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nipuLman the gnu ftp server gives me the shits06:49
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rehabdollthats not very nice of it07:07
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AkiraYukihi all10:50
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clareHey folks, especially jaeger and tilman, I have a picture from vncviewer11:56
jaegernice :)11:56
clarethis is not totally simple. THe man page does not say how to finish the session.11:56
clareindeed in the standard crux port there is no manpage. why?11:57
jaegerthe vnc session?11:57
clareyes, I started with -viewonly and now I want to get a bit fancier. how do I get out and start again?11:57
jaegerclick the x on the corner of the window? ctrl-c it from the terminal if you ran it in one?11:58
jaegeras for manpages, I assume what's included is what was available11:58
clarehmm, thanks I will controlk c it, the window has no X in the corner - is it due to using evilwm in both machines?11:59
jaegerah, yes11:59
jaegeranother alternative would be killall vncviewer or kill <PID>11:59
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jaegerkeeping in mind that the first one will kill any that are running12:00
clareI would like to mention that according to instructions I edited the file vncserver to tell it where the fonts are ( from Xorg.0.log)12:00
jaegeryes. vncserver is a perl script that runs Xvnc12:01
clareIt totally ignored me and sent the same error Font directory '/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/' not found - ignoring12:01
clareand to make it work I had to symlink around the missing piece X11R6. I suppose everyone finds that just not documented12:02
jaegernot sure why it would ignore you... you changed $fontPath = in the perl script?12:03
clareand I kept a long copy of what i did...12:03
clareand it complained of my synatx too, it heard that muchj12:04
clareas for manpages they are in the source,  there are supposed to be 5 ( from but the Pkgfile copies only 2 of them12:07
jaegeremail the maintainer and ask him to include them12:09
clareOK, but now I must try for a bit more sleep, goodnight12:09
jaegertake care12:09
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tilmanwhat's the recommended home directory for the lighttpd user?13:06
jaegerI'd use /var/empty unless something in its home is needed13:08
tilmanyeah, that makes sense :)13:09
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AkiraYukiHi, I want to install xfce but this mistake goes out: MISSING  usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.4.0/engines/ .where can I find that port?16:13
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ningoAkiraYuki: prt-get fsearch16:14
ningoon that note, where did the "extensive search" go? I miss searching for files online.16:15
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ningoAkiraYuki: yeah obviously the footprint of the port is wrong or outdated or both16:21
ningothe man page of pkgmk tells you how to change that16:21
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cyrus_hi !!16:52
cyrus_Does exist xorg 7.2 port for Crux??16:53
bd2does xorg 7.2 exist? ;-)16:53
cyrus_is xorg 7.2 a cvs/svn version of xorg ??16:53
cyrus_bd2;) hello16:53
cyrus_bd2: my grammar is verty bad today16:53
cyrus_bd2: I'm very tired :D but maybe I still have some language skills ;)16:54
cyrus_bd2: but How are you ?? :D16:55
prologiccyrus_, afaik 7.2 is not available in ports yet - hwoever tilman is probably the person to ask.16:55
bd2cyrus_, I meant that xorg-7.2 is not [officially] released yet, to my knowledge. still announces 7.116:56
cyrus_prologic: I was informed that xorg 7.2 is solution of my problems with beryl/composite16:57
cyrus_or downgrade mesa3d to 6.5.116:57
prologicthen I suggest you wait :)16:57
cyrus_probably I will downgrade mesa with system reinstalation16:57
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AkiraYukiningo: am not able to understand what Pkgfile must modify.16:59
cyrus_bd2: I know ;) but I tought 7.2 is CVS version maybe16:59
AkiraYukiningo: the mistake goes out at once after this "usr/share/themes/Xfce-light/gtk-2 .0/gtkrc"17:00
cyrus_bd2: but this don't resolve my problem because I still need to know Xorg packages deps :/17:00
AkiraYukiI think be only a theme would and could be also removed17:00
bd2cyrus_, fyi, xorg project using git nowdays, not cvs. but I'm sure tilman already done most xorg-7.2 porting work, he just sitting on it ;-)17:01
ningoAkiraYuki: you don't have to modify the Pkgfile. Again, read the manual of pkgmk17:02
cyrus_bd2: I stoped when rcs was on top :D17:05
bd2lol. you're so retarded ;-)17:06
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wbartczaI hate xorg ;-p17:09
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AkiraYukiningo: excuses but do not succeed on man to understand how to solve if the xfce ".footprint" is made a mistake.17:28
cyrus_AkiraYuki : go to the xfce port catalog, delete footprint and type pkgmk -i17:33
cyrus_it should help you with building this package17:33
cyrus_did it help ?17:38
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AkiraYukiwhere is the catalogue of port found? /usr/port/opt/xfce4?17:40
cyrus_probably yes17:40
cyrus_use prt-get info xfce417:40
AkiraYukiI have used ilenia to try to install xfce. does anything change?17:42
cyrus_what ilenia is?17:44
cyrus_;) yeah, I found it :), cool but it seems not changing anything17:48
cyrus_probably it is ports compatibile17:48
cyrus_Is xfce working after using ilenia??17:53
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* cyrus_ need some sleep :D17:59
AkiraYukicyrus_: not yet18:00
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cyrus_AkiraYuki : Ok, I will wait :D18:03
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cyrus_AkiraYuki : and ... :)18:10
AkiraYuki ilenia -U xfce418:11
AkiraYukiBuilding cache!18:11
AkiraYukiSegmentation fault18:11
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cyrus_AkiraYuki: wow :D18:14
cyrus_AkiraYuki: i suggest pkgmk -i18:15
cyrus_in xfce4 port catalog18:15
cyrus_this method has worked for me very good18:15
cyrus_and is working always when get .footprint error :D18:16
AkiraYukiPkgfile  README  xfce4#
AkiraYukiand .footprint?18:16
AkiraYuki prt-get install xfce418:17
AkiraYukipackage xfce4 is installed18:17
cyrus_try it ;) startxfce4 :D18:17
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AkiraYukihe works!!18:20
AkiraYukithanks cyrus_ :-D18:22
cyrus_AkiraYuki: no problem :D18:23
cyrus_ok it's time to go sleep :D18:25
cyrus_goodnight everyone !!18:26
* cyrus_ detached 18:26
AkiraYukigood night cyrus_ :-D18:26
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nipuLeh eh eh, i have "food poisoning" today18:52
rxii got me plenty of lovin18:58
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AkiraYukigoodnight everyone!!19:40
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minuxHello guys20:49
minuxAnyone know when xorg 7.0 will be put into ports?20:49
Romsterits in the ports tree if you install the file to /etc/ports/xorg.rsync20:52
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Romsterwtf my xchat just died on me...20:54
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minuxIs the contrib section of ports removed?20:55
Romsterhust disabled rename the file contrib file take of the endof it so its .rsync and not rsync.inactive20:56
Romsteri shouldn't type when i just wake up :/20:56
Romsterya i sleept in :)20:58
minuxrsync screwed up, need to recompile it haha20:58
Romsterthats odd20:58
minuxRomster: I woke up an hour ago at 03:10 am20:58
Romsterwhy so early.20:58
minuxI fell asleep early =)20:58
minuxat arount 09:00 pm20:59
Romsterfigures :D20:59
Romsteri've done that a few times20:59
minuxSo I'll be dead at 4 pm today =)20:59
minuxoutput of "ports -u"21:01
Romsteryou sure you got it named as 'contrib.rsync'21:03
Romsterand try ports -u core opt21:03
Romsterif contrib is named right.21:04
minuxIt worked after downloading a new contrib.rsync file.21:04
minux(Same way I got the xorg one)21:04
Romsteryou had a bad one then :|21:04
minuxThe one I had was the one shipped with the lastest CRUX release.21:04
Romsterthat one should work if you take the .inactive off the end so it looks like contrib.rsync, but then again i think they changed the locations later on when they moved to git.21:05
minuxYes, they are different.21:06
Romsterbut also they updated the core port so a sysup after doing a ports -u core, would of fixed that when doing a rejmerge21:06
Romsterports -u; prt-get cache; prt-get sysup will be what you want todo now.21:07
Romsterthen to install xorg do prt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg21:07
Romsterafter you add xorg repo to /etc/prt-get.cong21:08
Romstermust be the first entry!21:08
Romsteryeah once you get the hang of it its quite simple.21:09
minuxI've never used prt-get before.21:09
Romsterprt-getis a frontend to pkgmk pkgadd pkgdel21:09
minuxWith dependency tracking?21:10
Romsterso if you becoema ports maintainer you can mke your own private repo and submit it to the ports database21:10
Romsterdepinst does insteall with dependencys :)21:10
minuxWhat do sysup do?21:10
Romsterprt-get install <port> dosn't21:10
Romstersysup will update all out of date ports since the cd was made and what changes have been done in the ports tree.21:11
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minuxBut only those packages that I have already installed right?21:12
Romstercore and opt are ok contrib is a group of users that have pooled there ports into one repo, and all the private repos are there own, and have no restrictions on what they do to there ports. so some trust is required on private repos, that there not gonna do something stupid to your setup, and less so for contrib too.21:12
Romsteryes only installed packages that have newer versions will be updated it won't install anything it dosn't already have.21:13
Romsterprt-get diff21:13
Romstertype that and it'll give a list of ports that have altered21:14
minuxScrew the people who say it's a PITA to update a CRUX system :D21:14
Romsterand of course man prt-get or prt-get help21:14
minux(Mostly debian users that is =))21:14
minuxI'll brb, need a smoke. While my system updates.21:15
Romsterits very simple once learned, and you actualyl learn how linux works while using crux too :)21:15
Romsterah they say its hard to use crux *cough* :P21:15
Romstermainly noobs would say that that haven't even touched crux or can't understand enougth to use crux.21:16
Romsteris designed for more expeareanced users too.21:16
Romstertime for another coffee.21:16
minuxRomster: Does sysup have dependency tracking? So that it knows in what order to update the packages.21:22
minuxRomster: I consider myself an experienced user. I first installed Linux in 1998 =)21:22
Romsterno, so if a port fails do a prt-get deptree <port> you may need to install them manually in order or remove the <port> then do a prt-get depinst <port>21:24
Romsterminux, cool.21:25
Romsterminux, well you wouldn't of got this far if you didn't know enougth to get it running in the first place :)21:25
minuxProbably not :D21:25
Romstersome ports will get a footprint mismatch most cases this is safe to ignore too.21:25
minuxIs the port still installed if the footprint doesn't match?21:26
Romstermore or less files been packaged up a prt-get install/update -uf <port> will fix that fr you but if its something serious then email the maintainer, most cases its an aditional port its added support for.21:27
Romsterno it won't install or update, depending if its already installed or not.21:27
Romsterit'll stay as its current version or not installed.21:27
Romsterthere been talkes of changing footprint mismatches to a woarning but nothings been done yet.21:28
minuxI'll just remove the BUILD_SUCCESSFUL="no" line in pkgmk on my local machine =)21:29
Romsterheh if your happy todo that.21:31
Romsterthis is the power of crux you can make it the way you want it :)21:31
Romsterbe the ignore footprint mismatch21:31
minuxIndeed :D21:31
minuxI love it.21:31
Romsteri did have debian woody but wasn't keen on it.21:32
minuxI've tried debian once, didn't like it.21:33
minuxI've tried slackware too. But a few years back I found CRUX and I fell in love.21:33
Romster:) hadn't used slackware but afaik its simaler but not quite the same as CRUX21:40
minuxNo, it's more user friendly =)21:41
Romsterah more user frendly at the expense of configurability.21:43
* Romster so sticks to CRUX :)21:43
minuxOf course :)21:44
Romstertime for a coffee, so wants to get a CRUX coffee cup printed :D21:44
minuxThat would be nice :D21:44
minuxJesus, god damn slow computer recompiling the entire system.21:49
Romsterlol only what needs to be done thats the only drawy back source ports.21:51
Romsterwhat speed and ram is in that pc?21:51
minuxIt's an old 1GHz 256MB computer acting firewall =)21:51
Romsterits reasonable on my 1.4GHz 1,280GB ram21:51
Romsterah i got a 667MHz 128MB ram firewall here too.21:52
minuxI finally put some effort into learning iptables as well so it works really great.21:52
minuxNo need to have an openbsd firewall anymore =)21:52
Romsteryou might beinterested in prt-get info iptables-imq21:52
RomsterIntermediate Queueing Device, Iptables filter.
Romsteryeah can use it with TC21:54
minuxPackage 'iptables-imq' not found21:54
Romsterfor incomming QoS21:54
Romsterits in contrib21:55
Romsteryou didn't do a ports -u then a prt-get cache ?21:55
Romsterafter fixing contrib?21:55
Romsteror a ports -u contrib21:56
minuxI did. ports -u and prt-get cache21:56
minuxprt-get search iptab only shows iptables21:56
Romsterso you should have contrib repo too.21:56
Romsterhrmm very odd...21:57
minuxYeah, I have it in /usr/ports/contrib21:57
Romsteryep i think that search isn't so good for some reason.21:57
Romsterseems to miss things.21:57
minux# prt-get info iptables-imq21:58
minuxPackage 'iptables-imq' not found21:58
minuxPerhaps it needs to be installed.21:58
Romsterquear, as i t worked for me on info21:58
Romsterinfo will list information even if its not installed21:58
Romsterthats one of my ports i use on my firewall :)21:59
minuxI see :)21:59
minuxI need to clean my firewall, currently it has GTK, Xorg and loads of other stuff that I don't need.21:59
Romsteri want a sliding window controler but have yet to find oen so IMQ is the second best solution22:00
Romsterprt-get remove <port>22:00
minuxIs there any diff between prt-get remove and pkgrm?22:00
Romsterprt-get is just a frontend to pkgrm22:01
Romsteryou can use pkgrm if you prefer.22:01
Romsteri use them directly when making my own ports22:01
minuxBah, I should have done prt-get sysup inside screen.22:02
minuxTime for another smoke.22:06
Romsterheh it'll contine where it left off.22:16
Romsteryou can do ctrl+alt+F<1-6> for other consoles :D22:16
minuxRomster: SSH =)22:23
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