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Romsterheh to /mnt/partition/00:07
Romsterthats if you haven't chrooted yet00:07
Romstersourceforge is being a bitch again..00:07
prologicumm no00:08
prologic/mnt/partition doesn't exist00:08
Romsterparttion was ment to be a name for the partition name you wanted to use :/00:15
Romstermy cpu is at 70C atm 5400rpm fan00:15
Romsteris 33C inside though and 41C in the pc case00:16
Romsterwith a maxed out cpu, and i still got some rpm's left on this thermaly controled fan goes to 6000rpm00:17
Romsterthis is on a althon too. so thats not bad and i get ppl saying amd's over heat pfft00:17
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tilmanRomster: is it necessary to make contrib/tidy use cvs? :/01:30
Romsterhmm let me check.01:32
Romsterthey don't release updated archives, so the only other method is if i take a snapshot of it and then have the snapshot in the tidy port.01:34
Romsteri've not hd luck with cvs like i have with svn for tags...01:34
Romsterif you have a sugestion i'm all ears01:34
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tilmanRomster: for example, you could create a snapshot tarball every now and then (when they added a much-needed feature or something) and have the port use that01:44
Romsteryeah i'll do that.01:45
Romsterseems ppl really hate having to have cvs on there system01:45
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tilmanthe point is that cvs/svn ports suck01:47
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Romsterthats another pont too.01:48
Romsterit also sucks that they do not release tarballs.01:49
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nipuLwhat sucks about cvs/svn ports?02:43
guaquathey are doomed to break :)02:46
guaquai.e. in principle they suck02:46
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Romstertilman, done03:33
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Romsteranything else while i'm active?03:33
tilmanno, i don't have anything else03:33
Romsterk, you'll let me know if you hit anything else i'm sure :)03:35
tilmanyeah :D03:37
Romsteri'm in the process of checking all my ports again, and this time i'm fixing my ck4up.conf file ;)03:37
Romsterblame SF for most of it :/03:38
Romstercall me crazy but i've been opening all the ports url's in firefox tabs :P03:39
Romsterfirefox $(for n in $(grep "# Maintainer: Danny Rawlins" */Pkgfile | awk -F / '{ print $1}'); do grep "# URL: " $n/Pkgfile; done | awk -F L:. '{ print $2}')03:39
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treachyou gotta love linus. :P07:38
jjpkWhat did linus say/do this time?07:50
treachanother spat with the gnomers. :P07:50
jjpkI have a feeling this has potential to become an epic...07:53
jjpkI will put it this way, i don't hate gnome but I don't like their implementation.07:55
treachapparently a trait you (and I) share with linus. :)07:55
jjpkYes it does make the transition easier to WUS people, but the engineering is too complex imo.07:55
treachAlso, I find their attitudes extremely annoying.07:56
treachlike that Schaller guy.07:56
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jjpktreach: have a link? I can't find anything apart from the december 2005 spat.08:04
jjpklooks like Linus understands spanish :D08:13
treachor at least knows someone who does.08:13
treachBut I guess he does.08:13
jjpkMarcos is saying "I too am an idiot. I don't know how to configure the majority of the desktop options, but I can use linux because gnome helped me"08:15
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treachtalk about not getting the issue.08:15
treachI guess that means he's right. :P08:16
jjpkAlthough it has been a long time since I used ubuntu, it felt very much like how Linus described the situation.08:17
jjpkNice and fancy to start out, but you are afraid to touch any settings.08:18
treachI think our current successes go a long way towards proving our position and08:20
treachability to execute when it comes to usability and design08:20
treach.... jeff waugh, an alternative spelling for "I've got my head up my ass".08:20
tilmanhe's got a dark helmet quote in his sig though08:22
tilmanthat makes him cool08:22
jjpkI'm reading the original post to which Linus replied, talk about harsh comments :D08:23
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treachjjpk: link? =)08:23
jjpk"you can't expect every user to be a super programmer, many people just need it for simple tasks"08:23
jjpk(it's in Spanish, though)08:23
funkynice language08:23
funkybonito lenguaje :)08:24
jjpkGreat way to end the post. "Linus, you can't read Spanish, LETS SEE IF YOU WILL BE AN IDIOT AS WELL"08:24
treachheh, well, I don't know spanish, but given enough time I could probably decipher it. På samma vis som tilman läser svenska. :p08:25
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jjpkLucky him this is not the Vatican, I doubt they tolerate blasphemy nearly as much as the OSS community :D :D08:26
tilmanspanish is a different kind of fish though :D08:27
tilmanbut now that i stared at the mail for 15 minutes, i think i've figured out what "IDIOTA" means :P08:27
treachwell, weren't you a latin student?08:28
treachthat should be of some help.08:28
tilmani cheated in latin (the whole class did)08:28
tilmanbut i took a spanish course once08:28
tilmanso, yes08:28
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treachheh, all I have to go with are the "friends" you find in various european languages. :)08:30
treachactually you can understand a lot that way.08:30
treachit's a bit tedious though.08:31
jjpkMany words usually do resemble English but they are pronounced differently.08:31
tilmanyeah, and then there's all these backwards exclamation- and question marks08:31
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treachI guess you just have to watch out for "false friends". :/08:32
* tilman ponders spamming the spanish dude for calling linus a nazi08:34
treachGNOME ES BUENO porque -> Gnome is good pork? :P08:35
tilmanporque -> "why" resp "because of"08:35
tilmandepending on the context obviously ;)08:35
treachI was just kidding, hinting at what I said above about "false friends".08:36
treachfalse friends is what makes you think you know what I say when I use words like "invalid", "prick" and (you'll love this) "fart".08:37
tilmanyes, i know what false friends are08:38
tilmani picked up your example anyway to show off my l33t skillz08:38
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treachah. I didn't know the name "false friends" were that common.08:39
tilmanthey haunted me in english class for years in school ;))08:40
tilmanReally, I'm not kidding. It's either "Grandma", "Mum" or a discussion08:40
tilmanabout nipples and tits.08:40
tilman<3 linus <308:40
treachIn fact I didn't know the name of those pesky words until pretty recently, since everyone laughs at them but nobody has given them a name that I heard.08:40
tilman# Here's a damn big clue: the reason I find gnome limiting is BECAUSE IT IS.08:41
treachright on.08:42
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tilmandid the spanish lunatic reply to linus' mail from last year?08:49
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treachsomething for jaeger maybe? ;)
tilmanthat's the patches linus prepared?09:20
treachsupposedly, yes.09:20
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* deus_ex really must buy proper tools for cable crimping12:28
deus_exafter few days of hair pulling and other joys, it turns out that cables were not properly terminated, thus causing me much grief...12:30
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RedShiftdeus_ex: I always use pre-made cables... saves alot of headaches ;-)13:47
jjpkProbably much cheaper in the end to buy cable and make it yourself.13:51
RedShiftjah for home sure13:52
deus_exRedShift: That depends on where you's much easier/cheaper/flexible to buy the tools, cable and all, and to make a cable.14:00
deus_expremade cables are hard to find here.14:00
RedShiftpremade cables are common here14:00
tilmani once turned a normal TP cable into a crossover cable14:01
RedShiftand when you've got a business to run that extra euro doesn't really matter if it saves you three days of headaches :-P14:01
tilmanmanually, without proper tools (crimp thing)14:01
tilmanjeeeez, that was fun14:01
tilmanbut it has been working reliably for 5 years now or so14:01
tilmani modified it twice14:01
tilmanturned it into a xover cable, then reverted it a year ago14:01
guaquai actually used an existing phone cable to run ethernet14:02
deus_exRedShift: There is an added bonus:when cable doesn't work, I get to kick one who made it ;)14:03
guaquaand had to extend the damn thing from the middle cos it didn't have enough wires inside14:03
tilmandoesn't that raise issues with shielding or something?14:03
guaquait works alright. it's got 6 wires inside...14:03
guaqua2 are used by the telephone and 4 by the ethernet14:03
tilmani thought TP was 10 o_O14:04
guaquano problemo at all :D14:04
tilmanor 8?14:04
tilmanor 7? :P14:04
guaquathis is just like 20 year old phone cable14:04
guaquatp has 8 wires14:04
RedShiftI bet gigabit works fine on that...14:04
tilmanguaqua: so you used two phone cables?14:04
guaquaup to 100 mbit ethernet uses only 4 wires14:04
RedShiftI use gigabit wherever I can14:05
guaquafrom the wall i used normal utp14:05
RedShiftand I always use FTP cable14:05
guaquathen i switched to using the 4 unused wires from an existing phone cable14:05
guaquaand then back to utp14:05
guaquaso there's like 6 meter fragment of normal phone cable14:06
guaquanever had any problems with the cable14:06
guaquaor the connection14:06
guaquaethernet cables are not rocket science :)14:08
RedShiftyes they are14:08
guaquai'd rather install ethernet wiring myself and do it right than let someone else do the same thing or cope with some half-ass solution14:09
jjpkIt's gratifying and usually much cheaper ;)14:15
guaquathose true too14:16
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tilmanis there a small and fancy app that i can use to switch between keyboard layouts in x?16:13
tilmani think there's a gnome applet with flags and stuff, but i don't use gnome16:13
tilmandamn german umlauts don't work well on qwerty :/16:14
aonuse qwertz :)16:14
tilmanyes, but running 'setxkbmap' 100 times isn't fun16:15
tilmani can't properly type with qwertz16:15
aonit takes like a week to learn :)16:16
aon...then you get home and de-learn it for another week :/16:16
tilmanno way i'd switch back to qwertz for a longer time16:16
tilman {} and [] are VERY painful with qwertz16:17
tilmanand / and ;16:17
aonyeah, they're about as painful on fi-qwerty too16:17
jaegertilman: I use this to get easy umlauts with qwerty -
aonin fact when i was delearning qwertz i thought of switching to it althogether, i only need å like once a year :)16:18
tilmanbut you need ä and ö no?16:18
tilmanjaeger: i'm after an app to do the switching16:19
aonwhich you have..16:19
tilmanyes, but i don't need them often16:19
tilmandoing umlauts is easy in latex (eg "o for ö)16:19
aonor then you can have some stuff in the beginning to enable them16:20
tilmanhow would you insert them then?16:21
aonjust put ös and äs in the text16:21
tilmanbut i can't type them in qwerty ;)16:21
tilmanand i want to use qwerty16:21
aoni know :)16:22
* tilman slaps together some crappy slides for a "talk"16:22
jaegertilman: would it be a problem to be enabled all the time?16:22
tilmani want to enable it, type an umlaut, disable it :D16:23
jaegeron your own, then, heh16:23
jaegerI just leave mine enabled all the time16:23
aonisn't there some way to do that from xorg.conf?16:23
aonwith some key combo16:23
aonwtf is wrong with my firefox16:24
aonit's started doing 'i'm feeling lucky' instead of properly searching16:24
aonit just gives some random annoying pages directly :)16:24
* tilman fills his bash_history with setxkbmap calls16:26
aon    Option     "XkbLayout"  "us,ru"16:26
aon    Option     "XkbOptions" "ctrl:nocaps,grp:shift_toggle"16:26
aonwould toggle with shift+shift16:26
aonapparently there's also caps_toggle16:26
tilmanwow, thanks16:27
tilmanreminds me of windows xp16:27
jaegerwell, you could always USE windows xp :)16:27
tilmani'd love to, but this box only has .. whatsitcalled... crux16:28
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nipuLany idea why would not exist when I build gcc 4.1.2?17:00
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alanciohey romster17:22
Romsterhi alancio17:28
alanciowhats up17:28
Romsternot alot surviving this hot day17:29
alanciowhere are you located?17:29
alanciooh I see17:30
alanciois it true your toilets run the other way?17:31
nipuLyes, yes it is17:41
alancioI want to move from my country17:50
alanciobut I don't know where to go17:50
alancioI cant go to the US17:51
ningohow about scandinavia?17:52
alancioI only speak english and spanish17:52
ningowoman are hot, and you can buy cheap alcohol in germany17:52
alancioI'd have to learn the language before being able to work there17:53
alancioand spain sucks, because of the people17:54
aonyou need to be really careful to go to the real scandinavia instead of the neighbouring countries17:54
aonthey suck17:54
aonand germany is far away17:55
alanciohow is the weather in finland? it must be very cold17:55
aonat the moment it's 1.2°C where i live17:58
aonthe winter has been a bit mild, though17:58
ningo15 degrees here for tomorrow17:59
alanciowhere is that?17:59
ningowest germany17:59
alanciook, its 27c here18:00
ningo this is what happens here right now18:00
alancioand it is the same all the year18:00
ningo(german only)18:00
alanciothats funny, but I don't understand a word18:01
ningoit explains what happens if germany gets warmer18:02
ningoeverybody's more friendly, osnabruck becomes like las vegas18:02
alancioI've noticed that with cold weather you don't have trouble with pests18:03
alanciohere we have every kind of insect18:03
ningonazis extinct (because of the hard uv-radiation against their bald pate), and will soon produce oil \o/18:03
alancioare there any nazis this day?18:04
ningotoo many18:04
alancioI mean these days18:04
alancioI thought there were laws against nazism18:05
ningobut who decides who is nazis and who's not?18:06
ningoalso their's something like free speech here18:06
alanciois it true you can't publicly display a german flag in germany?18:07
ningoyou're not into soccer, are you? :p18:07
ningono it's not forbidden.18:07
alanciook so I have my facts wrong18:07
ningobut if you do some people might creeep up from behind and shout "NAZI!"18:07
ningobut on the whole it's ok18:08
ningojust not too many flags18:08
* ningo doesn't display any flags, he's not really into this whole nationalism thingy18:09
alanciohere everybody has a flag18:11
ningohere is where?18:11
alancioeven shirts and hats with the flag18:11
prologictilman, I believe there's a missing dep on one of the xorg ports18:12
prologicxkeyboard-config probably needs p5-xml-parser18:13
ningoalancio: ah, one of the "evil" states18:13
alanciothats correct18:14
ningoso, I guess everone there is a murdering, womanraping communist?18:14
alanciojust the people in the goverment18:14
alanciobut really, this country is falling apart18:16
alanciolook at this
alanciothe guy on the yellow shirt is in the goverment18:19
alancio*white shirt18:19
ningoa crowd of gays and one has a gun18:19
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alanciothey are shooting to a crowd of people18:19
ningomaybe he is undercover agent18:19
ningowell, ok18:19
alanciothis is a frame of a video18:19
alancioand everybody knows who this guy is, yet he is free18:20
alanciowell thats more appealing18:20
ningorehabdoll: HORRIBLE legs18:20
alanciomine are worse :P18:21
*** deus_ex has joined #crux18:21
alanciooh look, a complete directory listing18:21
ningo <--- best of them all18:22
alanciosweden looks nice
*** obbl has joined #crux18:23
obblhi all18:24
ningoas I said, move to scandinavia18:24
ningoif everything brokes, you can still buy cheap alcohol in germany18:24
obblis anybody here of the old clc maintainers??18:24
alanciohow much does a bottle of beer cost in germany?18:25
ningoobbl: Very mucht the case18:25
obblningo: I guess you don't know me, but I'm one of the retired ones :)18:26
rehabdollyeah, enjoy18:26
ningoobbl: No, I don't know you but tilman, jaeger, etc... should18:26
obblI just broke my complete machine, RAID didn't help, and my old ports are all lost :(18:26
rehabdolljust dont rape my bandwidth too much :)18:27
alanciorehabdoll: cool pics :)18:27
obblningo: Is it possible to get the old ports directly from cvs, svn,...18:27
rehabdolli tried that once18:28
obblningo: I mean the ports, which are not currently tagged 2.218:28
rehabdollit REALLY rapes bandwidth18:28
rehabdollwith a complete dir-listing, people usually get tired faster :)18:28
alanciorehabdoll: you can make medium sized thumbnails, they take less bandwith18:29
rehabdollyeah but they all load, sort of18:30
rehabdollusually people tire after watching perhaps 5-10 images18:30
rehabdolltrust me :)18:30
alancionot me18:31
ningoobbl: [deletet long statement] I don't know.18:31
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rehabdolland with a user-friendly album, more people link18:31
alanciowith a user-friendly album people know what pictures to click :)18:32
alancioI meant, which18:32
alancioso they don't just load blindly18:32
ningoalancio: The wikipedia phenomenon. You click and are covered in knowledge, and click this link, and follow that and you can't stop. And then it's suddenly 3 hours later.18:32
alancioonly the promising ones, like that sweden babe :)18:32
alancioningo: yeah, thats happened to me a few times18:33
alancioningo: what are you reading? about chavez?18:33
ningoalancio: It's the same with watching images on obra.se18:33
ningoalancio: actually, yes18:33
alancioningo: feel free to ask, I know everything on the subject18:34
ningobut I have to force myself not to learn anymore. I really have to go to bed. :)18:34
alancioheh ok18:34
ningoheh, I do that sometimes when I'm bored in the labs18:35
alanciohehehe may I complement your transistor?18:35
ningowith various stuff18:35
rehabdollthere's a too18:35
alancioman you just dug your own crave18:36
alancioyou'll have to point to the cool videos, they are big18:37
rehabdolli've been running it for quite some time18:37
obblningo: I guess I will get the machine up again, I found some old ports...18:42
rehabdoll :)18:42
*** obbl has quit IRC18:42
alancio <-- thats a happy animal18:43
*** ningo has quit IRC18:43
alanciorehabdoll: I don't undertand this
rehabdollnobody does :)18:47
rehabdollthink its an old album cover or something18:47
alanciooh ok18:47
rehabdollhes holding a fucking axe and bag....18:47
alancioI thought it was because he has so many kids18:47
alanciodoes everybody speak english in sweden?18:49
rehabdollmost do though18:51
rehabdoll"parody" of an old swedish commercial18:51
alanciocool idea:
alancioonly needs a bluetooth keyboard and mouse18:56
rehabdollits actually ranked quite high :)18:58
alancioand what is this ranking based on?18:59
alancioI mean, how do they know the sites visits?19:01
rehabdollno idea, but netcraft confirms it! :)19:01
alanciorehabdoll: you could put google ads, and make some profit19:02
rehabdollnah, its my home connection19:02
rehabdollno commercial stuff allowed19:02
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alancioI also have a webserver on my home connection19:03
alancioI use it for my crux repo, webmail, and family album19:03
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux19:04
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:04
alancio <--- so real19:07
alanciorehabdoll: I hope you don't mind, but I am "mirroring" some of your pictures :P19:08
*** deus_ex has quit IRC19:08
rehabdollnot at all, its not like i didnt "borrow" them :)19:10
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Romsterjaeger, you missed obbl he actually came on said he lost he's raid :/20:22
Romsterclb, is on so you can find the backlog20:23
prologicwow ltns :)20:27
prologiche hasn't been around for yonks20:27
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SourfCould somebody some news about crux .... when will be the next version prepared ?21:41
*** Sourf has left #crux21:44
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nipuLwhen it's ready23:16
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:27
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