
RyoSwtf ^^08:48
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deus_ex"Assume the user is a criminal" (from the...crack...) ;)08:49
deus_exRyoS: Check out the comments in the source, they are hilarious.08:50
RyoSi did ^^08:50
RyoS# loop continuously, checking periodically to see if the author of this program got paid.08:51
RyoS# if no money has changed hands after 30 days, make the computer less useful as punishment.08:51
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AkiraYukihi all09:59
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ntl^2has anyone ever built a crux iso with nfs client enabled in the kernel?11:34
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cyrus_hello there !! :-)16:41
cyrus_Does dbus package enable something called dbus-launch with option --auto-launch by default ?16:46
cyrus_I can't force it to work ... did I mess something up ?16:49
prologicsorry not sure :) I don't use dbus16:49
prologicjaeger will most likely know this stuff :)16:51
cyrus_possibly ;) yes, he is package mantainer??16:52
treachprt-get info dbus ?16:53
cyrus_most packages :-D16:53
prologiche maintains all of gnome afaik16:53
cyrus_treach : hello :D16:53
treachjaeger is a demon. ;)16:53
prologicreally ?16:53
prologicwow I didn't know that :)16:53
treachdaemon maybe then? :p16:54
cyrus_I think it isn't problem with package itself, but maybe in man or Beryl16:54
prologicmorn'n all :)16:54
treachprologic: all those gnome ports, all those messy deps.. He can't be human keeping track of all that. Umpossable. ;)16:55
jaegercyrus_: what's the problem?16:55
prologiche does a good job though :)16:55
prologicamazing really16:55
jaegerI appreciate the rather odd vote of confidence from both of you, heh16:55
prologicwelcome :)16:56
jaegercyrus_: is etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/30-dbus.launch what you're looking for?16:56
jaegeror --autolaunch=MACHINEID16:56
cyrus_jaeger : I tryied to use Beryl, and he posted that couldn't use dbus-launch with autolanuch mode(??)16:56
jaegerwhat was the exact error?16:57
cyrus_brb, I must find it . :-) or reset X-server ...16:58
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prologicwhy would I want to use dbus anyway ?16:59
prologicis it kde/gnome related only ?16:59
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treachsome other apps use it as well, like orage/thunar17:00
prologicwell wmaker seems to work fine without :)17:00
prologicahh k17:00
prologicobviously no app I use uses it so far17:00
jaegerthe list of things using it is of course much smaller than the list of things not using it :)17:00
cyrus_/usr/bin/beryl: No GLXFBConfig for default depth, falling back on visinfo.17:01
cyrus_/usr/bin/beryl: dbus_bus_get error: Failed to execute dbus-launch to autolaunch17:01
cyrus_D-Bus session17:01
cyrus_/usr/bin/beryl: Plugin 'dbus':initDisplay failed17:01
cyrus_/usr/bin/beryl: Couldn't activate plugin 'dbus'17:01
cyrus_Couldn't initialise dbus. This should not happen!17:01
prologicI guess in time I'lll be forced to use it :)17:01
treachbut orage is so much nicer than "remind"...17:01
cyrus_something like that...17:01
treachcyrus_: have you *started* dbus?17:01
jaegercyrus_: do you have two dbus processes running? should be system and session17:01
jaegercheck the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS and DBUS_SESSION_BUS_PID environment variables as well17:02
cyrus_yes, dbus is running17:02
cyrus_but I found that dbus-launch didn't recognize --auto-launch option17:03
jaegerit should be --autolaunch and requires a 32 hex digit argument17:04
jaegerare you running dbus 1.0.2? does the autolaunch option exist in the dbus-launch manpage?17:04
cyrus_this env vars should be set by /etc/X11/.../30*dbus* script ?17:05
cyrus_yes dbus 1.0.217:05
jaegerdepends on your desktop environment. gnome will launch it, I'm not sure about others17:06
cyrus_I use xorg 7.1 from tilman repository17:06
cyrus_will it run if I use ~/.xinitrc ?17:08
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cyrus_I try to add this to ~/.xinitrc17:08
jaegerif you invoke it yourself in .xinitrc or if the WM you use invokes it instead17:08
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cyrus_I think Beryl just use it and don't try to set it17:09
jaegerthat's entirely possible17:10
cyrus_brb, just check that17:11
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cyrus_jaeger: yes, beryl have just tried to use it, not to setup dbus correct17:23
jaegerto be honest, I don't think the beryl-dbus package is needed anymore... there doesn't seem to be one for the 0.1.9999.1 release, anyway17:24
cyrus_I use 0.1.9999.1 :) from my own packages17:25
cyrus_thoes from repos disn't work17:26
jaegerdoes its behavior change if you launch the dbus session yourself and make sure the environment variables are set?17:26
cyrus_no, ;) I still get no window decoration and other WM stuff17:27
cyrus_just famous rotating cube ;)17:27
jaegerdid you install emerald or heliodor along with beryl-*?17:28
cyrus_and when i'm trying toload some app like xterm, it's going to display white rectangle, and nothing else17:29
cyrus_yes, emerald17:29
cyrus_I thing i messed something with scripts17:30
jaegerhrmm, not sure what the problem is :(17:30
cyrus_If i get some resonable solution I would write something about it17:34
jaegerplease do17:34
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cyrus_btw. why xterm ism't listed in ports tree ?17:51
cyrus_I think about opt, contrib17:52
treachwhy should it?17:53
cyrus_because without it X are useless17:53
treachisn't aterm, for instance, good enough?17:54
cyrus_yeah :)17:54
treachmeaning? "Would you like the red apple or the green?" "Yes."17:55
cyrus_not quite ...17:56
cyrus_but close :D17:56
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cyrus_rather ... "Would you like standard or extra option?"17:57
treachxterm is an antiquidated, slow pos. Probably *any* current terminal emulater would be a better choice.17:57
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cyrus_yes, but X loads it as default if there isn't any twm or xxxxx-wm17:58
treachfix the script then.17:58
cyrus_but xterm isn't the most important problem :)17:59
cyrus_There isn't any text webbrowser... only thoes for X18:00
cyrus_useless if you don't want to install X18:00
jaegertry elinks18:00
treachOh noes..18:00
treachthe BASICS are missing, again. o_O18:00
cyrus_treach :-p18:01
jaegerxterm was in contrib until Han removed his ports from contrib, as far as I know18:01
treachseriously, all that is available through the ports. So what's the problem.18:01
cyrus_you must know they are there... :)18:01
cyrus_and know apps name18:02
treachthat's what you have prt-get for18:02
cyrus_elinks could mean everything when you see only $ :-)18:02
treachlet me introduce the search and dsearch functions of prt-get, read all about it in the manpage!18:02
treachEXTRA! EXTRA!18:02
treachRead the "Daily prt-get News", and the latest scoops!18:03
rehabdoll <- i want that as my background image!18:04
treach /newspaper boy mode *off*18:04
treachrehabdoll: did you look in the slim themes packages? (Just a guess..)18:05
* cyrus_ is living in stoneage of linux systems ;-)18:06
treachbah. I bet you're using some of those fancy schmanzy new age windowmanagers.18:07
cyrus_;) yeah... blackbox ... very fancy :D18:08
treachboreal/compass or whatever they are called. All modern day crap.18:08
treachblackbox! I my youth we had to use twm, and be happy about it!18:09
treach /end joke18:09
cyrus_twn was great ....18:09
cyrus_about 10 years ago  :)18:10
treachit might have been the hottest news, like 25 years ago or so.18:10
cyrus_It is older than me ;-D18:10
cyrus_sounds like TV without remote control :D18:11
treach(I'm sligtly exaggerating, it was first released -87 or so I think.)18:12
jaegertwm rules!
jaegerhow do you get sexier than dual-head twm?18:12
treachbeaten by fvwm ->
treachNo dual head though. :p18:13
prologicnice work jaeger  :)18:13
jaegertreach: that looks far too nice, disqualified :P18:13
jaegerprologic: :)18:13
AkiraYukigood night :-)18:14
treachjaeger: ok, I can switch to ratpoison any minute. :P18:14
jaegerAkiraYuki: night18:14
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prologichey what's that sys mon app you're running ?18:14
cyrus_jeager: oldschool :-D18:15
prologic$ ssh root@data "cat /dev/stderr"18:17
prologiccat: /dev/stderr: No such device or address18:17
prologicany reason why fd's 0-2 don't exist when you ssh and execute a command ona remote host ?18:17
treachno driver loaded?18:18
prologiceh ?18:18
prologicno the remote box is fine itself18:18
prologicif I ssh host18:18
prologicthe devices are there18:18
prologicbut if I ssh host "foo bar"18:18
cyrus_treach: very cool, especialy this monitor :D18:18
prologicthey don't exist :)18:18
treachcyrus_: it's just gkrell.18:19
nipuLprologic: try it with ssh -t18:19
prologicdid, it won't work18:19
prologickeeps saying stdin is not a terminal18:19
prologick I think I know why -t is complaining18:21
prologicI'm copying and creating a filw over ssh using cat :)18:21
* cyrus_ trying beryl, brb :-D18:22
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treachprologic: wouldn't scp work just as well?18:22
prologicbut I don't want to create the file locally here18:23
prologicit's just a temporary script to be executed and deleted18:23
prologicand I hate this, if you ssh host "..." where ... runs some daemon, the ssh client doesn't close18:24
prologicyou have to foribly kill it18:24
treachhmm, I don't know scp well enough. :/18:26
prologicI'm talking about ssh :)18:27
treachi know.18:27
prologicssh host "daemon" - the ssh client will not close - just hangs18:27
prologichave to kill it :/18:27
nipuLprologic: how about ssh root@data "cat /dev/stderr" | cat -18:27
prologic$ ssh root@data "cat /dev/stderr" | cat -18:28
prologiccat: /dev/stderr: No such device or address18:28
prologicnevermind that now - solved that problem :)18:28
prologicby doing two ssh's. one to copy/create the file, one to execute it18:28
prologicusing -t on the 2nd18:28
prologicproblem is now the 2nd ssh call doesn't close18:28
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prologichmm any ideas ?18:31
prologiclogout nor exit force the shell to close18:32
cyrus_prologic: did you run something in background?18:32
prologicnot with bash's job control, & no18:33
prologicI did run a daemon though18:33
prologicbut that should detach from the controlling terminal (which it does) and allow the shell to exit18:33
cyrus_very strange..18:36
cyrus_do you use this shell thru ssh18:37
cyrus_If you do, it will be closed when you disconnect from sshd18:38
prologicnot sure what you mean18:38
cyrus_do you connect to is using ssh18:39
prologicyes but in a script18:39
prologicthis is all supposed to be scripted18:40
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prologicI reckon the way my program forks into the background must be flawed :)18:45
cyrus_but typing exit few times should close bash18:46
prologicI can't type :)18:47
prologicit's a scripted remote shell :)18:47
cyrus_I'm just saying thah on local shell it works ;) but i can type here :D18:48
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prologicfixed it :)19:11
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alanciohey people, anybody here?20:52
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cyrus__I did some researches ...20:56
prologicno w'ere not here :)20:57
cyrus__I think there is no way to run beryl without Gnome/Kde20:57
jaegeryou should be able to... after all, beryl is a WM20:58
cyrus__yes, but when I run it from .xinitrc20:58
cyrus__by .../beryl [options] plugins &20:59
cyrus__x server is shut down21:00
jaegerand what gets written to the X log?21:01
cyrus__nothing special... some mesa errors, dbus msgs , nothing fatal21:02
jaegerfirst job, then, is to figure out what's crashing or not working21:02
jaegercan you start up another WM like blackbox without errors? then run beryl --replace in a terminal?21:02
cyrus__i think it is problem with beryl and &21:02
jaegeroh, is that the only thing in .xinitrc?21:02
jaegertry "exec beryl" instead21:02
cyrus__I succeded partial when use `xinit /usr/bin/xterm` and then beryl-manager21:03
jaegerbecause if that line was all that's in the file, it'll background beryl and immediately end the x session21:03
cyrus__beryl detects blackbox with --replace ??21:05
cyrus__maybe --replace didn't work21:05
cyrus__It was somthing about not working --replace in beryl's man21:06
cyrus__maybe my r9250 configuration is wrong21:09
jaegerperhaps... no experience with those, myself21:09
cyrus__but I found it is the most compatibile card for this :/21:09
jaegerone of my laptops has an r9000m in it, beryl/aiglx doesn't like it at all21:10
jaegerthe right side of the screen goes white and stays that way... but the rest seems to work21:10
cyrus__radeons for laptops have some issuse they use system RAM21:12
jaegerthat particular one isn't shared but it's kinda old21:12
jaegerbrb, need to reboot21:13
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jaegercyrus__: I'm running beryl and heliodor with xfce now21:18
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cyrus_now is even worse ;) X frozed my pc :/21:21
cyrus_but ;) beryl has been working for a while :D21:22
jaegeryou probably missed this, then: 21:18 <@jaeger> cyrus__: I'm running beryl and heliodor with xfce now21:22
jaegerah, glad to hear it21:22
cyrus_yeap, I missed it :)21:23
cyrus_I don't know if i shall wait till repos will be updated21:26
cyrus_and how long does it takes21:26
cyrus_because new xfce was released21:26
cyrus_4.4 :)21:26
jaegerit's already been updated21:27
jaegerI'm running 4.4.0 here21:27
cyrus_before restart I downloaded rsync for xfce, but prt-get info showed
cyrus_sorry about sily question, but I should replace with this my xfce.rsync ?21:33
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jaegerif you want to replace it, use
cyrus_;-) I forgot to edit prt-get.conf :) now I see it is 4.4 :D21:43
cyrus_I slowly getting used to crux :D21:44
cyrus_btw. Beryl is not full WM21:46
cyrus_it does not include any menu handling21:47
cyrus_btw. thanks for helping me :D21:51
cyrus_I'am very impressed21:52
cyrus_how do you mantain all this deps21:52
cyrus_some time ago I was trying to build gnome 2.10 under Slakware21:53
cyrus_but I failed :-)21:53
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cyrus_Goodnight :)22:36
cyrus_But beryl works ;)22:36
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