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nipuLdo the times scale?00:00
nipuLin terms of n00:01
prologicsame algorithm00:03
prologicimplemented the same way :)00:03
prologicshould be identical as far as graphing it is concerned00:04
nipuLso it's just the the jvm starting up that chews up the time?00:04
nipuLit's NOT just00:04
prologicit counts for a significant portion00:05
prologicbut ti's still slower :)00:05
prologicI'll do up more numbers later for you00:05
prologic :)00:05
prologicones done inside the algorithm00:05
prologicto take out loading times :)00:05
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treachprologic: that code doesn't look that great.. lots and lots of function calls.01:13
namenlosxorg 7.2 is out...01:23
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Romsternamenlos, we know01:52
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namenloshi, could anyone of you tell me a console program where i can get my battery status?04:01
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namenlosyes, i know, but a programm, wich shows me the percentage and remaining time i can stay uncharged...04:05
treachdiffrent question. I think you could find some script for it though.04:07
namenlosi'm searching for it already, but i cant find one...04:08
treachlike this one, provided that you're using acpi
namenlostreach: thanks, looks promising. somehow my searchstring might be wrong..04:10
namenlostreach: you gave me the idea of including "script" and "acpi" into the search string and it gave me this:04:19
namenlosit's really cool ;)04:19
treachthat's actually seems extremely useful :)04:20
namenlosyes, but at the moment i'm writing a script to set $PS104:22
namenlosbecaust i think it's some kind of slow, and i don't need it all the time...04:22
treachwell, presumeably you could rewrite it as an fvwmscript or something..04:23
namenlosi once tried to write  a fvwmscript, but gave up ;)04:24
namenloshm, a cronjob greping for discharging would be cool....04:26
treachnamenlos: I use this for getting a clock in fvwm ->
treachmaybe you'll find it helpful04:29
namenlosthanks. i think this is the first fvwmscript i saw which is not bloated....04:30
treachno applauses please, I nicked it somewhere. :)04:30
namenlosok, i got to go, wish you all a nice weekend. cu04:41
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predatorfreakHan got called a troll on the OpenBSD lists.05:47
onestepn1ce :)05:47
jjpkHaha. Perl saving the day, yet again.05:48
jjpkHan is just Han :D05:50
predatorfreakjjpk: Although, I do think he lives under a bridge.05:51
jjpkMy guess is an unrelenting belief in some fixed principles.05:54
predatorfreakjjpk: Well, I was more referring to my theory of where his housing is.05:54
predatorfreakBut whatever.05:54
predatorfreakjjpk: Personally, I want a house under a bridge so if I ever get called a Troll I can say "and I even live under a Bridge!"05:55
jjpkMy point being that people sometimes become blinded by ideals.05:57
jjpkThen again, not always a bad thing :]05:58
predatorfreakjjpk: We're on different planets then.05:58
predatorfreakSee you on Jupiter!05:58
jjpkMr. Troll as you refer to him, probably just is toying with most people anyway.05:59
pitilloreally a troll?06:00
jjpkI would use the word "trollish" because he does not always do useless things06:01
jjpkTrolls just troll, they don't do anything meaningful except piss others off :D06:01
pitilloonly taking a look to his work... can be chaged that idea... in my case06:01
pitillo(in my case at least)06:01
predatorfreakjjpk: Nah, I actually like Han.06:03
predatorfreak*waits for the world to implode*06:03
* jjpk checks his watch.06:03
jjpkNope, nothing yet :D06:03
predatorfreakjjpk: It'll happen.06:03
jjpkAlright Nostradamus, I'm awaiting for the apocalypse.06:04
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predatorfreakjjpk: Wait another 40000000000 billion years :D06:06
predatorfreakOf course.... you'll be dead by then anyway.06:07
predatorfreakBut whatever.06:07
treachconsidering the current inhabitant in the white house I wouldn't rule out a sooner apperance of the appocalypse. :-/06:08
predatorfreaktreach: Off to Mars then.06:08
predatorfreakBe back in about...... 200 years.06:08
treachsadly, I lack the means to go somewhere safe, like another planet.06:09
predatorfreaktreach: Thankfully I'm not human!06:09
treachbut I'm sure that if I had, the first thing I'd see were putin, bush and chaney playing golf. :-/06:09
spn|workanother question. someone knows how I can limit the cpu usage to one process?06:11
predatorfreakScheduling priorities.06:11
predatorfreakLike batch, FIFO, idleprio, etc.06:11
spn|workidleprio mmm06:11
predatorfreakidleprio is -ck or some such patchsets only.06:12
predatorfreakIt's basically.06:12
predatorfreak"Use only idle cycles."06:13
spn|workrestrict CPU Usage for a individual app?06:13
predatorfreakschedtool can set it per-pid or launch a command with it.06:14
treachwell, limit cpu useage to one process, wouldn't that be accomplished by "nice -19 <process>" ? :>06:14
treachjust kidding. ;)06:14
spn|worktreach, nice=well not nice app06:15
spn|workIm reading about schedtool06:15
predatorfreakSCHED_ISO is also a -ck patch.06:15
predatorfreakHehehe I love Guilty Gear.06:16
predatorfreakDamn Robo-Ky has a rocket launcher!06:18
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pitillolndir is not a important port?I asked this because is not at core (sorry if it is a dumb Q) Is some meeting logged talking about this?06:35
pitillo(nor core/opt)06:36
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j^2hey guys08:32
tilmanhello j^208:32
j^2you know i had a dream about you tilman last night08:32
j^2i was bitching about xorg7 on irc08:33
tilmanincidentally, 7.2 is finally released08:33
j^2and how for some reason xclock wasnt installed08:33
j^2and twm wasnt too08:33
jjpkMaybe Nostradamus jr was right after all...08:33
jjpkNah. :D08:34
tilmannostradamus jr?08:34
jjpkpredatorfreak was predicting the end of the world earlier.08:35
jjpkMake that the second strike on those predictions.08:38
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prologictreach, that was the point :)13:41
prologicof course it can be optimized13:41
prologicand probably optimized fow the target language13:41
prologicbut it's a compision of language implementation :)13:41
treachbut if you don't take full advantage of the language you're using, what's the point?13:42
trihi somebody in here living near augsburg/germany ?13:43
tilmannot quite ;)13:45
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tribecause we have every year a linux info day and we are still searching for some interessting talks13:53
trithe event will take place on 24.03 (more at: - everybody is invented ?13:57
tilmaninvited? ;p13:57
tritilman: maybe you will give a talk ? ;-)13:57
tilmanabout what?13:58
triinvited yes sure ... spelling sucks13:58
tilmanbut anyway, the date sucks for me13:58
tilmangot exams the week after13:58
triah bad13:58
tribut if you still want to give a talk about - we do not prefer something, you can talk about nearly anything related to linux ;-)14:01
trijust send my a mail at tri AT - if you want to know more :)14:09
tilmanokay, but i likely won't14:10
triNo worries! i will then register you for next year ;-)14:13
j^2lame ass question14:18
j^2with out14:18
j^2i have a lame question14:18
tilmanthat's redundant when you ask it14:18
tilmanj^2: just kidding, go ahead14:18
j^2:D, anywho, i need to find out if the kernel supports powervault 100T tape drives, what's the easiest way to do it?14:19
j^2i dont have access to the src right now14:19
j^2yeah i tried that14:20
j^2but i'm looking for more info :(14:20
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j^2# uptime14:40
j^2 12:34:23 up 105 days,  2:16,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0014:40
j^2yay me14:40
guaquache@xob:~$ uptime 22:42:59 up 455 days,  4:13, 138 users,  load average: 0.25, 0.32, 0.2714:43
jaegerI had a linux box roll over at 497 days a couple years ago, kinda weird14:43
guaquathis server has to be updated soon. running 2.4 and out of pts's14:45
guaquaas the secondary mx the sockets should open okay, not only at non-peak times :)14:45
j^2this machine is my first 100+14:46
guaquawell this box isn't exactly mine, but :)14:46
guaquai had my old server do something around 12014:46
j^2litterally it's a router, just ip packets and dhcpd requests, but hell i'm still proud14:47
jaeger 14:47:30  up 190 days, 16:45,  3 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.04, 0.0014:47
jaegermy current best... oracle db server14:47
j^2opps times off on the machine too :P14:48
j^2just gained 2 hours :D14:48
trino, my one is the longerst and hardest !!14:49
treachtilman: hm. this is serious. since the upgrade to 7.2, I can't type "}" :P14:52
tilmanfiddle with XkbRules/XkbModel/XkbLayout14:53
tilmansrsly though, what XkbRules do you use/14:53
treachhmm. in fact all the altgr stuff is gone. :/14:54
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treachOption      "XkbRules" "xorg"14:54
treach Option      "XkbModel" "pc105"14:54
treachOption      "XkbLayout" "se"14:54
tilmandid you remove xorg-xkbdata before you updated xorg-server?14:55
tilmanmaybe there's some conflict :(14:55
treachI did both read and follow the instructions.14:56
treachie, I removed it after the upgrade14:56
tilmanyes, i know it wasn't there14:56
treach(it==the packages mentioned in the mail.)14:57
tilmantreach: can you try to re-install xkeyboard-config?15:01
treachdon't worry, I just fixed it.15:02
treachI have no idea why, but that package wasn't installed for some reason. :/15:02
tilmanw00t, how did you do it?15:02
tilmanof course15:03
tilman"prt-get update" doesn't install missing dependencies15:03
tilmani'll reply to myself on the list15:03
treachthat's what I realized when I said doh above. :)15:03
tilmanah :)15:03
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systemx_hi - for the life of me i can't figure this out - when i highlight text in certian gtk2 applications the app segfaults and crashes.18:30
systemx_anyone have any ideas on why this would be happening? thanx!18:31
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jaegerlong time no see18:37
jaegerno idea why that's happening, though, sorry18:37
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systemx_hi jaeger. i'm at a loss of ideas as well...18:43
jaegeranything useful if you run the app in an xterm, or strace it?18:44
systemx_i've tried upgrading and downgrading and i still get the same crash. it only works if i use an older 2.10.6 pkg i have...18:44
jaegerwouldn't hurt to regenerate the modules and loaders files, as well, I guess18:44
jaegergtk-query-immodules-2.0 > /usr/etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules18:45
jaegergdk-pixbuf-query-loaders > /usr/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders18:45
systemx_tried all that. nothing useful at all...18:45
systemx_i haven't strace'd it though.18:45
jaegerworth a shot18:45
systemx_i'll see what happens. thanx..18:46
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systemx_i don't get it18:51
systemx_leafpad, gaim and other apps crash. but abiword doesn't it!18:52
systemx_i've also noticed that in leafpad. if there is more then one line of text and i try to highlight it. it crashes.19:02
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jaegernew one to me =/19:03
systemx_me too19:03
cyrus_Hello everyone !! :D19:03
jaegerheyo, cyrus_19:03
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prologicjaeger, what's the gnome installation like these days ?23:16
prologicbeen a while - will be installing gnome on this (previously winxp box)23:16
prologicDo I just need the gnome repo: URL= ?23:17
jaegeruse the rsync driver, safer23:17
jaegerprt-get depinst gnome --install-scripts23:18
jaegerlet it go for a while :)23:18
jaegercups will give you a mismatch (dbus support)23:18
prologicahh k23:19
prologicbut should all wokr fine ?23:19
jaegerit does for me, I build it fairly regularly23:19
prologicjust installing now using your live cd ;)23:19
prologicit wasn't worth the hassle in the end of trying to remove the virus23:20
prologicand she'll (my sister) will only wreck it again anyways23:20
Romsteris 9t true gnome is bloated, as ive tryed to install gnome a very long time ago with no luck, and stuck wqith kde since.23:20
prologicleast this way I'll make sure she can't :)23:20
prologicgnome isn't bloated as much as kde is bloated :)23:21
prologicthey're desktop environments!23:21
Romsterya i know they are DE's23:21
prologicDE's usually come packged with everything under the sun23:21
Romsteri'm thinking of moving to a WM23:21
prologicthat's what makes them "not just simple window managers"23:21
Romsteri hadn't installed everything.23:21
jaegergnome can be a real pain but I like it enough to keep working with it23:22
jaegerI get sick of it sometimes and use fluxbox, windowlab, or evilwm23:23
prologicit is quite nice to use23:23
jaegerbut mostly I'm ok with it23:23
jaegerer, blackbox, I mean23:25
jaegernot that there's a lot of difference23:25
Romsterhmm nver tryed windowlab23:25
Romsterfluxbox just builds on blackbox but you knew that :D23:26
prologicjaeger, I love installing crux remotely via ssh23:26
prologicgreat job on your livecd :)23:26
prologicI hope 2.3's cd will include your modifications23:26
jaegerprologic: thanks, that's a feature I'm quite fond of as well :)23:26
prologicI love it!23:26
jaegerRomster: aye23:26
prologicso much easier to install machines with23:26
Romsterremote install hrm sweet23:26
Romsterwhy si the iso.git repo looking so outdated?23:27
Romsterliek its set to 2.123:27
prologicI once installeda crux desktop 8000km away23:27
prologicon the other side of this country :)23:27
prologic$ git branch23:27
prologic  2.123:27
prologic  2.223:27
prologic* 2.323:27
prologic  master23:27
prologic  origin23:27
* prologic smacks Danny23:28
prologicgit pull -f .23:28
Romsterok thats funky i could of sware i looked at it a few weeks ago (3 or so) and there was no other branches...23:29
Romsteris crux-2.3 gonna move to gcc 4.1.2?23:30
thrice`it already has, I think23:30
Romsterabout to check23:30
Romsteri built the tool chain a few days ago but its gcc 4.1.1 :/23:31
Romsterbummer eh23:31
prologicyeah it already has23:31
Romsterhmm has too... bugger spend another day rebuilding the tool chain again :/23:33
thrice`or just wait until crux 2.3 is out ;)23:33
Romsterare the kernel headers jsut from /usr/src/linux-2.6.18/include seems there is more kernel headers in that tar file than whats in the kernel sources.23:35
prologicthe kernel headers are just the same as the source23:47
prologicjust some distros like ubuntu and debina like to separate them out23:47
prologicpointless ihmo23:47
prologicI usually symlink /usr/src/linux-<ver> to /usr/src/linux/23:48
prologichey jaeger23:48
prologicwhere am I suppose to mount partitions to ?23:48
prologic/mnt/ is already populated with stuff23:49

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