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Romsterprologic, hah :/00:37
Romsteri've been studying TCP packets in alot of detail not long ago, still learning all the damn flags in them :|00:38
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xichow do i get permission to start a server on port 80?05:54
Romsterhas to start from root then for security change to another user/group05:55
treach1. ask your mum 2.make sure nothing else is using it.05:55
xichow do i change to another user/group?06:00
treachit would be much more helpful if you told us what you're trying to do, and what error you're getting.06:00
xicpermission denied06:02
cyrus_xic: which demon do you try to use ?06:03
treachbah. "My computer no workie, help"06:03
xicit's my own program06:03
xicisn't there a way to configure things so that a normal user can open port 80?06:04
Romsterxic, you should know anything below 1023 requires root!06:04
Romsterbelow port number *06:04
xicyeah, i know that, but isn't there a way to change it?06:04
Romsteronly if you have root access and can then open the port then change the process to another user/group afterwards.06:05
Romsterthat part i haven't needed todo, whats so important that you want on port 80? your own web server?06:05
cyrus_xic: fakeroot, sudo ??06:06
xicsudo won't work, that will be just like running as root06:06
xicnot sure about fakeroot06:08
treachxic: take a look in top while you're running apache or some ftp server.06:08
treachspecifically when there is a connection.06:09
cyrus_xic: maybe try something similar to mysqld, but you have to implement it06:09
treachI'm no guru, but IMO, users being randomly able to open a ports < 1024 would be a rather big security hole..06:10
cyrus_treach: It would be very big hole, besides most troians(?) use this fact06:11
treachtroyans. derived work from the city "Troy".06:12
xicwell why not just have a group for users who are allowed to open ports < 1024?06:14
treachlike gid 0?06:14
treachbad idea..06:15
xicbetter then running server processes as root06:15
treachwhy don't you take a clue from other servers as I suggested?06:15
cyrus_treach: I couldn't decide 'y' or 'i' :-)06:16
treachcyrus_: it's a tricky one sometimes. :/06:16
treachy or ie, the eternal question. :)06:17
xictreach: i've looked at lighttpd. it ends up running as user lighttpd in top. but i don't understand how. that's what i'm asking06:17
cyrus_xic: but probably you fork server , so it would only listen on port 80, so why not 8080 ?06:17
treachxic: I suppose this channel isn't the right forum for that question.06:18
xiccyrus_: eh?06:18
cyrus_xic : do you use fork() to serve clients or select() ?06:19
xiccyrus_: i think select06:20
cyrus_xic: so maybe you can use fork() then you can switch your server to any user. Because you can use any port > 102406:22
treachxic: I won't pretend that I'm a programmer, but fork() seems to be the way most servers work.06:22
xicno, i am not using fork06:23
treachhowever, I still think you'd be better served if you found another channel to ask your questions, since they seem to be more related to #c than #crux.06:23
cyrus_treach: yes, indeed :D this is most popular solution, select() is less useful because system have to have ability to operate on fd sets06:24
xicno, i don't want to change the code of my server. i just want to know how a regular user can run a process that opens port 8006:24
cyrus_xic: I think it is topic for kernel hackers channel06:24
xicwhat about chroot?06:25
cyrus_xic: sorry , my knowlage is going to end at this point06:26
DaViruzchroot only changes the root directiry, it doesn't touch any privs06:30
xicDaViruz: yeah, but it should make it safe to run my server as root06:30
cyrus_xic: maybe some good tcp/ip bible would help you, try emule ... torrent06:30
DaViruzwhy not just setuid() like everey other server does? :)06:31
xicDaViruz: hm...06:31
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xicdestruct: apache and friends all use setuid?06:34
cyrus_xic: good luck in yours research06:36
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DaViruzxic: well, i haven't dissected it myself, but setuid() is the function to use to drop privilegies, so most likely yes06:36
DaViruzand setgid() for the group06:37
Romsteror start a fork to the said user/group then drop the root thread.. depends what language your using really..06:40
DaViruzeven if you fork you still have to setuid iirc?06:41
DaViruzat least in C.. :)06:41
xicmy language seems to have support for setuid and setgid06:41
DaViruzif you want to handle multiple connections efficiently you'll probably want to fork() too06:42
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xicDaViruz: no, i am using threads06:43
DaViruzoh, ok.06:43
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mike_ktilman, have you ever saw errors like "X11 error: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)" trying to play video in x11 with mga driver?07:14
mike_ksolutions found so far suggest to use intel driver specific options07:16
Romstermike_k, that frozen bubble missing port is fixed, i hadn't realised that. :)07:28
Romsterthink i'll throw it in contrib sometime tomorrow after i wake up i'm off to bed07:29
mike_kRomster: thanks07:31
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prologic$ ./ 10000 primes.txt07:42
prologicTime elapsed: 2.26s07:42
prologicPrimes found: 1230 (545 primes/s)07:42
prologic7 nodes07:42
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treachsomehow, I get the feeling python isn't the right choice for stuff like that. :P07:53
prologicreally :)07:55
prologicbelieve me, I'd like to write apps for a cluster and create a distributed computing environment in C07:55
prologicbut it's way too much work :)07:55
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treachif you didn't use python you wouldn't need a cluster for it. ;)07:56
mike_kprologic: not that much07:58
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prologicthis is fun anyway :)08:02
treachaccording to my modest calculations it would be 1229 primes, in 0.2s. (a 700MHz barton..)08:03
treachI might be totally of though. :)08:03
mike_k700mhz? downclocked?08:05
treachI don't need 1.8GHz to run firefox, vim and fvwm and that type of stuff. :)08:06
prologictreach, you mean in C right ?08:07
prologicI have another prime finder that uses ezpyline to embed C in the python app08:07
prologicspeeds i up 20x08:07
treachI've forgotten too much about assembler to make it work in that. :P08:08
prologicbut I haven't made this distributed yet :)08:08
prologicit would probably bench about the same as if it was C08:08
treachquite possible.08:08
prologicahh the good ol assembler days :)08:08
prologicfasm is nice08:08
treachthe program is simple enough for the compiler to do a good job with it.08:08
prologic$ time ./ 2>&1 > /dev/null08:09
prologicreal    0m0.485s08:09
prologicuser    0m0.308s08:09
prologicsys     0m0.020s08:09
prologicuses ezpyline (embedded C function to compute primes)08:10
prologic10000 of them08:10
treachdammit is that server using ipOk?08:10
treach(ip over kangaroo..)08:10
prologiceh ?08:10
treachwhee, arrived. :P08:10
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prologicprolly need to upgrade my other dsl link08:11
prologicwill do soon :)08:11
prologicnow if only I had more nodes :)08:13
prologicbut then I"m just learning/researching ideas anyway - for what ? I don't know :)08:13
prologicmost likely something to do with AI08:13
treacheven more cpu cycles. :)08:14
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prologicanyone got any dual cores :)08:22
ningo_Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHz ("GenuineIntel" 686-class)08:23
prologicwanna become another node :P08:24
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mike_kprologic: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+08:32
mike_kanybody tried kvm (since 2.6.20)?08:35
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j^2hey everyone08:37
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prologicTime elapsed: 4.11s10:10
prologicPrimes found: 1230 (299/s)10:10
prologicTime elapsed: 0.35s10:10
prologicPrimes found: 1230 (3481/s)10:10
prologicC is amazing isn't it :)10:10
treach4.11s? What are you running it on? Your wristwatch?10:11
treachor would that be the python version?10:11
prologicthat's the python version :)10:11
prologicthe 2nd is also a python version10:12
prologicbut using a C extension :)10:12
prologicmuch quicker!10:12
prologictook me a while to learn to write the extension though ;?10:12
treachfigured that. it's still slower than my pure C version.10:12
treachAnd I think you've got faster hardware.10:12
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prologicyeah well that's true10:13
prologicit would be faster in pure C or asm :)10:13
prologicbut harder to write10:13
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treachdepends on what you mean with harder.. for cluster computation, possibly. Unless openmosix does something clever about it.10:16
prologicit doesn't10:17
prologicopenmosix atm only spreads processes about10:17
prologicie: fork operations10:17
mike_kpvm was a toy to play with10:17
treachprologic: what happens if you use threads instead?10:18
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treach(I'm aware it's not applicable in this case, just curious about how it deals with threads compared to processes.10:19
prologictreach, it doesn't support them10:19
prologicit'll just run on the single host node10:19
prologicit's able to split and share processes amongst nodes in an openmosix cluster10:20
prologicbut not threads yet10:20
prologichowever, it is usefull for desktop applications :)10:20
prologicrip a cd so much quicker!10:20
treachheh. I think you got linux confused with vista. :P10:21
treachit's vista that needs a cluster to operate. :>10:21
treach..and OOo. :-/10:21
prologicwondered what I was doing wrong :)10:21
prologicactually I'll be doing a course on distributed computing next semester10:22
prologicso I thought I'd get in early :)10:22
prologicbesides it interests me10:22
treachthat's a good thing.10:22
treachcluxters, maybe.10:26
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seekwillEverynight, cron runs a few DB updates for me and sends me an E-mail of the output. Is there a way to surpress certain programs? I use wget, and it's pasting a line for every packet it receives.11:23
jaegercron mails anything that's output to the screen, so suppress the output and you won't get that11:24
jaegerwget -q, for example, or > /dev/null11:24
seekwillAh, thank you.11:26
seekwillDuh, man I knew that. Sorry, slow morning for me.11:26
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prologicanyone know of any networking monitoring aps ?20:40
prologicsomething simple/easy to use (nagios is a bit complicated for what I want)20:40
prologicsntop is nice, but only does ping monitoring20:40
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AkiraYukigood night :-D21:38
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Dulicais crux 2.2 ready for production use ?23:17
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prologicof course it is23:27
prologicif you'd only stick around and find out :)23:27
prologicsilly bugger ;P23:27
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Romstertoo many idiots on the internet i'd say..23:52
Romsterask a questiont hen immedidly part :/23:52

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