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prologicwhat's the printf format string for an unsigned long long ?02:20
prologic%ul ?02:20
bd2man 3 printf says %ll for long longs and unsigned long longs02:51
bd2actually s/and/or/ ;-)02:52
prologicI wasn't sure :)02:56
prologic%ll doesn't work :/03:00
prologicforget it :) I hate C anyway03:00
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bd2ugh.. it's03:43
bd2%lli of course. ll is only modifier03:44
prologichmm :)03:44
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RyoS/etc/modules.conf <- this is what it says in alsa wiki, which file would that be in crux?06:03
prologicmodprobe.conf is only for creating alises and such for modprobe and insmod commands06:08
prologicrc.modules is where you'll want to laod modules from06:08
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RyoSit is about aliases, so i can take modprobe.conf, thanks :)06:11
RyoSprologic: I just sent you the log I made yesterday06:13
prologicoh thank you :)06:13
prologicoh wonderful06:14
RyoSnp, if its not enough tell me06:14
prologicI have proof that they do have unreliable proxies06:14
prologicthank you so much :)06:14
prologic$ egrep dead monitor-tpg-proxies-RyoS.log | wc -l06:14
prologic~64mins of proxy downtime :)06:15
prologicyou think my isp will listen to me now ?06:15
RyoSi hope06:15
prologicsend me another one tomorrow if you can06:18
prologictomorrow I'll write a script that compares two log files for close matches06:18
prologicmy log file is 600K now06:18
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JKnifeI am trying to install XFCE4 and is timeing out =\11:26
onestepuse the mirrors, Luke :)11:27
JKnifelooking for em..11:28
onestepmaybe ibiblio.org11:29
JKnifei was almost there =\11:31
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prologicApparently some large IT corporations are paying Microsoft money to use some linux software that provides implementations of some of their so-called patented works.14:22
prologicThese companies are doing this off the record - but this is BS. What a bully!14:22
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prologicMicrosoft actually threatens these companies - idle threads but nonetheless wrong14:22
yipheh, "idle threads"14:22
prologicSlashdot :)14:22
prologicin an interview with Jeremy somebody a rather14:23
prologicfuck'n bs if you ask me14:23
prologicI'd tell Microsoft to "go fuck yourself " :)14:23
prologicit's seriously not that hard to implement something - patent or no patent14:23
yipwell, the law is the law14:23
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prologicyeah I'm not sure14:24
prologicnot my department :)14:24
tilmanjdolan: ffs14:33
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yipbut even if a company were using software that violated some software patent, then it wouldn't be there fault. it would be the fault of whoever sold/gave them the software14:40
prologicwould it be a case of:14:45
prologicit's ok to use samba as for non-commericial reasons ?14:45
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rehabdollrunning badblocks is fun.......15:34
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prologiccophome, this is not your terminal :)17:13
* rehabdoll waits for a "su" command17:17
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cophomebirthday party !17:55
cophomemy horn has aged once again17:55
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Khanhi everyone18:12
Khananybody here?18:13
Khani got a question18:14
Khancd installation18:14
Khani installed but18:15
Khankernel compilation had some varninggs18:16
Khanbut compiled properly at the end18:16
Khani edited rc.conf18:17
Khanbut i have errors when booting18:17
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Khanlooking for /var/run/utemp18:18
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Khanservices section18:19
Khancrond missing18:19
Khanit cannot start crond18:19
jaegerare /var and /usr on separate partitions that haven't been mounted?18:20
Khanit in same partition18:20
Khanvar folder is empty18:21
Khanwhat i am doing wrong18:21
Khanhold on 5 min18:21
jaegerif it's empty, the installation didn't go as planned... I know you say they're not on separate partitions but that's exactly what it sounds like to me18:21
Khanhere is my /hda18:27
Khan/dev/hda1 swap partiiton18:28
Khan240 mb18:29
Khan/dev/hda2 bootable 41gb18:29
Khanonly two partition18:30
jaegerI would redo the install, personally. something bad happened but no way I could tell you what it was18:31
Khanlock , run and log appears to be at /18:31
jaegerhrmm, that's odd18:32
Khani tryed to move them into var folder18:32
jaegerdid you mount your hda2 partition to /mnt and leave the install location default when you ran the setup program?18:32
Khanit was success18:32
Khanbut also looking for utemp in the var folder18:33
jaegerutmp should be in /var/run, part of the filesystem package18:33
Khanin my case wasnt18:33
Khani followed Crux hand book18:34
Khani must miss something along the way probibly18:34
Khani am gona try again18:35
Khanfrom beginning18:35
Khani am taking notes same time for init configuration18:35
Khanactually simple staigth forward but i am doing first time18:36
Khancrux linux amazing18:36
Khani ve been looking for linux this kind18:37
Khanbecause other distros18:37
Khannot satisfies my needs18:37
Khanl like tar.gz packages18:38
Khani like to compiling18:38
cophomeyou are welcome ;P18:39
Khanthat is the way learning Linux18:39
KhanCRUX Rules!18:40
Khanmy intension build a web server will be Apache18:43
Khanand run a DNS server same time18:43
jaegershould be sufficient18:47
Khanthanks i am reading LFS same time18:49
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Khankernel compiles with bunch of warnings21:46
KhanIs that normal21:46
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thrice`depends on the warning :)21:59
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Khanhey thrice22:35
Khanvhy is my /var folder is empty?22:36
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Khanok i got it23:01
Khani guess23:02
guaquaprobably because you forgot to mount it23:24
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