IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-02-06

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minuxYay, my system is up to date. Feels really nice.00:28
Romsterrather painless?00:28
minuxYeah, worked fine. I only had to install one package manually.00:28
minuxAnd that was sourceforge fault.00:29
Romsterget that sometimes, but yeah i'd rather know than it do something for me.00:29
minux didn't work so I had to change it to ovh.dl.sour...00:29
Romsterheh sourceforge can be a pain sometimes00:29
Romsteradd a alias in /etc/resolv.conf00:30
minuxNow it's time to remove the packages that I don't need.00:30
Romsteror what i do is edit prt-get edit <port>00:30
minuxHmm, how do I list installed packages?00:30
Romstermost of core is fine but some i did remove.00:30
Romsterpkginfo -i00:31
treachmin man prt-get. Lots of useful stuff there.00:31
treachs min/minux :)00:31
minuxtreach: Hehe, thanks =)00:32
Romsteralso you may like to install prt-utils00:32
Romstervery handy00:32
treachminux: the cache function is really nice, makes things a lot faster.00:33
Romsterspecasilly if you start to make your own ports.00:33
treach(like searching etc.)00:33
Romsteryeah told him aobut prt-get cache00:33
Romsteri still recken it be alot faster if it used sqlite300:34
treachwell, it's fast enough, and it's a lot less complicated.00:34
treachmaybe if we had as many ports as freebsd or something.00:34
Romstersql isn't complicated, and its not that fast, sometimes i can wait 10 seconds b4 i got a prt-get info to list00:34
Romsteri do have alot of ports trees.00:35
* minux wants his webcam00:35
Romsterminux, i got a quickcam driver in contrib if its one of them types00:36
minuxI am considering buying 10 of those and mouting them on my walls here and there and connect them to a computer that streams the images to a server once every 15 seconds.00:37
minuxThough, since it's USB I need to find a usb2eth adapter and eth2usb adapter.00:38
Romsterheh there are lan cams about00:51
treachiirc usbcams are notoriously difficult00:51
Romsteri want to get osme of them picture frames i can gook to my pc :P00:51
minuxI prefer to buy regular CCD cameras then and a Tv-card00:52
minuxCheaper than buying 10 network cameras.00:52
Romstersomething like be good01:00
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minuxI just love linux. It's so simple to do anything, e.g. storing music streams from Just do wget to save the GOA/PSY channel in the file 1008 =)06:29
namenlosminux: have you tried streamripper?06:29
minuxnamenlos: No need to since wget works just fine =)06:29
minuxwget url-to-stream & (sleep 3h; killall wget)06:30
namenlosyes, but it splits the stream in the correspoinding files and writes the id3 tags...#06:30
minuxSweet :D06:31
minuxCan you make me a Pkgfile for it? :P06:31
minuxI am too lazy to make my own.06:31
namenloshm, indeed, i already made a port ;)06:32
namenlosbut i think, i copied the Pkgfile somewhere from crux.nju06:33
namenlosand only changed the version number06:33
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minuxRoomster: Yo.06:46
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rehabdollnice, just installed fedora core 6 on a spare box.. 340 packages to update10:53
rehabdoll~670mb to download10:58
minuxrehabdoll: Fedora, jesus. Use Crux. Fedora is newbie shit.11:03
rehabdollcrux is the distro of choice for l33t-h4x0rS such as yourself?11:04
rehabdolli feel so small right now :(11:05
jaegeruse what you like11:05
rehabdoll"on a spare box.."11:05
tilmanon a l33t-haxor box?11:06
rehabdollyes. its scary how l33t it is11:07
rehabdollit eats AOL-accounts for breakfast!11:08
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jjpkHaha, bow to t3h m1ghty f3d0r4!!1111:14
AkiraYukihi all11:14
tilmanAkiraYuki: f3d0r4 dude!11:14
jjpkmaybe the topic should redirect visitors to their channel instead.11:15
jjpkafter all, crux _is_ dead, right? :D11:15
tilmani wonder whether it was a good idea to make 2.3 wait on x 7.211:16
jjpkA few more weeks is nothing at these time intervals.11:17
tilmanstill it's a bit annoying11:17
tilmanAkiraYuki: n/m11:17
tilmann/m = nevermind11:18
AkiraYukiok :-D11:20
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tilmando you have a question along with that paste?11:25
AkiraYukiwhy is he not able to compile mod_perl?11:26
pitilloAkiraYuki, are dependencies installed?11:27
AkiraYukiDependencies: apache,perl <-- yes11:28
AkiraYukito install libexo there is it mod_perl need?
pitillomod_perl is a module for apache if I am not in wrong... that paste makes referece to some perl module.11:32
pitilloperl module: p5-uri seems to had that modules for libexo11:33
AkiraYukiah ok11:34
AkiraYukithanks pitillo :-D11:34
pitillonp but you can see it at libexo dependencies....11:35
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cyrus_tilman: very good idea to wait with 2.3 till x 7.212:17
cyrus_tilman: most users upgrade distro because they want try composite manager12:18
cyrus_tilman: and X upgrade is very time-consuming12:18
cyrus_tilman: x 7.1 don't resolve all problems with opengl besides it is buggy because of mesa 6.5.212:19
rehabdollprobably best to wait, yeah12:20
rehabdollannoying though12:20
tilman6.5.2 works very well imo?12:32
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cyrus_tilman: not always, ie. for me not, itdon't display shadows in beryl, i see only black rectangles. Solution is mesa downgrade :/ or x 7.214:10
cyrus_tilman: I belive it would be better if new Crux's Xserver won't have such buggs14:12
cyrus_tilman: I have radeon 9250 and use opensource drivers14:13
RyoScyrus_: mabye thats the problem..?14:14
tilmanRyoS: what do you suggest? make crux an nvidia-only distribution? ._o14:14
RyoSyou tried it with fglrx?14:14
tilmana) fglrx doesn't support the 9250 anymore iirc14:14
treachLike curing headache with a bullet..14:14
tilmanb) r200 oss drivers have always been superior to fglrx14:14
cyrus_RyoS: I don't because my card is unsupported and I don't wand to use old crap ;)14:15
RyoStilman: i use radeon myself, but have no problems at with it.. though i dont use beryl. but i doubt its a mesa problem14:15
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treachtilman: honestly though, I have a 9250 here as well which displays some subtle problems I'd like to blame on the driver. :/14:15
RyoSyou could at least try the 'old crap' to confirm its a mesa bug14:16
tilmantreach: whcih one?14:16
tilman<RyoS> ok, i suck14:16
RyoSthey supported back to 8500 IIRC for some time14:16
tilmannp ryos14:16
treachwhat card? Sapphire something 9250 PCI14:16
RyoStilman: go to hell :) cologne14:16
cyrus_treach : me too :D14:17
tilmanRyoS: yes they did14:17
jaegerlighten up, people, get some sunlight :)14:17
RyoSjaeger: its already dark outside here :)14:17
tilman21:17 :(14:17
treachAre you trying to kill us?14:17
tilmantreach: so, what problem?14:17
RyoStilman: you should take those pills that chill you down more frequently14:17
jaegerI'm sure there will be more, eventually14:17
tilmanRyoS: yeah, i once promised not to discuss ati here, but i forgot about that :)14:18
tilmannp: Sentenced - The Suicider14:18
AkiraYukiwhy is he not able to compile cups?
treachtilman: Sorry haven't it written down. But it doesn't work as well with 3d as the other radeons I have.14:19
RyoShe did14:19
jaegerAkiraYuki: cups did compile14:19
cyrus_Problem: no transparency, buggy alpha transparency in mesa. Effect: black rectangles under windowses14:19
RyoSits just a footprint mismatch14:19
jaegerAkiraYuki: it simply compiled more things than the footprint expected14:19
jaegeryou can install it with pkgmk -i anyway14:19
cyrus_jaeger: pkgmk -i -f ? ;)14:20
prologiccyrus_, prt-get depinst cups -if :)14:21
jaegerer... pkgadd14:21
jaegerdo what I mean, not what I type :)14:21
tilmantreach: ok, but you should report it :/14:21
treachprobably, it's not a big deal for me though.14:21
treachI'll see what I can find out about it some day when I'm less wasted.14:22
cyrus_treach: but it would be usefull for mesa developers14:22
treachYes. I understand that.14:22
treachBut bugreports written by "Some Guy" (TM) who's barely awake will probably not be of much use.14:23
cyrus_my problem was reported but i rather want to wait until x7.2 will be relese than downgrade mesa14:24
cyrus_treach: ;-)14:25
cyrus_btw. what is going on with git repos ??14:28
tilmanwhat do you mean?14:29
cyrus_I would to know if they will be used as default for crux14:29
tilmanat least it looks like it's going to stay14:30
jjpkYou don't use them unless you explicitly want to, rsync does the updating.14:30
jjpkAt least on ports :p14:30
tilmanunless jaeger finds more annoying bugs14:30
jaegerbugs which don't seem to cause others much trouble14:30
cyrus_so it is worth to get closer with git :D14:31
jaegernot really necessary as far as end user experience is concerned14:31
tilmanyou don't use the git repos unless you explicitly want to, rsync does the updating14:31
jaegerthe rsyncs come from git14:31
tilmanon ports ;)14:31
cyrus_thank you :)14:33
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rehabdollwhats the problem?15:23
AkiraYukinot able to compile cups15:23
rehabdollsure you are15:24
rehabdolljust footprint mismatches15:24
rehabdollnothing serious, you have something installed that cups builds against that the port maintainer lacks15:24
rehabdolljust -if and you'll do fine15:24
jaegerlike I said before, it DID build, just with more files than the footprint expects... pkgadd it and move on15:24
rehabdoll-if = ignore footprint15:25
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AkiraYuki2thanks rehabdoll :-D15:26
AkiraYuki2thanks jaeger :-D15:27
rehabdollthat "ERROR" really needs to be changed into something less frightning :)15:27
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AkiraYukiI have compiled xfce but I have the white and black x background. have I forgotten anything to be compiled?17:13
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drijenhmm no han :(17:34
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AkiraYukihow can I solve this problem?
jdolan__what, the background?19:19
jdolan__display -window root ~/some.jpg19:21
jdolan__(i bet your /var/log/Xorg.0.log has some information)19:21
AkiraYukihe does not change the background of desktop. maybe have I forgotten to compile something?19:24
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AkiraYukithis is xorg log19:28
jaegerdid you start xfce from a terminal or login manager?19:29
jaegerif from a terminal/console, check the output there for something as well19:29
AkiraYukiwith a terminal19:30
AkiraYukireboot X19:31
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AkiraYukimmm...if i logging "root" I am able to see the background of the desktop19:38
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AkiraYukito create a user I have used this commands: useradd -g user -G audio -m "name" -s /bin/bash19:40
jaegercan your user access the background file(s) and whatever executable is used to set it?19:41
Romsterdosn't setting _G audio also not set group users,video,disk etc...19:42
jaegernot implicitly19:42
AkiraYukishall I try to do again the account?19:44
Romsterwhats not working?19:44
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* Romster shrugs19:49
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AkiraYukiI have solveddddd :-D20:02
AkiraYukiit was the account20:02
AkiraYukithanks jaeger :-D20:03
AkiraYukiI do not remember... jdolan? :-D20:03
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AkiraYukigood night all20:46
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* seekwill is installing Crux on a Parallel Desktop on Mac VM :)22:46
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prologicseekwill, say hello to bart and lisa :) two qemu vm's running crux :)23:18
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