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RomsternipuL, you can switch between branches git-checkout <branch>, git branch, gives the current branch your on.05:09
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j^2hey all08:37
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ntl^2join #gold09:23
ntl^2eep sorry09:23
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AkiraYukihi all :-D09:26
ntl^2hey, does anyone know how to get the sources to the crux iso?  i used to get it via cvs, but it looks like things have changed since then....09:28
ntl^2i guess 2002 called and it wants its 0.9.2 iso back09:28
j^2we use git now09:28
j^2and svn i think too09:28
ntl^2#include <stdio.h> \n int main(void) { fh = fopen("/dev/j^2", "w"); fprintf(fh, "go away n00b\n"); fclose(fh); return 0 }09:29
j^2return 109:29
ntl^2ahh ok09:29
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mike_konestep: that apache port appears to be a tricky thing. I've got footprint mismatch (files owned by 500:500) on one of the boxes, but not on any other =(11:31
mike_kany idea?11:31
onestephmm... which group are you using?11:36
onestepwheel or users?11:36
onestepor you build apache from root login shell?11:38
mike_kI've tried from regular user, pkgmk, root (all using fakeroot)11:39
mike_kin root's case   sudo -H -u pkgmk fakeroot pkgmk11:40
mike_kcan't that be an old fakeroot version non capable of masking some system calls...11:42
onesteptake a look on httpd-2.2.3/build/rpm/httpd.spec.in11:42
onestepmaybe --with-suexec-uidmin and --with-suexec-gidmin are getting 500 by default in some cases?11:43
mike_kdoes that have any relation to the "make install" process?11:48
onestepI'm really not sure :)11:48
onestepbut this looks suspicious11:49
mike_kseems, not11:49
mike_kjue is just chowning the whole package. that is to easy.11:50
mike_kfiles are being installed with /usr/share/apr-1/libtool --silent --mode=install "cp bla .../usr/lib/bla"11:53
mike_kand under some condition fakeroot can't intercept that calls11:53
onestepI'm not using fakeroot anyway11:54
onestepin my case that was su -l11:54
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mike_kI'll leave it as is until get an idea of what is really happening there12:00
onestepthat's right :)12:01
onestepBTW, in apache port from opt there is "chown -R root:root $PKG" ;)12:02
mike_kI know12:05
onestepmaybe there was the same problems12:06
mike_kI bet it is a packager's habbit12:07
mike_kRomster: don't you have such messages?12:17
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jaegertry cpan12:18
mike_kthat piece of cake =)12:18
jaegeror make a port for it12:19
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mike_kfor Locale::gettext? Romster hasn't added that to "depends on"12:21
mike_kRomster: please add p5-gettext to frozen-bubble's port deps12:25
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prologicI'm talking to my isp right - we've been having problems with their transparent proxies17:02
prologic2 brisbane proxies have been down since this morning17:02
prologicthey apparently have 4, the 3rd and 2nd were down17:02
prologicthe 3rd is back up now, but not the 2nd17:02
prologicI'm speaking to this idiot on the phone who doesn't understand and won't let me speak to anyone higher17:03
prologiche doesn't believe that there is a problem17:03
jjpkProbably the norm for most isp customer service.17:04
jjpk"nope, not our problem"17:04
prologicI'm going to send them a nice email me thinks17:06
prologicI actually hate being with larger isps17:06
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jjpkMy isp really slapped everyone in the face with a price increase.17:07
jjpkI would change the isp, but it will take 6 weeks minimum before anything happens. No thanks.17:07
prologicthat's the longest email I"ve ever sent an isp's helpdesk17:15
prologicone of the proxies are still down17:15
prologicfuck'n hell17:15
jjpk:p I feel like I am shredding my money every time I pay the bill.17:17
jjpkA terrible feeling.17:17
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prologicI wish there was a way to stop my web traffic from being transparently proxied17:22
prologicis there ?17:22
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morlenxusprologic: You can use any other open port to create a ssh tunnel.17:30
morlenxusFor example port 53 (domain name resolve).17:33
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rehabdolldo you get ridiculous replies like "please format and reinstall windows" as soon as theres something wrong at the isp's end there in .au too?17:38
prologicyeah I do17:46
prologicthough usually it's "please reboot your modem"17:47
prologicand I"m like, yeah I don't use my modem like that17:47
prologicit's a dumb device :)17:47
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Romsterlooking into frozen-bubble...18:27
Romsterprologic, they really should have a setup that if a transparent proxy is down it avoids using that one...18:27
prologicisp has dead proxies18:31
prologicand this is what they send me18:31
prologicThank you for writing to TPG Helpdesk.18:31
prologicWe need more information from you so we forward this information to your18:31
prologicProvide us with the complete traceroute and continuous ping results to18:31 and  (from the command up to the 30th hop).18:31
prologicI'll humour them18:32
prologicbut only until my patience runs out :)18:32
prologicRomster, frozen bubble is a nice game18:32
Romsteryeah if i can get it to work i've added /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Locale/ and it still can't find it..18:33
Romster$ frozen-bubble18:33
RomsterCan't locate loadable object for module Locale::gettext in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/linux /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/linux /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl .) at /usr/bin/frozen-bubble line 5118:33
Romsterpissing me off, the older version worked just fine..18:34
Romsterprologic, that need more information on a 30 hop traceroute and continious ping O_o send them results of all 4 proxys but i gather your doing that now.18:35
prologicI am18:45
prologicstupid fools :)18:45
prologicbtw there is a perl getext port in contrib18:46
Romsteri made one..18:47
Romsternone that i know of i did a prt-get fsearch18:47
Romsterbashy has one but the dns is gone, so i made my own its in my private repo now.18:48
Romstereven with it installed it can't find it...18:48
Romsterprologic, what i genearly do is try to get to the higher powers in the isp and get a personal contact, i happen to of found a helpdesk person that runs linux :)19:00
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AkiraYukiBuona Notte a tutti!!!20:41
AkiraYukiGood Night all20:41
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prologicSo... in the end, my isps's engineers find no problems with their proxy servers23:41
prologicthis is _after_ the dead ones come back online23:41
prologicthen helpdesk inform me that I should monitor my adsl links for packet loss23:41
prologicand try to plug a single computer into the modem23:41
prologicDoes packet loss cause "Connection Refused" TCP messages ;)23:42

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