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namenlospostgresql 8.2.2 is out.01:44
treachpost a bug about it or mail the maintainer.01:50
treachwhich in this case would be sip01:50
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namenloshehe, postgresql updated to version 8.2.3... what are those guys doing ;)03:00
treach"uh-oh, we screwed up"?03:00
namenloshm, distrowatch says, there's a version of 8.2.3, but i can't find it...03:02
bd2official site lists 8.2.1. forget about 8.2.x > 8.2.1 until announcment03:03
namenloswell... it's there...03:03
treach -> still lists .1 as the latest..03:03
namenlosok, but why don't they anounce it? btw the release notes for 8.2.2 are there...03:04
treachhush. it's a secret.03:05
treachor maybe just nobody got a round to do it yet.03:05
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treachI think you could say that joke misfired. :/03:17
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rehabdolldistrowatch's "latest version" seems a bit too fast.. lists xorg 7.2 even though theres no announcement yet05:01
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AkiraYukihi all08:01
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aonmorning jaeger08:09
jaegersomeone just came in my office and asked me an electrical wiring question :) I'm a sysadmin, not an electrician, hehe08:13
treachjust tell them to put a nail in it. :P08:14
aonhehe :)08:16
RedShiftwhat was the question08:20
aon"can i run 100kW through this phone cable"08:22
namenlosis there another possibility than :j to delete the "newline" at the end of a line in vim08:22
* RedShift slowly backpedals08:22
treachbut I keep forgetting it..08:23
aon"backpedal - pedal backwards on a bicycle"08:23
aondamn, it's really cool to ride bikes that lack brakes but instead go backwards08:24
aongetting them to stop is a bit of a burden on the legs, though08:24
treachnamenlos: :%s/^M$//g  would do I think.08:24
RedShiftnamenlos: ewww go to the end of the line and press the "delete" key on your keyboard?08:24
* aon falls into comprehensive school memories08:24
RedShiftwhy stop08:24
treachnamenlos: NOTE: Do NOT *type* "^M"08:25
RedShiftjust keep going08:25
jaegerRedShift: it was which of the wires in a 2-wire cable is positive (both unmarked)08:25
treachnamenlos: just ctrl+v, ctrl+m08:25
namenlostreach: and how do i then get the "^M" ? with ctrl or ...08:25
jaegerif they were colored or marked, maybe I could tell :)08:25
RedShiftjaeger: nothing a multimeter can't solve08:26
jaegeraye, but neither of us had one handy08:26
treachvim actually has the command "help ffs" ;D08:26
aonif the negative happens to be ground, too, you can try touching something surely grounded with them and see if sparks fly08:26
jaegertreach: nice :)08:26
aonif there's enough kick in them08:26
aoni should become an electricity safety instructor or sth08:27
namenlostreach: it gives me a "08:29
RedShiftvim sucks08:29
namenlostreach: it gives me a "E486: Pattern not found: ^M$"08:29
RedShiftuse kate or some other normal editor like everyone else does08:29
treachRedShift: sure, if you can show me a way to use it in a terminal.08:29
treachand without installing kde.08:30
treachalso, show me how to use kate or anything like it, without *ever* having to use the rodent..08:31
RedShiftthe rodent?08:31
RedShiftwhat's a rodent08:31
namenlosits the mouse08:32
namenlosi think..08:32
treachgroup of animals that includes mice, rats, rabbits etc.08:32
treachgenerally considered to be pests. :p08:32
namenlosi think i stick to the :j thing... somehow the :s doesn't work for me08:33
treachnamenlos: I guess you could find a few interesting things here
namenlostreach: ah, thanks. but i don't work in a mixed envirionment (but i'll keep it for the case a windows user comes along ;) )08:36
treachwell, how did you end up with those ^M's then?08:37
treachthat's a typical symptom of a file edited in windows afaik..08:37
RedShifttreach: yes you can, everything can be done by keyboard shortcuts08:40
namenlosi was just wondering how to delete the end of line, since the visual mode always deleted one character too much...08:40
namenlosand the normal d doesn't work.08:41
treachRedShift: not afaik. folding for instance? splitting windows vertically/horizontally? Managing these split windows? etc etc.08:47
treachanyway, even if it's possible, I'm not about to learn a new set of shortcuts.08:48
treach(and you still can't run a gui editor through a console.)08:48
RedShiftctrl shift l08:49
RedShiftcltr shift r to close the current window08:49
treachI'm not trying to close the window. I'm changing the size..08:49
RedShiftchanging the size no idea08:50
RedShiftbut if you're going for keyboard shortcuts don't use GTK apps08:50
treachdon't worry, I'm not.08:51
treachonly things that use gtk here is OOo, firefox and sylpheed. (and gkrell, but that doesn't require a lot of input)08:52
treachI wish I could dump OOo though.. but people seem dead set against using anything else but .doc files. :-/08:53
namenlossame to mee08:55
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namenlosme, i meant... the best are the people which are sending images in a doc file :D08:56
treachsigh. those people should be kept away from computers. :/08:57
namenlosthe guy at the vim channel meant just using "J" *gg*08:59
treachRedShift: btw, how do I enter block mode in kate? ;>09:00
RedShiftblock mode?09:00
treachtry it.09:00
RedShiftwhat's block mode09:00
RedShiftwhat is it supposed to do?09:00
treachmakes you able to mark "blocks" of your code.09:01
RedShiftso marking lines or something?09:01
treachie, without having to mark the entire lines.09:01
namenlosyou mean a rectangle?09:01
RedShiftit does have block selection mode09:01
namenlosi never used something like that...09:01
treachnamenlos: just enter ctrl+v09:02
treachand then move the cursor.09:02
RedShifttreach: it has block selection mode09:02
RedShiftctrl shift b09:02
namenlostreach: heh, that's cool09:02
RedShiftyou can change all these shorcuts09:02
treachColor me impressed, but it's still to much work, and it's *still* a gui editor. :D09:03
RedShifthave you tried it?09:04
treachbut in the end I came to the conclusion that it was a retarded idea to use a graphical application to edit pure text.09:05
RedShiftI'm not really keen on those "terminal fanboys" :-)09:05
treachand the text wasn't more readable that way either.09:05
jaegerfor maximum confusion, install beryl and edit your text in a GUI editor while wrapped around the corner of a cube09:05
treachfvwm/ratpoison works well enough for me. :)09:06
RedShiftkde ftw09:07
treachI mean, I *like* kde. But I don't need it.09:07
namenlosusing fvwm, too09:07
treachIt doesn't bring anything I actually need, and it takes forever to compile. So..09:07
treachnamenlos: ^5 ;)09:08
jaegersky2 eth0: Link is up at 1000 Mbps, full duplex, flow control both09:08
jaegeryay for new gigabit switch09:08
treachwhee. and now for the pr0n :P09:09
jaegernah, not at work :)09:09
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j^2busy channel like always10:25
cyrus_;-p take a look about an hour ago ;)10:28
cyrus_:) who would connect 100kW reciver to phone line ;)10:30
aonyou never know10:44
aonand i guess it'd be a transmitter, then? :)10:44
cyrus_I don't know indeed :D but I think phon line could not bear so intensive load10:48
aonyes, no10:58
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cophome_I was wondering if I should still use swap11:03
cophome_on a 1Ghz Epia M board with 1024MB DDR ram11:04
jaegerwhat are you going to do with it?11:05
cophome_just a samba, router, webserv, local linux station11:06
cophome_the only wrong thoughts I am having that partitioning11:07
jaegerI would test it with a swap file on disk for a while and see if it gets used11:07
cophome_you should be right11:07
cyrus_cophome_: I wouldn't be so fast to turn swap off11:07
cophome_I just didnt want to destroy the beauty of that 200GB disk11:08
cophome_never had such a huge disk for myself :-)11:08
jjpkTaking 256 or 512 M out of that is nothing.11:08
cyrus_cophome_: I have WD1600JB and about 1GB swap11:08
cophome_Just didnt want to partition it11:09
cyrus_cophome_: gosh .. ;p11:09
cophome_But I think I ll try with file swap11:09
jaegerI don't use swap on this machine but it has 2GB RAM11:09
cophome_Yes, I didnt use swap on some servers neither11:09
cyrus_jaeger: And gcc have never out with sig 11?11:09
jaegerSwap:      2096472          0    209647211:10
jaegernot so far11:10
jaegerI run gnome, firefox, evolution, and cedega pretty regularly11:10
cyrus_It looks like no memory leaks :D11:10
cyrus_but I have only 768MB RAM and it is enought for desktop configuration runs11:12
jaegerI'm sure I would need the swap if I only had 1GB RAM or less11:12
cyrus_but no samba server ;D only apache for me :D11:13
cyrus_cophome_: It would be lan server ?11:13
cyrus_btw. we have no xmms2 port ?11:15
cyrus_sorry :D11:19
cyrus_I almost always forget about "/"11:19
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cyrus_did I say somethings wrong ? :D11:23
jaegernot that I'm aware of11:24
cyrus_;) uff... I felt very strang for a moment11:25
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j^2cyrus: have you checked the ports/db?11:53
cyrusj^2: yes12:02
cyrusj^2: on :)12:02
cyrusj^2: there was only xmms but 112:02
j^2i thought tilman was the pkg mgr12:02
j^2well you can make one :D12:03
tilmani'm not the pkg mgr!12:04
tilmanno idea what that means, too12:04
j^2package manager :D12:04
aonyes, you are the pkg mgr12:04
aonwe replaced pkgutils with you12:04
j^2hehe, inventive too12:04
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cyrusj^2: I just want to try it, so there is no need to xmms2 be among crux ports12:06
j^2looks like it12:06
tilmanrugek has an xmms2 port12:07
j^2he's not ot the repo list :(12:07
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cyrustilman: Like i jus say :) I can cook my own port :D and this is beautiful in crux :D12:08
jaegertagged gnome 2.16.2 if anyone cares12:12
cyrusbtw. x7.2 and crux-2.3 will be public independent or together12:12
tilmanerr, "together"12:12
* cyrus goes eat something :D12:19
tilmanok :D12:20
cophome_cyrus: yes it will be a lan server12:27
cophome_replacing my old celeron 400 box running suse 9.012:27
thrice`jaeger: very cool :)12:41
thrice`speaking of crux 2.3... ;)12:43
guaquainet6 addr: 2002:82e9:175f:8:213:d4ff:fe5d:a1b612:44
guaquacan you ping this address?12:44
tilmani'm on ipv4 :(12:44
guaquawell so am i, but today i've been getting an ipv6 address :/12:45
RedShiftguaqua: from your ISP?12:45
guaquaso i'm guessing i've got native ipv6 nowadays12:45
guaquayeah, from my isp i think12:45
guaquathis is a student village so :)12:45
guaquabut i haven't seen any announcements on the subject12:46
RedShiftah the local guru's are probably testing it out ;-)12:46
guaquaso i'm just asking if someone can ping me or do a quick traceroute to see if things actually work12:46
RedShiftwhy don't you try reaching another ipv6 host?12:47
guaquathere's supposed to be a complete redesign of the network soon so this has something to do with it probably12:47
RedShifttry  2001:6a8:3c80::1412:48
RedShiftthat's a DNS server from belgium12:48
guaquathough opera doesn't support ipv6 addresses :<12:49
RedShiftso you have a fully operational ipv6 address/gateway12:49
guaquai guess so12:49
RedShiftopera doesn't support ipv6?12:49
RedShiftcrap I use that browser12:49
RedShiftI had any influence on the whole internet management stuff we would be shitting ipv6 packets by now12:50
RedShiftbut noooo12:50
jaegertried with square brackets around the url/ip?12:50
guaquanope. jaeger12:51
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drijenhas han been around?13:09
thrice`@seen han13:14
clbthrice`: han was last seen in #crux 1 week, 2 days, 1 hour, 33 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <Han> And since it's merely a comment I take the liberty to keep it like I want.13:14
rehabdollguess he got really pissed13:15
rehabdollhe's online though13:16
*** teK_ is now known as teK13:16
rehabdollthere was a discussion regarding him leaving contrib13:17
drijeni didn't mean to start a ruckus13:17
drijenplease ignore the question13:17
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tilmanwow, han really left?13:44
tilmanguess crux is dead now13:44
* j^2 get's his defibrillator 13:44
j^2(just like james bond)13:44
tilmanbond uses defibrillators?13:45
j^2in the new bond...13:45
j^2that was his only gadget13:45
j^2it was lame13:45
tilmanah, didn't watch that one13:45
j^2other than that it was great imo13:46
DaViruz_you didn't miss anything13:46
DaViruz_oh :)13:46
pitilloI am new here but imo he did a good job...13:48
*** DaViruz_ is now known as DaViruz13:48
tilmanis his repo still online?13:48
j^ or something right?13:49
pitilloit seems tilman13:49
tilmanj^2: something like that is his isp, yeah :D13:49
j^2some one gank it!13:49
cophome_what slang is that ?13:51
cophome_Hehe, okay ... i surrender13:51
* j^2 puts an american flag in cophome_ 13:52
* cophome_ feels ganked14:00
cophome_what kernel would you recommend ?14:01
tilmansomething recent14:02
cophome_how recent can I get without running into problems :)14:02
jjpkJust stick to the vanilla kernels, unless you specifically know you need something not included.14:02
tilman2.6.19.2 works for me atm14:02
cophome_finished my right now for ethernet14:03
cophome_after that I am up to kernel.org14:03
cophome_just wanted some recommendations ;-)14:03
teKI'd take this shiny new .20 thingy14:03
cophome_before wee~14:03
tilman"shiny new" doesn't go THAT well with 2.6 imo14:04
cophome_keke, okay .. i ll go with the polished .20 then14:04
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cophome_arghh, forgot to select reiserfs :-)14:28
cophome_stupidity will never go unpunished14:28
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teKas some might claim: s/select/deselect/14:53
cophome_he was german and a fembot killer14:57
cophome_or was there and coming from suse thats still my juice14:58
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cophome_back on track .. updating ports ;-)15:15
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AkiraYukihi all16:04
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RedShiftsup AkiraYuki16:07
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prologictext editor in /bin needed <-- I don't agree with this defect report18:31
prologicWhy should vi be in /bin/ ?18:31
prologicif you screw something up, boot the cd and fix it18:31
triyes thats true - nobody needs a text editor in /bin18:32
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prologicand if you're really desparate18:40
prologiced and cat and sed work just fine18:40
prologictake your pick18:40
bd2no, everybody need it. because otherwise you end up with `mv /usr/bin/* /bin/`, e.t.c.  / partition should be enough to a) boot b) recover18:40
prologiceh ?18:42
prologic"no, everybody need it." ? <-- you agreeing or disagreeing with us :) ?18:42
bd2disagreeing. I agree that /bin/vi is essential18:42
prologicwell I don't :)18:43
bd2but *I* do ;-)18:43
prologic/usr/bin/vim perhaps18:43
prologicfine fine :)18:43
prologicif you're smart enough to have a separate /usr partition, you should be smart enough not to screw it up :)18:44
bd2 /usr partition could be broken/not available at this time, e.t.c. But you should still have essential tools to recover things, imo18:45
prologicthat's what the cd is for :)18:45
prologicand vim is hardly an essential tool - only a facny text editor :)18:45
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prologicmkfs, fdisk, etc are essential18:45
rehabdolltext editors are not essential on a unix system?18:46
bd2prologic, I'd like to see your face when your /usr is broken and you have to use `ed' to modify /etc/fstab or something ;-)18:47
prologicsure why not18:48
rehabdollmost distros have an editor in /bin.. and why not? cheap insurance if you b0rk something up18:48
prologicI've done it several times before18:48
prologiceven with cat/sed :)18:48
prologicI've edited files blind - no monitor (and yes I am physically blind myself!) :)18:48
bd2prologic, there are 1001 methods to edit file, but there is one which everybody can use comfortably: /bin/vi ;-)18:49
rehabdollyeah well i guess you got one of them superhero-sed powers :)18:49
prologicyeah I just think if we should have any decent editor witha nice interface in /bin/ it should be e318:49
prologicnot vim18:49
rehabdollwell vi or whatever.. just something useable18:49
prologicand actually you're not quite correct there18:49
rehabdollvi is just my editor of choice18:49
prologicmost users don't know how to use vim18:49
prologicmine too18:49
prologicbut most others prefer something nano/pico like18:49
prologicrehabdoll, I just get bored and read man pages :)18:50
rehabdollvi is the only "editor" in core though18:50
prologicinstalling crux on this HP so-called P3 is sooo painfull :/18:50
prologicit's barely a P218:50
* bd2 tried nano/pico once.. I could not find how to save a file %-(18:50
prologicit says it at the bottom18:51
cyrusemacs rulez :p but it is too big to be a distro base editor :D18:51
bd2oh.. I'm too lazy to read what editor says to me :-) in vim it's much easier ;-)18:51
prologiconly because you know it :)18:52
cyrusbtw. hi everybody ;)18:52
prologicyeah vim is too big to be in a distro's base too ihmo18:52
bd2vim don't say anything (useful) to me, but *I* command vim ;-)18:52
prologichi cyrus18:52
*** cyrus is now known as cyrus_18:52
prologic$ pkgsize vim18:53
prologicTotal kilobytes for vim : 1707218:53
prologicway too big :)18:53
cyrus_prologic: for emacs it would be 512Kb about :D with all lisp addons :D18:53
prologicyeah and e3 is 20K :)18:54
cyrus_thoes precious 3K ;p18:54
prologicof course :)18:54
prologicwhy not! we have >400G hdds now, why not save an extra few K :)18:54
prologicfit more p0rn :)18:54
cyrus_lol :p18:55
bd2 /bin/vim can happily live without /usr/share/vim , and vim itself is 1.2 Mb only18:55
bd2mine /usr/share/vim == 24 Mb18:55
prologicI guess so18:55
tribut if you need vim just use the cdrom ?18:55
prologicsure why not :)18:55
prologicthat's what it's for right!18:55
bd2tri, I don't have cdrom18:55
cyrus_bd2: wow :D Your vim keeps fit :D18:55
bd2I've lost it18:55
trifloppy, usb, network what ever18:55
prologicactually most of my machines don't have cdroms either18:56
bd2cyrus_ ;-) there are en&ru dictionaries also..18:56
cyrus_bd2: yeah, I know, perhaps they were even earlier than en&pl dictionaries :D18:58
* cyrus_ laggs are so painful :/19:00
cyrus_why ppp connections are so slow :/19:00
cyrus_ok, so I go sleep now :D after running prt-get sysup :D19:02
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cyrus_so, see you :D and goodnight19:02
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prologicppp connections are not slow :)19:06
prologicI get 9MB/s on mine :)19:06
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rehabdollnow thats just wrong19:12
rehabdollonly koreans are allowed to have faster connections than us scandinavians!19:12
prologicactually I only have 2 DSL links19:20
prologic24Mbps/1Mbps and a 512Kbps/128Kbps19:20
prologicbut most machines on my local net are conencted via ppp to my gateway19:20
trihe and my dick is much longer19:20
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nipuLanyone know how to use different remotes per branch20:23
nipuLwith git20:23
prologicclone the repo per branch20:30
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AkiraYukigood night  :-D20:45
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