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tilmandoes rtorrent 0.7.1 run stable for anyone?04:40
RyoSfor me it does04:40
tilmani'm using the versions that rehabdoll put in his ports04:40
tilmanyet it's crashing quite frequently04:41
RyoSi use hans port04:41
RyoSit runs stable, no problems so far04:41
* ningo runs 0.7.1 and it's stable04:43
mrkstilman: maybe this helps:
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tilmanmrks: i'll have a look, thanks04:53
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treachit runs stable here, until a torrent is finished. then it crashes. :-/05:02
tilmantreach: tried applying the cxxflags from that ticket?05:02
tilmanor switch to crux 2.3 ;)05:03
treachno thanks. I'm not ready for such endeavours yet. :/05:03
cyrus_treach : hello :D05:07
treachhi there05:08
cyrus_treach : beryl after few painful days works ;-D05:08
* treach switches to ratpoison, just in spite.05:09
cyrus_but It works horrible :-D, not so fast as I suppose :) it should work05:14
* treach mumbles something about guis being overrated, and wanders off in search of his .muttrc.05:17
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treachin the name of testing, irssi and screen might be interesting as well, don't you think?05:33
cyrus_yes :D or just bare irssi on my console:p05:33
ningoRyoS: gg!05:33
RyoSgg? :P05:34
treachRyoS: prt-get install "unite the clans" ?05:34
RyoSyea why not05:35
treachcyrus_: if you use screen you don't have to constanly pop in and out.05:35
ningotreach: prt-get install "leet environment you can actually work with AND get all the chicks"05:35
treachpeople usually wonder what's on my laptop.. Not sure if you define fvwm / ratpoison as "leet" though, or if you mean gnome/compis/beryl, which probably never will find it's way there..05:38
ningotreach: I was talking about screen actually ;)05:38
cyrus_brb :D05:46
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cyrus_treach : now better ?:D05:48
cyrus_shell + screen + irssi :D05:49
cyrus_I almost forgot ;) that I had shell on my faculty server :D05:53
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jiribhi all07:53
jiribi'm new in crux and i have a question: can i do system update (prt-get sysup ?) to update just some catogories of ports?07:55
jiribsuch as only ports in core, opt... not to update ports from core, opt with unofficial ports?07:55
rehabdollmake sure you only include /ports/{core,opt} in prt-get.conf07:58
jiribyeah that was what i've thought, but i see some 'lock' options for prt-get :)07:59
jiribother way?07:59
rehabdollnot that i know of08:00
jiribi saw protectrepo feature in fedora... that would be nice feature08:00
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rehabdollif you have a suggestion, post a message on the ML or file a bug to make sure it wont slip through08:01
jiribwell first i'm goint to learn more crux :)08:02
jiribanyway i like it... even i hope there will be enough resources to have stable version as well :)08:02
jiribto satisfy more server installations08:03
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clarehi folks, this is a simple one - why does my /etc/fstab have a line usb /proc/bus/usb usbfs  which always seems to cause an error message?08:58
clareperhaps not in latest version, to my amazement /proc/bus/usb exists in my current box.09:00
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AkiraYukihi all09:39
jaegerclare: usb device filesystem may not be included in the default kernel config10:02
jaegerheyo, AkiraYuki10:02
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clarejaeger; thanks, I went to sleep. but it is now morning. Still too dark to start work outside. Does that mean usb device filesystem is not needed?14:52
clareI have got to get interested because I am trying to learn xen. How to get a USB device for a virtual machine?14:53
jaegerI'm not aware of anything that explicitly requires it14:57
jaegeras far usb in virtual machines, I've no experience there, sorry14:57
clarethanks, THis virtual machine thing is causing me to take a second look at lots of things I never worried about before.15:00
jaegerI can imagine15:01
clareHere's anther one. Why does my laptop not show the splashimage  from grub. the others show it. is it a framebuffer thing?15:01
jaegerthe framebuffer console isn't initialized yet, the splash image is displayed before the kernel ever gets loaded15:02
jaegerpossible the laptop's video card doesn't support it15:02
clareyes maybe, it needs a special little change dropped in during the boot up itself to get its widescreen.15:03
clareother than failure of splashimage, is there any way to know whether a video card is unable like that?15:07
tilmangrub's splashimage has nothing to do with linux' framebuffer device AFAIK15:08
tilmanat that point, there's no linux loaded ;D15:08
tilmangrub uses the standard VGA stuff to load the image i guess15:08
jaegerclare: I doubt there's any obvious method besides specs from the manufacturer15:11
tilmanclare: i've heard weird things about laptop graphics chips wrt mode setting15:11
tilmanso it's not that surprising that grub may fail at that15:11
tilmanalthough i'd think the standard vga stuff should always work15:12
clareHi tilman, you are the Xorg expert?? how much of all those modules is the "tree". my problem is trying to do VNC15:13
tilmani'd not use the word 'expert' myself :D15:14
tilmanand i never set up a vnc server for x1115:14
clare"the X source tree, make sure it is unpacked at the top level of this distribution"  such easy documentation <sigh>15:14
tilmanonly used tightvnc back in the day15:14
tilmanclare: that refers to the old monolithic "xc" tree15:14
tilmanclare: what exactly are you trying to do?15:14
clareThis is one disadvantage of liking to use the latest things.. the VNC people don't seem to have done xorg yet.15:16
jaegerI use tightvnc with xorg, doesn't cause me any trouble15:17
clareAh, thanks, I will have another look at that.15:17
jaegerwhere exactly are you running into a problem?15:17
clareI will answer that in a week or so, It is weekends that give me time to play.15:18
clarebye for now, haven't learned how to exit with a comment15:20
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tilman<3 clare15:30
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AkiraYukigood night17:09
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_mavrick61Crux should be on this page...
_mavrick61I found it... But it is not ranked,,20:05
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bd2I bet CRUX will be in top100 on 2.3 release for month or so, as it was on 2.2 release20:26
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