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guaquacan someone give me a good reason to use dom instead of xpath for extracting information from xml file?03:08
guaquacos i'm being suggested to use dom, but for the selected task it probably yields twice as much code with twice as much clutter :(03:09
namenlosguaqua: maybe the performance... but i got no idea whether xpath would really be slower than dom...03:11
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guaquain theory you can optimize your dom code for the specified task, but here it's not really something i have to consider03:12
guaquawell, i'm going to do it in xpath and then see how i can do the same thing with dom, if i have time03:13
namenlosmay i ask which language you are using?03:14
namenlosonce i read a comment, that you should stick to write good programs, not to write fast programms, so this would be no problem ;)03:14
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guaquait seems that the people i have to do this assignment for really like dom03:16
guaquanow that i read more instructions03:16
guaquaso i guess it's just a matter of banging your head to the wall03:16
* treach considers redoing his primefinder in java to see the difference compared to C..03:16
guaquawhy not do a c python module and then redo it in python? ;)03:17
treachprologic already did.03:17
guaquaurgh, okay03:17
treachI'm kind of interested in the reputed "slowness" of java.03:17
guaquait's not that slow03:17
guaquaway faster than native python03:18
treachguaqua: well, prologic had a different purpose.03:18
treachthat's what I suspect at least.03:18
guaquaand also, java's main problem is it's fucked up memory management03:18
treachbut it would be interesting to have some hard numbers.03:18
guaquarunning a vm for a long time tends to hog up the memory03:19
treachaww, I though it did that right at the start..03:19
guaquait does that too03:20
guaquabut in the long run it doesn't free up any03:20
treachheh, I meant that it was done with that detail after starting up.03:20
treachwhich version of java are you using?03:20
guaquaso basically it might be good for a limited application server, but for a classical unix server it's like hell on heels03:20
guaquai only have recent experience03:21
guaqua27045 root      25   0  795m 149m  26m S  0.3 34.1   9:30.73 java03:22
guaquathat's jboss as running with no applications03:22
guaquait takes up like 5 megabytes more every day03:22
guaquai'm guessing the real users of java have clusters and they can kill one server every hour to get the memory back :D03:23
guaquaor at least make the use reasonable03:23
guaquaor then again, they don't really care as long as it works and as long as it's relatively easy to add more hardware and cluster nodes03:24
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prologictreach, eh ? what's this about ?05:01
prologicI miss something ?05:01
treachnot really.05:04
treachI just tested the primefinder in java.05:04
prologicahh nevermind05:06
prologicread the logs :)05:06
prologicwhat's the difference in performance ?05:06
treachnot that much, about 10%.05:06
prologic10% slower ?05:06
prologicI'll try and write a java and python ver05:06
prologicand compare :)05:06
treachyeah, but if I don't know C, then there is no word for describing my lack of knowledge of java..05:07
prologicI know java fairly well05:07
prologicI'll write some up in the morning05:07
prologicneways night :)05:07
treachgood night prologic05:07
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nipuL!seen rxi05:24
-MelOne- nipuL, you must introduce me to rxi one day, must be a great person!05:24
nipuL@seen rxi05:24
clbnipuL: rxi was last seen in #crux 1 week, 2 days, 10 hours, 25 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <rxi> i got me plenty of lovin05:24
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onestepsonata 1.0.1 released08:33
Romsterwas about to say sqlite3 3.3.13 released08:36
Romsterand no one has updated curl yet either...08:37
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j^2hey all08:38
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pitillogood afternoon. I am a bit lost with this error building poppler (gnome dep) [ libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/' ] This is a dev-computer and I do not know if I crash it using some public repo. Has anyone a clue?09:03
rehabdolltry a prt-get fsearch libXrender.la09:07
pitillorehabdoll, tried... and did not find it... (thinking in yhafri repo which had it I think)09:08
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pitillowas yhafri ones (xrender). I will try with xorg repo.... Hard to find some clue in this computer (too many bad things done on it). I hope did not disturb with this Q.09:18
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Romsterpitillo, too many bad things done, like?09:25
pitilloRomster, a dev machine... before crash my system... I prefered to make test there09:28
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Romsteryou crashed your system O_o09:29
Romsterheh done that b4 but i've since fixed that.09:29
pitillomy weekend system :) without connection I tried to got it update....09:31
Romsterpitillo, your missing xorg-libxrender09:34
pitillousing x11 ...09:34
pitilloremoved and adding xorg now09:34
Romsterget on xorg already :/09:35
RomsterX11R6.8 is old09:35
Romster/usr/ports/yhafri/xrender probbly is the one for the old X1109:36
pitillodiconnected computer and breaked with my manual repo configurations....09:36
Romsterwhy no net?09:36
pitilloyes, was that... Added, removed depinstalled poppler.....  I did many test... and got the same09:36
pitilloit at beach.. and there is no connection ther09:37
Romsterheh they dont have wifi?09:39
pitilloummm not near :)09:40
Romsterthere is thngs claled wifi hot spots :)09:42
Romsterand i so can't type...09:42
pitilloyes I have one near a bus stop. used sometimes with laptops...09:42
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Romster03:47:03 up 19 days,  8:21,  2 users,  load average: 64.70, 483.45, 547.8210:43
jaegerthat doesn't look like a happy system10:44
Romsternow i seriosuly overloade my pc :/10:45
guaquaseen loads over 600 :)10:47
jaegeranyone have a favorite linux SNES emulator to recommend?10:52
tilmani use(d) snes9x. zsnes would never work for me10:53
tilmanheh, i even have a port for snes9x it seems o_O10:53
jaegerok :)10:54
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Romsterfirefox when nuts and artsd was running like 100 instantes like wtf...11:09
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* drijen pokes the channel :)11:14
drijencan someone help me understand why a package is not installing?11:16
jaegerwhat's the problem?11:16
drijenbeen trying to install eterm11:17
drijenbut each time i try, it seems to not install at all, yet insist that it is :)11:17
drijendid it with prt-get first, then manually via pkgmk11:17
drijenboth times, eterm would nto show in the file system anywhere but in the /usr/ports/XXX11:18
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* drijen examines the pkgfile again11:20
guaquawhat does `pkgadd package` say?11:20
* drijen tries11:20
drijen"invalid package name" but i won't rule out user idiocy on that11:22
guaquawell go to the directory where you have the package made11:24
drijenhave done so11:24
drijenactually i'm going to back up and download the source and do it by hand11:24
drijenjust curious as to the hic-up11:25
guaquawhat does prt-get depinst eterm say?11:25
treachwell, if there was something wrong with the download.. what about the md5sum?11:25
drijenit goes through the process, installs, then nothing11:25
guaquago see the package database11:26
drijentreach: md5sum and footprint are a-ok11:26
guaqualook for it in there11:26
drijenaye, i used han's11:26
treachthen there shouldn't be any problem with the download.11:26
drijenwhen it screwed up, i used yhafri's11:26
drijenboth the same11:26
drijenyhafri writes a better script btw XD11:26
treachahem. Yafri is quite possibly a fine fellow, but I've seen a lot of people having problems with his ports. :-/11:27
drijen<- noob.11:27
tilmanyhafri/libiconv is a killer11:27
drijeni simply found his easier to read, and with a little more thought put in for the options11:28
pitillotilman, I am with you....11:28
drijenbrb, nicotine break11:28
drijenthank you for the replies all - and its nice to be using crux again :)11:28
treachnice to see more people who can't stay away. :P11:29
pitillodrijen, .... are you lookinf for Eterm or eterm? :P11:29
drijeneterm as in enlightenment terminal11:29
drijenlike aterm/xterm/konsole etc11:30
pitillotake a look to footprint and search Eterm11:30
tilmanport names are lowercase anyway11:30
tilmanso wtf pitillo?11:30
pitilloyes, but no commands11:30
tilmanoh, i see11:30
clbdrijen: Error: "@" is not a valid command.11:30
pitillomay be he is trying to run eterm...11:30
jaegersorry, had to go AFK, back now11:30
pitillosorry my engliesh11:30
jaegerdrijen: tried (after install) pkginfo -l eterm?11:30
pitillo(and my typing)11:31
tilmanpitillo: no worries11:31
drijengah, i just removed it11:31
drijenlet me recompile again11:31
treachpitillo: you're no worse than our friend down under. ;)11:31
pitilloTrying to learn :)11:32
drijen<- also11:33
drijencompiling now11:33
drijenout for smoke, while i wait.11:33
jaeger@seen sip11:39
clbjaeger: sip was last seen in #crux 11 weeks, 3 days, 0 hours, 15 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?11:39
drijenpitillo: you sir, are correct11:40
drijenpitillo: its Eterm not 'eterm'11:40
* treach wonders what's so attractive about {E,e}term..11:41
drijenaterm transparency was not working11:41
pitillodrijen, next time take a look to .footprint of ports, they can give you lot of info11:42
drijenpitillo: aye sir11:42
treachstrange.. it works here..11:42
drijentreach: it didn't like e17 for w/e reason11:42
pitillowhat is w/e?11:43
treachSadly, I don't think eterm will fare any better.11:43
drijeni'll figure it out11:43
drijenif others can make it work, so can i :)11:43
drijenbbl, thanks for the help11:43
Romsteryeah where is sip?11:44
tilmantreach: eterm can draw an outline around your text/fonts <311:44
treachyeah, I've noticed it has some fancy font handling, but IMO all that made was make the text harder to read. :-/11:45
drijentreach: did you enable the bytecode interpeter?11:46
drijenmakes fonts much better IMO11:46
treachdrijen: fonts are quite nice here, actually.11:46
drijeni like how i put my jacket on, then notice that thunar failed11:48
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pitillodrijen, with depinst?12:10
treachdammit, some people are scary..
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drijenpitillo: yeah, some perl thing12:19
drijeni'll deal with it in a bit, i'm tired as hell12:19
treach <- some nice looking fonts. :)12:22
pitillocan you paste all the error?12:22
drijenpitillo: god bless han, found a port for it12:23
treachit's in opt as well.12:24
drijena lot of this issue, is i have not built a system from base in quite awhile12:25
drijenso i've forgotten certain packages, and am therefore going top to bottom, instead of bottom to top12:25
jaegertreach: what terminal font do you use?12:26
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jaegerlooks pretty nice12:27
treachdoesn't make you confuse 0 and O for instance. :P12:27
drijenwhen you're staring at a term for 24/7, it'd better :)12:27
treachalso, I and l isn't quite identical. :)12:28
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drijenwb ningo12:28
* treach wishes there was a capital punishment for using "l" as a name on a variable..12:29
guaquai, j, k, l ;)12:29
treachuse "n" instead of "l".12:29
treachor bloody anything, for that matter.12:30
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jaegerI need to find a better irssi theme for this font12:36
drijenchina is going to hang a man for running a scam.12:37
treachjaeger: IMO, "crap" works ok. :)12:37
jaegerthat's actually the one I'm looking at on the site, hehe12:37
ningodrijen: heh, that rhymes12:38
drijenningo: :-p12:38
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drijenanyone know of a good replacement for amarok, besides rhythmbox?12:40
treachcmus :>12:40
drijenthinking cmus too12:41
drijenmpd/emphasis is way too beta - doesn't even have a search function12:41
drijene17's version of amarok12:43
ningoI use ncmpc12:44
drijeni used cmus awhile back, that software is really well done12:44
guaquawhy replace amarok? :)12:44
drijenguaqua: trying to avoid kdebase/kdelibs/qt12:45
drijenkeep the system bloat down12:45
tilman"e17's version of amarok" o_O12:45
tilmani guess that's a pretty wrong description12:45
treachguaqua: because not all of us have crays. :>12:45
drijentreach: lol - i can do it, i'm just anal12:45
guaquayou are most likely running more powerful desktop than i am12:45
drijentilman: yeah it has a ways to go12:45
drijen3800+ X2, 1GB of ram12:46
drijennot uber.12:46
treachguaqua: oh yeah?12:46
guaquai'd think so12:46
* ningo runs screen12:46
* drijen runs ion on the lappy12:46
guaquai mean, duron 1600 mhz isn't exactly high end nowadays12:46
drijenlinux runs on a toaster12:47
drijenit must fly on that thing12:47
ningobsd too :)12:47
treachdrijen: well, building kde on it probably doesn't. :)12:47
drijentreach: lmao12:47
treachI dropped it mostly for the build time which I found absurd on this athlon 2500.12:48
drijeni like kde, and I absolutely adore konqueror12:48
treachway too much compiling for too little benefit, for my taste.12:49
drijenbut really, day to day, mc and firefox can do most anything12:49
drijenor hell, mc and links -g12:49
guaquathat's a major reason i'm not running crux on desktop12:49
guaquait doesn't limit my choice of desktop12:50
treachI don't feel limited.12:50
drijenif i wanted kde, i'd hit prt-get and go do hw for an hour or 212:50
guaquafeeling is different from being limited12:50
drijenor find my gf12:50
treachhaha, now I'm being limited, I'm just not smart enough to realise it...12:51
guaquawe all are12:51
drijenguaqua: i can see your point12:51
guaquai love kde, but also, i'm limited to apt-get12:52
* drijen cries12:52
guaquathough, i probably might try installing crux ports on this box :)12:52
drijenguaqua: fluxbox can't possible take that long12:53
treachI just don't see what I would actually *need* kde for. *shrug*12:53
drijensomeone has been updating the iso too - prt-get sysup took me 15 min for 4 packages12:53
treachit's nice, but I don't think I've ever done anything in it that I couldn't do in some other environment.12:53
guaquadcop is cool12:53
guaquaand getting konqueror working with mouse gestures12:54
guaquaall bells and whistles without a fight12:54
drijenkonqueror's kio_slaves rock, IMO12:54
treachI hate mouse gestures..12:54
guaquadrijen: kde kio_slaves :)12:54
drijenguaqua: sure, but konq is the best implementation ever12:54
drijenwhen i found out about fish:/ i about wet myself12:54
guaquakonqueror is by far the best tool for any file copying from one platform to another12:54
guaquait's seamless12:55
drijeni like the plugins too, for mass moving files12:55
guaquai use konqueror at school too...12:55
treachreally cool stuff, but I don't really need it, sshfs and sitesync works just as well for my needs.12:55
guaquareally handy to copy whatever i feel like from home desktop12:55
guaquaand vice versa12:55
drijentreach: 95% of my files are images, so I can't use a lot of cli sometimes12:56
drijeni need to see what i am moving around12:56
treachI didn't say it was useless.12:56
treachI just said *I* don't need it.12:56
drijeni didn't either :)12:56
drijenman, e17 keeps surprising me with all the nifty stuff it does12:57
treachactually I prefer KDE in many ways, since it's a DE that actually integrates stuff, and DOES somthing.12:57
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treachas opposed to some other DE I could mention, which main function seems to be to waste RAM. :P12:57
drijentreach: lol12:58
jaegeryou must be referring to ratpoison12:58
treachsure am. :D12:58
guaquawell i might say the gnu attempt to create a DE is pretty crap too12:59
guaquait's just not as usable12:59
treachjaeger: Not trying to start anything, but actually I find it a bit amusing that (the last time I checked) the clock applet in gnome took about 1/3 of the amount of RAM compared to my entire KDE session. :P12:59
jaegergnome's a hog and you won't hear me say otherwise. I still use it :)13:00
guaquabtw, does someone here run beryl?13:00
jaegerguaqua: I do, sometimes13:00
drijenisn't that a fork?13:01
guaquacos i've tried it and i'm not exactly sure if it's my graphics card that isn't supported or what13:01
guaquabecause it's basically no luck13:01
guaquaor am i just dumb?13:01
jaegerit started that way, it used to be compiz-quinnstorm, as I understand it13:01
treachNo, it's a deviation. There is a huge war about it, and I'm ... not giving a damned about. :P13:01
drijeni've seen some screenies - it looks innovative13:02
jaegerI think it's far enough removed at this point to have its own designation13:02
jaegerhrmm... might have to come up with my own irssi theme, don't really like any of them quite enough13:04
guaquathe default is the one i like :)13:06
guaquai see it as perfect :D13:06
jaegerI like the default one pretty well but it seemed too uniform with terminus13:07
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* drijen sighs and starts a kde compile13:36
drijencan't argue with k3b and amarok :(13:37
jaegerprobably don't need the whole suite for them13:37
jaeger(I use k3b with gnome)13:37
drijennope, jsut base13:37
drijenkeep it lean as possible13:37
drijenthats +60MB or so13:37
drijenstill way under 1GB install :)13:37
alanciohey have you tried out gwenview? its a picture viewer for kde13:39
drijenyeah a long timea go13:40
treachstill means building qt/kdelib/base/multimedia..13:40
drijeni didn't like it, prefer imagemagick13:40
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guaquacompiz is mighty eyecandy13:44
guaquai must say13:44
* treach ponders wether to bother with metisse just to shut up the beryl/compiz hype. :P13:45
jaegeryou'll never shut everyone up about it :)13:46
* drijen tried out the sun 3D desktop13:46
treachjaeger: probably not. :/13:47
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alancioguaqua: are you running compiz on your machine?13:53
alancioI tried to make a compiz port, but it was too hard13:53
guaquanow yes13:53
alanciodid you build it yourself?13:53
guaquathis is ubuntu though :)13:53
alanciooh I see13:54
alanciothe build process of compiz is a nightmare13:54
jaegerI think stjepan made compiz/xgl ports just recently13:54
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alanciodrijen: try out recent gwenview, its awesome13:54
alanciodrijen: its faster than imagemagick13:54
drijenalancio: cool, will do14:01
alancioI also installed kmplayer, and it has a kpart that works great with gwenview14:03
alancioits just a mplayer frontend, but I love mplayer14:04
drijeni really dislike most of the kde front ends14:07
drijenespecially that one14:07
drijeni much prefer to use stock xine or stock mplayer14:07
*** tri has quit IRC14:13
drijenactually i need a nap something terrible, i'll bbl after my exams14:16
drijentake care14:16
alanciook bye!14:18
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prologicis there a 2.3 iso around ?19:53
prologictest or otherwise ?19:53
thrice`there was a test around, yes19:55
prologicgot a url ?19:56
prologicwhat's the source iso for ?19:59
thrice`schoen ;)19:59
thrice`hm ?20:00
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC20:00
prologicin ~sip/20:01
prologicthere is sources/20:01
prologicand a source iso20:01
thrice`xorg 7.2 finally released ;)20:08
thrice`xorg 7.2 finally released ?20:09
thrice`was that a hold up for crux 2.3 ?20:09
jaegercurse you, getting me interested like that :P20:10
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thrice`no, it's out; I hit the up arrow on accident.  The mac is dumb like that20:10
jaegerat this point I don't know if that's what's keeping it back, but I would like to see it in 2.320:10
thrice`ah.  I tried the test iso out for 2.3, but that was months back, so I figured it'd be something trivial as xorg's mess20:12
nipuLand a 2.6.20+ kernel would be nice20:13
nipuLhehe, i accidentally hosed my crux64 ports, so i have to start all over again20:13
jaegerdoh :(20:15
prologicI have to fix a bloody winxmp machine :/20:16
prologicvirused :/20:16
prologicI'm so tempted to use your livecd jaeger, copy data to somewhere, and install crux :)20:17
prologicI'm actualyl serious :)20:18
jaegerI believe you, but it's still funny20:19
prologicI hate windows these days :)20:20
prologicseriously I can't even fix this particular machine20:20
prologicand preserve windows20:20
prologiceven if I tired20:20
nipuLi'm a pro at it20:20
prologicit has some virus that causes it to reboot instantly the moment windows tries to load20:20
nipuLthe ammount of crapped out windows installations i've brought back to life20:21
prologicgot a livecd handy that might remove the virus on it ?20:21
prologicor something20:22
nipuLhirens ftw20:22
jaegerknoppix has one as well20:22
prologicthat one ?20:22
nipuLyeah, it's slightly illegal so you'll need to get it from a torrent site20:23
nipuLa lot of the software on it isn't licensed20:23
prologiccan ya find me the torren link please :) ?20:23
prologicinstall crux or just patch the machine up :)20:23
prologichmmm :)20:23
nipuLdo i look like your bitch?20:23
*** cophome_ has quit IRC20:24
prologicI can't find it :)20:29
Romsterprologic, ah not the blaster virus?20:33
Romsterrpc remote procedure call has caused a falt in ....20:33
Romsterargh fucken typing sucks..20:33
nipuLprologic: you suck20:34
prologicthank you nipuL20:35
prologicyes I suck :)20:35
nipuLi guess that would make you MY bitch :)20:36
jaeger ?20:37
*** cophome has joined #crux20:39
prologicyes yes20:40
prologiclet's all laugh at me :)20:40
jaegerdon't worry, we've all spent plenty of time on the receiving end20:40
prologicfscking torrent won't move :/20:40
prologiceither I don't know how to download torrents20:44
prologicor there are no seeds :/20:44
*** cophome has quit IRC20:45
Romsterhmm noting here either yet20:46
Romsterall i get is invalid data from tracker...20:52
*** cophome has joined #crux21:01
Romsternow that torrent is worksing prologic21:10
Romsterprobbly overloaded tracker.21:10
*** jaeger has quit IRC21:11
*** cophome_ has joined #crux21:28
*** jaeger has joined #crux21:41
*** sets mode: +o jaeger21:41
*** cophome has quit IRC21:43
*** thrice` has quit IRC21:57
*** jaeger has quit IRC22:24
*** jaakkop has joined #crux22:38
*** thrice` has joined #crux23:14
Romsterdarn jaeger isn't around when i need him :/23:45
prologicIf anyone ever says "Java is not that slow" again23:50
prologicI will shoot them :)23:50
Romsteri dare you to redo it in D and see the speed :P23:51
* Romster so hides now23:51
prologicoh come on23:51
prologicdon't be stupid :)23:51
prologicD compiles to machine code23:51
Romsterprobbly about the same as C23:51
prologicit will be slower than C23:51
prologicbut faster than Python23:51
prologicthe overheads of the OO model it implements will slow it down23:52
RomsterC compiles to machinecode too..23:52
prologicnot the same as C!23:52
prologicC == machine code (just about)23:52
Romsterhmmz that i didn't account for..23:52
prologicC is about the lowest to the hardware you can get23:52
Romsterso only better is ASM :/23:52
prologicyou want lower still use assembler23:52
prologicwhen I get back from my race tonight23:53
prologicI'll do you up a D one of the same algorithm23:53
prologicjust to satify you P23:53
prologicshow that link to treach23:53
prologiche'll be interested23:53
prologicI gotta go23:53
prologicgot a 60m, 100m and 200m race tonight23:53
prologiccyas later23:53
prologicbtws our irc servers have ssl support them now (port 6697)23:54
Romstermight wanna try ruby and perl on that comparsion?23:55
prologicno fuck that :)23:59
prologicdisgusting languages :P23:59
prologicI like nice clean syntax23:59

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